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Player's Handbook
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Table of Contents
1: Heroes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 4: Hardware, Magic, and More . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41
Definition: What Is a Hero? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Equipment: Weapons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41
Abilities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Vehicles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46
Character Creation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Setting Up House . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55
Character Modeling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Magic In the Marvel Universe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .61
2: FEATs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Hardware- Building, Modifying,
Time Scale - the Turn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 and Allen Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65
Initiative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 The Resource FEAT and Building . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68
The FEAT Roll Revisited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Time and Building Things . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68
Types of FEATs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Success! or Eureka! I have found it! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68
Making FEATs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Kit-Bashing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69
Types of FEATs II . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Modifying Items . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69
Movement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Programming and Reprogramming . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69
Life, Death, and Health . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31 Appendix A: Powers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .71
3: The Campaign . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Appendix B: Talents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .89
Karma . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Appendix C: Contacts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .92
Popularity and Contacts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Character Shoot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .94
Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .95
Power Listing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .inside back cover
Universal Table . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .back cover
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Rank Standard
Rank Range Rank Number
Shift 0 0 0
Feeble 1-2 2
Poor 3-4 4
Typical 5-7 6
Good 8-15 10
Excellent 16-25 20
Remarkable 26-35 30
Incredible 36-45 40
Amazing 46-55 50
Fantastic 56-64 60
Spectacular 65-76 70
Monstrous 77-86 80
Wondrous 87-95 90
Unearthly 96-125 100
Shift X 126-175 150
Shift Y 176-350 200
Shift Z 350+ 500
Class 1000 to Beyond up to Infinite

Ranks labeled "Shift" are normally used for

actions that are moved by modifiers above
Definition: What is a Hero? Secondary abilities are Health, Karma, or below the Feeble and Unearthly ranks
Resources, and Popularity. These are on the Universal Table. Class 1000, 3000,
A hero is an individual who uses his talents sometimes called variable abilities, as they 5000, and Beyond levels are not available
and abilities for the good of others as may change within the course of a single to most heroes, but are used to define such
opposed to his own good. In the MAR VEL adventure. All normal individuals and most powerful universal forces as Eternity and
SUPER HEROES Role-Playing Game the characters the players encounter have Galactus.
players take on the roles of heroes in the secondary abilities. Secondary abilities may
Marvel Universe. A hero who is being be defined by ranks or separate numbers. The rank range includes all the rank
controlled by a player is called a Player- numbers for that range. A character with a
Character or PC. One that is being run by Special abilities are skills and abilities that Strength of 15 can be said to have Good
the Judge, including most opponents and are not common to all characters, and Strength. The Hero rank numbers above
supporting characters, is called a Non- indeed may be unique to a particular the rank range are for use with existing
Player Character or NPC. character. These include all Powers, heroes in the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man,
Talents, Equipment, and Contacts. Special for example, has Remarkable Fighting
Abilities abilities use rank numbers or modify ability (his initial rank number is 30). A new
existing rank numbers. hero entering the Marvel Universe with
Characters in the MARVEL SUPER Remarkable Fighting ability would have a
HEROES game are defined by their Ranks and Rank Numbers: Abilities are rank number of 26. This is because
abilities. These abilities determine their often defined by a word (Amazing, established characters in the Marvel
chances of performing certain actions in Incredible) known as the ability's rank. In Universe can be assumed to have been
the game. There are three types of abilities: the MARVEL SUPER HEROES Original improving their skills over some time.
primary, secondary, and special. Abilities Set, each rank had a rank number; which
are usually given a rank and rank number was used to determine effects such as Let's look at those abilities in detail.
to define their levels of power. Health, starting Karma, and damage
inflicted. In the MARVEL SUPER HEROES Primary Abilities
The primary abilities are the seven already Advanced Set each ability has a rank and
familiar to players of the MARVEL SUPER rank number, but that number must be Fighting:
HEROES Original Set: Fighting, Agility, within a range available for that rank. When A measure of raw combat ability
Strength, Endurance, Reason, Intuition, a rank number is not defined (a weapon Used to determine if the character
and Psyche. These primary abilities are inflicts Good damage), use the Standard lands a blow in hand-to-hand (called
shared by almost all characters in the Rank Number. Check the table below: Slugfest) combat
Marvel Universe -- they are a measuring Used to determine if a character
stick of how well a character can perform evades a blunt attack
certain acts. Primary abilities are also Used to determine if a multiple combat
called fixed abilities because while they attack or other FEAT involving hand-to-
may be improved over time, they do not hand combat is successful
normally change from adventure to Used to determine the secondary ability
adventure. All primary abilities have a rank known as Health
and rank number.

Agility: Intuition: Gained through performing heroic and
A measure of dexterity and nimbleness A measure of wisdom, wits, common basically "honorable" acts
Used to determine if the character hits sense, and battle reflexes Lost through performing selfish,
with a thrown or aimed weapon at a Used to discover clues harmful, or "dishonorable" acts
distance Used to determine who may act first in May be spent by the player-character to
Used to determine if the character combat (Initiative) perform actions otherwise impossible or
dodges a missile attack Used to detect hidden or potentially unlikely. These include modifying die
Used to determine if the character dangerous items, as well as in situations rolls, staying alive, building things, using
catches an object, holds onto a ledge, or where the character plays a hunch magical abilities, and raising the hero's
successfully performs actions that Used to resist effects of emotion control ability rank numbers and ranks through
require quick action or co-ordination powers, spells, and abilities advancement
Used to determine how well a character Used to determine the secondary ability
handles a vehicle known as Karma Resources:
Used to determine the secondary ability A measure of how wealthy a character
known as Health Psyche: is, and how the character may use that
A measure of mental strength and wealth
Strength: willpower Generated when the character is
A measure of physical muscle power Used to show resistance to mental and created
Used to determine damage inflicted in will-dominating attacks Presented as a rank with a rank
slugfest combat Used to determine resistance to number (replacing the Resource Points
Used to determine success and magical attacks of the MARVEL SUPER HEROES
damage in wrestling combat and Used to determine initial Magical Original Set)
success in Grabbing, Escaping, and abilities for those characters who wield Used to determine if a character can
Blocking maneuvers magic afford a particular item or service
Used to determine success in Used to determine the secondary ability See under Resource FEATs in the next
destroying materials known as Karma chapter for full effects of Resources
Used to determine if a character can lift
a heavy object or perform other acts that Secondary Abilities Popularity:
require physical power A measure of the character's reputation
Used to determine the secondary ability Health: in that character's normal environment
known as Health Used to determine the amount of Generated when the character is created
physical damage the character can Represented as a rank and rank
Endurance: absorb before losing consciousness and number. Heroes generally have positive
A measure of personal toughness and potentially dying Popularity. Villains generally have
physical resistance Does not have a rank or rank number , negative Popularity
Used to determine normal moving but rather is the sum of the rank Used to determine reactions of large
speed numbers of the character's Fighting, groups of people and neutral NPCs
Used to determine success in charging Agility, Strength, and Endurance
attacks Lost through combat, accidents,
Used to determine success in avoiding attacks, and other potentially dangerous
the effects of disease, poison, and gas and life-threatening situations
Used to determine success in matters Recovered after damage is taken, 10
that require the character to perform turns after damage is inflicted
actions over a long period of time, such Regained through normal healing by
as holding one's breath the Endurance rank number of points
Used to determine the secondary ability per day (in crisis situations, Health may
known as Health be figured as regained by the hour or
Used to resist the effects of Slams, turn. See the table under Healing)
Stuns, and Kill results directed against If reduced to 0, the character is
the hero unconscious and may begin to lose
Used to determine the amount of Endurance ranks. (See Life, Death, and
Health regained by a wounded individual Health)

Reason: Karma:
A measure of intelligence and the Used by the hero as a measure of
capacity for logical thought experience, allowing the hero to perform
Used to determine the character's actions that may otherwise be
success in building things impossible
Used to determine the character's Does not have a rank or rank number .
success in understanding unknown Starting Karma is determined when the
technology and languages character is created by the sum of the
Used to determine the secondary ability Initial rank numbers of the character's
known as Karma Reason, Intuition, and Psyche


Character Creation generated character may start. Rank

numbers may be improved with time and
In the MARVEL SUPER HEROES Original experience as normal.
Set, there was an assumption that most
characters the players would run would be In addition to having his starting rank
from among those available in the original numbers set at the standard value as
set and its accessories. The MARVEL opposed to the minimum, the pregenerated
SUPER HEROES Advanced Set allows character's Health and initial Karma will be
three types of characters: pregenerated higher as a result of the higher ability
characters based on those in the Marvel ranks. The character's Resources and
Universe and used specifically for the Popularity also reflect the hero's status in
MARVEL SUPER HEROES Game; the books he or she appears in at the time
generated characters created by the of this writing.
players; and modeled characters which are
from the Marvel Universe but do not have The pregenerated character's Powers,
"official" stats generated by TSR. The Talents, and Contacts are described as
labels "pregenerated:' "generated:' and specific to that hero. Nightcrawler's wall-
"modeled" have no bearing once play crawling is different from Spider-Man's, and
Used to gain favors, information, and begins. the German X-Man's teleport is different
equipment from Contacts from that of Cloak. The Powers, Talents,
Pregenerated Characters and Contacts sections are for that hero
Special Abilities alone. Descriptions that apply to generated
The character cards provided with this set heroes (such as alien, robot, mutant) may
Powers: are for the most popular individuals in the or may not apply to the hero in question.
Super-human abilities possessed by Marvel Universe. These cards may be cut
individual heroes and villains in the up and used by players and Judges with Included in this set are a number of sheets
Marvel Universe the game. Their presentation is outlined as that may be cut out for use as reference
Used to perform actions above and above for primary, secondary, and special cards for pregenerated heroes. Abilities are
beyond the limits of normal mortals abilities, and where space permits, some summarized along the left hand side,
Each Power is individual. Powers may background is given. Full backgrounds for including rank number and rank. In the
have a rank number, or modify an these characters, as well as their upper right the Health, initial Karma,
existing primary or secondary ability rank personalities and any restrictions on their Resources, and Popularity are listed, with
May be improved through expenditure Powers, are listed starting in Chapter 3 of space below for changes. The Powers,
of Karma. New Powers may be added at the Judges Book. Talents, and Contacts are provided in very
a risk to the player character brief form below. Note: These abilities are
Pregenerated characters have the provided in limited form only, for easy use
Full list of powers found in Appendix A
advantage of being "ready-to-play" as well in play. The full powers, etc. tailored to that
as being a recognized part of the Marvel hero are explained under that heros entry
Universe. When playing an official Marvel in the Judges Book.
Non-super-human abilities that may be
character, however, the player is free from
possessed by characters in the Marvel
all effects of the ever-changing Marvel While checking out the cards, note that four
Universe except those that the Judge of them are blank, one side noting only the
Used to perform specialized actions at
chooses to inflict upon the player (For abilities without numbers, the other a grey
a specific benefit
example, a player running the original screen of several heroes. These are for
Are individual; modify an existing
Guardian will not be fated to die of a suit your own use as cards for generated or
primary or secondary ability rank, or
malfunction, but by the same token a modeled heroes. Permission to photo-copy
provide special abilities
player running She-Hulk would not benefit
May be learned as a hero gains
from an improvement of abilities after the
character becomes a player-character)
Full list of Talents found in Appendix B
When running a character of the Marvel
Universe, the player's decisions guide that
character's actions and reactions.
Represent social, political, and personal
friends and allies through whom the Pregenerated characters always have the
character may gain information and Standard Rank Number as their starting
equipment rank number. This represents the fact that
Have no rank number. Contacts are the heroes noted have had some
considered as Friendly to the character adventuring history before play in the
for purposes of determining reactions MARVEL SUPER HEROES Campaign
May be increased through spending of begins. Therefore, when She-Hulk's
Karma, or performing missions for that Strength is stated as Monstrous, it is set at
Contact a rank number of 75 as opposed to 63, the
Standard Contacts are described in full maximum rank number at which a
in Appendix C

these four cards is given for those players Random Ranks Table.
who dont want to mess up their existing After the primary ability ranks are rolled.
copies. Altered humans may raise any single
primary ability rank by one rank.
Pregenerated characters, once brought into
the game, are treated as any other type of Mutants: Mutants are members of the
character. race of Home Superior, a new race of man
born from the race of Homo Sapiens (that's
Generated Characters us). Mutant powers often (though not
always) first manifest themselves in the
The following system is for creating new teen-age years. Mutants are generally
characters in the Marvel Universe. feared and disliked by the populace at
Generated characters have an advantage large. Examples of mutants include the X-
in that they are individuals created by the Men, X-Factor, and New Mutants. When
player and in that form they are unique. creating a mutant character:
Their disadvantages are that they begin the Random ranks are rolled on Column 1
campaign weaker than pregenerated of the Random Ranks Table.
characters, they lack the background of the Mutants gain one additional Power, up
Marvel Universe, and their powers are to the total number of Powers available
more standardized than those of to the Hero (maximum of 5).
pregenerated characters. Resources are reduced by one rank.
Starting Popularity is always 0.
Character generation has five steps:
Mutants gain and lose Popularity at a
Generate an origin
slower rate than other character types.
Generate primary abilities
Endurance is raised by one rank.
Generate secondary abilities under the Body Armor entry for these
The majority of a mutant's Powers are
Generate special abilities effects. Effects are rolled on Column 6 to
inborn as opposed to equipment-based.
Fill in the blanks see how the armor affects the Fighting,
They may be affected by mutant
detection and mutant nullification Agility, Strength, and Endurance of the
Starting from the top... player-character.
Origins Robots: Robots are artificially-created
High Technology: Also called Hi-Tech
Wonders, these heroes derive their abilities sentient beings, including organic
The MARVEL SUPER HEROES game has constructs, clones, life-model decoys,
five types of origins. each with certain solely through equipment, whether that
equipment is mystical or technological in mystically-powered golems, synthezoids,
advantages and disadvantages. Origins are androids. and robots. Examples of such
used only for generated characters as a nature, such as Iron Man or Captain
Britain. High technology heroes start with beings include Machine Man, Vision,
base for those characters. Pregenerated Jocasta, the evil Ultron, and the robotic
characters have their own specific origins. lower primary ability scores and in addition
may not use their powers without their form of Deathlok (the original cyborg
equipment; however. they receive many Deathlok is an altered human).
The player desiring a generated character
other benefits. Robots roll their primary abilities on
must either choose an origin from those
High technology heroes roll on column column 4 of the Random Ranks Table.
below or roll on the table below for an
3 of the Random Ranks Table. Popularity is reduced to 0 (like mutants,
origin. Those that roll on the table must
The initial Reason is raised by two robots have a hard time being accepted
take the specific type of hero rolled. (No
ranks (If Good is rolled, then initial by the populace at large). They suffer no
second thoughts.)
reason is Remarkable). further penalty regarding earning
Dice Roll Origin Initial Resources are set at Good, or Popularity.
01-30 Altered Human optionally rolled. All player-character robots may heal
31-60 Mutant High technology heroes must have at normally, simulating internal repair
61-90 Hi-Tech least one Contact, and they must functions.
91-95 Robot declare what that Contact is before There is no Karma loss for killing a robot
96-00 Alien starting play. This Contact represents the or allowing a robot to be deactivated. A
organization that the player-character robot may potentially be reactivated after
Altered Humans: Altered Humans are works for (or, if Resources are high it has "died." A "dead" robot must be
everyday people like you and me (well. me, enough, owns). reactivated by outside forces, and will
anyway) who have been accidentally or At least one Talent chosen by the return with Karma set at 0.
purposefully exposed to weird radiation, player must be Scientific or professional
secret formulas, or chose to be instructed in nature. Aliens: "Alien" is a blanket term
in strange and powerful talents. The If, when generating Powers, the high representing those individuals from other
Fantastic Four, Hulk, Nick Fury, and Doctor tech wonder chooses Body Armor as a civilizations. planets. dimensions or races of
Strange are examples of altered humans. Power, the high technology hero may man. These may include Home Mermanus
Altered humans roll their random ranks choose to have all his Powers combined (but not Home Superior), Asgardians,
for primary abilities on Column 1 of the into a battlesuit (a la Iron Man). Check Denizens of the Dark Dimension,

Atlanteans, Olympians, Eternals, Kree, Mutant character. The dice are rolled on
Skrulls, and Shi'ar, as well as races that the Random Ranks Table:
have yet to be discovered in the Marvel Fighting: (Roll a 85) INCREDIBLE
Universe. Aliens have the potential of being Agility: (Roll a 22) GOOD
incredibly powerful, but have limited Strength: (Roll a 12) TYPICAL
secondary abilities. The following Endurance: (Roll a 87) INCREDIBLE
generation system is for super-powered Reason: (Roll a 02) FEEBLE
aliens whose races have not been Intuition: (Roll a 37) GOOD
encountered before. Psyche: (Roll a 21) GOOD
Alien characters roll their primary
Hmmmm. A more powerful character than
abilities on column 5 of the Random
the first, but ot-nay oo-tay ight-bray, if you
Ranks Table.
take my meaning. Raising the Endurance
Alien powers may be natural or the
by one rank, as noted for all Mutant
result of Equipment carried. The player
characters, this character's stats are:
must declare whether any Power is
inborn to his race or external. F 36 IN
Aliens gain one less Power (minimum A 8 GD
of two). S 5 TY
Ability Modifier Table E 46 AM
Starting Resources are set at Poor.
An alien character starts with one (cf. pg 60 Judges Book - Alien Hero Option) R 1 FE
Contact (maximum). This is usually the Dice Modification I 8 GD
alien's home race, dimension, or people. 01-15 Reduce by one rank P 8 GD
Those characters who do not choose the 16-50 Remain unchanged Example 3: Let's look at a high tech hero.
race as one of their Contacts are 51-70 Increase by one rank The random rolls on the Primary ability
considered outcasts of that race, planet, 71-85 increase by two ranks table give the following results:
or dimension (note to Judges: Outcasts 86-95 Increase by three ranks Fighting: (Roll a 43) GOOD
are usually hunted down by others of 96-00 Increase by four ranks Agility: (Roll a 04) FEEBLE
their race). Unless noted otherwise, no ability may be Strength: (Roll a 00) REMARKABLE
modified in any fashion below Feeble or Endurance: (Roll a 50) GOOD
Generating Primary Abilities above Monstrous. Reason: (Roll a 96) REMARKABLE
Intuition: (Roll a 09) POOR
Each origin uses one of the following Psyche: (Roll a 38) TYPICAL
columns on the Random Ranks Table. Roll Example 1: For a first hero. I'd like to
for each of the seven primary abilities on create an Altered Human, and as such Under the High-tech description, the
this table. bypass the Origins table. Going to the Reason (already this character's most
Primary Abilities table, I roll once for each winning feature) is raised by two ranks,
Rank Initial 1 2 ability, with the following results: from Remarkable to Amazing). The
Name Rank Mutants, Normal Fighting: (Roll a 36) GOOD character's initial stats are:
Number Altered Folks Agility: (Roll a 12) TYPICAL F 8 GD
Humans Strength: (Roll a 07) POOR A 1 FE
Feeble 1 01-05 01-05 Endurance: (Roll a 38) GOOD S 26 RN
Poor 3 06-10 06-25 Reason: (Roll a 45) EXCELLENT E 8 GD
Typical 5 11-20 26-75 Intuition: (Roll a 67) REMARKABLE R 46 AM
Good 8 21-40 78-95 Psyche: (Roll a 72) REMARKABLE I 3 PR
Excellent 16 41-60 96-00 Now, looking at the description of Altered P 5 TY
Remarkable 26 61-80 Humans above. one primary ability may be
Incredible 36 81-96
raised. I'm more than a little concerned
Amazing 46 97-00
Fantastic 56 about the low Strength, but I can get more
bonus to my Health by raising Fighting from
3 4 5 Good to Excellent. initial Rank numbers are
High Robots Aliens the minimum for that rank. The Altered
Technology Human's initial stats are:
Feeble 01-05 01-05 01-10 F 16 EX
Poor 06-10 06-10 11-20 A 5 TY
Typical 11-40 11-15 21-30 S 3 PR
Good 41-80 16-40 31-40 E 8 GD
Excellent 81-95 41-50 41-60 R 16 EX
Remarkable 96-00 51-70 61-70 I 26 RM
Incredible 71-90 71-80 P 26 RM
Amazing 91-98 81-95
Fantastic 99-00 96-00 Example 2: This time, I'm going to roll an
origin on the table. I roll a 33 and get a

with known mutants, but is not a mutant Health 32
Lower Popularity by 5 if hero is Karma 68
generally unpopular (aliens have this Resources Typical (5)
trouble, but a player may choose to have Popularity (20)
his hero be ugly)
Heroes may start with negative Popularity.
Example 2: Our Mutant from the previous
Using this negative Popularity may result in
set of examples. Health and Karma are the
loss of Karma. (Click here for more info on
summation of the appropriate rank numbers.
Popularity FEATs.) A secret ID may never
Initial Resources are Typical, with a roll of 84
start with negative Popularity.
on the Ability Modifier table raising it to
Excellent. This is reduced to Good for being
Secret IDs a mutant character. Popularity is 0, with a
Generating Secondary Abilities When determining initial Popularity, the secret lD reducing that to -5. The mutant's
player must decide whether or not his secondary abilities are:
Generating Health: Total the initial rank character has a Secret ID. Secret IDs are Health 95
numbers of the Fighting, Agility, Strength, not a requisite of the super hero trade, and Karma 17
and Endurance abilities. This is the starting groups like the Fantastic Four have long Resources Good (8)
Health of the character. survived without them. A Secret ID means Popularity (-5)/(0)
that no one really knows who is behind that
Generating Karma: Total the initial rank mask, and as such the hero can have a Example 3: Our High Technology Hero from
numbers of the hero's Reason, Intuition, normal civilian life. the previous set of examples. Health and
and Psyche abilities. This is the starting Karma are the summation of appropriate
Karma of the character. A character with a secret ID has two entries rank numbers. initial Resources are Good.
in the Popularity column. One applies to his A roll on the Ability Modifier table gives a
Generating Resources: Initial Resources costumed identity, the other to his everyday 68, which raises those resources to
are Typical (Poor for aliens), modified by a "secret" ID. Both start at the same set level, Excellent. Popularity is set at 10, reduced
roll on the Ability Modifier Table. High but the actions of the hero in his uniform to 5 because the player wants the hero to
technology heroes may choose to have result in popularity gains on his "hero" side have a secret ID. Initial Popularity for both
initial Resources at Good, or take a chance of the column, and actions when not in secret and public ID is 5.
with Typical plus the roll. Starting costume on his "secret" side. In other words,
Resources may be further modified by Health 43
a hero may be regarded as a nebbish in the Karma 54
buying additional Powers, Contacts, or real world, but in reality is a respected hero.
Talents. Resources Excellent (16)
Conversely, the hero may be hunted by the Popularity (5)/(5)
populace for a crime he did not commit,
When a character is first generated, the while his secret 10 allows him to go to the
hero may "purchase" additional Powers, The High-tech is heading for low stats. I'm
grocery store without being attacked.
Talents, and Contacts up to his maximum looking to snag Body Armor when powers
allowance, by reducing his starting A character's Karma is not split between the come up, both because it would make a
Resources. This "purchase" must be made secret and hero identities, nor are Health, good example and it will add to his survival.
after the number of Powers, Talents, and inborn or natural Powers, or Talents. A
Contacts is determined, but before any character with a secret ID may split his
Generating Special Abilities
specific choices are made. Such Resource Contacts between his secret ID and his Generating Powers: The number of Powers
deductions are permanent. heroic identity. They should be noted as such initially available to the hero is determined
(for example, Peter Parker has several by a dice roll on the Powers, Talents, and
For each additional Talent or Contact Contacts in the Daily Bugle, but Spider-Man Contacts Table. Each category (Powers,
"purchased" above the initial number, could not get advice, much less the time of Talents, and Contacts) is rolled separately.
reduce initial Resources by one rank. day, from Jolly Jonah Jameson).
For each additional Power gained, Powers, Contacts, and Talents Table
reduce the Resources by two ranks. Examples of determining secondary abilities: Dice
Remember that mutants are always
Roll Powers Talents Contacts
reduced by one rank in Resources. Example 1: Our Altered Human from the 01-20 2/4 1/6 0/4
Resource reductions lower than the Feeble previous set of examples. His Health is the 21-80 3/4 2/5 1/4
rank are not permitted. summation of his initial fighting, Agility, 61-90 4/4 3/4 2/4
Strength, and Endurance. His Karma is the 91-00 5/5 4/4 3/4
Generating Popularity: Initial Popularity is summation of his initial rank numbers for
10 for most heroes, 0 for Mutants and Reason, Intuition, and Psyche. His initial The number before the slash represents
robots. The Judge may leave it at that, or resources am Typical, with a modification on the initial number of Powers (or Talents, or
may raise or lower initial Popularity by the the Ability Modifier table. The roll is a 27, no Contacts), while the number after the slash
following factors: change. Popularity is 10. Our Altered Human is the maximum number of Powers. Initial
Raise Popularity by 10 if identity is has no secret ID, so it starts at 20. Our number of Powers represents the number
publicly known secondary abilities for our Altered Human of Powers the hero has. Maximum number
Lower Popularity by 5 if identity is secret are therefore: of Powers represents the absolute
Lower Popularity by 5 if hero hangs out maximum number of Powers with which the

