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Starting from the reality of Ethiopia, there is highly growing educational institution like
elementary school, secondary school, preparatory, college and university as far the student are
enter or joined those institution also increase. but the students dnot have skill for computer
service because most of educational institution do not give computer service rather than to teach
their own courses.

The students dont have computer skill, as the result they have voluntary to learn computer
training to know different program software.

Currently the computer training service in Debremarkos city is not expanded,there fore we have
profitable to install computer training service in dm city.

The ability to effective use of computer has become necessary aspects of working in any
institution sector and industry,however as the technologies continue to develop,the majority
workers in particular field may not have skills necessary to fuully utilize the computer based
tools for the field.


Our business plan aims to install and give servese of computer training in debremarkos city.

1.2 Mission

We are targeted to understand what our students and businesses hope to achieve and dedicate our
computer training and development to the fulfillment of those goals. The computer training we
provide is contributing visibly and substantially to the fulfillment of our area business's
1.3 Product Definition
Most of our customers are student from lower level to high profession. Note that
most students are low income society from that students want low cost access, to
compromise this we want to give adiscount service in order to facilitate the service
to the whole demand. How to discount relate toprofit?

The aim of our business is to produce/serving in large with relatively low cost to
maximize theprofits

qualit control is an impotant part of any business ,according to on line corporate

resourse.after each training session,ask students to fill out a servygrading the
quility of the course. Encourge the students to give feed back on the stracture of
the course,the quality of learning material and instructors command of the subject.
Computwer training requirs a teacher tha is able to bridge the gap between
technology and its practical paying attention to the feed back from our
customer or student we can make the necessary changes to our course or
programming offerings and the structure of our classes to increase the quality of
our service.

We will offer the following training and assessment services. Each element of
service will be implemented in overlapping phases.

Microsoft Office-based computer training including the following:

1. Word Processing Software

2. PowerPoint Presentation Software

3. Access Database/Customer Records Software

4. Excel Spreadsheet/Invoicing Software

5. Publisher Desktop Publishing/Graphics Software

6. Outlook E-Mail/Calendar/Scheduling Software

7. FrontPage Web Page Development (coming soon)

8. Internet Online Technology

Market deffinition

Business is more focus to product profitability or a value adds for specific tasks.
From our businessplan to reach the goal first we want to achieve a full access to the
customer and satisfycustomer/students need with proportional to our business

The market size is defined through the market volume and the market potential.
The market volumeexhibit the totality of all realized sales volume of special market.
From our business point of view, thebusiness will be started from some desk top lab
top in DM city..

Toestimate the market size in forecasting is the whole of the country .

Market strategy