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Curtain wall installation Method

1. General
General works for the installation of curtain wall panels should be as follows:

Survey and set out the works from the master stations provided by the Main Contractor.

Commencing at the lowest level a working up the building, load out and fix the unitized steel support

stanchions and beams using the existing tower crane for lifting purposes and mobile aluminium cantilevered

towers for access purposes.

Check steelwork for line and level.

Check torque setting of fixing bolts.

Install floor slab trays to the projecting steel structure for others to reinforce and pour the concrete slab.

Others to move slabs edge protection to the edge of the projection.

Re-check steelwork for line and level.

Install platforms at required levels, ensuring unhindered access to the work face. The existing tower crane

will be required for the installation, movement and subsequent removal of the platforms.

The unitized glass modules will be supplied to site on stillages. Load these stillages out to the platform(s)

at the required level using the existing tower crane.

Move the stillages on to the internal floor slab with pallet trucks.

Install the support bracket, for the unitized glass modules, to the projecting structure and check for line

and level.

Check torque settings of fixing bolts.

Position a counterbalanced floor crane at the level above that is to be glazed and attach an electric which

to the cranes arm. Additionally, attach a lifting beam to the winch.

Remove the first unitized glass module from the stillage using an A frame and chain hoist and lower the

same on to a purpose made mobile conveyor trolley. The trolley will be designed to oversail the edge


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Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (Dubai Br.)
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Move the unitized glass module to its required location and attach the lifting beam to lifting eyes that will

be attached to the module.

Simultaneously, lift and push the unitized glass module over the edge protection and outside the line of

the building. Lower the module onto its respective bracket and lock off same.

Continue with this operation until all unitized glass modules are installed at each elevation and at each

level. Adjust each module with the fine adjusting screws and check torque settings of fixing bolts.

Carry out QA procedures and protect the works internally.

Edge protection may be removed by others at this stage.

Sequentially and when required, remove protection, clean down the works, inspect and hand over same.

For this project, the installation of Tower Unitized window Wall will be prior to the installation of Podium

Works due to construction programme requirements.

For the intention of the Owner, the Main Contractors Works and the Sub-Contractors Works will be executed

together, but Yuanda Requires that the Main Contractors Works and the Sub-Contractors Works must keep a

minimum distance of 15 floors. And before the installation commencement of Faade Works, the Main

Contractor must erect the Hard Safety Protection surrounding the building at our required floor to protect

incidental falling.

2. Installation of exterior decoration

The working procedure should be carried out from Lower to Upper of the faade. All the installation teams

should follow the perimeter of building facade during the installation works.

2.1 Embedding

According to our Yuandas experience in overseas construction market, we recommend to use the YUANDA

Channel as the Embeddings as below:

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Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (Dubai Br.)
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Embed the steel cast-in into concrete.

For this part the work must be carried out together with concrete work. Firstly work out the cross point of any

two grid line, then measure the distance b between the cross point and the end of the mullion and the angle

a between grid line and secondary line. According to the value of a and b, embed the steel cast-in.

Note: a. The perpendicular tolerance should less than 10mm.

b. The flatness tolerance should less than 10mm.

c. The position tolerance should less than 20mm.

2.2 Survey

Check datum and grid line provided by main contractor

According to 0.00 datum and grid line, provided by main contractor, use dumping level, theodolite, and

tape measure and plumb to check datum and grind at each floor.

If there is any incorrect datum and grid line, mark a new one and note only for faade work. Meanwhile

report to main contractor.

Check benchmark at survey floor.

Use theodolite to check every benchmark at each floor through survey holes on slab.

Use level meter and tape measure; check every benchmark at survey floor. If the tolerance such as

distance between grid lines is permissible, adjust the steel bracket correspondingly to accommodate the

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Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (Dubai Br.)
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concrete tolerance.

If the tolerance is too big, report to main contractor, check it again.

After check, make a record.