Such Power ranks for all heroes are rolled Matter Control
on column 4 of the Random Ranks Table. 1-2. Earth Control
Some Powers will have a minimum or 3-4. Air Control
maximum initial rank. These are noted in 5-6. Fire Control
the Power Listings in Appendix A. 7-8. Water Control
9-10. Weather Control
Power Categories Table Density Manipulation Others
Body Transformation Others
Dice Roll Power Category Animal Transformation -- Others
01-05 Resistances
08-10 Senses Energy Control
11-15 Movement 1-2. Magnetic Manipulation
18-25 Matter Control 3-4. Electrical Manipulation
hero may start the game, including Powers 26-40 Energy Control 5-6. Light Manipulation
gained through the sacrifice of Resource 41-55 Body Control 7-8. Sound Manipulation
ranks. 56-70 Distance Attacks 9. Darkforce Manipulation
71-75 Mental Powers 10. Gravity Manipulation
Roll the percentile dice once for each 76-90 Body Alterations/Offensive Probability Manipulation*
Power on the Power Categories Table 91-00 Body Alterations/Defensive Nullifying Power*
below. The Power Categories Table Energy Reflection
determines only the general type of Power Power Listings Time Control*
the hero has, such as Mental Powers, or
Powers that aid movement. The player then Resistances Body Controls
goes to the list of those powers and 1. Resistance to Fire and Heat 1. Growth
chooses the Power he or she will use with 2. Resistance to Cold 2. Shrinking
the character. Notice that some of the 3. Resistance to Electricity Density Manipulation - Self
entries have numbers to their left. If you 4. Resistance to Radiation Phasing
are a fan of ultimate random roll, take a ten 5. Resistance to Toxins 3. Invisibility
sided-die and roll once under that column, 6. Resistance to Corrosives 4. Plasticity
then take that Power for your character. 7. Resistance to Emotion Attacks Elongation
(No, you won't get some of the better 8. Resistance to Mental Attacks 5. Shape-Shifting
powers, but that's what happens when you 9. Resistance to Magical Attacks Imitation
let the dice think for you.) 10. Resistance to Disease 6. Body Transformation*
Invulnerability * 7. Animal Transformation- Self
Powers are only here in fist form. A full 8. Raise Lowest Ability
summary of these Powers is found in Senses 9. Blending
Appendix A. They are located there only 1. Protected Senses Power Absorption
because it doesn't make sense to occupy 2. Enhanced Senses 10. Alter Ego
the bulk of the early part of the book with 3. Infravision
miles of power descriptions. Note that these Cosmic Awareness* Distance Attacks
Power descriptions are generic in nature, Combat Sense* 1. Projectile Missile
and that individual pre-generated characters 4. Computer Links 2. Ensnaring Missile
may have their own "quirks" and specialties 5. Emotion Detection 3. Ice Generation
with a Power (just having Teleport does not 6. Energy Detection 4. Fire Generation
turn your hero into Nightcrawler). Magic Detection 5. Energy Generation
7. Magnetic Detection 6. Sound Generation
Certain Powers are marked by a star. Mutant Detection 7. Stunning Missile
These Powers count as two Powers, as the 8. Psionic Detection 8. Corrosive Missile
abilities therein are rare or powerful or 9. Astral Detection 9. Slashing Missile
both. If the hero does not have the number 10. Tracking Ability Nullifier Missile
of Powers available, the player cannot
10. Darkforce Generation
choose this Power. Movement
1-2. Flight Mental Powers
Certain other Powers list a second Power 3. Gliding
in their description. These are Bonus 1. Telepathy
4. Leaping 2. Image Generation*
Powers. If the player chooses one of these 5-6. Wall-Crawling
Powers for his or her hero, the hero gains 3. Telekinesis
7. Lightning Speed Mind Control*
the bonus Power as well. This Power takes Teleportation*
the place of the player's next die roll. The Emotion Control*
8. Levitation 4. Force Field Generation
hero may drop other Powers in order to 9. Swimming
make room for a Bonus Power, but should 5. Animal Communication and Control
10. Climbing Mechanical Intuition
not have more Powers than originally Digging
rolled. Most Powers require a Power rank. Animal Empathy
Dimensional Travel* 6. Empathy

7. Psi-Screen trying to raise Monstrous abilities to
8. Mental Probe Unearthly. Powers that require a limitation
Animate Drawings are not raised. though the limitation must
Possession* be of the same rank as the power rank.
9. Astral Projection Use the following guidelines for raising
10. Psionic Attack Power ranks through limits. Only one limit
Precognition* may be possessed by any given character
Postcognition and no more then three Powers should be
Plant Control raised by that limit. In addition, there are
Ultimate Skill maximum ranks to which a Power may be
raised by limitations. Here are some
Body Alterations/Offensive examples.
1-3. Extra Body Parts
4. Extra Attacks Maximum of Excellent
5. Energy Touch Power is limited to daytime use
6. Paralyzing Touch Power is limited to nighttime use
7-8. Claws Power may only be used three times/day
9. Rotting Touch Power does not work in temperatures
10. Corrosive Touch below 0 degrees Fahrenheit
Health-Drain Touch*
Blinding Touch that equipment they will do so at a Maximum of Remarkable
disadvantage. (Example -- anyone can use Power does not affect one type of
Body Alterations/Defensive Cap's Shield to hide behind. but bouncing it material it would normally affect
1-3. Body Armor off three walls is another matter) Check Power does not work in presence of flame
4. Water Breathing under the Building Things section for others Power may only be used two times/day
5. Absorption using a hero's own equipment. A player Power does not affect a certain color
6. Regeneration may invest some common item (sword,
7. Solar Regeneration handgun. locket, etc.) with powers in this Maximum of Incredible
8-9. Recovery fashion. All other abilities of that item are Power does not affect organic material
10. Life Support the same, with the material strength raised Power does not affect inorganic matter
Pheromones according to the Ability Modifier Table, Power requires a vocal component
Damage Transfer adding 15 to any die roll (30 becomes 45). Power cannot inflict less than
Healing High technology heroes gain all their Power rank damage
Immortality* powers through equipment; mutants must Power requires two free hands
have more natural Powers than equipment;
Powers may be natural or be the result of and all other types may use a mixture of Maximum of Amazing
hi-tech or mystical equipment. Equipment the two. (The definition of equipment is Power affects only one type of matter
the hero starts with is considered things that may be removed from the hero. Power affects only one type of character
specialized for that hero, and if others use Wolverine's bones and claws are artificial, (demons, robots. mutants, etc.)
as is Deathlok's armament, but these are Power only works once/weak
integral parts of these heroes and are not Power fails to operate half the time (roll
considered equipment.) of 5 or less on in-sided die)

Limitations: Certain Powers described in Maximum of Monstrous

Appendix A require the character to take a Power only works outside of atmosphere
limitation. In addition, a player dissatisfied Power only works in below 0 temperature
with his initial Power ranks may attempt to Power knocks hero unconscious for 1-10
raise them by limiting that Power. For rounds
example, a Power that only operates at
night, in sunlight, does a set amount of
damage when a variable is permitted, runs
out at odd moments, or has no ef fect on a
common item may be considered to be
limited. The Judge may then choose to
allow that power to be raised in rank under
its limitation. Note to the players: In his
booklet, the Judge is instructed to place
harsh limitations on those Powers that are
raised in this fashion, according to the initial
rank of the Power. Therefore this option is
best used to raise the odd Feebleranked
ability to Poor by a mild limitation instead of

Maximum of Unearthly 9-10. Trivia
Power only functions in another Performer
dimension Animal Training*
Power only functions on Astral Plane Heir to Fortune*
Power may be used once, period Student*
Power negates use of all other powers Leadership*
for one week
Power only works at very high (200 +) Each hero gets a number of initial Contacts
temperatures as rolled on the Maximum Initial Powers,
Talents, and Contacts Table. Certain
Players, being the crafty lot they are, will individuals get specific Contacts at start.
undoubtedly find situations where these High technology heroes must use one
limitations are advantages (Example -- A Contact slot for their "support." Aliens can
flame weapon that only affects mutants hits have only one initial Contact, no matter
Juggernaut while he is carrying Aunt May, what skills are chosen. Heroes who have
leaving her unharmed). The Judge will take more initial Contacts (as the result of
this into account when allowing limitations. Talents) than slots must discard the
Generating Talents: Generate the number of
Talents on the Powers, Talents. and Contacts A hero may have fewer chosen Contacts
Table. The number before the slash is the than slots -- the others may appear as
initial number, while the second number is need be. For each Contact. the hero must
the maximum of initial Talents. For each provide a name (Example, early in his
Talent gained, roll on the Talent category, career, Prof. X had a Contact in the FBI,
and choose one Talent in that category. Fred Duncan). The hero's Contact is
considered Friendly to the hero for NPC
Talent Categories Professional Skills reactions, and may provide equipment and
1. Medicine* material according to that Contact's rank,
Dice Talent 2. Law Contacts are defined in full in Appendix C
Roll Category Law-Enforcement for the Marvel Universe, but the players
01-20 Weapon Skills 3. Pilot may choose from the following general
21-45 Fighting Skills 4. Military types.
46-65 Professional Skills 5. Business/Finance
66-85 Scientific Skills 6. Journalism A character with a secret 10 may assign his
86-90 Mystic and Mental Skills 7. Engineering Contacts either to his secret ID (noted by an
91-00 Other Skills 8. Crime S), his heroic identity (noted by an H), or
9. Psychiatry both (no notation). The advantage of having
Talents are listed in Appendix B. Skills that the secret lD making Contacts is that it
require random rolls are determined on 10. Detective/Espionage
provides less risk to the hero. If your Contact
Column 2 of the Random Ranks Table. does not know you are really a hero, then
Most Talents will modify an existing ability. Scientific Skills
1-2. Chemistry you cannot be called upon to do heroic acts.
Weapon Skills 3-4. Biology
Types of Contacts
1-2. Guns 5-6. Geology
3-5. Thrown Weapons 7. Genetics Professional
6. Bows 8. Archeology Medicine
7-8. Blunt Weapons 9. Physics Law
9. Sharp Weapons Computers Law-Enforcement
10. Oriental Weapons 10. Electronics Military
Marksman* Business World
Weapons Master* Mystical and Mental Skills or Abilities
Weapons Specialist* 1-2. Trance
3-5. Mesmerism and Hypnosis
Fighting Skills 6-7. Sleight of Hand
1. Martial Arts A 8-9. Resist Domination
2. Martial Arts B Mystic Origin*
3. Martial Arts C 10. Occult Lore
4. Martial Arts D
5. Martial Arts E Other Skills
6. Wrestling 1-2. Artist
7. Thrown Objects 3-4. Languages
8. Tumbling 5-6. First Aid
9-10. Acrobatics 7-8. Repair/Tinkering

Journalism The Hero gets two Talents, and may have Contact. Never know when being able to
Crime up to five by reducing Resources by one ring up the X-Men will be handy.
Engineering rank for each Talent gained. He rolls a 27:
Psychiatry Fighting skill and a 64: a Professional Skill. Example 3: Finally, our High-Technology
Detective/Espionage Fighting Skill: Not being a very strong Hero. The hero rolls three Powers.
Hero Group fighter, the hero opts to try to get the drop Determining their types, they are: Energy
Artist/Performer on an opponent and takes Martial Arts E. Control, Body Alterations/Defensive, and
Scientific Professional Skill: Medicine and Law- Body Control.
Chemistry Enforcement require two slots and are as Energy Control: Energy Reflection looks
Biology such unusable. He chooses Military as a like a good power for a High-Tech wonder.
Geology skill, gaining a Contact in that field. According to the power description. the
Genetics player must choose what type of energy he
Archeology The hero rolls a 03 for Contacts No initial reflects, and of the types available chooses
Physics Contacts. The hero does get a Contact lasers. The hero reflects energy from laser
Computers from the Military skill and informs the Judge weapons at Unearthly rank.
Electronics that he wants as a Contact the commander Body Alterations/Defensive: The benefits
Political of a local army post (hopefully a ready of the High Tech hero taking Body Armor
Local source of flamethrowers for him to use his outweigh all other options available. The
State powers with). hero gains (roll - 93!) Amazing Body Armor,
National and in addition modifies his physical abilities
Other National The bare bones -- the numbers -- of this as determined on the Ability Modification
International hero are now complete, but already we are table.
Planetary Fighting (02) -1CS, From Good to
seeing the direction in which the hero may
Mystic Typical
Religion Agility(77) +2CS, From Feeble to Typical
Occult Lore Example 2: We rolled this mutant up Strength (37) Unchanged, Remains
Mythology Remarkable
randomly and will continue it as such. Our
mutant gets two Powers, but because she Endurance(86) +3CS, from Good to
Now well assign some Special abilities.
is a mutant that number is raised to three. Incredible
Example 1: Our friend the Altered Human Working with the random rolls we get:
from the previous examples rolls on the (67) Distance Attacks (9) Slashing Missile All new ranks are set at their lowest rank
Powers, Talents, and Contacts Table, and (28) Energy Controls (1) Magnetic numbers. The Health of the hero when
gets four initial Powers, which is also his Manipulation (93) Body Alterations wearing the suit is 72. The Energy
maximum from reducing Resources. He rolls (Defensive) (2) Body Armor Reflection powers are built into the suit.
four times on the Power Categories Table Body Control: OK. just to see how far we
table and gets: Body Alterations/ Offensive, Slashing Missile has (roll on Column 4: 36) can bend the system, let's take Animal
Resistances, Matter Control and (yuck) Good Power rank. The character controlling Transformation -- Self, something that a
Resistances again. These are the current the hero suggests the limitation that the high-tech hero would not normally consider.
occupants of the four slots available. If the slashing missile only operates in conjunction Hmmm.... OK, the body suit can transform
player takes a Power that requires two slots, with the Magnetic Manipulation Power. The upon command into the form of a large
or a Bonus Power made available by Judge agrees that is a reasonable limitation. leopard, but sacrifices Body Armor (as
another Power, the list gets bumped down Power rank is Excellent (the initial rank protective plates move about) and Energy
one (and the second resistance falls out -- number would be 16). Reflection (alteration in the suit's protective
no great loss). Looking over the list, our Magnetic Manipulation has (97) Amazing pigments to match fur) in doing so. The
Altered Human takes the following: Power rank. stats for the robot-leopard would be as for a
Body Alterations/Offensive: The hero takes Body Armor has (52) Remarkable Power normal leopard.
Energy Touch at (roll on the Random Ranks rank, rolled on table 4. It will absorb 26
Table, column 4: 42) Excellent Power Rank. points of physical damage, and 6 points of The character rolls three Talents, one of
Resistances: The hero takes Energy damage. which must be professional or scientific in
Invulnerability, and chooses Fire as the item nature. The choice is Scientific -
to which he has Class 1000 resistance. This The Mutant Hero rolls 3 Talents. Rolled Electronics. The other two are rolled
counts as two slots. so the second randomly they are: randomly:
resistance is bumped from the list. Further (91) Other Skills -- Trivia. The player (46) Professional Skill (02) Weapon Skill
resistances could have been made creating leaves this blank until she thinks
Invulnerabilities as well. something up. The player chooses Business/Finance as
Matter Control: Going with his immunity to (00) Other Skills -- Sleight of Hand. Could the professional skill and Guns as the
flame, our altered human chooses Fire the trivia be Stage Magic? weapon skill, to offset those times when the
Control as his matter control Power. He (75) Scientific Skills -- Archeology. suit is not available.
hopes to pump his Karma into Power Stunts
to use as missile weapons, while being The Mutant hero has one Contact at start. The hero rolls 3 Contacts, one of which
protected from damage by the flame by his Having the choice (this is the first choice must be stated initially, as required for
own invulnerability. Note that the hero does for the character). the player chooses a high-tech heroes. With Excellent
not have Fire Generation, and must supply Hero Group, as yet unnamed. as her Resources, the hero has a small electronics
some source of flame to control. firm (business/finance) that he can rely on

for equipment. (Judge-set Resource level: Example 2: Her name is Lodestone, characters you have invented yourself,
Remarkable.) The hero is an equal partner otherwise known as Jenny Hopkins, native without having to rely on tables. Character
with an NPC. of Moundsville, Ohio. Her magnetic powers modeling takes place as the result of the
first appeared while on a dig in that city with player answering a series of questions, and
Filling in the Blanks her father, archeologist Alvin Hopkins. The comparing the ranks of established heroes to
first flaring of her powers occurred when set the ranks for the hero being modeled.
At this stage you have a bunch of words she and her father were arguing on the dig
and numbers, the bare bones of a hero. site, with the result that all metallic objects There is a tendency for all players to
Now, as you created the hero, you noticed on the site were ripped from the ground and "overrate" their individuals, but keep this in
certain leanings, such as an interest in hurled across the river. The two are not on mind: a super-powerful character requires
science, or Powers that revolve around good terms. After leaving her father, she super-powerful foes, and the stakes go up as
flame, etc. This points out where you fill in drifted, worked as a magician's assistant, you progress in power. The Judge may review
the blanks and flesh out the character. and made the acquaintance of Professor a character's abilities, and downgrade them at
Charles Xavier, who left her a number to his option. Whether a modeled character is
Run down this quick checklist, answering call if she had any trouble. Her body armor used or not is solely up to the Judge of the
the following questions about your is a form of dense flesh hardened by her game in question (this also works for multiple-
character. magnetic manipulation, and she carries a Judge Campaigns, by the way).
What is the character's fighting name? set of steel daggers that she throws and
What is the character's alter ego, if any? controls magnetically, allowing her to make The creation of the modeled character is
Is the character male, female, or what? trick shots and shooting curves. She similar to that of the generated character
How tall is the character? operates in the tri-state area, but considers save that instead of rolling randomly, the
What does the character look like? Is attempting to join the X-Men. precise abilities are chosen by the player. All
the hero physically good-looking or references to minimum Powers, number of
strange-looking (note Popularity shift in Example 3: Douglas Cook is bright, strong, Contacts, and types of Powers are ignored
the latter case)? and not incredibly dexterous. To cure his when modeling. We are seeking to create a
Where does the character operate? fumble-fingered nature, the bearish bearded character most like the character in the book.
Where does the hero live? man opened a electronics firm with a friend
Does the hero have any Contacts other from business school. The firm has been Modeling Primary Abilities
than the ones provided by the generation mildly successful, but not the howling
system? success that he hoped for. Working in his The MARVEL SUPER HEROES System has
Check the hero's Resources. Where is spare time to correct his problems, Cook the advantage in that the effects of abilities
this guy getting money like that? invented the Linearly Enhanced Operative are not precise numbers, but rather gray
Does the hero wear a costume? What Power and Agility Research Device: boxes. In modeling, this prevents long
does it look like? LEOPARD. This armor increased Cook's arguments over "who is stronger, Wonder
Last, and optionally, what is the hero's Agility and Endurance at a cost to his Man or Thor?" To model primary abilities,
specific origin? If you, the player, make natural fighting abilities. The LEOPARD compare established heroes to the modeled
up an origin, it saves the Judge the appears as a dull-metal suit of armor with a one for that ability and slot your hero
trouble of creating one for you. Judges leopard's head, and has special circuitry accordingly. Compare what you visualize
by and large create very nasty that allows Doug to manipulate its your hero's Fighting ability (ability to land a
backgrounds for heroes without stated appearance to be that of a real leopard. As blow) as to others. When you hit the level of
origins, so when super-powered LEOPARD, Douglas Cook operates in the "gee, that character is better than I am" drop
organizations come hunting for you, at tri-state area, seeking to do good deeds back one rank. That's where your character
least you know who they are. and provide enough cash to keep his starts. This initial rank number is the
electronics shop in business. standard rank number for that ability. Ignore
Example 1: Introducing our Altered Human: Talents and Powers when doing this -- a
Commander Salamander, otherwise known The above examples have been created out character that does not require air to survive
as Emihl Hickman, a former officer in the US of whole cloth, based upon nothing more could still have a low Endurance. Perform
armed forces who was exposed to strange than the stats provided and a few this for Fighting, Agility, Strength, Endurance,
chemicals in the course of an army training assumptions. Note that the backgrounds Reason, Intuition, and Psyche.
course (Project 52334453A: Operation created do not provide for new skills (If
Victor, Most Secret security rating). The Hickman was in the army, why not give him As an example, let's take one of the most
lanky red-haired Hickman found himself able Gun skill?), but do provide for additional obscure individuals of the Marvel Universe -
to control existing flame, while immune to growth in play. The Osprey (the who?). The Osprey
the effects of fire himself. He kept these appeared in FF #177, answering an
powers secret, but they were revealed to the advertisement placed by the Trapster, Wizard,
Character Modeling and Sandman, looking for a new fourth for
world when he rescued the base
commander Roger Price, from a burning Given the length, breadth, and depth of the the Frightful Four. Applicants included Texas
ammunition shed. Commander Salamander Marvel Universe, there will be heroes for Twister and Captain Ultra, who have both
operates in the tri-city area as a freelance whom we haven't written official versions. For gone on to being heroes in their own right.
operative, and is currently employed by a this reason, character modeling is the best The Osprey, just as a regular guy in flashy
fireworks company. He relies on Roger to way of simulating these characters for your outfit with non-operative wings, applied. The
"lose" the occasional flamethrower in the campaigns. This method of character Frightful Four (er... Three) took him as a
paperwork so he can use it on big jobs. generation also works pretty well for those serious applicant until they discovered he had

absolutely no super-powers. A piqued Fighting: Well, he's no Captain America. otherwise, set them according to the roster
Wizard attached one of his disks to the but he's not too shabby. So he's between values (Osprey has no such information so
would-be applicant and sent him into the Typical (Rick Jones) and Good (Invisible he has Typical Resources.)
South Bronx, never to be seen again. Woman and Human Torch). Given that his
powers are not such that work at a Popularity starts at 5, modified as in the
Until now. of course. The Osprey managed distance, I'll give him Good. generated character. Since Osprey is
to elude this certain deathtrap by neither a mutant nor particularly ugly, but
discovering how to control the Wizard's Agility: Let's be honest -- any fool who would does maintain a secret ID, his Popularity is
disk. After a long time, the Osprey managed not dodge out of the way when Wizard is 0 (In other words. Osprey -- who?).
to transform the disk into a workable flying trying to attach an anti-grav disk would have
system, using the wings for thrust and the troubles. Opsrey is probably a normal Recapping for Osprey
disk for lift. Recognizing that other everyday guy at best -- Typical Agility. Health = 34
applicants have entered the popular and Karma = 29
profitable profession of heroics. the Osprey Strength: Again, we are talking about a Resources = Typical
decided to fight for truth, justice, and all the normal human with no great powers. Popularity = 0
rest of that stuff. The above is woven of Typical to Good. and since I'm a player . not
whole cloth, and is not official Marvel a Judge, I'll give him Good Strength. To define the special abilities, check
History, but provides a base for our model. against the information provided in the
Endurance: Any combat the Osprey would appendices as a base for your character's
OK, moving into the primary abilities. be in would be a charging type, so a low Powers. The key words are "as a base." As
Osprey is a fairly normal guy who has not Endurance would do him no good. By the your character is not the result of random
been exposed to gamma rays. cosmic same token, he's not Spider-Man. Let's put rolls, it is an individual. Modify the abilities
radiation, or radioactive spiders. If he were him at Excellent Endurance. to fit your character's individual Powers and
generated (and he's not) he'd be a Hi-Tech abilities.
Wonder. His powers derive from the suit Reason: He's modified the Wizard's anti-
he wears. Let's review his primary abilities. grav disk, but isn't on the ball enough to Osprey has one Power: Flight derived from
have created any real powers for himself -- Wizard's disks. Now, if the Wizard's stats
he probably could not design a car engine are available, we can check out his
but could perform a good tune-up. Osprey abilities, but let's assume that we have to
has Good Reason. start from ground zero. Wizard can move
up to 140 mph (OHOTMU #12) with his
Intuition: No great shakes (look at Agility for disks; this is Excellent flying speed. Osprey
why). Typical Intuition. has this speed, and may levitate in place.
He steers and banks by means of his large
Psyche: Anyone who walks into a meeting wings. So Osprey's Power is:
of the Frightful Four has moxie and
willpower, if not too much common sense. Flight: Osprey flies up to Excellent speed
Psyche is Excellent at best. (10 areas/round) and may levitate in place.
These Powers are in his costume.
Judge's Input I Show the primary
abilities to a Judge. The Judge knocks Generating Talents: Compare the list in
down the Strength but lets the Endurance Appendix B with that provided by the hero's
stand. (Endurance helps survival most of appearance. If no Talents are available, the
all.) The Primary abilities are: player may roll Talents randomly. Osprey
Fighting: Good does not have any listed Talents (maybe
Agility: Typical tailoring, even if he has bad taste). Rolling
Strength: Typical an the table, Osprey gets the benefit of two
Endurance: Excellent Talents, and chooses Electronics (to help
Reason: Good him repair the disk) and Piloting (to fit in
Intuition: Typical with his Flight abilities).
Psyche: Excellent
Generating Contacts: Give the hero any and
Modeling Secondary Abilities all Contacts that he has in his previously
published stories. In FF 1177, Osprey has
Health is the summation of the initial rank no Contacts (the Frightful Four do not
numbers of Fighting, Agility, Strength, and count!), so is assumed at start to have none.
Endurance (For Osprey, Health = 42).
A final note on character modeling: If you
Karma is the sum of the initial rank find that your character has three or more
numbers of Reason, Intuition, and Psyche. Unearthly-plus stats; you may have a
(For Osprey, Karma = 36.) character that is too tough for most
campaigns, and is geared towards a more
Resources start at Typical, If no information
cosmic campaign. Consider this a warning.
is available, consider them Typical;

gets to move first (similar to winning the
toss before a football game). All of one
side's actions take place before the other
sides. At the start of the next round, roll for
initiative again, provided there are still at
least two combatants whose actions will
interfere with each other.

