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Name: Bella Sanabria-Roman

Title of Unit: Art VD1

Title of Lesson: Process of critiquing art.

Grade Level(s): 10-11

Time: 5th and 6th period

NCA art standards responding

7.) Perceive and analyze artistic


8.) Interpret intent and meaning in

artistic work

9.) Apply criteria to evaluate artistic


Introduction: Students will learn the process of critiquing art. The steps to critiquing will
be discussed during class students will then organize the steps as a class on the

Learning outcomes: Students should be able to analyze and critique art by the end of
this lesson plan. Students should be able to think critically and apply their previous
knowledge of art principles and history to a piece for analysis.

Materials: Lesson plan will require handout sheet with the process of critique listed on
it. This sheet should be kept by students for future reference. There will also be a
presentation created on powerpoint that goes in depth on the subject further. This
presentation will be attached to this document or can be found in the presentations
folder located on the desktop. Handouts will also be available to students online. If
students are not already doing so they should be facing the projector screen during the
lecture. Lastly, students will also be using the smartboard to assess their progress via
Visual Learning/ Concept Map. During this process student desks should be moved up
to the front so that they can easily access the smartboard.
Technology Resources: Technology resources needed for this lesson will be provided.
All files will be attached to this lesson plan if they are not readily available in this lesson
plan they will be saved to the desktop computer in the appropriate files. The
presentation powerpoint will be located in the desktop and in the folder presentations it
should be labeled critique powerpoint VD1 Handouts will be previously printed and
should be on the desk in the handout folder. They will also be attached to this lesson
plan. Use of smartboard will also be necessary for this lesson. The smartboard can be
found at the front of the room. One will need to turn on the smartboard and bring up the
previously saved file of art critique Visual learning. The file will located on the desktop
and it will also be attached to this lesson plan. The file should contain various artistic
pieces in which

Lesson Beginning
Introductory Review (5 minutes)
The first step of the lesson should be to locate the powerpoint. Once the
powerpoint is located it is necessary to to begin describing the process of the critique to
the students. This lesson will be a continuation of a previous lesson dealing with
critiques. Powerpoint will serve as a general refresher to students. All materials should
be obtained and ready to go by the start of class.

Lesson Development
Begin showing students power point ask questions to confirm understanding at
every stage. Repeat the steps so that students should not have any unresolved
answers from any previous classes. Once students have a good understanding of the
process move onto the activity. (20)
Finally after the lecture handouts should be distributed and the concept map be
brought up on the smartboard. Students should then be seated towards the front of the
class and come up to the smartboard and fill in the different critique steps. If students
are confused guidance should be provided. At the end the students should have
formulated a critique. Students knowledge of the assignment will be assessed by their
ability as a class to complete a critique. (25 minutes)

Lesson Ending
Review and Closure
Once the lesson has finished students should be given time to clean up and then asked
if they have any questions. (10)
Special Adaptations:

Anticipated Difficulties: If there are students who struggle with english as a second
language I will attempt to make sure that my lesson is clear by asking the class if they
have any questions at any step of the process. If students are hard of hearing or cannot
hear the lesson plan I will provide them with written instructions ahead of time.