Check the outline of concrete structure: according to structural drawing, check outline of concrete

structure. If any tolerance is found and it will affect installation, report to main contractor.


a. If the wind is too big, the survey work should not be carried out.

b. All the survey tools shall be checked by QC.

2.3 Installation of steel box section and walkway

2.3.1 Install the steel connection element to support steel box section of steel grille walkway and to fix the

top/bottom transom cover of unitized window wall at level 2&3.

Steel brackets are bolted on the YUANDA Channels making reference to the setting out benchmarks for exact

positions of the anchor brackets.

2.3.2 Install the steel channel beam below steel box section and bracket to support sunshade
2.3.3 Install steel grille walkway.

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Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (Dubai Br.)
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2.3.4 Install the brise soleil rib as the outer 100mm diameter extruded aluminum tube section. (There is the
brise soleil rib only in east & west elevation).

2.4 Installation of alum solid panel at exterior of floor slab.

Install rock wool, alum solid panel, sealant at exterior of floor slab and galvanized steel panel, sealant at
interior of curtain wall

2.5 Installation of window wall units

2.5.1 Hosting & transportation in floors

Before the installation of unitized units, they will be hoisted to the storage floor by Tower Crane (provided by

main contractor). For this project, we proposed to divide the installation of window wall units into several

installation stages, in which the Hoisting Equipement will be removed and refixed every installation stage, and

the to-be installed window wall units will be stored on every floors in each installation stage. All the window

wall units which will be installed should be hoisted to the unloading platforms, and then pick out the correct

unit from the pallet, place it on the trolley and move it to its required location. A team of approximately 4 to 5

men will be responsible for visual inspecting the unit for damages, missing components and clean the unit

briefly before installation.

Details refer to following prictures.

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Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (Dubai Br.)
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Hoisting Unitized Units

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Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (Dubai Br.)
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Unloading Platform


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Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (Dubai Br.)
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Transportation with Trolley

Transportation Details in Floors

2.5.2 Installation with floor crane

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Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (Dubai Br.)
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During the installation of towers, a floor crane will be adopted, it will be positioned on a level 2 storey above the

location to which the units to being installed.

Floor crane is employed on site to enable the speed of installation. It consists of a continuous stretch of L beam

which act as a rail supported on an angle bracket. An electrical winch apparatus or motor is secured onto the

bottom flange of the L beam increasing the speed of installation.

The installation of unitized window wall elements is in accordance with the following sequence:

a) Using vertical transport such as crane and hoist, the unitized module is transported to the corresponding


b) Install the top/bottom transom cover of unitized window wall.

c) Each module is carried to the slab and set up by manual labor.

d) Absorbed by motor sucker, the module is turned over and erected.

e) Hydraulic pressure sucker is pushed to the location of module. After slightly adjustment, the module is fixed

and installed.

f) After precision location of the module, the fastness-lock is loosed and moved away. Then it is the installation

of next module.

g) After the installation of unitized modules, external sunshade and decorative pipe are installed separately

with gondola.

3. Installation of Stick Curtain Wall

3.1Provide technical files and relevant information

a) Provide technical files and relevant information: According to construction organization design, design

drawing, project manager and designer in charge shall provide technical files and relevant information

to construction team and pinpoint project requirement and execute in accordance with requirement.

b) Technical training: Organize interested person of construction team to engage in safety and technical

training, know well drawing, grasp working content of construction and sign safety contract with

installing team; make a good record for providing safe and technical files and relevant in formations.

c) Material preparation: After purchasing aluminum profile, steels, glass, aluminum panel in accordance

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Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (Dubai Br.)
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with contract, they shall be fabricated in factory, and then sent to site.

d) Supporting facilities: Office for managerial staff and dormitory for worker, dinner, water, electricity and

other facilities

e) Material warehouse: Confirm temporary place for material and finished product in building.

f) Construction equipment: According to the site, confirm construction equipment and make full

inspection for all tool, measure and inspection tool which will be used in construction to ensure their

normal use.

