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PO Box 6123 Nth Croydon.







On site an inspection was conducted on 10-8-16 to give an opinion on progress of addition and renovation works
to your existing dwelling.

**This report is only for the scope above and to assist / guide you with this advice, NOT for VCAT, as advised.


The dwelling is 1 storey steel clad, with timber floor, alum. Windows and a pitched corrugated roof.
The Builder is constructing a rear addition including living and laundry rooms, with a flat corrugated roof and
timber sheet floor.
The addition is at near FIXING stage, with some items outstanding from Lockup stage.

The Builder is Dean, from Atmosphere Homes, who was again very co-operative with me on site.
The job is going approx 14 weeks, this seems a reasonably good pace at this stage.

At my inspection, I noted the addition had; concrete stumps, sheet floor, pine frame, plaster walls, plaster ceiling,
architraves, skirtings, door, low pitched corrugated roof and aluminium windows /doorway fitted.
The whole dwelling had new alum. windows and external corrugated cladding.


During my discussions with you and Dean, I noted these items for you both;
1) Ensure adequate support under wide door sill at rear. Fit smaller size brackets between the larger sill brackets.
2) Complete any window flashings and infills to tops /sides. *Note -these to be as per manufacturers
recommendations. It appears some windows (e.g. rear) have excessive width reveals, screws to window side
are visible and unsightly. *Check with A. & L. on their requirements for finishing off correctly.
3) Floor levels (approx. 30mm step) dont comply, or dont work between kitchen and family opening. *Clarify
family floor finish so 2 surfaces can be finished level by Builder.
4) Wall cladding fit edge strip at wall bottom to entry, fit flashing between baseboards and cladding to left wall,
sheet joins not even to left side wall,
5) Gables wall sheets are too short, not fitted as per plan to tops of windows. Ensure gable sheets water runoff
goes OVER wall cladding, not back inside. Old horizontal gable steel trim visible, unsightly.
6) Laundry door binds, suggest recess hinges.
7) Patch 2 ceiling scratches near kitchen by final stage
8) Clarify laundry skirting, suggest fit timber skirting to complete job.
9) Fill any wall, cornice junction holes in laundry
10) Clarify shelves with quote, if they stay or go.
11) Trough not roughed in for taps and waste
12) Open pipes under floor not connected ???
13) Window reveals cut rough in laundry
14) Fill, sand any arc mitres, e.g. laundry
15) Rear fascia and gutters too short, refit both
16) Fit downpipes, will accept by final stage.
17) Fit, connect gutters to 2 gable end roofs
18) Fit higher Colorbond cladding /infill over sliding door. Gap visible under fascia. Refix together with fascia.
19) Some floor batts falling out (eg bed 2, laundry). Add extra fixings to make all secure.
20) Seal gap to pantry skirting
21) Supply keys to window locks, dwelling needs ventilation for regs.
22) Fit baseboards to ground, as per plans
23) Clarify door steps finish as per quote
24) Plaster joins to bed 1, bed 2, living, windows peak excessively. Re-trowell so near flush.
25) Fit plaster join battens around new windows where missing. New window work should include this.
26) Is existing walls, external wall insulation fitted, as per note on plan
27) Original plan was altered by builder due to easement. Clarify room reduction, any credits for this, extras,
etc Do so BEFORE fixing claim. Should have been done at start.
28) Carport and roof to be completed BY fixing stage
29) Grade away ground to addition at final stage
30) Fit steps to rear doors, can fix some doors shut with 120mm ventilation gap until deck built later on.
31) Check window glazing, not double as per design. Supply owner & Surveyor with updated glazing details.

32) Owner to refix WC wall hole in family
33) Owner to complete floor tiles in laundry after Builders area is laid or when Builder requests to be completed
by. Alternatively, Builder to give credit for approx 4m2.
34) No arcs to bathroom window, suggest clarify from quote what was included. Should be finished off.
35) Check if carport should be built now, I believe so, its part of frame.

Owner to; A.) Fill, paint all. B.) Arrange family floor C.) **Ensure Spa stays empty, get permit for fence.


Based on normal building practices and Contract together, it is my opinion works are NOT at Fixing stage.
There are items outstanding from Lockup stage and other items not completed.
The carport is a major item to be done.
As advised, I dont do legal work, so both should check the legalities of the extent of work for fixing stage.

Further to your queries, I have concerns still with 2 items;

A.) Wall cladding laps, finishing off formed join /edge angles missing Check with supplier.
B.) Window fitting and finishing off appear to have too wide reveals, flashings. Check with A&L.

I suggest Builder do all legally required items, then submit Fixing claim. Also clarify uncertain credits, extras,
reduced room size, amended plans, etc.. BEFORE fixing claim.
I suggest owner check noted items, Contract, specs to clarify my uncertain points.

Please call me with any queries. Yours sincerely,

Jeff Van Hoven