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Plan Template
Class/Group: Year 7 digital technologies Time: 9.00am 9:50am
Room: 102b


Specific Objectives/Learning Goals:

This lesson plan has been designed to enable Year 7 students to undertake visual arts appreciation focusing on the ideas
and insights the artist is trying to relay and hence understanding the work aesthetically using the language of vision. It
uses a graffiti art program to generate artwork, which opens up the possibility to create quick media testing images,
assisting them in the design development process. The students then review each others works online through the class
edmodo account and bring their interpretation ideas to the next class for discussion

This lesson will cater for multiple intelligences and aims to promote creative higher order thinking, therefore giving all
students an opportunity to engage with the topic.

Specific objectives:

Use digital systems to represent text, image and audio data (ACTDIK024)
Students use to represent text through image and create an art work used for media

Create and communicate information collaboratively online, taking into account social contexts (ACTDIP032)
Students upload their designs on the class edmodo page for collaboration and reflection of ideas

Ideas and design development for art-making (e.g. brainstorm, mind map, annotation/sketches, media testing)
Students use total graffiti as a platform to create quick, mess free media testing that can generate multiple pieces fast

Personal opinions about their own artwork and the work of others, supported by examples within artwork
Students are asked to view each others art works and reflect back on this bringing feedback to the next class for

Prior Learning: Resources/Materials required:

-Students have an edmodo account and are -Ipads/computers
familiar with how to navigate it
-Students are aware that they will have a
final piece due that explores a contemporary -Newspaper headings in a jar to generate an idea to use the graffiti tool
message portrayed through the form of for
street art
-Students have been exposed to previous art
styles before and have knowledge on simple
art techniques such as tone, shading and

-Students are familiar with Banksy and the
street art movement

Catering for Student Diversity

Gifted and talented/early finishes:
Work on multiple works (3+) and upload all of them on edmodo account
Self-reflection of there own work: What are my strong points in this
artwork? What could I improve on? What line work did I use to portray
my new paper heading?

Learning difficulties:
Sit the students with learning difficulties near stronger/talented
students to assist them where necessary
I will move around the classroom when the students are creating their
work, assisting any students that may need more guidance that the

Physical disability: Hearing impairment
All instructions including the objectives are uploaded on the class
edmodo account so the student can read this as reference instead of
I will ensure the student is confident with the instructions before the
activity starts
The prezi is sound free and can be read easy from the projector screen

Lesson Steps

Time: Procedure Comment

1. Pre-Lesson

-Organize and set up projector and you tube clip on computer
*Set this up and
8.45am have this playing as
-Also have class edmodo account open on my computer students come in
the classroom. Arrive to classroom
15 minutes early
Have Ipads in the classroom or make sure there are enough computers for all the
students including myself for my presentation.

2. Introduction + Motivation/Engagement *If there are
behavior issues,
Play YouTube clip the 100 most creative street art This is to engage the students Velcro name tags
to ensure they are in the right mindset when they are stepping into the class and on each computer
to assist in class
to settle them down. room management
Teacher settles students as quick as possible to ensure correct time management
(mark roll)
Teacher informs student to take a seat as they enter, room has lights off so the

students can easily see the YouTube clip.

3. Teacher Input

When all students are seated the teacher stops the YouTube and welcomes the

Teacher makes sure that the hearing impaired student is seated near the front of

*Make sure that
Start prezi with instructions on what to do for the lesson: understand the value of creating
artwork that is
9.15am Teacher informs students that they will be a graffiti artist today and that they will generated.

have the opportunity to build their own graffiti using a computer generated
system which is an easy tool to generate multiple works fast for media/colour

testing, assisting them in their portfolio and explorations.
This will be of value to them, as they will get to create simple graffiti

works fast, which will aid them in design development towards their

final piece.

Using a number of street artists as an inspiration which we explored in previous *Try to convey
what the mood of
class, each person will select a newspaper heading from the jar and focus on a
the work through
key word from it to base their art work around this issue from the media, create colour, tone and
an artwork by the end of the class and upload it onto our edmodo account for us

to have a class discussion about in the next lesson.
Inform students to draw on inspiration from the artworks we have previously

looked at, thinking about colour, tone and form to convey a mood.

4. Class Discussion
9.15-9.20am *
Teacher poses questions to students to pair and share with their partner
(displayed on the prezi)

Pair and share activity:

What do you think makes a strong graffiti piece? What do many street artists
base their artwork around? What makes their artwork strong? What are some

techniques that graffiti artists use to portray their message?

Teacher gets the classes attention and asks a few students to share their


5. Student Activity
-Students take a newspaper heading from the jar provided by the teacher

-Students should of already logged onto edmodo account and will now start their

graffiti work

* Teacher may put the YouTube clip back up of the graffiti artists to act as

inspiration for the students while they are completing their art works if it seems
appropriate. Sound is muted, as it may be too loud.

Teacher makes sure that students are logging onto the correct website page and

starting their graffiti piece quickly
During the activity, move around the classroom to ensure that students are

participating and are on task

If students are struggling to start their artwork, allow them to search or pinterest
their ideas or words. Alternatively use an image encyclopedia website to

generate ideas such as

6. Feedback
activity 9.20- Questions the students may ask:
-I cant do this, its too hard to navigate the spray can

-I am stuck on what to draw and how to use my newspaper heading in the

art work

-How is this helping us?

9.45-9.50am 7. Teacher Input
Teacher informs students when there is 5 minutes to go of class and it is
time to screen shot their art work and upload it onto edmodo

Teacher explains the homework for the week is that students need to logon
to edmodo in their own time and review each others works and bring
feedback to the next class for discussion

8. Conclusion
Teacher dismisses students

Evaluation of Student Learning:

-Was the graffiti tool easy for the students to use?
-Did they have enough time to produce work?
-Were they able to use newspaper headings as inspiration effectively?
-Did they use a variety or techniques in their artwork?
-Were the weaker students able to complete this task effectively?
-Was this task too simple for the higher achievers


Were the students engaged with the topic?
Were the concepts suitable for the students cognitive level?
Was my time management effective?
Did the students have any confusion on what to do?
Were the students able to see the reasoning for the lesson?
Was the lesson designed for a range of levels (high, low, other)
What are some ways that I can improve the lesson?
Were the ICT and DT tools used effectively ie did they assist in a way better to pen + paper or paint + paper?