3.2 Preparation of survey, setting out and structure surface

a) Survey and setting out

b) Border line measure

c) Revise recommendation for the survey

3.3 Transportation

a) Shipping and Delivery: Shipping and delivery in the UAE will be mainly carried out by our shipping

agent, Services Ltd all the way from Yuandas factory in China to the site.

b) Our company has set up a good relationship with the shipping agent which has a professional,

experienced staff, offering the following comprehensive range of services

3.4 Material delivery

a) Main contractor provide the hoisting machine to send the material to working area for installation. The

hoisting machine shall send the material to working area in time.

b) If construction is in the evening, main contractor arrange command people and provide the light for

safety construction.

3.5 Construction process

a) Process: Precast in measurement installation of mullion installation of transom installation of

veneer installation of sealant cleaning

3.6 Protection for curtain wall prior to commencement

a) If there is concrete construction in main structure, protective net must be mounted under the

construction level of main structure. Protective film must be pasted onto surface of finished cladding, or

other preventive measure shall be taken to prevent cement from spattering on surface of frame and

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Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (Dubai Br.)
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eroding profiles. Surface of curtain wall shall avoid contacting strong acid and alkaline solvent, if

contact them, surface of curtain wall shall be cleaned immediately to avoid impairing the cladding.

When welding, cutting and blasting sand, sparkle caused by them shall be avoid spattering onto the

cladding. Only may elastic not rigid substance contact finish.

b) Product guardian shall be appointed to protect installed product during installation so as to make any

damage to it. In construction, builder of main structure and main contractor shall be invited to cooperate

with us.

c) After product installation on every floor, erector of main structure, supervisor and main contractor shall

engage in preliminary test and make a signature. Preliminary test is to protect product quality after

installation and we will invite erector of main structure and general contractor to protect product by

organizing fixed person.

d) If interior needs decorating, erector of main structure and general contractor shall send a letter to our

project department, they accompanying with interior decorative unit shall be invited to check our

products together and take necessary measures to protect our finished products after four sides


3.7 Progress of cleaning and acceptance

a) Concealed work acceptance

b) Completion and acceptance:

c) Cleaning Plan

d) Acceptance by Party A

4. Installation of Aluminium Cladding for Arches

Installation sequence for aluminium cladding

Double handle stuff Survey Fix bracket Framing Fix aluminum composite panel Clean

The installation of aluminium cladding should use nacelle

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Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co., Ltd. (Dubai Br.)
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4.1 Double handle stuff

The stuff shall be transported to site by truck. Unload by mobile crane or forklift provide by the main


4.2 Survey

When the civil engineering installation is completed, the team carries on the localization survey first to

measure out the error of civil engineering structure and make preparation of following installation. After that

benchmark line is confirmed, the arrangement benchmarks of partial curtain walls are measured in order to

confirm the benchmark of different positions in three directions.

4.3 Fix aluminum composite panel

Aluminium panel will be prefabricated in workshop. Every panel has a part no. According to shop drawings,

hung aluminium panel into aluminium extrusion which has been fixed on steel frames in advance. Then adjust

the panel to appropriate position. Finished aluminium panels shall be flat, and the gap between panels should

be consistent.

4.4 Clean
Upon completion of our works in a given area (i.e. one floor or part thereof), we will carry out necessary

cleaning prior to the inspection. This activity will be closely supervised. Likewise we will carry out our own

inspections and do the remedial work deemed necessary if any. Protective films will not be removed at this

stage. This is to further protect the panels from any possible damage. Unless, however, instructed otherwise by

the Employer, the said films will be removed.

5. Installation of Aluminum Cladding for podium canopy

Its installation method and procedure is the similar to installation of Aluminum Cladding for Arches, and
the only difference is that adopting method of scaffold in podium.

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