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P.O. Box 8306, Charlottesville, VA 22906 (434) 825-8428

Note: * = Source letter is attached to this document/available for review

(1)* Rainbow Technology Group is a firm whose primary business is the development of multimedia applications
for personal computers. (A)s Creative Director of this firm... Jon has been responsible for screen layout & graphic
design, storyboard development, director of animation & video production, script supervisor, client liaison and project
coordinator. In all instances, Jon has distinguished himself through his superlative performance. It has been my
pleasure to work directly with Jon, and observe firsthand the dedication and perseverance he brings to every project. He
possesses enormous energy, talent and is extraordinarily gifted. Jon has been a valued member of the Rainbow 'team'
whose contribution to our efforts has been significant. (Jon's) considerable abilities would prove to be a major asset to
any firm with which he becomes affiliated.
Earl Jarred, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Rainbow Technology Group, Inc. (now Rainbow Studios, a division of THQ Entertainment)
Phoenix, Arizona

(2) When Rainbow Technology Group opened this affiliate office in 1990, we were seeking to win contracts with
major southeast Asian corporations, for computer animation and multimedia development services. Many sought
adventurous, American-style' approaches to digital media development, and all demanded exceptional service. Even
though your office in Arizona was far away, you always made sure that we had innovative, high quality, and well-thought-
out storyboards, presentations, and animation plans, delivered on-time. Your creativity and dedication have been instru-
mental in helping us to grow from a new shop to a $2 million-per-year contender in this extremely competitive market.
Kevin Meyerson, President
Rainbow Japan, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan

(3)* After winning the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award [presented by President Bush in 1990], it became
apparent that we needed to produce a video documenting our journey... I personally have seen many video productions
over the last few months - however, none have been able to capture that unique experience or the 'special moment in
time' that is so alive in our video. It is the highlight of every presentation... (I) believe in the quotation that, 'Every job is
a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.' That you do so well!
Michael Speiss, Executive Vice President
Wallace Co, Inc.
Houston, Texas

(4) "The animation storyboards and key visualizations you designed were exactly what we needed. When we began
working together, you suggested creating an all-in-one solution to our global communications needs that would allow us
to explain our unique windmill technology, how it is assembled, and how and why it works, regardless of language and cul-
tural barriers. Although other circumstances delayed the production of your animation designs, we can't wait to see them
'brought to life' under your direction. Your skills in visualization and analysis are truly remarkable. I would gladly recom-
mend you to any organization that needs to communicate its message in a dramatic, original, and distinctive fashion."
William Welch, Vice President Development
SoftWind Corporation
Scottsdale, Arizona

(5) The (multimedia) kiosk you developed for our trade show booth looked great! Thanks for all the hard work and
long hours to meet our deadline.
Andrew Renk, Corporate Communications Associate
PCS Health Systems, Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona

(6) The power of our (hotel front desk training) program far surpasses any training product I have ever seen. The
comprehensive quality of the creative consulting, script writing and storyboard design services that Rainbow provided to
us was fundamental to creating training materials that brought our program concepts to life, and made the learning
process fun and efficient. Congratulations on a job well done.
John Picardi, Chief Operating Officer
Lodgistix / Hospitality Management Systems (HMS), Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona
(7) Thank you and your crew for a wonderful product, and for the manner in which you went about creating that
product. It has been extremely refreshing to work with a vendor who is able to meet schedule, stay within budget, and
remain responsive to our requests. I realize it was difficult for you and your crew to capture the footage you needed at
our construction headquarters due to the activity there. I am especially appreciative of the way you were able to
accomplish this without interfering with our employees as they went about their important daily tasks.
Steve Lee, Senior Facilitator Total Quality Improvement
Mississippi Power & Light (a division of Entergy Corporation)
Jackson Mississippi

(8) As a Creative Consultant to Pantheons video division, your work has been consistently superb. You delivered
the concept development, script writing and storyboard design services that we needed, on-time and on-budget, and
made sure that whenever possible, our clients expectations were exceeded. Your determination and work ethic are
truly exceptional. It has been a pleasure to work with you on each of these challenging projects.
Debbie Alexander, Executive Producer
Pantheon Studios
Scottsdale, Arizona

(9)* "Over the two and a half years we have worked together, Jon has proven to be a multi-talented, exceptionally
valuable asset to Ocean Hyperbaric Center (OHC). Jon's work has encompassed a broad range of areas, including copy
and script writing/editing, designing storyboards and key graphics, planning and producing video presentations, and
developing website content & architecture. In many instances, this work required that Jon research, analyze, decon-
struct, then reconstruct OHC's existing media, and consult on overall strategies and even business operations, down to
the smallest detail. In all of the above work realms, Jon has performed exceptionally well, and the results became appar-
ent soon after our affiliation began. OHC has received compliments from all over the world regarding the media that Jon
reconstructed (particularly our videos and website). Our business has increased significantly, and we are much better
organized. I feel that Jon's exceptional skills, character, dedication, attitude, and attention to detail would be of great
value to any organization that is fortunate enough to become affiliated with him."
Richard A. Neubauer, M.D., Founder & Medical Director
Ocean Hyperbaric Center
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida

(10)* "Our company, Yale Properties International, is a Florida-based property development firm, specializing in the
design and creation of luxury residential communities. Given the current anti-development climate, Yale and companies
like it have, by necessity, engaged a variety of external specialists to make sure our projects are presented accurately,
and in the most favorable light. Jon Sutz has provided a variety of consulting services to Yale, primarily related to the
design and development of overall strategic planning, as well as graphics and copy to be used in our presentation to
govern-mental agencies and to the general public. Jon's unique combination of creative research, analytical writing,
graphic design and presentation development skills were successfully utilized in Yale's communications programs, in
achieving the governmental approvals we sought. Jon is a consummate professional, whose innovation, attention to
detail, and ability to digest extremely complex and/or controversial legal provisions, concepts and arguments, and
translate them into clear, impactive visualizations, were an integral part of our presentations."
Morris Richter, President
Yale Properties International
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

(11) [From book jacket]: Becoming A Computer Artist is the most intuitive and original work I have experienced.
With an interactive explanation of the computer graphics universe, this reference and training tool is as informative and
revealing as it is entertaining. This book is definitely a keeper.
Bill Ender, Technical Advisor
Motorola, Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona

(12) (a) "Thank you for your presentation of the Training Manual. (Y)ou truly are a Five-Star Employee [the
highest employee honor]; (b) Jon conforms to only the ultimate forms of perfection and excellence in his work his
standards are of the highest degree his cooperation with people, fellow employees & supervisors is unsurpassed.
(a) Horst Schulze, President & Chief Operating Officer
(b) Richard Schumacher, Banquet Director
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
Atlanta, Georgia