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Muslims who live in Britain are often asked about whether they feel British first or
Muslim first, whom their allegiance is towards and how loyal they are to the country in
which they reside. Some Imams in the UK have made statements saying that there is a
long tradition of Muslims fighting for Britain from the time of the British Empire, who
have even given their life for the sake of Queen and country and that there is in fact no
contradiction between being British and Muslim and indeed it is even admirable and
an Islamic character and duty to show support for the regime under which you live by
being part of their army or police or helping them against Muslims calling for
Shariah, because they grant you protection for your life and wealth. This booklet will
highlight the grave errors in these ideas and expose them for the lies that they
evidently are!


It is an essential element of any Muslims belief that there is a brotherhood of Muslims

worldwide that is manifested in the statement of the Messenger Muhammad when he
said that we are a unique Ummah worldwide, our land is one, our war is one, our peace
is one, our honour is one and that any one of us can represent all of us.

The manifestation of this is to love for the sake of Allah those we are informed that we
must love and to hate for the sake of Allah those we are told to hate, to ally for the
sake of Allah with those who we told to ally with and to distance ourselves for the sake
of Allah from those we are told to distance ourselves from. The same will also apply to
concepts such as support and respect. The Messenger Muhammad (saw) said that this
is the strongest bond of belief.

The result of such brotherhood and love amongst Muslims should mean that for a
practising Muslim any other bonds such as nationalism, tribalism, patriotism, interest
bonds, bonds based on colour or race are either insignificant or merely ways to
describe ones background and lineage.

The Messenger Muhammad (saw) informed us that there is no difference between

black or white, between the Arab and non-Arab, except on the basis of fearing Allah
and hence abiding by his commands and prohibitions. In addition he said that no one
of us is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself and that a
Muslim is not the one who oppresses his brother, lets him down or hands him over to
the disbelievers.


The Army and police of Britain are a non-Islamic entity. It is completely prohibited for
anyone to be part of such an entity since they protect the kufr (non-Islamic) entity of
the British regime which is ruling by non-Islamic law. They therefore uphold its laws
and protect its false sovereignty whereas sovereignty belongs solely to Allah (SWT).
Moreover they are fighting with the American soldiers against Muslims. Allah (SWT)
says in the Quran:

O Believers, do not take the Jews and Christians as an alliance, they are only allies
to each other, and whosoever allies with them, he is one of them, and Allah does not
guide the oppressors. [EMQ 5: 51]

This alliance with the Kufaar (disbelievers) can be one of two; either they will be
sinful if they stand with the Kufaar or they will become apostates if they engage in
fighting against Muslims. Some Muslims in the British army participate with them in
fighting against their Muslim brothers in Afghanistan. This is clear naked aggression
against all Muslims, and Muslims are obliged to reject it and resist them as a matter of
obligation to remove the occupation.

As for those Muslims who join the army, they will thereby be sinful and if any one of
them fights side-by-side with the UK and US forces against Muslims, they will
become apostates, being at war, as they are, with Islam and Muslims, and their life and
wealth will no longer have the sanctity of Muslims under the Shariah. They will be
treated like the disbelievers as clear enemies to Islam and Muslims. Moreover if they
die in battle they will die outside of the fold of Islam, and they will never be dignified
in their death nor buried with the Muslims.

Therefore we warn the Muslims wherever they are, particularly those Muslims in the
British army, not to offer any support, moral, financial, militarily or physical in the
onslaught against Islam and Muslims anywhere in the world, though the enemies may
attempt to take Muslims onto their side. Allah (SWT) designated people in this
Ummah that will direct others that go astray, May Allah protect us all.
And for those who go to fight Muslims in Afghanistan, remember that the Prophet
(saw) forbade Muslims from pointing even a small knife at another Muslim, even as a
joke, when he (saw) said:

Whoever points a small knife or piece of metal jokingly towards his Muslim
brother, the angels will curse him and he will never smell paradise.