Initiative Modifier: Each side adds to its

initiative mil a modifier based upon the
highest Intuition on that side. This may
allow a side with a low roll to gain initiative.
A roll of "1" is always considered to be a
"1." The initiative modifier is based on the
character's rank number:

Intuition Rank Initative Modifier

0 to 10 0
11 to 20 1
21 to 30 2
At this point you have your Marvel Super writes them down (writing things down is 31 to 40 3
Hero, either from those provided or one of generally time-consuming, but helps in 41 to 50 4
your own creation. Now let's talk about how key situations). 51 to 75 5
the character is used in the game. 75 and up 6
2) The players in turn determine what their
In the role-playing situation, you are cast as heroes are doing. Player's may perform Changing Actions: After making an
your hero. You, the player, are a puppeteer, more than one action during a turn, but initiative roll, an action that sounded so good
controlling the actions and reactions of your this may limit the success of other a moment ago sounds like not such a great
character. Your character is limited in what actions. The players tell the judge what idea afterwards. Example: Both you and an
he or she can do as a result of the their characters are doing. opponent dive for a gun kicked across the
character's abilities. Any time you check floor. You roll a 1 for initiative. It may be time
against these abilities to see if you complete 3) Roll Initiative. Initiative is only important to re-examine your options. Changing an
an action, you are making a FEAT roll. when one action may change or override action requires a yellow Agility FEAT, and
another action. The side with the highest any FEATs made after changing are at a
Time Scale -- The Turn initiative has its actions take place first. penalty of one column shift to the left(-1CS).
Initiative is usually used in combat and The roll for changing actions takes place in
The MARVEL SUPER HEROES game is other damage-inducing situations. the pre-action phase of the turn.
played in turns, also called rounds. Each
turn is six seconds of "real" time (about the 4) Pre-Action rolls are made. In certain Negating Actions: Losing the initiative
amount of time that takes place in a panel situations, such as defensive actions may negate certain actions. These are lost
of a comic story). There are therefore ten (dodging, blocking, and evading), a FEAT and may not be performed during that turn.
turns to a minute, and 600 turns to an hour . roll may be made before anyone on For example, if you are knocked out before
either sides takes any actions. These are you can land a blow, you do not get a
Turns are only important when time is a Pre-Action FEATS and are rolled at this chance to take your action.
crucial factor, such as situations where the time. Certain moderator planned actions
hero must find a bomb before it explodes, (such as explosions) may occur at this The FEAT Roll Revisited
chase down a suspect, or battle with an time. See Changing Actions, below.
opponent. Most of the time, the Judge will Long-time players of the MARVEL SUPER
not have the players run through periods of 5) The actions of the side with initiative HEROES Original game should be very
waiting. If the heroes decide to wait ten take place. Run either the Judge's or the familiar with the concept of FEAT rolls. The
minutes for a bus, the Judge does not run Player's actions, depending on which success of any action is determined by a
through all 100 6-second turns of that wait side got the high initiative. FEAT roll. Quickly summarizing, you make
(unless, of course, a villain pounces upon a FEAT roll in the following fashion:
the heroes as they wait, at which point time 6) The actions of the side that got the lower 1) Determine the Ability, Power, or Talent
is suddenly crucial). roll take place. Run the remaining side's you are checking.
actions. 2) Find out the rank of that Ability, Power,
A turn proceeds in the following fashion: or Talent.
3) Roll percentile dice.
1) The Judge determines what is Initiative 4) Cross-reference the number you roll
happening in the world around the After each side has decided its intended against the Ability's rank. This gives a
heroes, involving those characters and actions for a turn, each side rolls for red, yellow, green, or white result.
actions not controlled by the players. He initiative. The side with the higher roll is 5) Usually (but not always), a colored result
notes these to himself, or, if he wishes, considered to have "won" initiative, and means the action was a success, with


the color determining the degree of characters, and the Beyond level will be the Intensify rank is greater than the Ability
success. A white result is usually (but possessed only by the most powerful rank, only a red result will be successful. If
not always) a failure in the attempt. beings, those capable of wiping out a the two are equal, a yellow result is needed
universe with a mere thought. for success. If the Ability rank is greater
All this is old news. We have a few more than the Intensity rank, then a green FEAT
clarifications, expansions, and revisions for Despite these additions, the Universal Table is needed. Option: if unstated, the Judge
the Advanced Set. functions the same way as previously. The may declare the Intensity to be Typical.
Player rolls the dice, and cross-references
The Updated Universal Table the number with his rank for a result. A summary of FEAT Intensities is provided
in the Judge's Book. There are items with
Check out the table. It looks similar to the Types of FEATs variable Intensity levels, such as poisons
one provided in the Original MARVEL and gases. That information and the effects
SUPER HEROES Set, and indeed it The following are the different types of of these items are covered under their own
contains all the information of the original. FEATs called for in the course of the game. areas in the Judge's Book.
plus a few other things.
Ability FEATs are those that rely on one Automatic FEATs: Certain actions can be
First, instead of one number, each ability of the seven primary abilities (Fighting, assumed to be automatically successful.
has a rank range as opposed to a single Agility. Strength. Endurance, Reason, Picking up a normal chair is a simple act.
Intuition, and Psyche). These FEATs and would not require a FEAT roll to
rank number. Previously, a Remarkable
may be raised or lowered by Talents or determine its success. (Picking up a chair
Strength had a rank number of 30, rain or while dodging bullets and defusing a bomb
shine. Now, a Strength anywhere from 26 the existing situation.
Power FEATs are those that rely on one simultaneously will require a FEAT roll.
to 35 is considered to be Remarkable, and More on multiple actions later.) In general,
FEATs using Remarkable Strength use this the hero's individual Powers: a character
with Water Control of Amazing checks if an item is more than three ranks lower in
column. The Standard Rank Numbers Intensity than the requisite Ability. the FEAT
(used with pregenerated characters) are on the Amazing column to determine
can be considered automatic, with the
listed above the Rank Range. success.
Judge's permission. The sole purpose for
Talent FEATs are those that rely on the Automatic FEATs is to prevent the game
Second, there are more columns in this hero's Talents, where the Talent modifies from being dominated by die rolls. The
table than the previous one. There are now a specific ability for FEATs. Judge always has the power to ask for
a Shift Y and Shift Z beyond Shift X, to Popularity FEATs are those used in FEAT rolls. In some cases. items like
allow the super-heavyweights (like an social interaction, and use the Popularity Poisons may require FEATs regardless of
angry Hulk) to reach higher levels. Note the rank, and may be modified by Contacts. the Intensity,
separation between Shift Z and Class Resource FEATs are used in connection
1000. You cannot shift in normal with the character's Resource rank, and Impossible FEATs: (Optional Rule) As a
circumstances above Shift Z. determine if the character can afford a guideline, any action more than one rank
specific item or piece of equipment. above the ability may be considered
There are three additional columns above Think of this as a "Credit Check," for impossible. The Resource FEAT is always
Class 1000, to help better define the more now -- we'll explain it further below. limited in this fashion (check it out).
powerful cosmic individuals of the Marvel
Universe. Class 3000 and Class 5000 will Making FEATs Shifting the Rank: Certain situations may
result in the shifting of a column to the right
be beyond the reach of most Marvel player In the past, the standard procedure has or left. A shift to the right is considered a
been to allow all FEAT rolls, limited only by positive shift (+1, +2, or +3CS, or column
the Judge's discretion, Spider-Man cannot shift). A shift to the left, making the FEAT
lift a 747, but can probably lift a private more difficult, is considered a negative shift
plane. Can he lift a corporate jet? This has (-1, -2, or -3CS). Column Shifts are primarily
been a Judge's prerogative. In any event, involved as per specific situations (trying to
the player needed only make a green FEAT lift an object on a slippery incline may result
to succeed. in a shift of -1 or -2CS). Those involved in
combat are discussed in the combat section.
In the Advanced Set, we add the idea of
Intensity to determine whether certain Shifting of ranks may make certain FEATs
FEATs are feasible or not, and the type of automatic (or impossible). No FEAT may be
result needed for the FEAT to succeed. shifted to the left below Shift 0 or to the
right above Shift Z. Anything in the Class
If a FEAT does not have a given, stated 1000. Class 3000, Class 5000 or Beyond
intensity, assume that any color result columns may not be shifted, except in
means success. Combat FEATS have specific circumstances listed for that FEAT.
varying degrees of success, and as such
are discussed in full in the combat section. Types of FEATs II
Now that we've looked at the mechanics of
An Intensity is set as a rank (Unearthly, making FEATs, let's look at the specific
Monstrous, etc.). Compare the requisite types we talked about briefly above: Ability
ability against the intensity to determine the FEATs, Power FEATs, Talent FEATs,
color of the FEAT required for success. If Popularity FEATs and Resource FEATs.

Ability FEATs material strength of an object. Since that and has a Power rank. The Wall-Crawling
makes more sense than "damage Power rank is used to determine FEATs
Ability FEATs are those that come directly resistance intensity:' we will use it here. when using that Power (sticking to a oil-
from the seven basic abilities: Fighting, soaked steel wall, for example).
Agility, Strength. Endurance, Reason, To break through, rip up, or generally
Intuition, and Psyche. When making an damage a material, a character must make Most powers have a range. Some are
Ability FEAT, the specific ability is normally a Strength FEAT against that material stated as "touch" or only operating over a
noted in the text (such as a Psyche FEA T strength. Success indicates a two-foot-wide given distance. Those that are not
in regards to Mind Control). Often a specific hole, maximum, carved in the side. The specifically stated as having a particular
color FEAT is required, such as a yellow material strength of the material determines range use the Power Rank to determine
Endurance FEAT. The particular FEATs that the result needed for a successful FEAT their range from the table below:
apply to specific abilities are noted in the (green, yellow, or red).
Abilities section in the last chapter. Two Power Rank Range Table
types of Ability FEATs should be discussed The listed values are for materials between
in detail at this time, both of which revolve Power Rank Range in Areas
two inches and 12 inches thick. If the Shift 0 Touch only
around the Strength ability. The first is the material is less than 2" thick, lower the Feeble Touch only
problem of lifting things, the second material strength by one rank. If the Poor 1 area
breaking through other items. material is between 1 and 2 feet thick, raise Typical 2 areas
the material strength by one rank. If the Good 4 areas
Lifting Things: The Strength ability, material strength is over 2 feet thick, raise Excellent 6 areas
combined with the Intensity of an object's the material strength by 2 ranks for Remarkable 8 areas
weight, determines how much the character purposes of determining damage. Incredible 10 areas
can lift. As noted above, lifting a weight Amazing 15 areas
more than three ranks below the Example: Ice is listed as Typical material. Fantastic 20 areas
character's Strength can be considered Spectacular 30 areas
One inch of ice is a Poor material. Two feet
automatic, those one rank below the Monstrous 40 areas
of ice is a Good material. Three feet or Wondrous 50 areas
character's Strength require a green FEAT; more is an Excellent material.
those of equal Intensity to the character's Unearthly 60 areas
Shift X 80 areas
Strength require a yellow FEAT; those on Note that this is an indication of resistance Shift Y 160 areas
one rank higher require a red FEAT; and against damage from blows, not against Shift Z 400 areas
those beyond one rank higher are other types of damage. (See Fire and Ice in Class 1000 100 miles
impossible. the Judge's Book). Class 3000 10,000 miles
Class 5000 1,000,000 miles
Weight Intensity: Power FEATs Beyond Unlimited

Feeble Up to 50 pounds Power FEATs are similar to Ability FEATs, Therefore, someone with Remarkable
Poor Up to 100 pounds magnetic manipulation could affect objects
Typical Up to 200 pounds save that the player uses the Power instead
of the Ability to pull off the FEAT: Powers and 8 areas away, while a character (one would
Good Up to 400 pounds
Excellent Up to 800 pounds their uses are listed in the back of the book. hope a non-player character) with Class
Remarkable Up to 2000 pounds (1 ton) 5000 magnetic manipulation could
Incredible Up to 10 tons For example, Wall-Crawling is a Power, manipulate items on the Moon.
Amazing Up to 25 tons whether by molecular charge suppression
Fantastic Up to 50 tons (Spider-Man), suction cups (the late Fly), or There are some cases when a hero may
Spectacular Up to 65 tons use a Power in a way it was not originally
Monstrous Up to 80 tons microscopic molecular hooks (Nightcrawler),
intended to carry out a certain task. These
Wondrous Up to 90 tons
are known as Power Stunts.
Unearthly Up to 100 tons
Shift X Up to 250 tons
Shift Y Up to 500 tons For example, a character with the Speed
Shift Z Up to 1000 tons Power suddenly decides to run in a circle
very fast, creating a whirlwind. Or a
Example: Spider-Man's Strength is set at character with Leaping Power decides to
Incredible (40). (The Amazing Spider-Man use his powerful leg muscles to disrupt the
refers to his Agility.) He could lift something of ground, knocking over an opponent. Or our
up to 400 pounds without effort under example above, the wall-crawler decides to
ordinary circumstances (them may be use his stick-to-it-ness to grapple a thief.
circumstances which would require a FEAT These are Power Stunts. Certain Powers,
roll). From 400 to about 1 ton is a green such as weather elemental controls, almost
FEAT roll. From 1 ton up to 10 tons requires entirely consist of these stunts.
a yellow FEAT roil. Over 10 tons (but no more
than 25 tons) would require a red FEAT roll, The players will, without a doubt, come up
and likely require spending of Karma. with an innumerable amount of stunts for
their Powers (and the Judge will be told
Breaking Things: Most inanimate objects how to decide if a Power Stunt is possible
have a "damage-resistance'' intensity, in his Judges Book). The basic question to
which we have called in the past the

Updated Material Strength Table

Material Strength Rank Materials

Shift 0 Tissue paper
Feeble Cloth, glass, brush, paper
Poor Normal plastics, crystal, wood
Typical Rubber, soft metals (gold, brass, copper), ice, adobe, computer chips
Good Brick, aluminum, light machinery pieces, asphalt, high strength plastics
Excellent Concrete, Beta cloth, iron, bullet-proof glass
Remarkable Reinforced concrete, steel
Incredible Solid stone, Vibranium, volcanic rock
Amazing Granite, gemstones, high strenght steel
Fantastic Osmium steel
Spectacular Super-heavy alloys, Titanium
Monstrous Diamond, pure Osmium
Wondrous Iridium
Unearthly Adamantium steel, certain mystical and enchanted elements
Class 1000-5000 Materials of these material strength ranks are virtually indestructible, such as Cap's shield or Thor's

be asked is: Has this hero done this sort of possible (this is similar to purchasing official part of the system. The idea of
thing before? another Power in full, but allowing the player Contacts is also brought in.
to use the Power as he is paying for it).
If you are playing an established Marvel A Popularity FEAT is used whenever you
Super Hero, the question of whether he has Failing the FEAT means the Power Stunt want to get something from someone else.
done this stunt before or not is determined has failed. The manner of failure will This may be borrowing a car from a friend,
from the Marvel Comics themselves. Each depend entirely on the situation. For the getting a hot tip from a police sergeant,
time you can spot him using this particular wall-crawler trying to grapple, the Power finagling a favor from a newspaper
stunt, that counts as one time. Example: In may fail to operate. For the speedster columnist, or prying information from a
one issue of X-Men, Nightcrawler uses his running in circles, the whirlwind may be stoolie, as well as getting special equipment
power to make three quick teleports, behind uncontrollable. For Nightcrawler trying a from the government or persuading a
three separate opponents. He does it again triple 'port, he may get only one guy. The terrorist to surrender. Popularity is a
several issues later. This means he has Judge is instructed that while the failure measure of personal charm, charisma, and
pulled this Power Stunt twice. may be life-endangering, it should not be good looks, combined with the hero's
initially or immediately deadly. reputation for honesty and fair play (Spider-
If you are playing a hero of your own Man is a nice guy, but thanks to the Daily
creation, or a hero that you have never Talent FEATs Bugle he usually can't get the time of day).
seen perform this stunt, this means you
have never performed it before. In either Talents are used in two fashions. In the first Using Popularity: When dealing one on
case, the Judge may say "no" to a stunt, it case, they may modify the abilities of the one with a non-player character, that NPC
he feels it unbalances the character. character in specific instances. usually has a predisposition to the hero of
either Friendly, Neutral, Unfriendly, or
The type of FEAT (made against the Power For example, take the Science and Hostile. Friendly characters and
rank) needed to make a Power Stunt is Professional Talents. A Talent in Biology organizations include:
determined by the number of times your gives you a +1CS on Reason FEATs which
character has tried it. involve Biology. The players are Close friends and relatives of the hero
encouraged to use this whenever they can Listed Contacts for the hero
Never tried it red FEAT roll get away with it, within reason. While said Neutral characters and organizations
Tried it up to three times yellow character with Biology cannot identify the include:
FEAT roll presence of radiation any better than the People who have never met the hero,
Tried it more than three times green next guy, he can look at the plant life and but have heard about him
FEAT roll from that deduce (with his +1CS) that there Other heroes, unless they have
is or was a radiation source in the area. worked together before
In addition, a character making a Power (The moral of the story is, players should Large groups of strangers
Stunt must lay out 100 Karma points to get creative when using Talents.)
make the roll (in addition to any other Karma Unfriendly characters and organizations
he may spend -- see Karma). Spending the Certain Talents do not modify Talent FEATs. include:
Karma does not guarantee success; it only They either provide for specific abilities People who have never met or heard
ensures that yes, the character can try the (such as First Aid) or special backgrounds of the hero
stunt. If the stunt is ruled impossible by the (such as Mystic Origin or Heir to Fortune). Total strangers
Judge, no Karma is spent. Individuals with opposite Popularity
Popularity FEATS (negative if the hero is positive, and
If a player character has tried a stunt more vice versa)
then ten times, it is considered to be part of The Popularity FEAT is slightly modified
and expanded in the Advanced Set. Neutral characters whom the character
his or her bag al tricks for that Power , and has offended, perhaps by not returning
a FEAT roll is not necessary to say if it is Negative Popularity, which has appeared in
several support products, is now made an something

Hostile characters and organizations breaks out in a theater. He changes into good riddance!
include: costume and shouts for the panicky people
People who are actively opposing the to head in an orderly fashion for the fire Negative Popularity: There are
hero and his goals doors. The crowd is Neutral, but benefits charismatic bad guys like Doctor Doom,
Sworn enemies from the action (they survive). The roll is whose very evil bends others to their will.
Unearthly + 2CS, or Shift Y. A yellow FEAT There are also those powerful characters
Enemies and people the character has hurt is needed. failure would indicate that part of such as Rhino and Juggernaut, from whom
are considered totally Hostile, and will not the crowd listened, but a few weren't people flee. Finally, there are heroes, who
under normal circumstances even listen to paying attention, and would rush this way through bad press or prejudice (mutants)
the hero, much less go along with his and that, looking for a quick way out. suffer from a negative Popularity.
ideas. (There are exceptions to this. For
example, if the character is getting Tony Stark as Iron Man (Popularity 20) is Negative Popularity operates as positive
something out of the deal, he may be more fighting a mutant, and is aware the Federal Popularity, save that it ignores whether the
willing to go along with it). Government has a neutralizer ray. (Actually, target is friendly, neutral, or unfriendly.
all of Forge's power-neutralizer ray-guns Everything is a yellow FEAT. The only
A Popularity FEAT is rolled against the have been destroyed.) He has associates in modifier that comes into play is if the
character's Popularity rank number. This the U.S. Government, in the Department of request is in the target's best interests
determines in which rank it will fall Defense. He must convince the Department ("Run, you dolts!" is in the target's interest).
(example: a Popularity of 45 is rolled on the of Defense (Contact -- at that point Neutral) Characters with negative Popularity can
Incredible column). to give him the ray gun. The column is never approach individuals other than
shifted -3 CS because the item is unique, Contacts for items and favors (which is why
Friendly targets require a green FEAT and another - 2CS because there is a theft is always a major pan of criminal
Neutral targets require a yellow FEAT chance the DOD will never see it again (they behavior) .
Unfriendly targets require a red FEAT never did). The roll for Stark to get the
Hostile targets are impossible FEATs device is Neutral, or green on the Shift 0 A Negative Popularity is represented as a
column. minus "-" before the word, such as "-
The effects of success or failure depend on Typical" (-5 Popularity). A character with
the group and the thing sought. A failure for Spider-Man wants some information from J. negative Popularity suffers penalties in
a Friendly group is a polite refusal, usually Jonah Jameson. Jameson is Unfriendly, but receiving Karma.
with a good reason ("I'm sorry, but the Spidey convinces Jonah that he might get
S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier is not available - killed, which is to Jonah's benefit. The Resource FEATs
company policy.") A failure for a Neutral information does not cost, and Spider-man
group is a curt refusal and potential for the rolls on the Incredible (40) column hoping Resources are modified in the Advanced
group becoming Unfriendly. A failure for an for a red result. (Note: Secret IDs have a Set to cut down on the paperwork. As
Unfriendly group means the individual or separate Popularity from public IDs. If things stood previously in the Original Set,
group turns ugly, and the hero may be Peter Parker wanted the information, characters gained Resources like money.
attacked. Jameson would be Neutral, and Parker They had a physical amount of Resource
could get the info more easily.) points, and everything cost a certain
Column Shifts in Popularity FEATs: The amount of RPs. This may work for Peter
nature of the request will influence the Finally, notice in one of the above examples Parker, who has to make the rent every
column being used. Here are some that Spider-Man convinces Jonah the month, but for millionaire Tony Stark who
guidelines for the players: mission is dangerous. This is not done on can buy roadsters out of petty cash, this is
any die roll, but rather in conversation a bit harder to handle.
The target benefits +2CS between the player and the Judge. The play
The target is placed in danger -3CS might go something like this: For this reason the Advanced Set creates
The item in question is of up the Resource FEAT. All items have a
to Good value -1CS Player (Spidey): Ah, come on, J.J., where Resource rank instead of a cost. This is
The item in question is of up to is the Vulture hiding out? roughly equivalent to the previous set cost.
Remarkable value -2CS The Resource ranks of most common
Judge: (rolling die, getting a white result) items are listed in Chapter 4: Hardware,
There is a good chance the
Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you, wall- Magic, and More.
item will not be returned -2CS crawler! Now get out of my of fice before I
The item is unique -3CS call the cops! To purchase anything, a character must
make a Resource FEAT. This is the
Popularity FEATs are used only when Player: Oooo-kay, it's fine by me. I mean, I equivalent of a credit check, or rattling the
dealing with NPCs (whether by players or don't really want to fight him anyway. I piggy bank, or checking the bank account
other NPCs). A Popularity FEAT is never might lose and get hurt. to see how much cash is available. This is
used against the players to force them to over and above that amount necessary to
perform actions against their wills (normally). Judge: Get hurt? (rolls again, gets a red get by on.
result) Hummmmphff! Well, it's against my
Let's take some examples. better judgment, but if one costumed clown A Resource FEAT may be made by a
will take out another, it's all right with me. character once per week. If a Resource
Captain America, with a Popularity of Lance Bannon spotted him in Central Park, FEAT has been made by a character in the
Unearthly (100) is present when a fire near the sheep meadow. Goodbye and previous seven days, any Resource FEATs


