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A: Hello Mister, Who is in charge of this Project?

B: Hi sir, I am the plumber, but the one in charge is the civil engineer, over
A: Do you mind to call him please?
B: Ofcourse not, I will go call him
B: Engineer , there is a person looking for ya here?
C: Ok, Im coming
A: Hi sir, Im a electrical technician, and I thought if you needed an electrician in
your project
C: Are you good at building Wiring???
A: Yes sir, and also I am good installing new equipment, if you ever need
C: Well Sounds good to me!, Come back tomorrow, and you could have the job.
A: Thank you, and I will.
C: Plumber, Did you fix the leak in the pipe?
B: Yes sir I Did it.
C: Ok Good, the architect just came let me go talk to him about the architect
C: Good morning architect, how are you? And did you change the drawings of
the building?
D: Yes I did, you just remind me that I have to go and talk to the Glazier
D: Hello mister, I know you are in charge of the glasses, but according the new
drawings, wont be glasses in this wall, you will have to put em in the other wall.
E: Hello architect, Im fine thank you, and ok I will move the glasses from this
wall to the other
D: Perfect and thank you.
C: Hello supervisor, I didnt know you were coming today?
F: Hi engineer, do you guys have the new drawings of the building?
C: Yes sir, the architect is going to bring em to you
D: Hello supervisor, here I have the new drawings of the building
F: Let me see, I like the new drawings of the building, it will have more space in
the living room than the other one.
D: Yes sir, and also we added a new bathroom for visitors.
F: Thats good, I can see that, and where is the crane operator, I will like him to
move those steel tubes out of the way for safety.
D: ill tell him sir. Hey! Crane operator can you move those steel tubes out of
the way and take them to the third floor?
G: Yes sir, that wouldnt be a problem, I will take those steel tubes to the third
F: Well its time for me to go, take care guys
D: See you later sir.
C: Have a good one sir!