Let alone being involved in carrying machine guns, and driving tanks with the US and
British army, arresting and imprisoning Muslims or fighting and killing them. Those
from whose hand Muslims will never be secure, although the Messenger Muhammad
(saw) said:

A Muslim is the one from whose hand and tongue his Muslim brother is secure


As for those ministers of the British parliament such as Khalid Mahmood and Seyeeda
Warsi, they are apostates from Islam who help to rule and judge by other than what
Allah (SWT) has revealed, as Allah (SWT) says in the Quran:

And whoever does not rule/judge by what Allah has revealed - then it is those who
are the disbelievers. [EMQ 5: 44]

These are the ones who play God in the parliament and therefore seek to challenge the
sovereignty of Allah (SWT). Allah (SWT) is clear that only Islam can be implemented:

O you who believe, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority
among you, and if you differ in anything then refer it back to Allah and his
Messenger if you believe in Allah and the hereafter [EMQ 4:59]



As for those who are allied with the British regime and who take money to work for
them as spies, whether through the Prevent mechanism or as their police or as Imams
in the mosques or so called leaders doing the British governments bidding:
These people spy on Muslims, fight them and even try to deceive them. We ask them
to give up their apostasy immediately. For Allah (SWT) says:

And from mankind there are some who say: We believe in Allah and the Last day
while in fact they do not believe. They think to deceive Allah and those who believe,
while they only deceive themselves, but they perceive not. [EMQ 2: 8-9]

One of their deceptions is that they claim to be believers, yet they spy on Muslims or
they go to fight them, or they report against them to the Kufaar. If they claim to do so
as no more than a job or being law abiding citizens, we remind them of the saying of
the Messenger Muhammad (saw), who said:

Whoever earns a bite of food by reporting or spying on Muslims, Allah will feed
him the equivalent in the hellfire, and whoever wears clothes earned from spying
against Muslims, Allah will clothe him with hellfire. [Narrated in Sahih Al-Bukhari,
in Kitab ul-Adab]


One of the major diseases in the world today is racism which is rooted in bonds which
Islam has demeaned and made insignificant. Since the time of the Messenger
Muhammad (saw) Muslims have sadly been affected by many diseases themselves and
gradually, over the centuries, false barriers between Muslims based on such
nationalism and tribalism have torn the concept of Ummah apart, until Muslims are
today 55 countries, each with their own national flag, national anthem, their own
apostate leader, their own land and army.

This is in fact completely contrary to the revelation and there are many verses in the
Quran and statements of the Messenger Muhammad which prohibited calling for or
fighting on behalf of nationalism, tribalism or patriotism. To mention just one
authentic narration in the collection of Abu Daoud, the Messenger Muhammad (saw)

He is not one of us who calls for asabiyyah (nationalism), or who fights for
asabiyyah or who dies for asabiyyah.

In addition to this sadly many Muslims in the world have allied with non-Islamic
regimes against Muslims such as the British, merely because they live among them
they are encouraged to fight against Muslims, arrest them, hand them over to the
British regime and also spy on them and violate their sanctity all in the false name of
loyalty to the regime. These are acts of apostasy and are capable of taking these so-
called Muslims outside the fold of Islam, with the result that the rights of love,
allegiance, support and respect from fellow Muslims will be withdrawn from them.

Moreover, it is incumbent upon Muslims to strive to live together under one leader,
where only Islamic law and order is implemented, this is known as the Khilafah
system of governance. The concept of the unity of Muslims under one leader and the
love, allegiance, support and respect between Muslims, transcends any differences that
Muslims may have in terms of their colour or background or place or birth or passport


The animosity of the British government towards Islam and Muslims is not a new
phenomenon. Ever since the days of the crusades the British have been trying to
destroy the political power base of the Muslims and take them away from the Quran.

It was the British who managed to establish an imperial power where once the
Shariah was implemented, such as in India, not to mention Aden, Egypt and Persia.
When in charge the Muslims were subjugated and many of the scholars were in fact
killed, as in the 1400 slaughtered in 1857 under the excuse of dealing with traitors in
India (Ghadaar), but who were really sincere Muslims fed up with being oppressed
and who wanted to reclaim their land from the British and re-establish the Khilafah
system of governance.

It was also the British who were heavily involved in the slave trade, many of whom
were Muslims from Africa sold and owned as merchandise, to further their economic
greed and perpetuate their false sense of superiority over other nations and cultures.

