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Steel Structure


Professors Name : Meng Wang

Students Name : Heng Piseth
Students ID : 14129188

Civil Engineering School

(1) Try to design the butt weld (third grade) splicing under axial tension load. The
dimension of steel plate is 500 14 . Q235B steel is used. E43 welding electrode is
used with manual welding and without run-on/off tab. The design tension force is
N 1400kN . Whether straight weld satisfies the loading condition?

The butt weld of E43 welding electrode with third grade which splices under axial
tension load and we use Q235B with thickness 14mm. According to Code GB 50017-2003, we
get the weld strength f t w 185MPa .

Welding without Run-on/off tab, we get the length of weld: lw l 2t 500 2 14 472mm .
Therefore, the ultimate tensile load-carrying capacity of the welding is:
N R lwtf t w 472 14 185 1222480 N 1222.48kN N 1400kN Unsatisfied!!

So, we need to do inclined welding with the incline angle

Civil Engineering School

Suppose the incline angle, 40o

We get the normal force and the tangential force along the weld are:
N N sin 1400 sin 40o 899.9kN
N N cos 1400 cos 40o 1072.46kN
l 500
The length of the welding: lw 2t 2 14 749.86mm
sin sin 40o
(a) Shear check: 1 f vw

Where f vw 125MPa

N 1072.46 103
1 102.16 MPa f vw 125MPa Satisfied
l wt 749.86 14
(b) Tensile strength: 1 ft w

Where f t w 185MPa

N 899.9 103
1 85.72 MPa f t w 185MPa Satisfied
lwt 749.86 14

(c) Calculate the equivalent stress: eq 12 3 12 1.1 f t w

eq 12 3 12 85.722 3 102.162 196.61MPa 1.1 f t w 203.5MPa Satisfied

(2) Try to design the fillet weld splicing under tension load. The dimension of steel plate
is 500 300 14 . Q345B steel is used. E50 welding electrode is used. The design
tension force is N 1300kN , 30o .
(a) Pay attention to the welding symbol
(b) Check requirements of structural details.

Civil Engineering School

The fillet weld of E50 welding electrode and we use Q345B. According to Code GB
50017-2003, we get the weld strength f fw 200 MPa .

Suppose the welding leg size: h f 10mm

The length of welding: lw 2 lw1 2 l 2h f 2 500 2 10 960mm

The requirement of design: f fw
0.7h f lw

N 1300kN
hf 9.673mm
0.7lw f fw
0.7 0.96m 200 MPa

Then, we get the design of the fillet welding which is double-side weld with the welding
leg size h f 9.673mm and the length of welding lw 2lw1 2 l 2h f 961.3mm .

1) The minimum size of fillet weld size: 1.5 tmax 1.5 t 1.5 14 5.61mm

The maximum size of fillet weld size: 1.2tmin 1.2t 1.2 14 16.8mm

Then, 1.5 tmax h f 9.673mm 1.2tmin satisfied

Civil Engineering School

2) The minimum calculation welding length:

lw,min max 40mm,8h f max 40mm,77.384 77.384mm

The maximum calculation welding length: lw,max 60h f 580.38mm

The length of welding: lw1 l 2h f 480.65mm

Then, lw,min lw1 480.65mm lw,max satisfied

3) The force N is decomposed into vertical and parallel components to weld:

N N sin 1300 sin 30o 650kN

The equivalent shear stress under the vertical component: 1 for dynamic loads
f N 650
99.86 MPa
f 0.7h f lw 0.7 9.673 961.3 1 103

N N cos 1300 cos 30o 1125.83kN

N 1125.83
f 172.96 MPa
0.7h f lw 0.7 9.673 961.3 103
f 99.86 172.96 199.72 MPa f f 200 MPa satisfied
2 2 2 w
Thus, the design of this fillet welding should be qualified as following:
1. Full double-side weld with the length of welding lw 961.3mm

2. The welding leg size 9.673mm h f 16.8mm