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/* Please read this carefully prior to updating your unit
/* DEIF A/S June. 2010/BW
Safety precautions before downloading
The Multi-line 2 is not be able to control the genset during downloading and the
protection functions will not be active. All the outputs of the Multi-line 2 wi
ll be de-energised.
Because of this the genset must be stopped and precautions must be taken to ensu
re that it does not start up during the downloading process.

How to update the Multi-line 2 AGC 200 application software

What is necessary?
- USB cable from computer to multi-line 2 unit
- Multi-line 2 AGC 200 unit
- Multi-line 2 Utility Software (download from the Internet or from CD-ROM)
- Multi-line 2 AGC 200 application software
The Utility Software is the user interface program and can be downloaded from th
e DEIF web site:
1. Visit
2. Select "Multi-Line 2 Utility Sowftware V.3.x".
3. Follow the instructions.
1. Insert our CD-ROM in your computer and select "Full dokumentation and PC soft
ware". The CD-ROM is supplied with the Multi-line 2.
2. Select the utility software, which you want to install

The .2xx file can be opened through the utility software:

1. Open the Multi-line 2 Utility Software
2. Press the "Settings" button placed on the top menu bar and choose your settin
g (port no., Device ID etc.)
3. Press the "Connect" button placed on the top menu bar (connection from comput
er to Multi-line 2 unit).
4. Press the "Parameters" button placed on the left menu and upload the existing
parameters. "Upload" button is placed on the top menu bar. Once the parameters
are uploaded save the parameter file in a known directory. "Save" button is plac
ed on the top menu bar.
5. Press the "Flash" button placed on the top menu bar and you will be asked for
a password. Enter the password (the password is the same as required to change
parameters in the multi-line via the display unit).
6. Open the file xxxxxxxx.2xx which you have just downloaded and download will n
ow proceed. It will take 1-2 minutes.

Parameter file.
The settings must be updated from the parameter file saved in number 4. This mus
t be done manually since parameter files from different software versions are no
t in the same format.