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Basic Electrical Assessment Paper:

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1) In three phase line the supply voltage is

A) 230v B) 660v C) 440v D) 110v

2) Which of the following insulator is most effected by heat?

A) P.V.C B) Mica C) Paper D)

3) For long transmission lines, voltage is measured in

A) Volts B) Micro volts C) Kilo volts D) Milli

4) Power taken by a resistor of 20 ohms with a flow of 10 ampere current is

A) 1kw B) 1.5 kw C) 2.5 kw D) 2 kw

5) Four heaters of rating 1kw, 250 volt each available. how you will connect
them for maximum heat?
A) All in series C) With two parallel pairs in series
B) All in parallel D) None of the above

6) During charging of a battery specific gravity of electrolyte

A) Decreases B) Increases C) Does not charge
D) None of the above

7) Most commonly used type of wiring used in domestic installation is

A) Cleat wiring C) P.V.C wiring
B) Concealed and conduit wiring D) Both B and C

8) In a power sub circuit the maximum current allowed is

A) Cleat wiring C) P.v.c batten wiring
B) Concealed conduit wiring D) Both B and C.

9) The lighting load generally sanctioned for a residential house is

A) .25kw B) 1.0 kw C) .5kw D) 1.5 kw

10) Maximum number of points in a power sub-circuit allowed by I.E rules



A) 8 B) 6 C) 4 D) 10

11) Motor gives humming noise and does not start due to
A) Defect in motor C) Defective relay contacts
B) Low voltage D) Any one of the three
12) The force tending to move the electricity is called
A) Current B) Voltage C) Resistance D) E.m.f
13) Normal frequency adopted in A.C generation in our country
A) 60 hz B) 50 hz C) 25 hz D) 30 hz
14) An electromagnet can be made by
A) Single touch method C) Double touch method
B) Divided touch method D) Passing current through
15) Horse power is the unit of
A) Electrical energy B) Work C) Power D)Force
16) The surrounding a charge body within the influence of its charge
extends is called
A) Coulombs B) Electric field C) Electric intensity
D) Lines of force

17) Transformer works on

A) A.C current B) D.C current C) Both D)
18) Essential requirements of a single phase meter are
A) Recording mechanism C) Operating mechanism
B) Moving mechanism D) All of the above
19) The megger voltage for testing 500 v installation should be
A) 250V B) 300V C) 500V D)
20) Speed of the megger is kept at
A) 100 rpm B) 120 rpm C) 140 rpm D) 160 rpm
21) An operating voltage of a particular multimeter is
A) 230v A.C B) 230v D.C C) 9v D.C D) 9v
22) The pressure coil consists of
A) More number of turns of fine wire C) Less number of turns
of fine wire
B) Less number of turns of thick wire D) More number of turns
of thick wire
23) Which relay is used to detect and protect internal faults of
A) Buchholz relay B) Directional relay C) Thermal relay D)
Distance relay
24) The melting point of carbon is
A) 1800 degree centigrade C) 2000 degree centigrade
B) 3500 degree centigrade D) 5500 degree centigrade


25) In a fluorescent tube circuit choke acts as
A) Starter C) Power factor improving device
B) Source of heat D) Current limiting device
26) The accuracy of M.C instruments as compared to M.I instrument is
A) High B) Low C) Same D)
Reasonable accurate
27) Different type of transformer are
A) Core type B) Shell type C) Berry typed
D) All of the above
28) Transformer is a
A) Rotating device B) Static device C) Electrostatic device
D) Magnetic device
29) The different types of self excited generators are
A) Series B) Shunt C) Compound D) All of the
30) Different types of three phase induction motors are
A) Squirrel cage B) Slipring C) Commutator type D) All of the
above three
31) Alternators generates
A) A.C B) A.C and D.C C) D.C D)
Pulsating D.C
32) Those lamps heated filament gives light is called
A) Discharge lamp B) Fluorescent lamp C) Incandescent lamp
D) Neon lamp
33) A 40w filament lamp will take..........current than a 40w florescent lamp
A) Same B) More C) Less D) None

34) Colour of light depends upon

A) Length of the light wave C) Frequency of the light wave
B) Speed of the light wave D) A and b
35) Which of the lamp do not have choke coil
A) Fluorescent lamp C) Sodium vapour lamp
B) Mercury vapour lamp D) All of the above

36) , these are the symbols of

A) Lamp B) Choke C) Starter D) Capacitor
37) M.S wiring joint box bonded with cable for
A) Cooling of the cable C) To decrease the voltage drop
B) Limiting the current D) Connecting earth wire with mechanical and
electrical installation
38) Which of the test can determine that earthing of an area is satisfactory
A) Test lamp method C) Neon tester method
B) Ammeter method D) Voltmeter method
39) Megger is used for measuring
A) Low resistance C) High resistance
B) Medium resistance D) Very low resistance
40) Megger is a combination of
A) Motor and generator C) Generator and ammeter


B) Generator and volt meter D) Generator and

41) The copper loss in 3 phase transmission as compared to single phase

transmission for the same power is
A) Same B) Higher C) Lower D) None of the

42) If D)c supply is given to a transformer it will

A) Work C) Not work
B) Give lower voltage than the rated voltage on secondary side D) Burn
the winding

43) this is the symbol of

A) A.C current B) D.C current C) 2 way switch D) Coil

44) this is the symbol of

A) S.P.S.T B) S.P.D.T C) D.P.D.T D) I.C.D.P
45) As per I.E rules the insulation resistance between conductor and earth
should not be less than
A) 100 mega- ohms/ no. of outlets C) 60 mega -ohms/ no. of
B) 25 mega- ohms/ no. Of outlets D) 30 mega- ohms/ no. Of
46) H.R.C fuse means
A) High resistive circuit C) High resonance circuit
B) High reactive circuit D) High rupturing circuit

47) Which of the lamp cannot bear voltage fluctuation

A) Incandescent lamp C) Fluorescent lamp
B) Sodium vapour lamp D) Mercury vapour

48) In 3 point plug the earthing point of it is ...........than the other points
A) Thinner B) Thicker C) Same D) Flat shaped

49) R.C.C.B means

A) Residual current circuit breaker C) Residual closed circuit
B) Residual capacititive D) None

50) B.I.S means

A) BUEREAU of Indian standard C) Board of Indian standard
B) Beuroe of international standard D) Board of international