and may try to make it up the next week perform more than one action in the same
(providing he gives Mrs. Muggins a decent round may do so with the note that the
excuse for not tossing him out). Success actions may require a larger FEAT than
means that he keeps Mrs. Muggins of f his previously.
back for another month.
A character may perform up to three
Example: Tony Stark has an Excellent noncombat actions in a round, or one
Resource rank. He wants to buy a car with combat action and one non-combat action
a Good rank. He can do so with a green (for multiple combat operations, check in
FEAT (failure indicates a cash flow problem the Combat section). The difficulty of the
-- he doesn't have it at the moment). He FEATs is raised, however.
can pay for a night on the town (T ypical)
without making a FEAT roll. If both actions are Automatic, they both
may be performed in a single round without
Example: Tony Stark used to run Stark either FEAT being increased.
International, a Large Corporation with
Incredible Resources. Incredible Resources If the tougher action requires a green
allow them to buy their boss a car for of f FEAT, then both actions will require yellow
ice use, but they may have to borrow FEATs to succeed.
money from the banks to rebuild the
damage done by Iron Man's battle with If the tougher action requires a yellow
following automatically fail ("Hello, Ms. Obadiah Stane. FEAT, then both actions will require red
Arbogast? Put that Borneo deal on hold FEATs to succeed.
until next week -- I just bought a new Combined and Multiple FEATs
Triumph TR-7."). If the tougher action requires a red FEAT
Combined Actions: Individuals may help then both actions may not be performed in
A Resource FEAT is figured in almost the each other in performing FEATs (lifting a the same round (or rather, both will fail).
same fashion as a normal FEAT, with one car, researching the function of an alien
important exception. A lone character may device, etc.). Check the ability both Movement
not try to purchase an item with a higher characters are using. If the lower of the two
characters is within one rank of the higher , Previously, we have kept movement and
rank than his Resource rank. Other rules distances relatively simple. The main
apply -- if a Resource rank is three ranks the character with the higher ability
receives a +1CS benefit to the FEAT. This playing area or map has been divided into
lower, the purchase is automatic; if one or areas, which limit movement. These areas
two less than the Resource rank, a green benefit may be used in cases of using
complementary Powers for the same FEAT have varied in size according to the space
FEAT is needed, and if equal, then a yellow available, and a hero would move through
FEAT is needed. as well, provided that Power aids the
situation . two large areas at the same rate as two
small areas.
Success indicates the hero may purchase
the item in question. Failure indicates the Example One: Vision, with Spectacular(70)
Strength, helps She-Hulk (Monstrous(80) In the MARVEL SUPER HEROES
item is more expensive than he can af ford. Advanced Set, we retain that idea of areas
He cannot try for any other item of that Strength) pull up an overturned crane. The
column checked for the FEAT is Wondrous for normal movement on the map. In
rank or higher for the next week. Then he addition, we provide the option of ranged
can make another attempt for that item, or (Monstrous shifted one to the right).
movement, for use with or without the
another item (this represents the idea of maps provided.
saving up for a purchase). Example Two: Sunspot, with
Remarkable(30) Strength, helps She-Hulk
Bank Loans Option: Characters may lift up the crane. The column checked is Area Movement
purchase something up to one rank higher still Monstrous, since Sunspot's Strength is
Area movement is for use on the maps
than their Resource rank through a lending significantly lower than She-Hulk's
provided with this product and other MARVEL
institution. The character then has to worry SUPER HEROES products, or maps created
about making a Resource FEAT each month Example Three: Shaman summons a wind
of Spectacular(70) intensity to help She-Hulk by the Judge using areas. Areas are defined
of two ranks less for as many months as the by dotted lines on the maps, and also by the
rank number of the item. Failure to pay lift the crane. Should the Judge decide that
the power complements the ability that is edges of buildings and changes in elevation.
results in the bank taking back the item in An area of open space is about 44 yards.
question. There are other institutions that being checked, the FEAT is rolled on the
Wondrous column. Otherwise, it is rolled on Enclosed spaces, walls, trees, and shrubs
lend money. They employ seven-foot tall may reduce the size of an area.
gentlemen named Guido to collect. the Monstrous column. (If the Judge has
good reason, such as the wind blowing up
A character's Endurance normally
Example: Peter Parker has a Poor a lot of stinging dust, he may make the
determines the number of areas he can
Resource rank, and his apartment building FEAT a Spectacular FEAT owing to the
move through in a turn.
rent is Poor as well. He makes a yellow added difficulty).
FEAT roll to see if he can pay his rent. Those characters with a current
Failure indicates he cannot pay that week More than one action in the same round:
Endurance of Feeble may only move
In noncombat situations, characters who

one area per turn. When using ranged movement, divide the up to 90 degrees from his direction of travel
Those characters with Endurances movement into "legs." Each "leg" of the without loss of speed. Making a turn
between Poor and Excellent may move move represents a straight line from one greater than that (for example, using the
two areas per turn. point to another, as well as moving through city map in this box, heading west on 8th
Those characters with Endurances of doors (or windows or walls, for that matter). Avenue and turning northeast on Lincoln)
Remarkable or higher may move three Thinking of the "legs" of a movement as the reduces the character's speed by half. If
areas per turn. shots taken on a golf course gives an idea the character does not have the speed to
of how it works. make the turn, that character ends his turn
In addition, Powers may allow a hero to where the turn was to take place. At the
move faster than his Endurance limits. When the character moves from point to start of a turn, the characters may move in
Also, vehicles will allow faster movement point along the leg, measure the distance any direction they see fit. Vehicles have
than is normally possible. between the points. That is the number of different limitations according to their type.
areas that the hero has spent getting from (see Vehicles, particularly under Crashes.)
When using fold-up figures, the forward point A to point B. Round fractions up. If the
corner of the hero is considered to be the distance A to B is greater than one area on Other actions while moving: If the character
exact location of the hero. When using the marker but less than 1 1/2 areas, the is performing other actions while moving,
counters, the tip of the arrow is the exact hero has "spent" 1 1/2 areas getting from his or her movement rate is reduced by
point A to point B. half. This does not apply to charging, but
location. When using miniatures, consider
the leading edge of the figure's base to be does apply to other actions taken at the
If one of the legs passes through a end of a round (running up and engaging a
the exact location. doorway, an additional 1/2 area is added foe in slugfest).
(this is assuming the door is closed but
Ranged Movement unlocked a locked door must be Eyeballing and the quarter-inch rule: When
With the MARVEL SUPER HEROES unlocked or broken down). Therefore, if a using the range system, it may not be
leg of 1 1/2 areas passes through a necessary to measure off every movement
Advanced Set, we introduce the idea of
doorway, that leg is really two areas. and motion of the hero. If a hero can run
Ranged Movement. One of the cut-out
sheets is a range ruler, marked in half-area from New York to Chicago in six seconds,
Likewise, an open window or other similar,
segments. One area is about half a city it's a good bet he or she can move to the
easily accessed opening can be entered at
block, or 44 yards for our purposes. For next room in a turn. Unless the Judge calls
a similar cost.
those familiar with the idea of rulers, 1 area for it, measurement can quickly become
equals about 2 " on our outdoor maps. If the window (or door) is closed, or there is optional among experienced players.
Maps of smaller areas have a scale an obstruction (a tree, rock, statue, or wall),
provided to indicate the range in areas. the hero (if she wants to keep moving) With the ranged movement system, however,
must break through that material. Breaking the exact location is more important than
Using ranged movement the hero can things is explained above in the FEAT with the area movement system. It is now
ignore the defined areas on the map. The section. How far a hero may move after important if a hero is on the northeast,
character may move in any direction, breaking through a wall or similar northwest, southeast or southwest corner of
subject to intervening walls, type of ground, obstruction is determined by the strength of 8th and Grant. The arrows on the markers,
and elevation. the material broken through. corners of the fold-up figures, etc., determine
the exact location, and it is from these points
Endurance also affects ranged movement. If the material is of up to Poor material, that the ranged movement is measured. It is
one area is lost. a simple fact of life that in any game with
A hero with a current Endurance of If the material is up to Excellent counters, maps, markers, slices of pizza,
Feeble may move only one area per material, two areas are lost. whatever, things get moved accidentally. For
turn, a maximum of 44 yards. If the material is up to Incredible this reason, the Quarter-inch rule can be
A hero with an Endurance of Poor to material, three areas are lost. used. If a hero is within a quarter-inch of the
Excellent may move a maximum of Materials of greater than Incredible location he is heading for, the Judge should
two areas per turn, or 88 yards. material rank will cause the character consider the move complete. What this
A hero with an Endurance of Remarkable to stop after breaking through. prevents is reducing movement to an exact
or better may move a maximum of science. It isn't, and a hero should not be
three areas per turn or 132 yards. The above supposes we are dealing with prevented from reaching a runaway
normal walls and similar material, applecart just because the measure may be
As with area movement, ranged movement anywhere up to 6". Dealing with thicker a little off.
may be further increased by devices or materials may be modified by the Judge.
Powers. Vertical Movement
When a character has moved the amount
Ranged movement is more exact than area of areas allowed, that character's move There are two types of vertical movement:
movement, but is more complex. In area ceases. If the character's "movement Up and Down (hold the applause, please).
movement, how far the hero can move is allowance" expires by moving through a
limited by the area borders on the map. in doorway, wall, or window, the move is Upward Movement: There are a number of
Ranged movement, the character may finished with the character standing in that types of upward ground movement, including
doorway, window, or opening in a wall. climbing up buildings, walking up stairs, and
move more freely, but is further limited by
the terrain passed through. riding in elevators. Raising your elevation by
Turning: The character can make any turn use of wings and rockets is defined as

Flying, and is talked about later on. Intensity FEAT).
Vertical distances are determined in floors,
continuing the tradition set forth in the Catching people while falling: See
original set. Each floor is 15 feet, or 5 Catching in the Combat section.
yards, in height (let's have some high
ceilings, here). Those people for whom falling from high
distances is a common occurrence (fighter
Climbing is the scaling of vertical surfaces pilots, for example) often wear parachutes.
by abilities or by Powers that permit such It takes one round for a parachute to
abilities (Spider-Man's wall-crawling for deploy. Parachutes slow the fall to three
example). For a character without such floors per round, provided they are not
powers to climb, enough projections or overloaded (most normal parachutes can
footholds must be available. (Climbing a hold two normal people. More recent
normal building would be impossible for inventions allow parachutes to glide.
most mere mortals, but a drainpipe might Ordinary chutes will drift with the wind.
make matters easier). A character might Chutes are made of Feeble strength
climb one floor in altitude per round under material, and a shredded chute will be of
favorable conditions (under unfavorable no good to the character using it.
conditions, the Judge may require Agility
FEATs to avoid falling). Certain super- Flight and Gliding
powers such as wall crawling may modify
this. Ordinary people do not fly (watch, I'll get an
connects with the sidewalk that may inflict argument on this one). There are vehicles and
Then there are things such as stairs, damage. Treat such a situation as a Powers that allow flight. Vehicles are covered
ladders, and fire escapes. A character may Charging attack on an inanimate object, in their own section. The following deals with
ascend these structures at one floor/round, with the ground's material strength acting as flight resulting from super-human Powers.
with no chance of falling off or down (of the Body Armor of the target. If the damage
course. the bad guys they are pursuing is taken by the material, the shock may be The ability of flight is determined by the
may decide to push things down on them, absorbed; otherwise the hero takes damage controlled imbalance of the forces of thrust,
but that's another barrel of monkeys from the fall equivalent to the distance. drag, weight, and lift. This is more complex
entirely). than we need for our purposes. The main
A character falling off the top of a 10-story thing to consider here is the idea that
Lastly, there are elevators. Elevators move building will fall 3 stories the first round, 6 movement through the air, unlike
at different speeds: old ones rattle along at floors the second, and the remaining 1 movement along the ground, is often at
5 floors per round (up or down); most story in the third round. higher speeds; it is often harder to turn
normal ones move at 10 floors per round, while flying. For speeds of characters with
and the fastest (attached to most ultra- Example: She-Hulk is flung out of the 33rd Flying Powers, see the Long Distance
modern buildings. secret HQs, and the like) story of the Baxter Building by an Movement Table on page 23.
move at 20 per round. The newer elevators opponent. Not having the ability to fly, She-
operate off runners at the corners, so the Hulk falls 3 stories in that first round. She Acceleration: A flying character cannot reach
old trick of cutting the elevator cables only starts the beginning of the second round at his ultimate speed in a single round, unless
works in older buildings. the 30th story falling rapidly. As her action that character's Powers specifically permit it.
she twists her body into a diving shape (so The first round of flight, the character can
Downward Movement: Moving down in an as to minimize danger to passersby). That move up to his movement as limited by
elevator has the same rate as moving up. second round she falls to the 24th story. Endurance (1,2 or 3 areas). The speed can
Racing down stairs is the normal The third round she falls to the 14th story . be increased by that increment each round
movement speed, with one floor equaling The fourth round she lands in front of the until maximum speed is reached.
one area. Climbing down is one area per Baxter Building, acting as a ramming attack
round, with the noted Agility FEATs and at 20 areas per round. Her Body Armor is Example: Storm. when she had her
determination of impossibility. Incredible. while the material strength of powers, could attain Incredible speed,
the road is only Excellent. The road gives. reaching 20 areas a turn. She has Amazing
The major type of downward movement is and She-Hulk walks away from the fall with Endurance, so she may accelerate up to 3
called Falling. Falling has the following only her pride damaged. areas a turn. On the first turn of flight Storm
rates: moves 3 areas. on the second 6, on the
Catching items as falling: New York City third 9, the fourth 12, the fifth 15. and the
First round: 3 floors/round conveniently places light posts, flagpoles, sixth 18. on the seventh turn and every turn
Second Round: 6 floors/round and cornices in locations where falling afterwards Storm can move 20 areas.
Third Round: 10 floors/round heroes can usually find them while
Fourth and following rounds: 20 plummeting to their supposed deaths. Deceleration: Slowing down while in flight
floors/round Catching a nearby lightpost, flagpole, etc. is a bit simpler. A character in flight may
is an Agility FEAT of intensity equal to the always halve his current speed (how fast
Falling in itself causes no damage. It is the speed of the fall (a character falling at 20 he moved the previous round), rounding
sudden stopping when the character's body floors/round is up against an Excellent fractions up. (A character moving 15 areas
could slow to B areas.) A character that

stows to 0 areas may fall, unless the nature flight and continues in the original direction. Long distance movement applies to both
of that character's Powers is such that the This applies to vertical and horizontal turns, ranged and area movement, and provides
character could hover in place. (Storm, for and includes pulling out of a dive at the last the maximum distance a character with a
example, gains her flight Powers by control moment. turning alongside buildings. and given speed can move. Different speeds
of winds, and as such may hover, while skimming close to surfaces. are provided for Air speeds and Land/Water
Cannonball, who has his Powers by speeds.
chemical reaction, may not hover in place.) Low Altitude Flight: If a hero is flying at
relatively low altitudes (less than 2 stories The speed of sound (Mach l)is about 750
Landing: A character landing after moving up) or in close quarters (inside or mph, Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound) is
at high speed may have difficulties. Those surrounded by tall buildings). the maximum 1500 mph. and Mach 5 is roughly 3750
moving at more than 3 areas per round speed in flight is equal to the speed the mph (actually slightly higher, but close
must make an Agility FEAT, with failure hero can move on the ground with that enough for these numbers). Those
indicating a Slam result. (Click here for Power rank (that is, ground speed). Storm. individuals that move at Interplanetary or
more info about Charging.) Those heroes for example. moves 20 areas per turn by higher speeds are limited to Mach 5 in the
who can hover in place, or reduce the air. If in a closed space (such as inside atmosphere. Interplanetary speeds are set
themselves to 0 speed, do not have to an office) or close to the ground, her at 25000 mph or so (Blastaar can reach
worry about landing. maximum speed would be 7 areas per these speeds). Those individuals with Near
round. The hero may exceed that speed, Light capabilities include Captain Marvel
Altitude: Each floor or height is considered up to his or her maximum air speed, but all and the Heralds of Galactus. The Heralds
an area for purposes of movement. If a actions in that range (between 7 and 20 also may possess the ability to open paths
character moves forward three areas and areas per turn for Storm) require Agility into hyperspace for interspacial travel.
up two floors, a total of five areas are FEATs to perform. Those with Class 5000 abilities have
considered to be moved. Similarly, a physical transportation that verges on
character that moves two areas forward Gliding: Gliding is a special form of flying intergalactic teleportation. Those craft that
and four floors down has moved six areas. using Powers or equipment such as para- move through hyperspace are moving at
glides, parachutes that permit some limited Class 5000 speeds.
Diving Option: When gaining height you move control). A character that glides drops 1
more slowly, and when descending you pick floor for every round in the air, but moves Exhaustion and the Long-Distance
up speed. The above rule for Altitude reflects the number of areas stated per round. (If Runner: The above table indicates that the
the loss in speed, but at the Judge's option, no number of areas is stated, then the weakest human can move at 15 mph,
the players may use the following for Diving. movement is Typical -- 6 areas per round). which if true in and of itself means that
For each three floors in height reduced, the A character who is gliding may also travel Aunt May can make the four minute mile.
hero's speed is increased by one area. as fast as the wind speed. This is, of course, not so, and though
Example. Angel is moving at 6 areas per humans have been clocked at 27 mph in
round. He charges (dives) for the full six Swimming and Water Movement the dash, normal speed over the long
areas. Angel now can move an additional two distance is limited. These rules apply
areas, either downward or horizontally. (A Unless otherwise stated. assume that most primarily to ground movement, but are
character who dives 9 areas may use the heroes can swim. Swimming. however, is applicable to swimming characters and
additional three areas to continue diving, slow, a maximum of one area per round, those who fly under their own Power (as
gaining another area, for 13 total.) Diving may unless other Powers increase that rate. opposed to those aided by technological
be used in Charging combat. Pulling out of a Those heroes who can fly at their Power
dive requires an Agility FEAT. rank speeds use the Water column for that
speed, with a maximum of 9 areas per
Obstructions: With normal ground round (Fantastic).
movement, it is assumed that the
characters can open doors and the like. Surface movement is similar to land
Such actions are not available to flying movement, except the heroes or vehicles
characters. If a door or window is closed, involved must float (that is. must keep the
the character has the choice of stopping to water from getting inside the boat).
open it. or going through it. The same
applies to walls. As an aside. here is a good place to mention
drowning. Characters can hold their breath a
Turns: Any turn of up to 90 degrees by a number of rounds equal to their Endurance
flying character counts as moving into an rank number. At this point. they must make a
area. For example, if a character moves green Endurance FEAT. The next round,
from area A to adjacent area B, then turns they must make a yellow Endurance FEAT.
to area C, he has moved 3 areas (move to In each following round, they must make a
B, turn, and move to C). This applies to red Endurance FEAT or start drowning.
both ranged and area movement. Drowning results in unconsciousness, and
loss of one Endurance rank per round. When
If a character attempts a turn of 90 degrees Endurance reaches 0 the character dies.
or more. she must make an Agility FEAT
roll. Failure indicates that the individual did
Long Distance Movement
not overcome the forward momentum of the

Land/Water Air
Rank area/round MPH/MPM area/round MPH/MPM
Shift 0 0.5 7/.125 1 15/.25 before the 'port. Multiple 'ports require an
Feeble 1 15/.25 2 30/.5 Endurance FEAT, with failure indicating
Poor 2 30/.50 4 60/1 dizziness for 1-10 rounds (inability to 'port).
Typical 3 45/.75 6 90/1.5 Most individuals with teleportation ability can
Good 4 60/1 8 120/2 teleport their entire bodies and a small
Excellent 5 75/1.25 10 150/2.5 amount they are carrying. Carrying others
Remarkable 6 90/1.5 15 225/3.75 when teleporting results in dangers for both
Incredible 7 10511.75 20 300/5.00 the carrier and the carried. Carrying others is
Amazing 8 120/2.00 25 375/6.25 considered a Power Stunt, and may be
Fantastic 9 135/2.25 30 450/7.50
gained in that fashion. Until the Power Stunt
Spectacular 10 150/2.50 40 600/10.0
is mastered, the character must make an
Monstrous 12 180/3.00 50 750/12.5
Endurance FEAT or be unconscious for 1-l0
Wondrous 14 210/3.50 75 1125/18.75
Unearthly 16 240/4.00 100 1500/25.0 rounds. Similarly, those teleported must make
a red Endurance FEAT or be unconscious for
Shift X 20 300/5.00 150 2250/37.5 1-10 rounds. Those heroes who are
Shift Y 32 480/8.00 200 3000/50.0 frequently teleported reduce this to a yellow
Shift Z 50 750/12.5 500 6000/100.0
FEAT the second time, and a green FEAT the
Class 1000 75 1125/19.0 Orbital
third, such that an immunity is built up.
Class 3000 100 1500/25.0 Interplanetary
Class 5000 150 2250/37.5 Teleportation
Teleporting into an object poses dangers to
items). Heroes may avoid this problem by moving at the teleporter. If a character teleports into
an object, the character takes damage
slower speeds. If moving at speed two ranks
In general, a hero can move without equal to the material strength of the object.
lower, no Endurance check is needed.
stopping for a number of rounds equal to his Body Armor does not protect the user from
Captain America need not make a check
Endurance rank. A hero with an Endurance this damage. An Endurance FEAT must be
more than once per hour if moving at 15 mph.
of Excellent can move 2 areas per turn 130 made, with success indicating the
mph) for 20 turns (2 minutes) without Exceptions to the above: All this applies to teleporter may move away from the
checking for exhaustion. At that point, make those heroes who move by their own location (usually to his or her original spot)
a green Endurance FEAT. Success indicates actions, such as running, swimming or and become unconscious for 1-10 rounds.
continuing for another equal length of turns, flying. Those who fly by means of devices, Failure of this Endurance FEAT indicates
failure means stopping for 1-in turns. After those in vehicles, and any and all robots unconsciousness and loss of Endurance
levels, with potential death resulting from
another Endurance rank number of turns, a are immune to this effect, as are those with
dropping to the Shift 0 rank.
yellow FEAT is made, with failure resulting in Unearthly or higher Endurances.
resting for 2-20 turns. After a third Leaping: Leaping is a specialized form of
Endurance rank number of turns is made, a Speed FEATs: There are occasionally
movement that is tied to Strength as opposed
red FEAT is made, with failure resulting in times when a character must move faster
to Endurance. A character may jump as many
resting for 3-30 turns. Rest must come after than he or she has ever moved before, in
feet as her rank number without difficulty. Use
the fourth set of turns, or the character will order to save a life. A hero may move the
the table below for areas.
fall down for 3-30 turns. equivalent of one additional area (by area
or ranged movement) if the hero makes a Leaps of up to the stated distance are
Summary: yellow Strength FEAT roll. A green result possible by a green Strength FEAT (those
indicates the FEAT was unsuccessful, and a of half the listed values may be assumed
After rank number of turns white result indicates the hero, ah, tripped automatic). Leaps across one additional
green Endurance FEAT or rest and lost control, and will continue moving area may be made by a red Strength FEA T.
1-10 turns that direction as if a Slam result was Leaps down are effectively a controlled fall,
After 2 x rank number of turns counted against the character. A hero may and represent the maximum distance the
yellow Endurance FEAT or not increase his or her speed more than hero can fall and take no damage, provided
rest 2-20 turns one area/round (15 mph) in any attempt. the hero lands on his feet. This simulates
After 3 x rank number of turns the hero jumping off a building as opposed
red Endurance FEAT or Teleporters: There are an increasing to being knocked off -- the fatter case is not
rest 3-30 turns number of heroes and villains with a controlled fall and as such is not covered
After 4 x rank number of turns teleportation Powers, including Cloak, under these rules.
automatic rest 3-30 turns Vanisher, Nightcrawler, and Sidewinder. For
this reason, a few notes on teleporters are Combat
Example: Captain America has an Endurance included here.
of Remarkable. He can run long distances at In the MARVEL SUPER HEROES Original
45 mph or so (in the game system). His rank The Teleporter Power rank number indicates Set, physical combat was dependent on
number is 30, so he can maintain this pace the maximum distance the hero or villain can one of four abilities, depending on the type
for three minutes, before making a FEAT roll. 'port as if the character were flying. Unlike of attack made.
If successful, he makes a second FEAT roll at flying, the distance between the two is Those attacks involving hand-to-hand
6, then 9, and must rest after 12 minutes of covered instantaneously without the hero weapons refer to the Fighting ability.
running top speed. That "rest" must take the passing between those points. No speed is Those attacks involving thrown
form of stopping for 3-30 turns. involved, unless that character was moving weapons or use of Powers over a

