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Lee el dilogo sobre libros y luego contesta alas preguntas de comprensin de

lectura. Aprender ms vocabulario en ingls.

Pierre: Hi, sister. What are you doing?

Coral: Hi, Pierre. I am reading a book that I bought yesterday.
Pierre: Whats the name of the book?
Coral: New Fan by Joseph Alfaro
Pierre: Is he a Chilean writer?
Coral: No, he is from Argentina.
Pierre: What is it about?
Coral: It is about a young boy who wants to be famous but he ends up in jail.
Pierre: Oh, I see. Have you liked it so far?
Coral: I dont know. Its been a bit boring, but Ive heard great comments about it.
Pierre: Look! I bought another book for your birthday.
Coral: Thank you, Pierre. You are the best brother in the world.
Pierre: I know! I have to get back to work; Ill see you on Friday.
Coral: Bye. Love you.

En espaol:
Pierre: Hola, hermana. Qu ests haciendo?
Coral: Hola, Pierre. Estoy leyendo un libro que compr ayer.
Pierre: Cul es el nombre del libro?
Coral: Nuevo Fan por Jos Alfaro
Pierre: Es un escritor chileno?
Coral: No, l es de Argentina.
Pierre: De qu se trata?
Coral: Es acerca de un joven que quiere ser famoso pero termina en la crcel.
Pierre: Oh, ya veo. Te ha gustado hasta ahora?
Coral: No lo s. Ha sido un poco aburrido, pero he odo buenos comentarios sobre
Pierre: Mira! Compr otro libro para tu cumpleaos.
Coral: Gracias, Pierre. Eres el mejor hermano del mundo.
Greetings Saludos
1 Good afternoon Buenas tardes
2 Good evening Buenas noches
3 Good morning Buenos das
4 Hello Hola
5 Hi Hola
6 How are things? Cmo van las cosas?
7 How are you doing? Cmo te est yendo?
8 How are you? Cmo est/s/n?
9 How do you do? Cmo te va?
1 Hows it going? Qu tal? / Qu ms?
11 Hows the family? Cmo est la familia?
1 Welcome Bienvenido/s
1 Whats going on? Qu hubo? / Qu pasa?
1 Whats new? Qu hay de nuevo?
1 Whats up? / Whats Qu pasa?
5 happening?