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Shamar Smith

English 111

07 April 2017

Why College Professors May Seem Stressful

Often times college can be flat out stressful and overwhelming when it comes to the

workload, tests, and as many college students love to complain about the most, the professors. At

some point in our lives we have heard a frustrated college student speak on how difficult a

certain professor may have been. They may also go on to speak about how unnecessary half the

work is in which their professors have them complete. However, what a lot of students in todays

day and age fail to realize is that college professor prepares you for what the real world has to

offer. While doing this college professors ensure that we are given the general knowledge we

need for the career path that each of us has chosen. Therefore, college professor play an essential

role in getting students ready for what they will potentially be doing in life.

Although our college professors can be a bit stressful at times with the endless amounts

of works, as it seems, they give us we must remember that they are in fact getting students ready

for the outside world. Usually when we first begin our college career students have a general

idea of what they want to major in whether it be engineering, psychology, medicine, or even

broadcasting. The job of a college professor is to provide students with the education they need

in order for them to achieve such goal. Some examples of this can be found in an online article

What postsecondary teachers do that bullet points some of the duties that a postsecondary

teacher (professor) have in getting students set for the career path they choose. One of these

examples states how Postsecondary teachers work with students who are taking classes to

improve their knowledge or career skills. As you can see college professors willingly work with

students so that they will have a better understanding of the major they are studying. This,

therefore, shows why college professors may sometimes stress students with difficult work.

Many College students may find the work that professors give to be overwhelming

because a mass majority of students procrastinate until last minute where they find themselves

left with a lot of work to do from each class they have. This is mostly common in first year

college students who come in to college with the mindset they usually had in high school. With

this being said many students believe that if they wait last minute and type up an essay that has

no effort in it they will still come out with a good grade. However, college professors actually

take time out to read papers thoroughly and can tell whether or not a student has put their all into

writing a certain piece of work. Waiting last minute to do work usually leads students into having

anxiety due to the fact that they have too much to do in a short amount of time. Researcher have

found that a whopping fifty percent of students at one University alone procrastinate on their

assignments. This can be found in the article, For example researchers who have studied

academic procrastination have found that as many as 50% of undergraduates at one university

report a tendency to procrastinate on assignments. Keep in mind that these statics are coming in

from one college alone, now if we imagine the number of students who will say they have

procrastinated on doing their school work from 50 colleges the number will be ridiculous. This

goes to show how students usually bring it upon themselves when they are overwhelmed with

work because a large number of them wait until last minute to finish assignments given to them

by professor.

I got the chance to sit down with a college professor at Central Piedmont Community

College and conduct an interview with him. In this interview I ask questions on how it is being a

college professor, tips he offers first time students, and things he found common in a lot of

students in his years of teaching as a professor. Some of his responses to these question I found

to be not at all surprising, however a lot of the responses he gave me were real eye openers. One

of the first questions that I asked professor Adams (real name not provided) was if possible how

can college students lower the stress level they have with work assigned to them by professors?

He replied Well to start of I do know that college can be stressful weve all been through it, but

students have to learn how to balance their time. By this I mean there is a time for you to have

fun and be social, however there is also a time to focus on work. If students focused more on

getting their work done on time and having fun later there will be little stress. I then asked do

you find yourself assigning a lot of work to students? And if so why? He responded Often

times I do give students a good amount of work because I want them to fully understand the

basis of the material I teach, and I also want them to speak up if they are confused so I can

further explain to them things they may not get. I later began to focus the attention more on

college professors by asking, what can professors do in order to ensure that a majority of their

class passes the course? Professors Adams then responds I always tell my colleagues to be more

passionate when it comes teaching because once you show students you enjoy coming in and

have a positive attitude while lecturing they will more than likely give you that same attitude and

be more comfortable to ask things they dont get. Overall this interview pretty much proved

some of the points I made earlier as well as it taught me some new things that I would have never

figure out.

As a college students I sometimes find myself stressing about the work that is thrown

upon me by professors and often question whether I want to stay in college or not. However, I

have to realize that I am doing this for a purpose and my college professor are tough for a reason,

so that I can excel in the career that I am pursuing. As college students we have to open our eyes

to see that life will not be easy starting off and we need to start disciplining ourselves in order put

our all in to our assignments and being a little more responsible when it comes to time

management. To end it this essay I want to remind all college students to appreciate our

professors for helping us build the knowledge we need for the career we want.


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