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Rotate the FINE TUNE knob control outputs, each receiving your affected SPECIFICATIONS
clockwise to for a brighter toe-down signal. This mode is useful for splitting Impedance
sound or counterclockwise for a darker the DB01s signal to two separate effects Input 1 M
toe-down sound. chains. In Pass Through Mode (JP2 Output <1 k
Rock your foot back and forth on the Noise Floor* -102 dBV
The Dime Bag Signature Cry Baby Wah Run an instrument cable from your receives the affected signal, while the
pedal to hear the vocal, expressive tones
Wah is powered by one 9-volt battery guitar to the DB01s INSTRUMENT OUTPUT/INPUT jack receives your clean, Filter Center Freq. (fc)
that the Cry Baby Wah Wah is famous for.
(accessed via bottom of pedal), an AC jack and another instrument cable unaffected signal. This is useful for send- Range Heel Down Toe Down**
adapter such as the Dunlop ECB003/ from the DB01s AMPLIFIER jack ADJUSTABLE ROCKER TENSION ing your dry signal to a tuner outside of 1 440 Hz 1.5 kHz to 2.2 kHz
ECB003E, or a DC Brick power supply. to your amplifiers input. your effects chain. 2 400 Hz 1.3 kHz to 1.9 kHz
Located under the rocker at the heel of
To turn the pedal on/off, push the toe of the pedal is an adjustable torque clutch Diagram B 3 375 Hz 1.2 kHz to 1.8 kHz
CONTROLS the pedal down until you feel a click. that allows the amount of resistance the 4 345 Hz 1.0 kHz to 1.6 kHz
rocker has to being moved. Turn clockwise 5 295 Hz 750 Hz to 1.4 kHz
VOLUME knob controls amount Set all controls to their
to increase resistance or counterclockwise 6 250 Hz 1.2 kHz
of gain added by BOOST switch 12 oclock position.
to decrease resistance. (Wrench included). Max Gain at fc 15 dB
VARIABLE Q knob controls the To increase the DB01s output, engage
See Diagram A Diagram A Boost Range 0.1 to 17 dB
sharpness of the DB01s bandpass the BOOST switch and rotate the
VOLUME control clockwise to increase VOLUME control sets VARIABLE Q control adjusts FINE TUNE control adjusts Bypass Buffered
FINE TUNE knob shapes tone of SWITCHABLE OUTPUT JACKS level of gain boost up frequency width TOE DOWN frequency
Current Draw 2.5 mA
toe-down position volume of effect or counterclockwise to 16dB

to decrease it. The DB01s OUTPUT/INPUT jack works Power Supply 9 volts DC
BOOST switch increases output as in either Parallel Mode or Pass Through *A-weighted
set by the VOLUME knob (indicated Rotate the VARIABLE Q knob
Mode using the internal JP2 switch (see **Adjustable by fine tune control
by red LED) clockwise for a narrower frequency
Diagram B). In the default Parallel Mode
range to emphasize higher end
FOOTSWITCH toggles effect on/bypass (JP2 switch UP), both the OUTPUT and
harmonics or counterclockwise
(green LED indicates on) OUTPUT/INPUT jacks function as parallel DUNLOP MANUFACTURING, INC.
for a wider frequency range that BOOST switch kicks in the
amount of boost set by
determines frequency P.O. BOX 846 BENICIA, CA 94510 U.S.A.
emphasizes lower end harmonics. VOLUME control center of Wah Wah TEL: 1-707-745-2722 FAX: 1-707-745-2658