Strength Leap in Feet/Areas (of Floors) blunt weapon, its purpose is usually to reach
Up Across Down a non-adjacent target, and he has a
preference for lightpoles.)
Feeble 2'/0 2'/0 3'/0
Poor 4'/0 4'/0 8'/0 An Edged Attack is an attack with claws.
Typical 6'/0 6'/0 9'/0 teeth, or edged weapons such as knives,
Good 10'/0 10'/0 15'/1 swords, or hatchets. This is the renamed
Excellent 20'/1 20'/0 30'/2 version of the Hack 'N Stash column of the
Remarkable 30'/2 30'/0 45'/3 Original Set. A character making an edged
Incredible 40'/2 40'/0 60'/4 attack may score a Hit, Stun. or Kill result.
Amazing 50'/3 50'/0 75'/5 An edged attack will always inflict a
Fantastic 60'/3 60'/.5 90'/6 minimum of the damage listed for that
Spectacular 70'/4 70'/.5 105'/7 weapon. A character who can normally
Monstrous 80'/4 80'/.5 120'/8 inflict higher damage may inflict damage
Wondrous 90'/5 90'/.5 135'/9 equal to his Strength or the material
Unearthly 100'/6 100'/1 150'/10 strength of the weapon, whichever is less.
Shift X 150'/10 150'/1 225'/15
Such damage may not be reduced in ef fect.
Shift Y 200'/13 200'/2 300'/20
A character scoring a Hit result inflicts
Shift Z 500'/33 500'/4 750'/50
damage as set for that particular
CL 1000 1000'/60 1000'/8 1500'/100
edged attack (click here to see info
distance refer to the Agility ability. score a hit, darn, or stun result. A hero about Weapons).
Those attacks involving Grappling, using blunt attack may always choose to A character scoring a Stun result may
holding an opponent, or wrestling refer inflict less damage than maximum. A hero inflict damage as set for that weapon
to the Strength ability. may choose to pull his punch, doing less or attack form, and may in addition
Those attacks involving charging and than full damage, or inflict a lesser color Stun his opponent.
ramming refer to the Endurance ability. result (yellow instead of red). A character scoring a Kill result inflicts
A character scoring a Miss result damage as set for that weapon, and
The MARVEL SUPER HEROES Advanced inflicts no damage. He has missed the may in addition Kill his opponent.
Set will elaborate on each type of attack target and normally will not have any
form, and define some specialized tricks further effect (also see Luring). Body Armor, force fields. and other Powers
that are often used in comic books. A character scoring a Hit result inflicts may affect the ultimate success and
her Strength rank number in damage damage in any form of Fighting combat.
Slugfest (Fighting Ability Combat) to the opponent.
A character scoring a Slam result Ranged Attacks (Agility Combat)
Slugfest combat is a general term referring inflicts her Strength rank number in
to hand-to-hand combat. it is the most Ranged Attacks is the common term referring
damage, and may in addition Slam the to attacks over a long distance, including
common form of battling, and includes both opponent.
attacks with the bare fists, and those with projectile and energy weapons, and those
A character scoring a Stun result Powers that allow the inflicting of damage
blunt and edged weapons. inflicts his Strength rank number in over a distance. Captain Marvel's energy
damage, and may in addition Stun his attacks, the Hulk's rock-throwing, Storm's
For Slugfest combat to occur, the
opponent. lightning bolts, and Captain America's shield
combatants must generally be adjacent.
(This may be defined by the counter arrows are all examples of ranged attacks.
A character using bare hands (or gauntlets,
touching, the points of the stand-up counters
etc.) inflicts his Strength rank number in Characters do not have to be adjacent in
touching. or the miniatures touching at the
damage. A character using a blunt weapon order to make ranged attacks. In general,
base, or by any other method deemed
inflicts up to that item's material strength; if ranged attacks start at the attacker. and
worthy by the Judge. Certain Powers. such
the material strength of the item is greater proceed in a direct line to the target (yes,
as elongation, may allow a character to
than the Strength rank of the user, the user's Captain America has on many occasions
engage non-adjacent targets (examples are
Strength rank is increased to the lowest bounced his shield oft several targets to hit
Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Octopus).
value of the next rank for damage. Aunt May someone from behind, but this is a Power
Slugfest combat is resolved on the Universal (Feeble Strength) uses a lead pipe (Excellent Stunt using his abilities).
Table using the attacker's Fighting ability. The material) in the drawing room on Col.
result (white, green, yellow. or red) is then Mustard. Aunt May would inflict two points When using area movement, range is
noted on the Effects Table directly above the damage normally, but inflicts three points determined by the number of areas the
Results Table. There are two columns of (minimum damage of next higher rank) missile, energy blast. or whatever passes
results depending on whether the individual instead. Daredevil (Good Strength) using the through from start to finish in a straight line. If
used a blunt attack or edged attack. same lead pipe would inflict 16 points the missile passes through a corner of
damage (minimum damage of next higher another area, that area is counted. In addition,
A Blunt Attack is an attack with bare hands, rank), and the Thing (Monstrous Strength) each floor of elevation is counted as an area.
flat of a blade. or other blunt weapon. This would inflict Excellent damage (20 points).
replaces the Slugfest column in the Original (That is why Ban Grimm does not normally When using ranged movement, treat the
Set. A character making a blunt attack may use lead pipes in combat -- when he uses a missile, energy blast, etc., as a moving

a curtain at an unseen adversary). Shooting.
A character scoring a Hit result will
Ranged attack is resolved on the Universal inflict damage as for the listed weapon.
Table using the attacker's Agility ability. The A character scoring a Stun result will
result is then noted on the Ef fects Table. inflict damage, and in addition have a
possibility of Stunning the opponent for
There are five different types of ranged 1-10 rounds.
attack listed on this table: Shooting A character scoring a Kill result may
(including most projectile weapons), Edged potentially kill his opponent.
Throwing, Blunt Throwing, Energy Powers,
and Concussive Powers (Force Attacks). A Blunt Throwing Attack involves throwing
a dull, blunt weapon such as a rock, bus, or
A Shooting Attack is the most "normal" form large, concave disk at the opponent. A
of ranged attack, and consists of using a character may score a Miss, Hit, Bullseye,
projectile weapon like a handgun, rifle, or or Stun result. These are as described in
other implement of destruction that is all the sections above. A blunt thrown weapon
too common in the USA. A character inflicts damage equal to the Strength of the
making a shooting attack may score a thrower, or the material strength of the
Miss, Hit, Bullseye, or Kill result. A Shooting thrown item, whichever is less. A blunt
Attack may never be reduced by the thrown weapon can be reduced in ef fect or
attacker in effect or damage. damage.
A character scoring a Miss result
misses the intended target. The missile An Energy Attack involves those Powers
continues to fly, and the Judge may, if that use energy to shock or damage the
he deems circumstances warrant it, target as well as weapons that simulate
character for purposes of determining range. make a second roll to see if the attack those abilities, and include fire blast,
Doorways would not cost extra (bullets do hits another target in the same general lightning bolts, and most forms of radiation.
not stop, open doors, and pass through), but area and path of the weapon (this is Energy Powers have no physical
may stop a missile attack. Count each floor why shooting into a crowd or a gasoline component. A character using an energy
of difference as an area, but for firing from a storage shed is known as "a bad idea"). attack may score a Miss, Hit, Bullseye, or
high place to a low place, range can be A character scoring a Hit result will Kill result. These are described in the
extended by using the diving option. inflict damage according to the sections above. All forms of energy attack
weapon. Some specialized weapons have a maximum damage. A player may
Whether ranged or area movement is used
inflict no damage, but instead call for reduce the damage inflicted by an energy
to determine the range of a power or
an Endurance FEAT (Mercy Bullets). attack, but not the effect (from red to
weapon, a direct line is taken from attacker
A character scoring a Bullseye result yellow, for example).
to target. That line may pass through
does damage as for a normal Hit result.
intervening structures, such as walls,
A Bullseye is used if the character is A Force Attack involves those Powers that
windows, doors, and other obstacles. The
shooting for a particular part of the use a physical manifestation of energy to
question of whether a given substance will
target (the opponent's shooting hand, inflict damage, and include the plasma-
deflect a bullet or let it pass through is
for example, in order to disarm him). jetting repulsors used by Iron Man, some
fraught with peril, but use common sense
The nature and result of a Bullseye is forms of radiation, the Invisible Woman's
and the following general guidelines:
left to the Judge, but it should be force fields, and Iceman's battering ram. A
A higher material strength will pass
required for targets of less than one character using a force attack may score a
through a lower material strength( a
foot square and should never be fatal. Miss, Hit, Bullseye, or Stun result, as
lead bullet through a glass pane).
A character scoring a Kill result may explained above or in the sections
An energy beam will inflict damage on
kill his or her opponent. Check on the following. A character may choose to inflict
the intervening structure first, then on
Kill result table. Note that there is a less damage with a force attack than
those areas behind (an Unearthly (100
greater chance of killing with a maximum, but may not reduce the ef fects
point) energy beam hits a brick wall --
shooting, edged weapon, or energy (from red to yellow, for example).
Good Material -in points are lost, then
attack than for any other type.
the 90 point energy beam passes on). Body Armor, force fields, and use of
Physical weapons will lose momentum Powers may affect the ultimate success
An Edged Throwing Attack involves
as they pass through physical material. and damage of a ranged attack.
throwing a sharp, edged weapon such as a
Treat this as for movement through
knife or shuriken at the target. A character
that material for normal characters. Range Modifiers: There are limits to the
making this attack may score a Miss, Hit,
Both physical and energy weapons distance a weapon can travel and still
Stun, or Kill result. An edged throwing
lose their accuracy as they pass effectively hit its target and inflict damage.
attack may never be reduced in ef fect (from
through intervening material. Any This is the missile's range (not to be
red to yellow, for example), but a player
weapon passing through an intervening confused with ranged movement). Weapons
may inflict less damage.
structure suffers a -2 CS (shooting an have a range listed by areas. Powers have
A character scoring a Miss result
executive through a window will have a range determined by their Power rank.
misses the intended target. The missile
this effect, as will tossing rocks through Thrown items are dependent on the
may hit another target as noted for

thrower's Strength. The range available attacker to reach the defender. Doctor A character scoring an Escape result is
according to the Power rank is set on the Octopus' arms, or a bit of web-ball flung out free of the hold. The character may
table under Power FEATs. Throwing range to snatch the Maltese Falcon from the move at half speed, but may not
is noted below. opponent's hand, would fall under this perform any other actions.
category. A character scoring a Reverse is free
Strength Rank Range in of the hold and in a position to do one
Areas Wrestling combat is resolved on the of the following: Move up to half
Shift 0 0 Universal Table using the attacker's Strength distance. attempt to Grapple the
Feeble 1 ability. The result is noted on the Ef fects former attacker, or perform any other
Poor 1 Table, and is determined whether the attack action at a -2 CS.
Typical 1 is Grappling, Grabbing, or Escaping.
Good 2 A Grabbing Attack is an attack geared at
Excellent 3 A Grappling Attack is an attack designed to taking a possession away from an
Remarkable 4 limit the movement abilities of the opponent, like a gun, bomb, or Maltese
Incredible 5 opponent. A Grappling attack may score a Falcon. A character making a Grabbing
Amazing 6 Miss, Partial Hold, or Hold result. attack may score a Miss, Take, Grab, or
Fantastic 6 A Miss indicates the attacker has failed Break result. These results may have
Spectacular 7 to hold onto the opponent. The attacker differing effects depending on the relative
Monstrous 7 may not make other attacks this round. Strengths of the combatants. Grabbing
Wondrous 8 A Partial Hold indicates the attacker combat normally does not inflict damage.
Unearthly 8 has grabbed onto an arm, leg, or other A Miss result indicates the item in
part in such a way that will limit actions question is not in your character's
Shift X 10 possession. If the item was in another
but not reduce them in full. The
Shift Y 15 character's possession, it still is. If the
attacker may choose exactly what she
Shift Z 20 item was in no one's possession, the
has grabbed onto. The target may
Class 1000 + LOS perform any normal actions, but at a -2 item is knocked loose and will be up to
CS penalty, and may not move if the one area away in any direction.
This represents the maximum throwing attacker's Strength is equal to or A Take result indicates the attacker has
range of an item. For Powers, the range greater than the target's. No damage is full possession of the item if his
may exceed the listed amount, but for inflicted in a Partial Hold. Strength is equal to or greater than the
every additional area, the chance to hit is A Full Hold indicates the attacker has target's (use material strength for
reduced by -1CS. A character with placed the target in a position where things that are glued or clamped
Unearthly fire blasts may use that power, the target is fully restrained from down). If not, consider as a miss.
along with his Excellent Agility, up to 6 action, and may damage the target. A Grab result indicates the attacker
areas away. At 7 areas away, the chance is The target is considered held until the has taken possession of the item,
reduced to only Good, at 8 areas Typical, attacker releases the target or the whether or not the Strength of the
and so on. A chance cannot be reduced target escapes. The attacker may opponent was higher.
below Shift 0, but once the ability enters perform one action in addition to A Break result indicates the attacker
maintaining the hold, and may inflict up has succeeded, and may either depart
that realm the character is at maximum
to the Strength level of damage to the with the item immediately or, potentially,
distance, unless that ability is noted as
target (subject to Body Armor). set off the item. A second roll is made
being at LOS (Line of Sight -- if the
against the material strength of the item
character can see it, he can try to hit it).
Escaping is an action used by individuals involved. If a color (red, green or
yellow) result is made, then the attacker
For weapons, for each area traveled, placed in a hold to slip free of the opponent
may either use the item or move up to
reduce the effect by -1 CS to hit (a Rifle has and possibly reverse the damage. A
half his or her speed away (round up). If
a range of 15. For a target 4 areas away , character making an escape may Miss,
a white result is made, the item is
the chance to hit is reduced by 4 column Escape, or Reverse the Hold.
damaged, broken, or goes off. This will
shifts). In the Marvel Universe, weapons are A character scoring a Miss result may vary from item to item -- a glass vase
not nearly as effective at long distances. make no other action that turn, and is drops to the floor, a gun fires in a
considered held. random direction, a bomb explodes or
Wrestling combat refers to a form of hand-to-
hand combat in which the character attempts
to restrain, hold or grapple with an opponent,
or forcibly remove an item from that
character's possession. It is less effective
than Slugfest combat, but has the advantage
of restraining the opponent's actions.

As with Slugfest combat, the opponents in a

wrestling attack must be adjacent, or have
Powers, weapons, or abilities that allow the

loses its safety device, etc. This varies damage as for a hit, and in addition may the character may only dodge attacks of
from case to case, but the Judge is Stun the opponent. The attacker may which he is aware. A character may not
encouraged to be as creative and inflict up to his Endurance or Body dodge an unexpected attack, such as a
upsetting as his players will let him get Armor in damage, but additional sniper who suddenly appears, an ally who
away with. damage from speed is fixed. The makes an attack, or someone behind the
attacker may also choose a lesser ef fect character. (Blindsiding)
Body Armor has no effect on the initial hit than that rolled.
of a Grappling attack, as no damage is Body Armor may influence the damage of a Powers may modify this rule, the most
done initially. charge attack. If the defender's Body Armor notable being the Spider-Sense possessed
is greater than the damage inflicted by the by the Amazing Spider-Man.
Charging (Endurance Attack) attacker, the damage is rebounded onto the
attacker. If the attacker's Body Armor is In any event, a character who is making a
Charging combat is a form of attack that greater than the rebounded damage, Dodging attack makes any FEAT rolls in
combines movement and combat. Whereas neither side takes damage. (Stuns and that turn at a -2 CS penalty.
making any other attack or action halves Slams still apply.)
movement, a charging character may make Dodging is usually used against ranged
his full movement and still strike. Charging Example: The character making the attack attacks and charging attacks. It has no ef fect
is a favored method for heroes trying to above has Good Body Armor, and makes against Slugfest and wrestling attacks
close the distance between themselves and the attack at 10 speed with Good Endurance (though the character may dodge to avoid
an opponent with a range weapon, and on an opponent with Excellent Body Armor. ranged attacks in conjunction with adjacent
certain individuals such as Rhino, The first 20 points of that are covered by the attacks -- this has no effect on those adjacent
Juggernaut, and Bulldozer make this their target's Body Armor, and as such are other than to penalize the dodging character).
preferred form of attack. returned to the user. The attacker takes 20
points, 10 of which are absorbed by his own Evading is a Fighting FEAT that is used by
A character must move at least one area to body armor. The attacker therefore takes 10 characters who are playing for time, looking
make a charging attack, but may move his points from his own attack. for a weak spot in the opponent's attack
entire movement rate to reach the combat. and hoping to avoid getting their bodies
For each area the character moves through Charging inanimate objects is handled in a splattered over the countryside.
before reaching combat, the attacker gets a similar manner, with the item's material
+1 CS, up to a maximum of +3 CS strength counted as Body Armor. Charging Evading is an effective defensive tactic only
(Endurance for figuring this may not be through a Good strength wall will inflict 10 against adjacent attackers, such as those
raised beyond Shift Z in any event). points of damage on the attacker, unless engaged in Slugfest or wrestling combat.
that damage is absorbed by Body Armor. Only a single opponent may be Evaded.
Charging attacks are resolved on the This applies to characters who are slammed
Universal Table, checking under the through walls, charge past a target into a A character who chooses to Evade
Charging column of the Effects Table. The wall, or fail to pull out of a dive. announces that intention during the
character making a charging attack may declaration phase of the turn. If both sides
score a Miss, Hit, Slam, or Stun. are evading, no actual combat occurs both
Defensive Actions opponents are engaged in a flurry of feints
A character scoring a Miss result
inflicts no damage. In addition, the Previously in the MARVEL SUPER and parries and no real blows are landed.
character continues his move for half HEROES Original Set there was one
the character's speed (round up) after conscious action that a character could The Evading character makes no attacks
the attack. Any change in direction take to avoid damage: the dodge. In the that round, but rolls on the Universal Table
would require an additional Agility MARVEL SUPER HEROES Advanced Set and checks the Evasion column in the
FEAT. If the straight line passes into there are three actions that may be used to Effects Table. The results are Auto-Hit,
some material obstacle, the character avoid various attacks; these defenses are Evasion, Evasion +1, and Evasion +2.
makes an attack on that obstacle tied to different abilities. An Auto-hit indicates the character
instead. The attacked character may zigged where he should have zagged,
return the attack only if his action was Dodging is an Agility Ability, and reduces placing him in the direct line of fire of
originally following the charge. the attacking column shift. A character who the opponent. The result of the
A character scoring a Hit result inflicts up is Dodging may move only half his speed in opponent's attack will be at least a
to his maximum current Endurance or his any turn, may not engage in a charging green result, even if a white result was
Body Armor rank in damage, whichever attack, and may perform only one other rolled (it is still possible to be missed
is higher, plus two additional points of action that turn, maximum (including by a wrestling hold in this fashion, but
damage for every area covered in the making an attack). Slugfest will always hit).
attack. (A character moving 10 areas with An Evasion result indicates the character
an Endurance of Good (10) hits an A character who is Dodging makes an dodged the blow from that particular
unarmored opponent at top speed, inflicts Agility FEAT at the start of the turn, as soon attacker. The attacker does no damage.
10 + 2x10 = 30 points of damage.) as Initiative is determined. That FEAT will An Evasion +1CS or +2CS indicates the
A character scoring a Slam result determine the reduced effect of attacks on character dodged the blow as in the
inflicts damage as for a hit, and in the character. The result may be no shift, a Evasion result, and also put himself in
addition may Slam an opponent. -2, -4, or -6CS shift on any attacks stated in the position to deal a better-placed blow
A character scoring a Stun result inflicts the first part of the round. This means that against the foe. In the next round, an

attach made by the character against weapons, the hero is automatically hit (a on the Effects Table. The result may be No
that attacker will receive a +1CS or +2CS white result to hit is treated as a green Slam, Stagger, 1 Area, or Great Slam.
bonus to hit (but not damage). This result).
applies to only the first attack in that next A Miss result indicates the hero has No Slam -- the target is not af fected by
round on that attacker, and may not be missed catching the object. If the the slam. The target still takes damage
saved from round to round or increased. object he was trying to catch was as for a normal hit.
directed against him as an attack, the Stagger -- The target is knocked back
Block is a defensive ability that uses the attack proceeds at a +1CS to hit. a step or two, perhaps knocked to one
Strength ability to lessen the damage of A Damage result indicates the hero knee, but is fully capable of engaging
physical attacks, which include Grappling, caught the object, but might damage it in combat next round. The Stagger
Slugfest, Edged and Blunt Throwing as a result. Treat the catch as a result indicates the target takes the
attacks, Force attacks (but not Shooting damage-inflicting attack on the object damage of a hit and is no longer
and Energy attacks) and Wrestling (but not or character being caught. considered adjacent to his attacker.
Charging). A Catch result indicates the object is There is no further damage unless the
caught with no ill effects to the hero situation demands it. (Say, the target is
The Block move is an attempt to meet attempting the catch or the object or on the edge of a cliff and staggers over
force with force, and use the individual's character being caught. the precipice -- a great way for villains
Strength as a form of Body Armor against a to meet obscure deaths.)
specific attack. The character using a block A character suffers -3CS on all attempts to 1 Area -- The target is knocked one
may take no other action, but may shield catch objects directed against the character area away (ranged or area movement).
others behind him. Normal Body Armor, but specifically. In addition, certain types of If the attacker inflicted any damage on
not Force Fields, still apply to defense. catches require a minimum Agility. the target, the attacker chooses the
Hero must have an Unearthly Agility to direction of the Slam (any compass
The character using the block maneuver catch small, fast-moving items (like direction or straight up or down). If no
does not attack but counts his Strength as bullets). damage was inflicted, the defender
Body Armor, provided the force can be Hero must have an Amazing Agility to chooses the direction (most likely
physically resisted (use common sense catch large, thin, projectiles (like avoiding fellow teammates, buildings,
here -- a fire cannot be blocked, but a pillar arrows) . and other large, nasty items).
of ice can). Roll on the Universal Table Hero must have at least Remarkable Grand Slam -- The target is knocked
against Strength to determine the effects. Agility to attempt to catch other thrown away with a speed equal to the
The notation -6CS, -4 CS, -2 CS, and +1CS projectiles. Strength of the attacker taken as
indicates the level of Body Armor gained Hero may have any Agility to try to ground speed. (A hit with Unearthly
taken from the Strength of the character. catch a falling character or object. Strength sends the victim 10 areas.)
The direction is determined as for 1
Example: A character with an Amazing Area Slam.
Strength wishes to block a punch thrown by
Effects Results: Slam, Stun, and Kill
an opponent with Fantastic Strength Most effects of combat are covered in the A character slammed into a building takes
(Fighting ability is used to hit, but Block has sections describing that form of attack. damage as if he were making a charging
no effect on this). The character gets a Several combat forms share the Slam, Stun, attack at that building. Buildings and other
green FEAT, -4 CS, which provides him and Kill results. They are explained herein. obstructions affect the speed of the
with equivalent Body Armor of Good. The character as for normal movement.
character takes 50 points damage. If the For any one of these three results to be
hero had made a red FEAT roll, the effective on a target, the attacker's Strength The Stun result has the potential of taking a
character would have totally blocked the must be at least equal to the defender's hero out of the fight for a number of rounds.
attack (Fantastic Body Armor against Endurance and the attacker must inflict
A character may be stunned as result of any
Fantastic damage attack). some damage on the target. If the
Slugfest attack, Throwing attack, Force
character's Body Armor, force field, or
attack, and Charging attack. The target rolls
The Catching maneuver is a move natural invulnerabilities prevent the form of
an Endurance FEAT on the Universal Table,
designed to let the hero catch falling objects attack from hurting the character, then the
and checks the result on the Ef fects Table
and teammates, as well as catch objects effects of the Slam, Stun, or Kill are
(is this getting familiar, guys?). There are
that are thrown and tired at them. It uses negated. Important: In borderline cases
three types of Stun results.
the Agility ability to make this maneuver. where the sum total of the attacker's
1-10 rounds -- The character is
damage is balanced by the target's
knocked out for 1-10 rounds (roll a
The catching maneuver can only be defenses, such that one more point is
die). During this time a character may
directed against one item at a time. The needed to affect the target, the target may
take no actions.
attempt to catch the item is made on the be affected by Slams, Stuns, and Kills.
1 round -- The character is knocked
Universal Table, with Auto-hit, Miss, down and may take no action next
Damage, and Catch results. The Slam result is possible as the result of
Blunt Attacks and Charging and refers to round. The character is still conscious,
An Auto-hit result means the object the but as the apparent result is the same
hero tried to catch hit the hero instead. the physical knocking down or away of an
opponent. There are three types of Slam as 1-10 rounds, a character can play
In the case of a falling object, this is as if possum and keep his ears open.
the object made a charging attack under the Advanced Set rules. The subject
of a Slam result rolls on the Universal Table No effect -- just what it means, the
against the character at the speed of the character is not affected by the Stun
for an Endurance FEAT, checking the result
fall. In the cases of shooting or thrown

result. The above applies to all attack forms except material claws only inflict Good damage
The Kill result is potentially the most Energy Powers. The rank number of Body against materials without a material strength
dangerous for the user (and definitely the Armor is reduced by 20 points when dealing rank. Against materials with a material
target). A Kill result may be checked for as with this attack form. This means a Body strength rank, including the outer suit of
the result of an Energy attack, an Edged Armor of Excellent (25) is reduced to Titanium Man, Wolverine shreds with
attack in Slugfest, or a Shooting attack. It Typical (5), a Body Armor of Monstrous (87) Unearthly ability. As far as damage goes, he
may also be called for by reducing a becomes Spectacular (67), and a Body inflicts 10 points and checks the Edged Attack
character's total health to 0 -- see Life, Armor of Good (10) provides no protection Table when attacking. This same approach is
Death, and Health, following. at all against attacks on the Energy column. taken for swords (Black Knight, Silver
Samurai) and other sharp pointy items, and
The target receiving a Kill result makes an Force Fields are another common form of for the effects of Corrosive and Rotting Touch.
Endurance FEAT on the Universal Table, defense encountered in combat, and range
checking under the Kill column of the Battle from the personal (protects the user only) Claws and other sharp instruments do not
Table. There are three results on this table. Force Fields used by Iron Man and affect Force Fields with their material
An Endurance Loss indicates that the Vindicator to the projected (protects user, strength. They would inflict their normal
character's Endurance is reduced by others, or large areas) Force Fields of the damage in overloading that Force Field.
one rank. The character is dying (check Invisible Woman. Force Fields protect as
under Life, Death, and Health), and will Body Armor, but are effective against Growth: Larger targets are easier to hit
continue to lose Endurance at one rank Energy attacks at the listed level, and are - than normal ones. in Charging, Slugfest,
per turn until the situation is cleared. 10 against all other attacks. A Force Field and Missile (Shooting and Throwing)
The E/S result indicates the character is takes the damage instead of the hero. combat, the following modifiers apply to hit:
affected as an Endurance Loss only if the Up to 7 feet tall No Modifier
method of attack was Edged attack in A Force Field can be overloaded by Up to 18 feet tall +1CS
Slugfest or a Shooting attack. Any other damage exceeding that of the Power rank, Up to 22 feet tall +2CS
attack form is considered No Effect. treating that Power rank as the material Over 22 feet tall +3CS
No Effect: The character takes damage strength of the wall. What happens if the
as listed for the attack form, but is not Force Field is overloaded depends on the This modification only applies to the
slain. type of Force Field. chance to hit, not to the damage done.
If the Force Field is personal in nature,
A Kill result has detrimental effects on the the system switches off or overheats. The character with Growth Power also
attacker as well as the target. A hero who The hero is affected by excess damage, gains a similar modifier to any Strength
kills will lose all Karma (check under the and may be stunned or slammed. FEATs, including wrestling combat.
Karma section in the next chapter). If the Force Field is projected in Damage is raised by a similar amount.
nature, the user must make a Psyche
FEAT roll against the intensity of the Shrinking: Smaller opponents are harder to
Powers in Combat attack or become unconscious. The hit, and strike more easily against a
Usually a character's superhuman Powers Force Field hangs around long enough relatively larger foe. When attacking a
can be wielded in combat, depending on the to protect those within. smaller foe, the attacker suffers the column
circumstances. Those that depend on shift listed, while the smaller foe gains a shift
concentration may be prevented, while those A character with Force Field and Body on his attacking. This applies to Slugfest and
powers that derive from a weapon may be Armor may use one or the other against Missile combat only in both cases.
foiled if the hero is kept from that weapon. any attack, but not benefit from both at the
This section covers a few of the more same time. If a Force Field is projected by Attacks
common Powers that turn up in combat. a third party in front of the character with Reduction Against Attacks By
Body Armor, the Force Field takes damage Down to 6 inches No No
Body Armor: The key to withstanding attacks, and, if it collapses, full damage is inflicted Down to 1 inch -1CS +1CS
a character's Body Armor reduces potential on those within. In this case Body Armor is Down to 1/4 inch -2CS +2CS
damage by the Power rank number of the applicable to reducing damage. Smaller than 1/4" -3CS +3CS
armor. If a character has Fantastic (60)
Body Armor, then any and all attacks reduce Resistances: A hero with a resistance Tactics
the damage by 60. Damage reduced below 0 against a certain attack form is permitted
is counted as no damage, and the target an additional defensive roll when The above sections talk about most normal
cannot be affected by a Stun, Slam, or Kill attacked, the hero may make a FEAT roll combat situations. Of course, anything that
result from that attack. For example, if a against the attack, treating the damage as uses characters with superior Powers can
dagger (10 points damage) is thrown at a the Intensity of the attack. If successful, the hardly be called normal. To covet a lot of
hero with Amazing (50) Body Armor, there is attack inflicts no damage. if the FEAT fails, the "special cases:' this section will look at
no effect from the attack even it the attacker the Resistance still provides Body Armor a few of the more interesting tactics that
rolled a Kill result. Body Armor protects the against that attack form. have turned up over the years.
character from each and every physical
attack. If five goons inflict 10 points damage Claws: Claws are given a Power rank and a Non-Adjacent Weapon Combat: In most
material strength. The first refers to the cases, two characters must be next to each
on the hero with Excellent Body Armor, then
damage inflicted with them, the second to the other in order to engage in Slugfest
none of those attacks succeed.
materials they can affect. The favorite combat, though an exception is noted if the
example is Wolverine, whose Class 1000 character has a weapon that will reach.