Not content to occupy Muslim land and to siphon off their resources for themselves
the British even had the impunity to give away land that never belonged to them in the
first place. Such as under the Balfour Declaration of 1917 where Palestine, occupied
and belonging to Muslims, was euphemistically called a land without people for a
people without a land, and then given to migrant Jews to begin the wholesale exodus
and murder of the indigenous Muslim population. This illegitimate child was then
nurtured by the Americans and adopted by the United Nations.

Under the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 the British openly and simultaneously
supported the Arabs and the Turks against each other but were really not concerned
with the welfare of either. They invoked Arab pride and also Turkish nationalism so
that the Khilafah was torn apart, eventually collapsing completely on the 3 rd of March
1924, but not until the British managed to carve out of it Mesopotamia, the gulf, Egypt
and Persia as per the 1916 treaty of betrayal with their abettors the French.

More recent examples of the British crusader mentality against Muslims can be seen in
the unilateral bombing of Sudan and Afghanistan together with the Americans, after
the Kenyan and Tanzanian US embassy bombings in August 1998. And of course the
current example where it is really only the British who have a sizeable force occupying
Afghanistan, apart from the Americans.

The historical British crusade has not been limited to physical aggression. They are
also in the habit of injecting false concepts into Muslims in order to keep them
subdued. Of course those who have the audacity to give any fatwa against them or
expose them are either killed, tortured, extradited or banned. Sheikh Abu Qatadahs
extradition to Jordan, Sheikh Abu Hamzas extradition to America and Sheikh Omar
Bakri Muhammads ban from returning to the UK after going on holiday to Lebanon
are good examples.

In addition, the British regime has on its own statute books the most draconian laws
that are used almost exclusively against the Muslim community who live in the UK.
Such laws include stop and search, glorification of terrorism, religious hatred laws and
proscription, not to mention the prevent strategy intended to prevent Muslims
practising Islam and trying to force them to reject fundamental Islamic ideas such as
Jihad, Khilafah and implementing or calling for the Shariah. This is on top of their
involvement in torture and abuse as has been widely evidenced through rendition,
Guantanamo Bay, Bagram air base, Abu Ghraib etc
False concepts used by the likes of David Cameron and Theresa May to help oppress
practising Muslims include the barbarity of the concept of Jihad in Islam, about the
modernity of having an identity or nationality and the backwardness of the Muslim
concept of an Ummah world-wide and the backwardness of the Khilafah system of
governance when compared to Democracy and secularism. These core British values
are also forced upon school children through citizenship classes just in case they grow
up rejecting their false Gods!

Sadly, many Muslims are fooled into accepting this bait and adopt a defeatist and
apologetic stance towards the Shariah as if by making Islam more similar to
capitalism and by pleasing the non-Muslims they are progressing, whereas if they had
stuck to the pure understanding of Islam and tried to please Allah this would have been
much better for them and others around them. Modern day apologists and defeatists
include Azam Tamimi, Hamza Yusef and Yusef Qaradawi.


The British government knows of the giant which will arise when the artificial borders
which they have helped erect (through such mechanisms as the UN) collapse. They
know that it is an obligation for the Muslims to be united under one leader and to share
their resources in order to look after and manage the affairs of all the Muslims world-

They know that a united Ummah (as was the case before the Khilafah was destroyed)
will eradicate the hegemony of man-made law (i.e. democracy and freedom) and its
oppression once and for all. They know that their economic, military, ideological and
strategic interests will be affected in Muslim countries, hence they continue to plant
their puppets over Muslims to look after these interests and are even willing to use
force to stop Muslims uniting as in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

Muslims must be aware that the idea that you are British before Muslim or a British
Muslim as opposed to simply a Muslim is another attempt to divide and rule the
Muslims through pushing corrupted concepts and it therefore must be exposed.

There is no value in the idea of British-ness or indeed any other nationalism and
Muslims must condemn all forms of nationalism and patriotism etc... and say that it is
in fact an act of kufr (disbelief) to stand with the non-Muslim armies and police and
we must insist that the identity of a Muslim is just this i.e. Muslim wherever he is. This
is manifestly the truth according to the Quran and the Sunnah (i.e. the sayings, actions
and consent) of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) as elaborated in this booklet.

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