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Goodbyes in Mozambique with the young couple whose baby I delivered last fall. Baby Asher!

Breaking and Binding
In medicine, patients are told to if I’ll ever be the same. Perhaps I Gangrene has not set in. God will
rate their pain on a scale of one to don’t want to be. heal this. He will heal me.
ten. But this scale is flawed. It fails Even as I confess this What on earth am I
to distinguish those with a low-pain to you, I feel like a “Come, talking about? You ask.
threshold from the hard-core- fraud. Because and let us return What could have
toughies. I don’t know where I fall somedays I don’t hurt at to the LORD; possibly put me in such
on this pain scale, but I will admit all. Some days I find joy For He has a state? I promise to
this. It hurts. and laughter and even torn, but He will explain. It’s coming.
In my effort to cope with the fun. It’s only when I stop heal us; He has It has taken me a
pain, I’ve cried, wailed, and to poke and prod my stricken, but He long time to do it, but
whined. I’ve retreated to my quiet wound that the throbbing will bind us up” I’ve found a few words.
place to moan. I’ve begged and begins again. - Hosea 6:1 I bring them to you as a
bartered with God and man. The best part about love offering. I hand
And how is the pain now? You this healing process is them to you like crushed
ask. Today the pain is less anguish realizing that I really am rose petals, torn but still
and more achey. Today the pain healing. I’m not getting worse. fragrant.
lingers in deeper parts and I wonder -Stephanie

My blog is updated rarely these days but check it out!
The Undoing IMPORTANT!
Last August, my director in This journey in many ways
Mozambique was discovered to feels like a death, albeit a PLEASE READ!
be a sexual predator. He spiritual one. Never before have I
confessed to his sins but refused grieved like this. Support Changes
to repent.
I’ve learned things through
To those of you who have
Long story short, he rejected this process that I did not want to
church discipline by refusing to learn. Yet God saw fit to teach me financially supported me in this
step down as director. The elders all the same. So with sadness I work, I want to update you on a
and other missionaries did all share that this work has ended in few changes.
they could to make him leave but stillbirth. Tear-stained, limp, and
First, please mark your
he perverted the process through lifeless. And so I grieve it.
lies, manipulation, and bribes. I grieve what could have calendars. To those who have
After months of no progress, been. I grieve the evil that automatic withdrawal or bank
the only choice left was to leave. remains. But most of all, I grieve transfer with Shepherd Staff, the
So I left. All I had hoped and the girls stuck in the middle. May
last month of support will be
dreamed, all I had worked so God protect them... for I cannot.
hard to accomplish, ended. June, 2017. This will be done
automatically and no action is

The Waiting
required from you. As of the end
of June, funds will no longer be

In January, I was able to attend a taken from your accounts.
missionary debriefing seminar in Colorado. Second, if you send your
While there, God clearly told me I had reached
support in by check. Please note
burnout and needed to be restored before
returning to the field. At that time, I still had a muted hope that things that any support after June will be
would improve in Mozambique. (They didn’t.) returned to you directly.

Nevertheless, I was not to rush back into the mission field. Instead, If you would like to end
God asked me to take a six month hiatus and focus on healing.
support earlier or if you have any
Unfortunately, due to the imploding of Maforga mission and my need
to say goodbye to Mozambique, this hiatus only started last month. questions or concerns please

I’m grateful for this season of rest and ask you to pray with me. I contact Shepherd Staff directly at:
don’t know if God will send me back to the field or not. At first, the 6739 Academy Rd NE, Suite
thought of leaving the mission field was unimaginable. Now I’m finally
#320, Albuquerque, NM 87109.
okay with whatever He may choose.

Where and when will I return to the field? I don’t know. God will Website:
tell me what’s next when He sees fit. I suspect that won’t be or call: (505) 248-9849
until after my six months of rest is up. We’ll have to wait and
see. But for now, I step out of the field indefinitely. Thank you SO MUCH
Please pray me through this transition.
for your support!
Praise & Prayer
Good Goodbyes
In March I was able to
travel to Mozambique and
South Africa to say
goodbye and pack up my
life. It was a healing time.
I love my friends there so
much and am thankful to
have shared my life with
them. I miss them and I’m
grateful I got to hug them
goodbye (for now)!

Upcoming Work
I move to Redding CA in a
month. I have been offered
The Joy In Between
a short-term job as a Last winter while on furlough, to see such strength in the midst of
midwife. This opportunity
I met a young couple preparing for such pain. It was precious to see
allows me to do what I
love and learn the ins and the mission field. They were the father dote on her through it all.
outs of midwifery in the expecting their first child and were When all was said and done,
States while providing for considering a homebirth. I offered her precious baby boy joined us
my needs in this season. to help them with the birth if God quicker than anticipated, wowing
However, getting licensed
called me back to the States. And us with his sparkly blues and
in CA has proven a bit
that is what He did! healthy cry.
tricky, please pray it works
out in time. Thanks! Once labor began, the young Welcome precious Caleb! You
mother was amazing. She listened are so loved! May you do mighty
Wheels! to her body and surrendered to the things for the Lord, much like your
God has provided a car for process completely. It was lovely parents and namesake.
me to use. It’s older and a
bit of a gas-guzzler but I’m
super thankful for it! I
Mailing Address: Support Address:
travel this week to go pick None at the moment. I’m in Shepherd’s Staff, 6739 Academy
it up in Idaho. Please pray transition and migration routes are Rd NE, Suite #320
for traveling mercies! hard to determine for this bird! Albuquerque, NM 87109 Donate online at