Super-strong opponents are always make multiple attacks, provided that be unable to pierce an enemy's Force Field
grabbing lampposts, columns. and buses to character makes a Fighting FEAT roll in the or Body Armor, but two or more individuals
smash one another For this type of combat. Pre-Action roll. The intensity of the FEAT striking at the same spot may be able to
the attacker and target do not have to be depends on the number of attacks desired: affect the foe. As with combined material
adjacent. but should be within 1 area of Making 2 attacks in the same round - Strength FEATs, the two must inflict
each other (unless the attacker is using Remarkable Intensity FEAT damage within in points of each other. The
something massive like the Concorde to Making 3 attacks in the same round - higher total is raised to the next rank of
strike his or her opponent). The attacker Amazing Intensity FEAT damage, at the lowest point (88 for
must be able to lift the object he is using, Unearthly, etc.) providing the individual with
and if the target's material strength or Body All multiple attacks are made at -1CS to hit. the lower damage ability makes an Agility
Armor is higher, the weapon may be If the Fighting FEAT fails, only one attack is FEAT (the one with the higher FEAT must
shattered and the item useless. made at -3CS. score a normal hit). This applies to Slugfest,
Charging, and Energy and Force Powers.
Holding One's Fire: If a player has initiative, The above applies to Slugfest attacks and
his character may hold off his attack until Shooting only. Certain Powers may permit Double-Teaming: A form of combined attack
an opponent is within the best possible multiple attacks as Power Stunts without where one attacker holds the target and the
range. In other words, the opponent (loser invoking this rule. other hits him. The first attacker must get a
of initiative) may move according to his Hold or Partial Hold on the target. The
plans, but the attacker does not have to Entangling Weapons: There are a number second attacker then gets a +1CS on
attack until the opponent is about to strike. of bolos, nets, and webbing designed as attacks (but a miss on the target may hit
(A good example is a character defending weapons to entangle a foe. These hit with the Grappling attacker -- make a second
against a Charging opponent. That an Agility FEAT, but if they hit, the target roll as if attacking that character).
character chooses to hold his attack until must make an Agility FEAT against the
the opponent is right on top of him. then material strength of the net, webbing, etc. Fastball Special: A special form of Charging
lets loose.) Failure indicates the target is enmeshed attack developed by Messrs. Logan and
and may escape by breaking bonds as a Rasputin of Westchester County. New York,
Pulling Punches: This has been covered Strength FEAT, or slipping the bonds, if the which involves the more powerful of the two
above but bears repeating: It is possible to character has applicable abilities. using the less powerful as a Missile weapon.
inflict less damage than maximum for some The attack supposes the throwing character
attacks, and it is possible to select a lower Groundstrike: The Groundstrike is a tactic can lift and throw the thrown character. The
effect than the color rolled for other attacks. used by individuals with Energy Powers to attack uses the thrower's Agility to hit, or the
Attack forms where reduced damage is inflict concussive damage to a target thrown's Fighting ability. whichever the
available are Blunt Attacks, Throwing Blunt, without fear of instant death. The idea is to players involved choose. Damage is done
Energy Powers, Force Powers, and use the Power to bowl over an opponent by the thrown character as determined by
Grappling. and any farm of attack that uses and do damage with the rock and earth Endurance, or by a normal Slugfest attack,
the magic code phrase "inflicts up to a brought up by the attack. If the material with the thrown character gaining benefits as
certain level of damage." Attack forms strength is less than the damage inflicted, for a Charging attack. (Plusses for Speed.)
where it is possible to have lesser ef fects the target will take damage equal to the
than found on the Battle Effects Table (for material strength. In addition. if the material Shockwave: A version of the Groundstrike
example, lessening a Stun to a Slam) are is relatively thin, the strike may open a used by those with Edged or Blunt Slugfest
Blunt Attacks. Force Powers, Energy hole, causing the target to fall through attacks. The attacker must have a Strength
Powers, Grappling, and Charging. (Agility FEAT to avoid). The chief function at least two ranks higher than the material
of the Groundstrike is that damage is he is standing on; he then strikes at the
Multiple Targets: A character may affect inflicted on the Force Power Table. It's ground with fists, legs, etc.. setting up a
multiple targets by making a single attack disadvantage is that it is hard on the shockwave that will travel up to 2 areas
that will affect multiple targets, or by surrounding territory. away in any direction. Those in the path of
making separate attacks against the the Shockwave are attacked by as if by a
attackers. Shooting to Neutralize: It's often a good idea Charge of the attacker's Strength. No
to try to shoot a weapon out of a miscreant's damage is done by a Shockwave attack
Single Roll option: Under certain hand. This requires a Bullseye result, and (though incidental damage may be inflicted
circumstances a character may affect a while it inflicts damage. a Kill result is by damaged buildings, bridges falling
number of adjacent foes. All targets must be treated as a Bullseye as well. This is one of down, etc.) but targets may be stunned or
adjacent to the character in question. Attack the few cases where a Kill result may be slammed if these results are rolled.
forms that may use this type of attack are reduced. It may be used only to knock an
Blunt Slugfest, Escaping, and Energy and opponent's weapon out of his hand. Blindsiding: A character who is taken by
Force Powers. A single roll is made to affect surprise has a greater chance of being
all the individuals in the area at a - 4CS. Shooting to Stun: A trick shot, involving affected by an attack than one who is
Those results are applied to all in that area. grazing the target in such a way as to knock expecting it. A Blindsiding attack gains a
him out. This is a Bullseye result for +2CS to hit. and the character hit by a
Multiple Combat Actions: Occasionally Shooting combat. A Bullseye result is treated Blindsiding attack may not add Karma to
heroes may make more than one attack in as a Stun, but a Kill is still a Kill result. any die rolls to determine if the attack
the same round, attacking the same target Slams, Stuns, or Kilts. The Judge has final
or different targets. Any character can Combined Attack: A single character may say on Blindsiding, but guidelines are: if the


character is taken unaware from behind, the Mayor when he sees the barrel of a character who is adjacent to a nonfighting
the character is distracted, the attacker is sniper rifle sticking out of a window. Spidey opponent gains a + 3CS to hit that
playing possum (the target does not acts to shield the Mayor, making himself opponent. If the opponent is fighting, or
anticipate an attack), the attack comes from the target of the attack. Were Captain engaged in Slugfest or wrestling, there is a
an unsuspected quarter (an ally or supposed America standing next to the Mayor in this - 3CS to hit with Missile weapons. Whether
friend makes the attack). Characters with situation, then he could bring up his shield or not a target is fighting is determined
extraordinary senses (like Daredevil) or (a common object used for this purpose) to when the attacker fires. If the attacker gets
danger senses (like Rogue, Franklin protect the Mayor and himself (the attack is initiative in the round the opponent tries to
Richards, and Spider-Man) cannot be considered to be against Captain America, escape, the attacker has a + 3CS -
Blindsided in normal circumstances. Under but his shield may deflect it). otherwise, he has a -3CS.
special circumstances, though, Blindsiding
these characters can be possible. Spider- Flight and Fight: A few additional rules Luring: Luring is a tactic by which the
Man was once Blindsided by Aunt May, as apply to characters engaged in combat character makes himself a target in order to
his vaunted spider-sense did not recognize while in Flight: encourage his opponent into attacking him,
the dear sweet lady with the lead pipe as a A character in flight can be slammed whether to keep the opponent from attacking
threat -- let this be a lesson to us all... regardless of the character's others, lead the character into an uninhabited
comparative Endurance. This is because area, or to persuade the opponent to throw a
Shielding: This tactic involves putting the character is not moored to anything. punch or make a charge, only to jump out of
something between the target and the A character in flight may Charge with the way at the last moment. A character
attacker, usually an inanimate abject but normal limitations. If the flying trying to Lure states so. The opponent gets a
sometimes, in the case of hero leaping into character is engaged in a Power dive +2CS on attacks, but at the moment of
the fray to stop an attack on another (dropping straight down), the character attack, the defender can pull a defensive
individual, a character himself. can gain a column shift of +4CS (with move of his or her choice. If the attack
resulting possible damage for self as misses, the lured character will hit whatever
In the first case, the hero may decide to use well). This applies only to flying was directly behind the luring character (the
something as a shield as an initial action or characters intent on diving at the character's choice).
as a changed action after initiative is rolled. target, not to characters leaping,
if it is an initial action, the hero may perform jumping, or falling from high distances Using Karma in Combat: Karma is delved
another action in addition to the action. If a (they receive the +3 CS maximum). into deeply in the next chapter, but since it
changed action, the hero may perform no has an important effect on combat it should
other action that round than shielding. In Firing at a Moving Target: A character who be mentioned here. Karma is used to
either case, all other FEATs attempted in is moving is harder to hit. A - 1CS applies manipulate the die rolls on the Universal
that round, including combat are -2CS to any target moving up to five areas that Table. When a character decides to spend
unless the object used as a shield is a round; a -2CS applies to those against Karma, the player simply announces it. You
device or object commonly used by the targets moving up to 10 areas that turn, automatically spend 10 Karma points by
hero in that way (the hero is comfortable and -4CS to those moving faster. The saying that simple phrase. You can spend
using the device defensively). The material exception to this is attack on a character more, but 10 points is the requirement for
strength of the item is used as a form of who is Charging directly at the firer -- other making the statement. On the die roll you
Body Armor against the attack (if a garbage than the target getting rapidly larger, there are modifying (always the one immediately
can lid is used as a shield, it will provide is no difference in location. after the announcement), you add the
Poor (4) protection). This applies only to number of points equal to the amount of
physical attacks and similar attacks that Ambush: OK, how many times have you Karma you spend (at least 10, the amount
may be deflected in this manner. This form seen this in the comics -- the bad guy is you spent to start with). Other uses of
of defense may be used against Slugfest, right around the corner, pistol drawn, Karma are described in the Karma section.
Throwing, Shooting, and Charging attacks, waiting for Moon Knight to come around
but not Grappling and Grabbing attacks. the corner and... Blam! The Ambush is an Life, Death, and Health
attack set up against a certain location. As
The hero may also provide a form of soon as any character enters that location, This is one of the most important sections
shielding to other targets within the same the attack occurs. Karma is spent when the yet covered. In combat, we noted that
area (or within a half-area for ranged attack is set up, not made. An Ambush various attack forms inflicted various types of
movement) by putting his own body in the gains a + 1CS to hit. damage -- a strike with the bare fists inflicts
way of an attack directed against another. up to the attacker's maximum Strength. This
The hero may make this decision only in Aiming (Optional): This form of attack is for may be modified by Body Armor, tactics, and
the decision section of the turn, and then if use with Shooting, Throwing, and Powers, other stuff, but the end result is a number,
the hero is closer to the target than the in situations where the attacker has the which is deducted from your Health score.
attacker (therefore it is only useful against luxury of spending a turn aiming his What happens when Health reaches 0?
Shooting, Throwing, and Charging attacks). weapon without firing. A character Aiming
The hero (or an object the hero is carrying, for a turn gains a +1CS to hit. Well, your character just might perish.
as in the first section) interposes himself in
the line of fire and is considered the target Point Blank Range: There are sometimes A character that reaches 0 Health becomes
instead of the intended target. cases where a firer would have to be really unconscious and stays that way for at least
trying to miss -- you know, repulsor up 1-10 rounds. The player rolls an Endurance
Example: Spider-Man is standing next to against the bad guy's head, etc. A Shooting FEAT for the character and consults the Kill

column of the Effects Table. If the result is pulling the character to safety, or even Robots and Reactivation: Robot PCs and
no effect, the character is Stunned for 1-10 checking to see if the character is OK. NPCs that are knocked down to 0 Health
rounds and may regain consciousness. If A character with First Aid and Medicine and lose all Endurance Ranks are not
the result is Endurance Loss. the character Talents may be able to aid individuals "dead" in a conventional sense. but may be
begins to lose Endurance ranks. who have reached Shift 0 Health. rebuilt by other characters, if they may retain
most of the parts and personality. Repairing
A character loses one Endurance rank per Regaining Consciousness: A character such a character would require a Reason
turn. The loss is temporary, but for further unconscious from the result of a Stun FEAT of intensity equal to the highest Ability
Endurance checks the rank number is regains consciousness in 1-10 turns, and or Power rank of that character (if the V ision
considered to be the highest for that rank. may act normally from there on. A is deactivated. as he apparently was once in
One rank is lost per turn until the character character with 0 Health is unconscious for crossing Annihilus' Force Field, repairing him
reaches Shift 0. When the character slips 1-10 turns, then can make a Endurance is an Unearthly intensity FEAT). The
below Shift 0, that character is dead. FEAT Failure indicates the character is still repaired character returns to play, but has
Deceased. Pushing up daisies. Beyond the unconscious; check again in 1-10 turns. no Karma. Reactivating a robot takes a
mortal ken. Extreme measures must be Success indicates the character has number of days equal to the highest Power
taken to bring that character back into play. regained consciousness, and has Health rank of the character (the Vision would take
Fold up the character's sheet and put him in equal to his Endurance rank. 100 days). Robots may suf fer disabilities.
the Hall of Fame. (However, see Immortality.)
Recovery: Ten turns after a character takes Impaired Abilities: A character who has lost
How do you avoid this situation if your damage, he regains Health equal to the Endurance ranks has a -2CS until the
character is the one who may pass from Endurance rank number. provided the Endurance is returned to original levels. One
this mortal coil? character is not knocked unconscious. This Endurance rank is healed per week in
Spend Karma. You can stabilize your Recovery only applies if the character is not normal action. One Endurance rank is
Endurance for one round by spending further damaged within that time period. If a healed per day if the character is in a
50 points. This is a stopgap measure character is damaged, steps out, and then is hospital or under a doctor's care. Endurance
at best. (This is a change from the damaged again before Recovery takes cannot be healed to a higher rank number
Original set.) place, then only Healing is possible. than the character had before the damage.
Spend a lot of Karma. You can gain Recovery may take place only once per day.
another Endurance FEAT when you Disabilities: A character who slips to Shift 0
slip a level by spending 200 Karma Healing: A character normally heals his in Endurance is in danger of having one or
points. If you succeed, you are Endurance rank number in the hour (600 more of his abilities impaired. For such a
unconscious. turns) following the last damage. If the character, roll for each physical ability
Help from your friends. If a friend, ally, character takes further damage during that above Good (Green FEAT). Failure
enemy,- or passerby attempts to aid period, then the time is measured from that indicates that that ability is now reduced to
you. the loss of Endurance is halted. point. Characters with special abilities may be the next lowest printed number (from an
The character is still unconscious, and able to heal for greater amounts or at faster Fantastic (61) to an Amazing (50)). These
will be for 1-10 more hours. Aid is rates. This rate is doubled by bedrest and abilities may be modified upwards
defined as first aid, summoning help, medical supervision (doctors or hospitals). afterwards only by experience.

Chapter One dealt with your character,
whether pregenerated or created on the
spot. Chapter Two ran through the basic
FEATs, combat, and movement, and what a
character can do in a turn. In this chapter we
expand into the realms of the campaign itself,
including Karma, Contacts, and advancement.

As a hero adventures in the Marvel
Universe, he gains and loses Karma.
Karma is the reward system of the game,
and is a register of how well the character
is doing compared to an "ideal" hero.

Karma is also a spendable experience

point. In other words, it is gained by the
player, and may be spent by the player to
make sure certain actions happen when because Judges have terrible memories). criminal action from occurring, or stopping
they are supposed to (example: Captain It while in the process of occurring. The
America, with only one chance, bounces Karma may be awarded to individuals or to various criminal acts are listed in the
his shield off three walls and hits the lever a group. Definition is determined by the Original Set, and summarized here.
necessary to prevent the detonation of the number of characters required to perform Violent crimes are crimes involving
Z-bomb). Karma is also spent to complete the action, defeat the bad guy, or rescue damage to people, and include murder,
technological items, accomplish Power the innocent. If more then one person is assault, and kidnapping. Attacking a
Stunts, and to advance the character in responsible (such as one character holds super-powered hero is not in itself a
abilities and power. the building steady while a second clears violent crime, for Karma purposes, but
the streets and a third checks the attacking a hero in his secret ID is.
Gaining (and Losing) Karma collapsing structure for people trapped Destructive crimes are violent crimes
Karma awards are made at specific times inside), the award should be split evenly, if directed against property as opposed
during an adventure. one character is doing all the work, then to people. Arson, bombings, riots,
Karma is awarded at the end of a that character should get all the credit. vandalism, attacks on super-powered
battle or conflict. When making group awards, the amount is heroes, and rampages fall under this
Karma is awarded at the completion of evenly divided between the active category.
a task. participants (drop fractions). If three people Theft is removal of property without
Karma is awarded at the conclusion of perform actions that earn 100 Karma threat or injury. Shoplifting,
the game adventure or gaming session. points, each gets 33 Karma points. Awards pickpocketing, break-ins, and
for good role-playing are always to embezzling are theft.
In the first case, Karma is not awarded individuals. The decision of whether Karma Robbery is theft with violence or
while there is still combat going on, or is awarded to the individual or group, as implied violence. Mugging, bank
when there is potential for immediate well as the amount, is the final province of robbery, and store stick-ups are
combat. This prevents heroes from the Judge. Karma earned by groups may robbery. Whereas theft is usually done
chewing through the lower-level flunkies, be placed in that group's Karma pool even without the target's knowledge, robbery
then using the Karma gained to take on the if other members of the pool's group were involves a face-to-face confrontation.
organization's mastermind. As long as one not present. Misdemeanors include all minor
of the player character heroes is in combat, crimes, including gambling, carrying
Karma is gained and lost through three concealed weapons, possession of
Karma will not be awarded for that battle.
general types of actions: Heroic Actions, drugs, and driving offenses.
Certain actions are rewarded immediately Personal Actions, and Gaming Actions. National offenses are those crimes that
after they occur. Stopping a crime, rescuing threaten the security of the nation, and
Heroic Actions are those actions the include treason, hijacking, acts of
someone, or preventing a disaster are
character undertakes as 8 hero: catching terrorism, and drug and weapon
rewarded as soon as they occur, as are
criminals, rescuing innocents, battling the smuggling.
Karma losses from committing a crime, or
forces of evil, and general acts of heroic A local conspiracy is a plot or plan to
taking a life.
derring-do. Similarly, Karma is lost break the law, affecting one company,
At the conclusion of the game adventure, (reducing the player's Karma total) for city, or region. Meeting to plan a
Karma awards should be made for the play unheroic acts. Heroic actions are listed in robbery is a local conspiracy.
to date. Conclusion means either the end the summary at the close of this section,
of a planned adventure or the end of the but the general types are as follows.
evening's play. Karma awards for items
Stopping or preventing crime: The hero
such as good role-playing should not be
receives an amount for preventing a
delayed from session to session (if only


A national conspiracy is a plot or plan Losses for Heroic (or Unheroic) Acts:
to break the law on a national level, Heroes may also lose Karma as a result of
usually concerning taking over that their actions. Such losses are always
country. individual in nature, and Karma may not
A global conspiracy is directed against drop below 0. These unheroic actions are
the entire world, and usually is only summarized on the Karma Table as well,
used by those individuals and groups and are detailed below.
who dream of world power and alien
races intent on conquering the world. Committing crimes: A player character
Other crimes are those crimes that do loses twice the listed Karma points for any
not fit into any set category, and crime he commits. even if the hero has
include selling drugs, forgery, good reason or there are extenuating
counterfeiting, and fraud. circumstances concerning the crime. A hero
is sometimes charged with a crime she did
Arresting criminals: Often there are cases not commit. This has no effect on her
when a hero is not on the scene when a Karma (as the hero knows she is innocent).
crime occurs (best example is Spider-Man This only applies to crimes the hero
not being around when his Uncle Ben was commits, even if she was under the control
shot by the burglar). If the hero brings of outside forces.
those responsible for a crime to justice, this
is known as Arresting the Criminal, In most Example: Puppet Master controls a hero's
cases, a hero does not have of ficial mind. forcing him to rob Fort Knox. While
sanction from the governments to make the hero breaks Puppet Master's hold,
arrests. The best the hero can do is bring returns the money, and convinces the
the perpetrator to justice, along with authorities that he is a good guy. the fact
owner says the robber wore the outfit of the remains that he robbed Fort Knox. and
enough evidence to make a case against Scorpion. The hero tracks Scorpion down.
the creep. If the villain is released as a loses 20 Karma points as a result.
discovers proof of the crime, arrests him,
result of a court decision, the hero still gets and turns him over the authorities. The
the award for the arrest. The classes of Note: Holding on to the devices of super-
hero did not stop the crime, but did arrest powered villains without the permission of
crimes are as listed above. the criminal (10), who has a Remarkable + the arresting body is considered to be theft.
ability (Amazing damage with tail (50)), so (Bad guys got rights. too.) Make a
Rescues: Saving another life is worth 20
the hero receives 60 points. Popularity FEAT to see if the hero may
Karma points flat, It doesn't matter if the
person is Aunt May falling off the Brooklyn keep the devices after the trial.
Example 3: Three heroes tracking down a
Bridge or Doctor Doom falling into the core of rash of thefts (four to a rash; three or less
his cyclotron. To most heroic characters all Permit crime to occur: There are times
is an itch of thefts) stumble across a group when a hero may choose not to interfere
life has value, even that of evil characters. A of three villains plotting to hold the city of
maximum of 100 points may be awarded for with a situation, or be unable to interfere
San Francisco hostage. The heroes break with a criminal activity. This is generally not
any one action involving rescue (Iron Man in and knock out the criminals. They have
saves a 747 filled with people from crashing looked upon favorably in heroic circles, and
arrested the criminals of four thefts (20 a Karma loss equal to that of arresting the
he gets 100 points max). points), stopped a local conspiracy (30) criminal is ascribed to the hero.
and arrested the participants (15), and the
Award for Foes: In addition to all other
villains all have high Strengths (Incredible, Example: The hero must rush a vial of anti-
awards, the hero receives Karma for
40 each). The heroes get 185 points, split toxin across town to save a life (rescue -
battling and defeating opponents. Such an
three ways for 55 points each. worth 20 points). En route he spots a cat
opponent is usually a criminal or villain.
This award may be made only if the burglar breaking into a penthouse
Example 4: A rampaging monster with apartment (theft -- 10 for preventing, 5
opponent has an ability or Power of Monstrous (75) Endurance is trying to push
Remarkable or higher (small fry do not more for arresting). He decides that a life is
over an office building filled with people. A more important and gets to the hospital
count). The award is equal to the highest team of five heroes tries to prevent it.
rank number of the opponent. with seconds to spare. He gets 20 points.
Three heroes attack the monster, which but loses 5 for not preventing the crime (he
they drive off into the East River. The other can regain those points by tracking down
Example 1: The lone hero comes upon a
two heroes help evacuate the building. All the cat burglar, now long gone).
liquor store hold-up. The two thugs are
heroes would benefit from stopping a crime
running for the getaway car. The hero
of destruction (20), and from rescue (100 Defeats: When a hero gets beaten up by a
drops down on the thugs and knocks them
Karma points). No points are awarded for bad guy or guys, he seems inef fective in
out, to the cheers of the bystanders. She
defeating the monster, as it was just driven his job, and this reflects on his Karma. If
has stopped a robbery (20) and arrested
off, or for "arresting" the monster as it's still the defeat occurs in a private area (no
the criminals (10). She gets 30 points for
at large. 120 points are spread among five other witnesses). the hero loses 20 Karma
her actions.
heroes for 24 each. or added in total to points. If the defeat occurs with more than
Example 2: The lone hero comes upon a their group Karma pool. three witnesses (in a park, an of fice, or on
liquor store that has been held up. The national TV). the loss is 40 Karma points.

