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up meee ipo May 31, 1991 Mr. Jon Sutz 2432 West Peoria # 1266 Phoenix, AZ 95029 Dear Jon: Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to view the finished version of our "Quality Action Team" training video. T wanted to take the time to personally thank you and your crew for a wonderful product, and for the manner in which you went about creating that product. It has been extremely refreshing to work with a vendor who is able to meet schedule, stay within budget, and be xesponsive to our requests, including those last minute changes. Additionally, I realize it was difficult for you and your crew to capture the footage you needed at our construction headquarters due to the activity there. T am especially appreciative of the way you were able to accomplish this without interfering with our enployees as they went about their important daily tasks. Sincerely, Steve Lee Senior Facilitator, Total Quality Improvement SRL/dp P.S. - The graphics and computer enhancements are spectacular! The background music you picked is a perfect match.