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Bar Mitzvah


Parshat [ ]
[Hebrew Date]

Rabbi Ruhi Sophia Motzkin

Temple Beth Israel Please, a few reminders:
-Do not place prayer books on the floor.
Eugene, Oregon -Refrain from taking photos in the
-Turn off all cell phones and other digital
-Refrain from applause during the service.

We are honored that you are joining us today Key terms:

to celebrate as [Student] becomes a Bar
Mitzvah, son of the commandments. Kippah: A small cap or head covering, known
[Student] will be called to the Torah for the in Yiddish as a yarmulke, worn as a reminder of
first time, symbolizing his transition from the presence of God. All are invited to wear a
childhood to becoming an adult member of kippah during the service, which are available as
the Jewish community. you enter.

[Student] has committed a great deal of time Shabbat: Shabbat, or Sabbath, begins at
and effort preparing for this day. This is often sundown on Friday and ends Saturday upon the
a transformative experience for a young presence of the first three stars in the sky. It is a
person. This celebration provides an day of rest and restoration, focusing on the
opportunity to acknowledge the value of a spiritual rather than the physical world.
young person and his current and future
contribution to the Jewish community. Tallit: A fringed prayer shawl worn by adults
during services or prayer. On becoming a bar
All of you have touched our lives in some mitzvah, [Student] is entitled to wear a tallit for
special way, and we are grateful that you are the first time. When put on, a prayer is said and
here to share this day with [Student] and with the tallit is kissed. Being wrapped in the tallit is
our family. very holy, as if being alone with God.

[Parents] Shema: The prayer that honors the oneness of

God. Literally it means to hear or listen.
Many people stand or cover their eyes during
this prayer.
Gabbaim (assistant to the Torah reading):
Torah: The five books of Moses (Genesis,
Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy).
According to tradition, the Torah is written on First Aliyah:
parchment and divided unto 54 weekly portions
that are chanted or sung to a special melody or
First reading ( ):
trope. [Student] will read from the weekly
portion for this week.
Second Aliyah:
Aliyah: Literally ascent, aliyah refers to the
practice of honoring relatives by inviting them Second reading ( ):
up to the bimah (platform) to recite blessings
between Torah readings. Third Aliyah:

Third reading ( ):

The Service Maftir ( ):

Hagbah (Torah raiser):

Gelilah (Torah dresser):

Dvar Torah (commentary):

Closing of the Ark:

Opening Songs and Prayers:
Prayer for Social Action and Reading:
Presentation of the Tallit:
Opening of the Ark:
Concluding Prayers
Passing of the Torah:
luncheon will be served in the social hall, to
which you are warmly invited.
After the service, [Student] will lead us in a
prayer over wine and challah. A light