evil plot and capture him alive. This also earning Karma.
includes normal criminals guilty of more
heinous crimes such as Murder, Drug Personal commitments: The character,
Distribution, etc... either as hero or secret ID, can make a
commitment to meet someone at a
Noble deaths, mysterious deaths, and self- certain time and place. This may be a
destruction: These are borderline cases personal appearance, making a date
where the circumstances of death are with a girlfriend, going shopping with a
fuzzy to say the least. A noble death is one relative, or making a poker game. For
where the character chooses to sacrifice each instance of a hero making
herself for others (Marvel Girl taking the commitments and seeing them through,
controls of a crashing space shuttle in the hero receives 5 Karma points.
order to save Scott Summers and his
teammates). A mysterious death is one Weekly award: In addition to specific
where no body is found, and is a favorite commitments, heroes in their everyday lives
for villains who appear to be about to die. receive Karma points for making the normal
Self-destruction involves those cases daily commitments. These will vary
where the death would result no matter according to the heroes. Those with
what the hero does. For these cases, a set employment must live up to the terms of
50 point penalty per hero is ascribed. that employment (like showing up for the
job, as a long absence fighting in the Skrull
Example of noble death: The Space Galaxy may result in a loss of Karma and a
Shuttle, carrying the X-Men, is plunging to change in Resource status). Heroes with
Property destruction: When titans clash, the its fiery doom. Marvel Girl volunteers to try families should be expected to spend some
insurance rates go through the roof. Super- to pilot it down, though the cosmic time with those families. (The Richardses
powered characters getting down to cases radiation will fry her. She knocks out a have been spending a lot of time fighting
can level whole city blocks. Villains protesting Cyclops, and sacrifices her life menaces and leaving their son Franklin
generally don't care, but heroes like to avoid to save her friends. Her friends lose 50 alone -- this is bad Karma.) Heroes with
excess destruction. For every area that Karma points only, as this was a noble wives or husbands are similarly expected to
takes damage (broken walls, windows, death. They do not regain that amount spend some time together to receive this
fallen roofs, damaged pavements, wrecked when it turns out she really survived the reward, in domestic situations as opposed
cars and sewage lines), each hero involved crash. to everyday situations. A character who to
loses 5 points. the Judge's satisfaction has completed his
Example of mysterious death: The heroes normal tasks as employee/employer/
Example: Three heroes fight the rampaging trap the dangerous Apocalypse in a husband/wife/parent may receive this award
Hulk. in the process a city block of seven burning warehouse as the madman rants of up to 10 Karma points.
areas is leveled. The heroes each lose 35 about his new genetic hierarchy. Suddenly
points (and probably another 40 each for a the floor gives way, plunging him into the Example 1: Spider-Man, in his identity of
public defeat, as the Hulk is one tough inferno before the heroes can react. No Peter Parker, not only-manages to get
customer). one could survive the heat, and no body is freelance photos in on time to make an
found in the ashes. The heroes take a 50 issue of NOW magazine, but makes a
Death of an innocent: Almost all heroes point penalty each, though Apocalypse dinner date with Mary Jane and drops in
have a code against killing, acid this is may have survived the fire. on his Aunt May. At week's end, the
reflected by the fact that if a hero kills an character gains 10 Karma for making his
innocent, or through his actions allows a Example of sell-destruction: Iron Man normal commitments, as well as an
person to die, all Karma for the character is defeats Obadiah Stane, who is wearing the additional 5 for showing up for the date
reduced to 0. Karma that has been spent for Iron Monger armor. As a final act, Iron with Mary Jane.
advancement, building things, or influencing Monger turns his repulsors on himself as
die rolls previous to the death is unaffected, opposed to admitting defeat to Iron Man. Example 2: Iron Man, in his identity of
but with the death, all current Karma is Iron Man's total is reduced by 50 Karma Tony Stark, is needed to sign various
reduced to 0. New Karma may be earned points. papers for the continued survival of his
from this point, but the Karma is lost, even if company. iron Man spends the week
the character slain is later returned to life. Personal Karma Awards: In addition to fighting the Crimson Dynamo in the
Accidental deaths and deaths resulting from heroic actions in their caped and cowled Sahara Desert, and does not even check
the hero not being in control of his actions crusader alter egos, most player in. Iron Man receives no award for the
do not mitigate this effect. characters have a home life of some form, week (and his control of the company may
as well as non super-powered friends and be jeopardized by his failure to pay
Example: Iron Man's armor is controlled by allies. These friends, allies, and attention to business), and loses Karma
Justin Hammer, and causes him to fire his relationships are the source of additional for not showing up.
repulsor ray into the Carnelian Karma for the hero, known as personal
ambassador, killing him on national TV. Karma. Personal Karma is awarded to the Karma loss for breaking commitments:
Iron Man's Karma is reduced to 0, despite individual hero (no group awards). Earning One way of gaining personal Karma is to
the bet that it is not his fault. personal Karma consists of making make and show up for commitments.
commitments and following through on Failure to show up for these commitments
Death of a supervillain: Death happens and those commitments. A hero who exists in results in a Karma loss, as does leaving
even though the hero tries his best, a vacuum, without friends, is cutting these commitments early (sorry, you can't
sometimes he just cant stop the villains himself out of an interesting way of just touch base and take off). Failure to

show up for a commitment will result in a Example 1: Box hauls a Canadian continually going into murderous rages, is
loss of 10 Karma points, leaving early a destroyer off the shoals of short-tempered and threatening). For
loss of 5 Karma points. Karma levels may Newfoundland. This is an act of charity characters created by the players, these
never drop below 0. requiring a red FEAT roll, so he awards are given in light of the player's
receives 40 points for performing it stated motives and previous actions.
Example 1: Reed Richards has scheduled successfully. (Captain Outrageous, "the hero who fears
a meeting of the Baxter Building tenants for no evil," running from a fight with Terminus
Example 2: Spider-Man uses his webbing may be making an intelligent decision, but
noon on Friday. On Thursday he is
to temporarily hold the scaffolding together still is not acting in character.) The Judge
kidnapped by Doctor Doom, and does not
outside an office building until it is welded. may award up to 10 points in this fashion.
escape until Monday. Regardless of the
This is an act of charity, but no FEAT is
situation, he loses 10 Karma points for
required. 10 points are awarded. Stump the Judge Award: The characters
failing to show up (and probably has the
controlled by the players have super-
tenants ticked off as well). Example 3: Tony Stark kicks in for a new human Powers, and with the addition of
wing of a medical center, an Incredible rank Power Stunts, may be able to use them in
Example 2: She-Hulk and Wyatt Wingfoot
donation made possible by Stark new and different ways. In other words,
are out on the town when suddenly a news
International. Stark receives 40 points for while the Judge may figure the players will
report comes in about a giant plate of
the donation, and an additional 20 points get out of a deathtrap in a certain fashion,
succotash eating Yankee Stadium, She-
for showing up as Iron Man at the grand they may surprise him by coming up with
Hulk calls it a night early in order to battle
opening. some new and different way. The Judge
the evil mixed vegetable, but will suffer a 5
Karma point loss for only partially honoring should make an award of no greater than
Example 4: Spider-Man is gathering money 15 points to those players who come up
a commitment. for a program to give toys to small children at with new, imaginative ways of dealing with
Christmas. The organization, wary of his rep, situations (once done, of course, it's now
Charities: One easy way of earning
turns down his offer to make public longer new, so once per stunt).
personal Karma is through charity work.
appearances, but Parker still manages to
There are three types of charity that a hero
donate a few bucks to the cause (Poor Humor Award: Let's face it: one of the key
can be involved with: personal appearance,
FEAT) and in doing so gains 4 Karma points. reasons for role-playing is the gathering
act of charity, and donation.
together of diverse people with the intent of
Negative Popularity FEAT rolls: Heroes swapping bad jokes. Laughing in the face
Personal appearance involves the hero
are supposed to be good guys, but if their of danger is a trademark of some heroes,
showing up for a function the proceeds of
Popularity drops below 0 in the range, but even Wolverine and Captain America
which will be donated to a worthy cause. A
people may follow their orders out of fear get in a wry chuckle from time to time. The
charity will request or accept this type of
as opposed to loyalty. Each time a player Judge should award 5 points to any player
work on a red Popularity FEAT, mainly
character hero with a negative Popularity who can come up with a joke, pun, or
because such charities are often used as
score uses that Popularity to influence humorous situation so dastardly that play
targets at which super-powered foes get
another character, the hero loses Karma must cease while everyone takes a deep
even with and humiliate the hero. The hero
equal to his or her Popularity rank number . breath and tries to recover a sense of
who makes a charity appearance will
For example, if a hero with -15 Popularity direction.
receive Karma points equal to his
uses that Popularity to scare away a group
Popularity rank number (maximum of 20).
of panic-stricken passers-by, preventing
No more than one charity appearance per
them from being damaged by a falling wall,
week per hero or group can be counted in
he receives Karma for the rescue (100
this fashion.
points max), but loses 15 points of it due to
Act of charity: A hero may also use his his negative Popularity score.
Powers to benefit the common good, or a
Gaming Awards: A player may gain Karma
worthy cause, in a non-combat or non-
for his character through good role- play and
emergency situation. Heroes should be
running his character in an interesting and
rewarded according to the situation and the
intelligent way, There are no negative
type of FEAT needed to complete the task.
gaming awards in the Advanced Set, as the
Tasks which are automatic net 10 points,
assumption is made (at least by the
those which would require a green FEAT 20,
designer) that you guys know what you're
a yellow FEAT 30, and a red FEAT 40 points.
doing. Three examples of gaming awards
Donation: In the Original Set, a bonus of 1 are:
Karma point per 100 Resource points
Role-Play Award: At the end of an
donated was set. With the removal of
adventure or gaming session, the Judge
bookkeeping for Resources, this must be
may award personal Karma to players who
modified. In order to make a donation, the
have shown a good knowledge of the
player must state what is being donated
character's personality. For characters
and make the appropriate Resource FEAT
from the Marvel Universe, this means the
if necessary. The Karma award is equal to
role-playing is in line with how the
the rank number of that FEAT (if no FEAT
character is presented (Hercules is loud
is required, 10 Karma points are awarded).
and boisterous; Wolverine, while not
Karma Summary Listing

Violent Crime -- Stop/Prevent 30 Other Crimes -- Stop/Prevent 15 Permit Robbery -10

Violent Crime -- Arrest 15 Other Crimes -- Arrest 5 Permit Misdemeanor -5
Destructive Crime -- Stop/Prevent 20 Rescue 20 Permit National Offense -10
Destructive Crime -- Arrest 10 Multiple Rescues(5 +) 100 Permit Other Crimes -5
Theft -- Stop/Prevent 10 Defeating Remarkable Foe 30 Property Destruction - 5/area
Theft -- Arrest 5 Defeating Incredible Foe 40 Death of an Innocent -ALL
Robbery -- Stop/Prevent 20 Defeating Amazing Foe 50 Death of a supervillain -50%
Robbery -- Arrest 10 Defeating Monstrous Foe 75 Noble Death -50
Misdemeanors -- Stop/Prevent 5 Defeating Unearthly Foe 100 Mysterious Death -50
Misdemeanors -- Arrest 5 Commit Violent Crime -60 Self-Destruction -50
National Offense -- Stop/Prevent 20 Commit Destructive Crime -40 Making Commitment +5
National Offense -- Arrest 10 Commit Theft -20 Failing Commitment -5
Local Conspiracy -- Stop/Prevent 30 Commit Misdemeanor -10 Weekly Award +10
Local Conspiracy -- Arrest 15 Commit National Offense -40 Charities: Personal Appearance +Pop
National Conspiracy Commit Other Crimes -10 (max.20)
Stop/Prevent 40 Public Defeat -40 Charities: Act of Charity +10-40
National Conspiracy -- Arrest 20 Private Defeat -20 Charities: Donation +Res
Global Conspiracy Permit Violent Crime -15 Negative Popularity - Pop
Stop/Prevent 50 Permit Destructive Crime -10 Gaming Award: Role-Playing +10
Global Conspiracy -- Arrest 25 Permit Theft -5 Gaming Award: Stump the Judge +15
Gaming Award: Humor +5
Karma Pools
A Karma pool is formed by a group of heroes as a Adding to the Karma Pool: Any group awards If a member of a Karma pool kills a
common source of Karma. Each hero may donate may be added to the Karma pool directly, or split character, or through his actions causes the
as much of his own Karma as he wishes. Any into equal shares for those who belong to the death of another, both his individual Karma
member of the group may then use the Karma in pool. Individual awards are made to the player's and that of the Karma pool to which he
that pool to manipulate die rolls and build things, character directly. They may contribute to the pool belongs is reduced to 0. (This is why the X-
though Karma in a Karma pool may not be used of their own volition ("Ah, guys, the Pool is a little Men kept such an eye on W olverine all
for advancement (sorry, no "let's chip in and give low, shall we all chip in 50 Karma points?"). these years.) Noble deaths, mysterious
Albedo Man another rank of Body Armor"). deaths, and self-destruction are handled as
Karma pool losses: Individual losses are taken for individual characters.
Who may form a pool: Two or more consenting from the individual first, then from the Karma pool
player character heroes may contribute up to their he belongs to. For example, if Wolverine is publicly Dissolving and Leaving a Karma Pool: A
present Karma levels to form a Karma pool. Others defeated for -40 Karma points, but has only 30 character may only belong to one Karma pool at
may join in the pool, adding Karma as they join. A points on him, he loses the 30 and the remaining a time, and to join another must leave the one he
character may leave the pool, taking back a share 10 comes out of the X-Men Karma pool he previously belonged to. At that time the hero
equal to that of any other member with him (a belongs to. A group loss (everyone takes his equal share of the remaining Karma in
Karma pool of two is divided two ways, one of defeated) may be taken out of the Karma pool as the original pool. If all members choose to divide
four characters will give the leaving character one- one character, spreading the blame around a little up the Karma
fourth of the total pool). and reducing the individual damage.

Temporary pools: Karma pools are generally

considered to be formed at the start of an
adventure and disbanded at the adventure's end
(either end of the mission or end of the gaming
session). For randomly gathered, heroes, such as
those that appear in Marvel Two-in-One, this is

Permanent pools: Heroes who adventure together

over a long period of time (several gaming sessions)
may form a permanent Karma pool. This is the basis
of the super- powered groups, such as the
Avengers, Defenders, or X-Men. Such pools are
kept track of by one player, and all members of the
pool may draw from that pool, even if other
members are not present. Players may set their own
restrictions as to how much people may take out of
the pool, who may join, and other by-laws, according
to the situation.


in a pool, then the Karma pool dissolves. Example 2: The same as above, with the Building Things: Karma is also spent in the
The Karma returns in equal shares to each player rolling a 98. The FEAT succeeds, but process of building things, as outlined in
member of the pool, who may use it as he the player still takes 10 points of f his total, Chapter 4. Karma may be used to determine
sees fit (including advancement). A Karma as he declared he was spending Karma. the success of an experiment or invention. In
pool cannot be reformed then until after the The character has 20 Karma points left. this case and this case only, the player
next gaming session. making the roll must determine how much
Example 3: The same as above, with the Karma is being spent before rolling the dice
(Optional Rule) Locking Karma Pools As player rolling a 13. No amount of available (as opposed to the mere declaration of how
stated above, heroes may set their own Karma will modify the roll to the point where much is to be spent, with an automatic
bylaws regarding the spending of Karma. the FEAT succeeds, so the player lets the spending of 10 Karma points). If the player
One such law may be the locking of a Karma roll stand. The 10 points for declaring the does not declare the amount for this success
pool. A lock should be agreed to by all use of Karma are still subtracted, leaving roll, then 10 points are assumed to be spent.
members of the group. Karma placed into the the character with 20 Karma points.
locking Karma pool may not be withdrawn by Advancement: Characters may put Karma
the members. It may only be used by the Optional Rule: In order to speed play, the aside for advancement. This Karma is put into
individual to modify die rolls. Such a locking Judge may ask for Karma to be spent in a separate fund and is considered
Karma pool may only be dissolved by a increments of 5 points. untouchable by the player for normal use (and
unanimous vote of those who belong. is similarly unaffected by negative Karma
Modifying Results in Combat: In most types modifiers). Any Karma put aside is placed
Spending Karma of combat, the attacking character may there with a specific purpose, and may only
choose to reduce the effect of his attack be spent for that purpose. Karma is placed in
Karma may be spent from its reserve for a (from a red result to a yellow result). Certain Advancement funds usually at the end of
number of purposes: manipulating die rolls, attacks may not be voluntarily reduced in adventures or gaming sessions, but never in
changing results, advancement, building effect: Edged Attack, Shooting, and Energy the middle of combat or during an adventure
things, and Power Stunts. Karma spent in (those attacks with a possible Kill result). The (in other words, "quiet time:' as opposed to the
any of these fashions is lost and may not player may reduce these effects by spending heat of the chase). Advancement is described
be recovered. A player may not spend Karma. An expenditure of 50 Karma points in full in the next section.
more Karma than his character normally may reduce the result by one color (from red
has. Karma may not drop, through to yellow, for example). This expenditure may Advancement
spending or loss resulting from actions, only be made immediately after the roll
below 0 under normal conditions. generating the effect, and before any other As characters develop in the MARVEL
die rolls, such as the Endurance FEAT to see SUPER HEROES RPG, they may increase
Spending Karma to manipulate die rolls: if the character survives. in levels, Powers, and abilities. This is
Whenever making a FEAT roll, the player known as advancement.
may change the die roll by declaring, before Power Stunts: Power Stunts are described
combat begins, that she is spending Karma in full under Power FEATS in Chapter 2. A In order to advance, individual players must
on the result. At this point, the player is Power Stunt permits the hero to use his or create a separate listing or fund of Karma.
committed to spend at least 10 Karma her Power in a fashion that has hitherto not Karma placed in that column will be used
points (or her remaining reserve, if less than been used. When a hero wishes to attempt for a specific type of Advancement: Ability
10). After rolling the dice, a number equal to the stunt, he describes the stunt to the Advancement, Resource Advancement,
the amount of Karma spent is added to the Judge. The Judge then states if the stunt is Popularity Advancement, Power
result (at least 10 points, or the amount possible, given the character's level of Advancement, Power Addition, Talent
remaining). The player does not have to Power, and what FEAT would required. The Addition, or Contact Addition.
declare how much Karma is spent on the player then spends 100 Karma points to try
roll, only that she will be spending Karma. the stunt. Any additional Karma to Ability Advancement is the increase of
manipulate the die roll may be spent now , any of the seven primary abilities
Certain FEATs may not be manipulated by according to the rules laid out above. (FASERIP).
Karma. Resource FEATs may not be so Resource Advancement is the increase
manipulated, nor may Popularity FEATs. Example: A first time player is running the of the Resource ability, and reflects
FEATs resulting from being Blindsided or Vision, and wishes to increase his normal that the character is spending time and
suffering an unexpected attack may not be density inside an opponent, stunning the energy increasing his wealth.
modified by Karma (if Arcade suddenly opponent without seriously damaging him.
pumps your jet full of knock-out gas, you This is a common Power Stunt the V ision Popularity Advancement is an attempt
cannot spend Karma, unless you had some uses, so would be a green FEAT roll. The to increase the character's Popularity
previous warning of the attack). Judge states the character would have to hit rank, via the old PR campaign. Given
his target, and the defender would make an the fluid nature of Popularity, this is
Example 1: A character with Typical Strength Endurance FEAT against the Intensity of the used in cases where the hero has
must make a red Strength FEAT. He has 30 density control used. The player agrees and suffered from a smear campaign or
Karma points listed on his sheet. He spends 100 Karma points. The player then other negative Popularity modifiers.
announces he spends Karma and rolls the states he is spending Karma to hit, so another Power Advancement is the increase in
dice. He rolls a 68. He spends the full 30, 10 points are automatically spent. The hit is superhuman abilities the character
bringing the roll up to a final result of 98 a successful in any event, and the V ision has already possesses, and reflects a fine
success. The character has no Karma left. spent 110 Karma points on this attack. honing of those abilities.

Power Addition is the gaining of new Power Addition: Heroes may increase their
Powers, either through experimentation, Powers by spending Karma. The cost of an
latent abilities coming to the fore, or additional Power is 3000 plus 40 times the
further modification of the character. starting rank number. New Powers (as
Talent Addition is the gaining of a new opposed to Power Stunts, which are
Talent from those listed on the Talent relatively cheap) must have a rationale of
Table, or the development of a new Talent. some type. Exception: Robotic characters
may be modified at a cost of 3000 plus 10
Contact Addition is the gaining of times the starting rank number, provided
additional Contacts, and reflects a that someone is capable of modifying their
previously unrevealed or newly gained form. The procedure is the same as for
Contact. As campaign play itself often reactivating robots. A third party must have
creates new Contacts, this sufficient Reason to include a Power of that
advancement pool is not often used. rank. H.U.B.E.R.T. may be modified, but
characters would have a great deal of
Karma put aside must be put them for one of difficulty with the synthezoid known as the
the seven purposes above. A character may Vision.
not have an Advancement fund set up for
more than one of the seven purposes, but, Talent Addition: Heroes may add to the
after making a purchase in one area, may Talents they have by spending Karma into
move the remaining Karma to another area. the advancement pool and seeking training.
Additional Talents must always have a
Ability Advancement: Raising an ability by rationale. If your character wants to learn
one rank number costs 1D times the current change, but only when the character Martial Arts D, she must find someone to
rank number of that ability. Raising an ability advances to the next rank is that change teach her. Characters may learn from other
to the next highest rank (from Excellent(25) apparent. Cost is 10 times the rank player characters at a cost of 2000 points,
to Remarkable(26), for example) is called number, plus 200 points for Cresting. or from NPCs at a cost of 1000 points per
Cresting. When cresting into the next rank, Talent. (This is to get them out the house.)
an additional 400 Karma points are spent. Popularity Advancement reflects a
concentrated effort to increase the Contact Addition: Heroes may add to the
Example: Potato Salad Man has been character's Popularity score, and is Contacts they have by spending into this
putting Karma aside for ability advancement. reflected both by the addition of Karma as advancement pool and seeking out the
He has a Reason of Good (14). It will cost well as in specific acts the character must Contacts. Such Contacts should fall into
him 140 Karma points to advance to perform. Raising Popularity by one rank two categories: contacts the hero has met
Good(l5). It will cost him 150 points plus 4M) number costs 10 times the current rank or dealt with, and contacts that existed in
more for Cresting to reach the next rank number. There is no Cresting cost to raise the time previous to the start of play. (Thor,
number (550 total) of Excellent (16). from one Popularity rank to the next. In for example, had several adventures before
addition, the character must have his connections with Asgard were revealed
Rationales: A character may raise any performed one publicized act of charity in -- in game terms, the player of Thor saved
ability to Excellent without having to explain the past three weeks. (Such acts may up his Karma and picked up the Contact.) If
himself. Raising an ability beyond increase Popularity in and of themselves -- the Contact is one the character has
Excellent, or more than one rank above the this merely provides another avenue for encountered, that Contact should be
original, may take some explaining by the Karma-rich but press-poor characters.) Friendly or Neutral (not Unfriendly or
player. What the Judge is looking for is a Hostile). Contacts cost 500 points plus 10
reason why the character is getting Power Advancement: Abilities under the times the Resource rank number of the
stronger, brighter, quicker, etc. character's Powers may be increased Contact. A brief list of Contacts for the
through expenditure of Karma. Cost is 20 Marvel Universe are listed in Appendix C.
Example: She-Hulk, when she first times the rank number gained, and the cost
appeared, could lift about 50 tons. putting for cresting is 500 additional points. Any
her in the Fantastic Strength category. A additional increase of rank beyond the first
couple years later, she's working out on the should require a rationale similar to that of
Thing's weight machines, pressing 75 tons, the Ability advancement.
putting her in the Monstrous category. The
Rationale for her increase is merely that Example: Coldboy has Cold Resistance of
she has been working out. Should her Fantastic(63). It costs him 63 times 20, or
Strength continue to increase to Unearthly, 1260 Karma points to raise it to
this change may be due to further mutations Fantastic(64), and an additional 64 times 20
from the gamma rays, or additional (1220) plus 500 (for 1780 to gain
exposure or eating her cheery oats. Spectacular(65) resistance. Note that this
method requires spending large amounts of
Resource Advancement reflects an Karma to advance at high levels. This is
increase in Resource rank. The individual intentional, as a world filled with Thors may
numbers of a Resource do not reflect any be a bit tedious.


Popularity and Contacts Being accused, found guilty, and cleared of the raise in Popularity, while the non-heroic
crimes: The reporting of an accusation of ID would not. Similarly, if the hero was
Popularity, like Karma, is a variable ability, criminal behavior by an organized and accused of a crime in his secret ID, only
and may be increased or decreased respected agency of government (including the secret ID's Popularity would suffer.
according to the situation. Popularity is a the FBI and police force, but not including
measure of the hero's reputation and public other national governments or newspapers) If a hero with a secret ID has that ID
Image, whereas Karma is the hero's will result in the loss of half the hero's revealed to the world it is no longer secret),
success within the cosmic scheme of Popularity. If the charge is cleared (hero is then the Popularity becomes that of the
things, in general. Popularity depends on not guilty), then the hero regains 10 points of lower of the two values. (Revealed to the
what your hero does in public, and how the Popularity (which may exceed his earlier world means it is common knowledge. The
press reacts to him. Popularity is awarded total). If the charge is round true (the hero fact that Bethany Cabe knows who Iron
on a day-to-day basis, as it takes time for may still be innocent, in the case of a frame), Man is is very different from the Daily Bugle
information to move through the media. all remaining Popularity is reduced to 0. knowing that the Hulk is Bruce Banner)
As a hero performs actions for the public Media attack: A media attack is an event Heroes with Negative Popularity: A hero
good. and those actions are reported to the that the players have little control over, end who has been arrested, defeated, and/or
public at large, the hero's Popularity is a Judge-generated event. In a media subjected to a smear campaign may find
Increases. If the hero is accused of evil attack, a publishing entity (newspaper, himself in the negative Popularity category.
acts, or failing to protect the populace, his magazine, or TV channel) makes the hero In this case, all contacts are considered
Popularity may drop. Popularity may reach look dangerous. foolish, or ineffective. automatically Neutral as opposed to
a negative value, unlike Karma. Capturing a costumed crook in such a way Friendly, and any use of Popularity FEATs
that results in a media attack gives a result results in a loss of Karma.
Popularity Awards and Penalties of + 2-5, or - 3 total.
Gaining and Losing Contacts: Contacts are
Action Award/Penalty Acts of charity: A publicly reported act of generally gained through the expenditure of
Defeat normal villains +0 charity is defined as in the Karma section, Karma. In some cases. joining a group or
Defeat costumed villain +2 Pop and results in one point added to the gaining official government sanction will
Defeated in public -5 Pop Popularity score. grant certain automatic Contacts. These
Accused of crime -1/2 total are separate exceptions that are dealt with
Cleared of charges +10 Self-promotion: Endeavors of the hero to by the Judge and given to the players as
Found guilty of charge -remaining promote her own image are known as PR specific opportunities.
Media attack -5 campaigns, and are reflected by the
Charity work +1 coupling of good deeds and spending of Contacts may be lost through the hero
Rescues +2 Karma under the Advancement section. performing actions that are not in the
Acts of charity tied into Self-promotion and Contact's best interest. This indiscretion
All of the above are for public acts. Popularity advancement have no effect on must be known to be effective. Far
Defeating Doctor Doom and preventing him Popularity other than to fulfill the example, hiding a criminal wanted by the
from blowing up the world is good Karma, requirement for advancement. FBI may endanger the character's contact
but unless someone reports it to the world, with the FBI. In such situations, the Judge
it won't result in any additional Popularity. Mutant Penalty: Any award or penalty of will make a Popularity FEAT for the
Certain actions will be withheld from the Popularity is reduced by one in value for character, modified by circumstance. If the
public as they would have a disastrous characters who are recognized or declared FEAT fails, the hero will lose that Contact
effect on the general population. mutants (do not really have to be mutants). (the organization becomes Neutral or, if the
This applies even to longtime Avengers, crime was severe, Unfriendly or Hostile).
Defeat normal villains: Normal villains are like The Scarlet Witch. In other words, Regaining the good graces of a lost
defined as goons, thugs, young toughs. mutants do not gain any Popularity from Contact will cost half the cost of buying that
and henchmen. Heroes are assumed to be charitable acts, only one point for catching Contact. and reflects that certain members
above the normal range of human criminals, and lose only four points for of the organization may think the hero is
capabilities, so defeating normal villains, as being publicly defeated. OK, or that the organization was wrong.
well as those with no ability or Power that
exceeds Excellent, grants no additional Popularity and Secret IDs: A character Resources
Popularity. normally begins play with a single Popularity
rank number -- this reflects his Popularity Resources may be increased through the
Defeat costumed villain: Battling and both as a hero and a person. If the players spending of Karma, and under specific
defeating another costumed character, wish, they may keep separate account of circumstances laid down by the Judge.
particularly one with negative Popularity. is their gained Popularity to reflect the difference Resources may be similarly deducted by
considered good for the image. Two points between the two. This option is only available the Judge in campaign situations.
of Popularity are added. to those characters with secret IDs.
Defeated in public: When you're a winner, Any Popularity award or penalty is ascribed
everyone loves you; when you lose, you're to the persona that performed it. If the
a bum. A hero who is defeated in public heroic ID rescued a child from a burning
loses 5 points of Popularity. building. the heroic ID would benefit from

Chapters One through Three have dealt
with the material necessary for almost every
character in the MARVEL SUPER HEROES
Campaign: the character, standard actions,
movement, and combat, and Karma. Now
comes the fun part -- the specialized "flash"
that makes the adventures of Doctor
Strange different from those of Iron Man.
This chapter deals with specialized sections
such as magic, available hardware, building
and modifying items, and vehicles.

Equipment: Weapons
Most but not all heroes have "natural,"
inborn Powers, or weapons that exist as a
part of their outfit. However, as most of the
hero's opponents are armed with devices
such as those found below, a more-than-
passing knowledge of the common types of
weapons and what they can do will aid the
hero's survival.

The tables found on pages 42-43 list all the

common, readily available weapons and
related material used by criminals. Damage lists the reduction of Health using all, inexpensive. The hero breaking up a
subversive societies, law enforcement standard damage. Stun weapons have liquor store robbery would most likely
agencies, and the military. Specialized special effects for damage, as they project encounter this type of weapon. The cheap
weapons may be created by invention or a listed Intensity of Stunning force. handgun takes only standard ammunition.
modification. (see the sections listed
Equipment: Inventions and Equipment: Type indicates the Results column used. The Handgun/Pistol is the next most
Modifying.) Most of these weapons use the Shooting common weapon, and like the cheap
column, but lasers use the Energy column handgun. is easily concealed. A number of
Shooting Weapons is the general term for and Concussion weapons use the Force makes and models exist, noted by the
all forms of handguns, rifles, bows, column. different number of shots available. When
blasters, and missile or energy firing the number is not predetermined (the text
weapons, and range from handguns to Rate is the number of shots that may be states a 9-shot pistol), assume the
battleship armament. fired per round. Multiple shots require chambers hold 6 shots.
separate die rolls, but are taken at the
Price indicates the Resource rank of the same time in the combat phase. Certain The Target Pistol is the most finely
weapons, from Poor to Unearthly. This weapons fire bursts, which affect up to balanced and accurate of the pistols. The
Resource rank reflects the price if the item three adjacent targets, with one roll made user of a target pistol suffers no penalty for
is available at all (lasers cannot be picked for all targets. Some weapons are noted to range when firing with two hands. Its
up at the local pawnshop). Items that are scatter, which indicates all targets within drawback is that the target pistol fires one
gained through criminal contacts (on the one area of the target will be hit for that shot, then must be reloaded.
black market) are + 1CS in cost (a damage.
Concussion Pistol, acquired through the The Variable Pistol has an advantage in
black market, has an Amazing Resource Shot indicates the number of shots the that it may be set in the field to a specific
rank rather than the listed value of weapon can fire before it must be reloaded. type of ammunition, and changed
Incredible). That takes one round, though certain according to need. Most handguns fire
talents. such as Sow skill, may negate this. standard ammunition, and must be
Range is the maximum range of the modified to fire other types as well. The
weapon in question. For each area beyond Material indicates the material strength of guns carried by the Punisher are of
the first, the weapon receives a -1CS to hit. the item. Scientific weaponry such as Variable type.
This is different from ranged Powers, in lasers tends to be more fragile and more
which Range is set as effective number of expensive than the low-tech equivalents, A GyroJet Pistol fires a miniature rocket,
areas. Example: a Thug with a rifle fires at a and as such is not used by the man on the which may affect one or more targets
target five areas away with Excellent ability. street. according to ammunition type. Gyro-jets will
The thug receives a - 4CS to hit as a result only fire one type of ammunition, and gyro-
of the range. if the thug were striking with a The common weapons are listed below. jet ammunition will not fit any other type of
Power (including such specialty items as a gun. Possession of gyro-jet equipment is
The Cheap Handgun is the weapon of restricted. and its use is illegal (treat as
repulsor blast), then there would be no
choice of most low-level criminals. It is Other Crime).
penalty to hit from range.
easy to use, sufficiently deadly, and most of


The Laser Pistol, Concussion Pistol, and Table of Equipment

Plasma Beam Handgun are weapons used
by high-tech spies and subversive Shooting Weapons
organizations, including S.H.I.E.L.D. and
A.I.M. Their possession is illegal by Name Range Price Damage Type Rate Shots Material
unauthorized persons (Other Crime). All Cheap Handgun Fe 2 6 S 1 6 Pr
three types operate from power packs. One-handed,
no special ammo
The standard Stun Pistol fires a stunning Handgun/Pistol Ty 3 6 S 1 6,8,9 Ex
beam of Typical Intensity, and the target One-handed
must make an Endurance FEAT or pass Target Pistol Ty 5 6 S 1 1 Ex
out for 1-10 turns. It operates from a power Variable Pistol Gd 3 6 S 1 6,8,9 Ex
pack. One-handed, may
change ammo
The Machine Pistol is the most powerful type in field
form of one-handed weapon and fires GyroJet Pistol Ex 5 10 S 1 per 2 3 Gd
bursts (affects up to three adjacent targets). One-handed, fires
It is used by the military as well as gyro-jet ammo,
government and subversive organizations. illegal
Possession by ordinary folk is illegal (Other Laser Pistol Rm 10 10 E 1 10 Pr
Crime). One-handed,
power pack, illegal
The Rifle and Hunting Rifle are standards Stun Pistol Rm 2 * * 1 10 Pr
for their types: relatively long. two-handed One-handed,
weapons (may be fired one-handed at - power pack, Typical
2CS). The hunting rifle is merely a higher Intensity stunning
grade of rifle. Concussion Pistol In 4 10 F 1 5 Ty
The Sniper Rifle, like the target pistol,
power pack
suffers no penalty for firing up to maximum
Plasma Beam Am 7 20 F 1 10 Ex
range. It is used by criminals as well as the
Handgun, One-
handed, power
The Assault Rifle is the version of the rifle pack
used by the military. Machine Pistol Ex 3 20 S 1 6 Ex
Bursts, one-
The Laser, Stun and Concussion Rifles are handed, military
larger versions of their handgun equivalents. Rifle Ty 10 10 S 1 4 Gd
The stun rifle fires a beam of Remarkable Hunting Rifle Gd 10 10 S 1 6,7,8 Gd
Intensity. All use power packs. All are illegal. Sniper Rifle Gd 10 15 S 1 4 Gd
Assault Rifle Ex 7 10 S 2 20 Gd
The Automatic Rifle is a military weapon Military
that fires bursts. A Semi-Automatic version Laser Rifle Rm 4 20 S 1 20 Ty
with similar stats may be altered to fire Power pack,
normal shots. Possession outside of illegal
government-recognized agencies is illegal Stun Rifle Rm 5 * * 1 20 Ty
(Other Crime). Remarkable
Intensity stunning,
The Shotgun is a one- or two-barreled power pack,
weapon that fires bursts. It is often loaded illegal
with non-lethal cartridges (such as rock
salt) that will not inflict Killing damage Heading Definitions
(ignore Kill results). One or both barrels Name: Name of the weapon
may be fired. Price: Price rank to meet or beat when making a Resource FEA T
Range: Effective Range in areas
The Riot Gun is a smaller version of the Damage: Amount of damage inflicted by standard weapon of the type listed. W eapons that
shotgun, and fires grenade-like missiles and inflict special or variable damage are marked with a *.
canister shot (treat as grenades). Riot guns Type: Effects Column on the Universal Table. The types are S = Shooting F - Force E
may be fired one-handed at -1CS to hit. =Energy
Rate: Number of shots that may be fired on one round. 1 = fire one shot/round 2 = fires 2
The Grenade Launcher is a military shots/round 1 per 2 = fires one shot every other round
weapon that fires grenades a set distance Shot: Number of shots a weapon can fire before it must be reloaded. In ef fect. the number
with no penalty for range. Private of consecutive rounds of firing.
possession is illegal (Other Crime). Material: Material strength of the weapon.

Name Range Price Damage Type Rate Shots Material Notes:
One-handed: The weapon can be fired
Concussion Rifle Rm 7 10 F 1 12 Gd
one-handed without penalty
Power pack,
Illegal: Possession of this weapon outside
of certain authorized groups is a
Automatic Rifle Ex 5 15 S 1 20 Gd
Military, bursts
Military: Possession of this weapon outside
Shotgun Gd 3 20 S 1,2 2 Gd
of the military and certain authorized
groups is a crime (Other Crime).
Riot Gun Gd 2 15 S 1 6 Ex
Power pack: This weapon operates from a
Fire one-handed
power pack, as opposed to using
at -1CS
standard ammunition.
Grenade Launcher Ex 4 * 1 per 2 1 1 Gd
Bursts: This weapon may affect multiple
adjacent targets.
Sub-Machine Gun Rm 7 25 S 1 7 Gd
Scatters: This weapon affects all within one
Fire one-handed at
area of the target.
-2CS, bursts,
Two men to fire: Two persons are required
to fire this weapon effectively. One may
Machine Gun In 10 30 S 1 20 Gd
fire, with the result of the firing rate being
Bursts, military
halved and a - 2CS to hit.
Flamethrower In 2 30 E 1 5 Ty/Gd
Stationary: This weapon does not move,
Fire burns for 10
but it can turn in place.
round, scatters,
The Sub-Machine Gun is a military weapon
that fires bursts, and may be fired one-
Bazooka In 4 40 S 1 per 2 1 Gd
handed at - 2CS to hit.
Two men to fire,
military The Machine Gun is a military weapon that
LAW Am 4 40 S 1 6 Gd fires bursts, but may not be fired one-
Military handed.
Light Artillery Am 10 40 S 1 20 Ex
Two men to The Flamethrower is a military weapon that
operate, military shoots a jet of flaming jelly, affecting all
Stun Cannon Am 10 * * 1 10 Rm targets in the area. The fire burns for
Two men to fire, Incredible (40) points damage the first round,
one-man firing at and continues to burn for 10 points damage
-1CS to hit, each round until put out For 1-10 rounds).
Incredible Intensity
stunning, bursts, The Bazooka is an old-style military
power pack weapon, still used in small armies and by
Concussion Cannon Am 15 40 F 1 10 Rm criminals as well as in old WWII movies. It
Power pack has recently been replaced by the LAW. It
Laser Cannon Am 20 30 E 1 10 Ex requires two men to fire.
Power pack
Heavy Artillery Mn 40 50 S 1 30 Rm LAW stands for Light Anti-tank Weapon,
Two men to fire, and is the replacement for the Bazooka on
scatters, military the battlefield. It requires one man to fire.
Superheavy Artillery Un 80 50 S 1 30 In
Stationary, two Light Artillery is a blanket term for projectile
men to fire, weapons above the Bazooka/LAW class
military but still moveable by a normal man, and
Missile Launcher In * * * 1 10 Rm includes mortars.
Fires missiles of
various capabilities, Stun, Concussion, and Laser Cannons are
military the largest version of the pistols and rifles
Regular Bow Pr 5 6 S 1 1 Pr of the same name. They must be stationary
Two-handed to fire, and all rely on power packs. Stun
Long Bow Ty 6 10 S 1 1 Ty cannon fires bursts of Incredible Intensity.
Compound Bow Ex 7 15 S 1 1 Gd Heavy Artillery refers to large mobile
Two-handed weapons that require horses or vehicles to
Crossbow, Fire one- Gd 3 10 S 1 per 2 1 Ty lug around. They must be stationary to fire.
handed at -2CS Fire affects all in target area.

Super-Heavy Artillery is reserved for large Ammunition Table
immobile weapons, most often battleship
and railroad guns. They require a crew of Name Weapon Cost Rounds
at least two men to fire. All Handguns Fe 50
Standard All Rifles Fe 50
The Missile Launcher is a military weapon
Standard Assault Rifle Fe 30
that fires missiles (see Missiles), and may
Standard Automatic Rifle Fe 20 (1 clip)
range from small launchers similar to the
Standard Sub-Machine Gun Fe 7 (1 clip)
LAW to missile equivalents of the Heavy
Standard Machine Gun Pr 20 (1 clip)
Standard Shotgun Fe 10
Finally, shifting back down to more Standard Bazooka Fe 1
personal weapons, Bows are two handed- Standard LAW Fe 1
weapons, though the Crossbow can be Standard Light Artillery Pr 1
fired one-handed at a -2CS to hit. Both Standard Heavy Artillery Ty 1
Bows and Crossbows have a -1CS to hit, Standard Superheavy Artillery Gd 1
unless the wielder has Bow Talent.
Power Pack Pistol Ty 1 pack
Ammunition: Damage listed for each Power Pack Rifle Gd 1 pack
weapon is for standard ammunition. Stun, Power Pack Cannon Ex 1 pack
concussion, and laser weapons operate
from power packs, and may not use other Mercy Shot Handgun Fe 10
types of ammunition. Gyro-jets may only Mercy Shot Rifle Fe 10
use gyro-jet ammunition, though there are Mercy Shot Assault Rifle Fe 5
several warhead types. Mercy Shot Automatic Rifle Ty 20 (1 clip)

There are several types of specialized AP Shot Handgun Fe 10 rounds

ammunition, the first of which is Mercy AP Shot Sniper Rifle Fe 10 rounds
Shot. Mercy bullets inflict no damage, but AP Shot LAW, Bazooka Fe 1 round
spread a Remarkable Intensity knock-out
drug over the skin of the target. If the bullet Rubber Shot Handgun Fe 40 rounds
inflicts damage to the target, the drug takes Rubber Shot Rifle Fe 40 rounds
effect, knocking those affected out for 1-10
rounds. Explosive Shot Handgun Ty 10 rounds
Explosive Shot Rifle Ty 10 rounds
Of a more deadly nature is AP Shot. Armor- Explosive Shot Bazooka Gd 1 round
piercing bullets reduce the target's Body
Armor by 2 CS (from Good to Poor , for Canister Shot LAW, Bazooka, Gd 1 round
example) for purposes of hitting and Riot gun
damage. This type of ammunition has no Canister Shot Light Artillery Gd 1 round
effect on force fields (including the force- Canister Shot Heavy Artillery Ex 1 round
field stiffened armor of Iron Man). Canister Shot Superheavy Artillery Rm 1 round

Less lethal is Rubber Shot, a type of Standard Gyro-jet Pr 5 rounds

ammunition that inflicts slugfest damage as Explosive Gyro-jet Pr 1 round
opposed to shooting damage. Ignore Slam Heat-Seeker Gyro-jet Pr 1 round
results in using rubber bullets. Explosive Explosive H-S Gyro-jet Gd 1 round
Shot inflicts twice normal (listed) damage
for the weapon. If the weapon fires bursts Name: Type of ammunition
or scatters, all in the area are af fected Weapon: Specific type of weapon used
when using explosive shot. Price: Resource Rank
Amount: Standard packaging of that type of ammunition. (You cannot purchase half a clip of
Canister shot is a special type of Automatic Rifle standard.)
ammunition, similar to the shot-gun shell in
that it may be loaded with a number of
cartridges for various effects, all for the
same cost. The player should specify the Smoke Canisters: contain Excellent Heat-Seeker Ammunition seeks out the
type of canister desired when purchasing. Intensity smoke. Cover one area. hottest source in line to the target. Will
Gas Canisters: contain Incredible Intensity Explosive Canisters: inflict double damage track the hottest source up to maximum of
Tear Gas. Cover one area. to all in target area, normal damage to all in the weapon's range, and suffers no penalty
Knock-Out Canisters: contain adjacent areas. for range. If several targets are of the same
Remarkable Intensity Knock-Out gas. Incendiary Canisters: inflict damage as heat, then it will determine a target
Cover one area. listed for weapon in fire, which burns at that randomly. This ammunition type is only
Intensity for 1-10 rounds. available for Gyro-Jet Pistols.

Melee Weapons Melee and Thrown Weapons
The common melee weapons listed on the Name Price Damage Type Strength
table on page 45 are listed according to
Cost rank, normal (minimum) damage, type Knife Fe 10 EA,ET Ex
of damage (Edged Attack (EA), Edged Sword Pr 10 EA Ex
Throwing , Blunt Attack (BA), Blunt Great Sword Gd 15 EA Ex
Throwing , Grappling (Gp) or Grabbing Two-Handed
(Gb)), and normal material strength. Axe Gd 5 EA Gd
Great Axe Ex 15 EA Gd
When attacking with an object in a Blunt Two-Handed
Attack, the hero inflicts damage equal to Spear Fe 10 EA,ET Gd
his Strength or the material strength of the Club Fe 10 BA,BT Gd
item, whichever is less. When attacking Shuriken Fe 10 ET Ex
with a weapon designed for combat, the Boomerang Pr 10 BT Gd
character will always inflict damage of the Whip, leather Pr 0 Gp,Gb Ty
effects type listed and always a minimum of Whip, metal Gd 10 Gp,Gb Gd
the damage listed (a knife will always inflict
at least 10 points). A powerful character A Spear is considered as any thrusting blade gases of various Intensities. Health is
may inflict up to his Strength or the material with a handle over one foot long, and is unaffected by knock-out gas.
strength of the object in damage, normally thrown or wielded with two hands.
whichever is less. Example: Wonder Man Flash Grenades create a flash of up to
with his bare hands can inflict up to 100 Clubs are standard blunt weapons, and Amazing intensity Those facing the flash
points of damage in slugfest. With a normal include makeshift weapons such chairs and are affected.
knife he can inflict a minimum of 10 points tables.
Edged Attack, and a maximum of 20 points Concussive Grenades inflict 40 points of
(Excellent material) damage. That is why Shuriken are also called throwing stars. damage as a Blunt Attack, to all in the area
Wondy doesn't carry a knife. Maximum range of these stars is three
areas. Sonic Grenades inflict 20 points of Energy
Note: If a weapon hits a material of higher damage to all in area; in addition, all must
material strength (knife against the Hulk's The Boomerang is a flat, curved throwing make an Endurance FEAT against
skin), there is a chance of it breaking as if stick. Only a character with Throwing talent Excellent Intensity Stunning.
purposely attempting to break the weapon. may cause a Boomerang to return to his
Make a Breaking FEAT roll, comparing the hands. Missiles are expensive propositions. In
material strength of the object and either addition to a missile launcher, the user
the Strength of the wielder or the material Whips can make Grappling or Grabbing must purchase the missile itself, the
strength or Body Armor of the target. attacks from a distance, as if the whip had specific payload to be used, and the control
Example: Black Knight attacks Hulk with a a Strength equal to its material strength. system This restricts missiles to those who
regular sword (his Ebony Blade is being Example: a villain using a leather whip tries can afford or invent them.
polished). Sword is Excellent material, to entangle a charging hero. The villain
Hulk's Body Armor is Monstrous, and Black rolls a Grappling attack on the Typical A missile without a control device will fly in a
Knight's Strength is Good. The attack inflicts column. The result would then be a Miss, straight line to its target's location at the time of
no damage, and a second check is made, Partial hold, or Full hold. the firing, and hit those in that area on the Shift
Good Strength breaking an Excellent 0 column (individuals who are not choosy
material sword, to see if the blade breaks. Other Weapons about their targets often do this while loading
up on the explosives). Aircraft Bombs (like the
A Knife is defined as any blade weapon Grenades on the price list refers to those type in old 8-52 movies) an missiles without
with a blade up to 12 inches. May be standard types of grenades available. All control devices (the "launcher" is in the plane
thrown as a thrown object. grenades are usable by military and itself -they are "launched" straight down).
government organizations but their
Swords are considered one-handed blade ownership and use by private citizens (and There are three readily available types of
weapons with blades over 12 inches long. criminals) is illegal (Other Crime). missiles:
Not normally thrown.
Fragmentary Grenades inflict Remarkable The Standard Missile
Great Swords are two-handed blade Edged Attack damage to all in the same area. Body Control Speed
weapons. They may be wielded one- Ex Rm Ex
handed at - 2CS to hit. Smoke Grenades release Excellent
Intensity smoke. All FEATs within the The High-Tech Missile
Axes are any chopping weapon, including smoke-filled area are made at -2CS. Body Control Speed
fire axes, that may be wielded with one Ex In Ex
hand. Tear Gas Grenades release Typical
Intensity Tear Gas. The High-Speed Missile
Great Axes are two-handed chopping Body Control Speed
weapons, used by medieval-type folk. Knock-Out Grenades release knock-out Ex In Am


These three types come in a variety of Other Weapons Cost

forms, and a character cannot be able to Name Cost Special Damage
identify an approaching missile's type
unless he is familiar with the various Grenade, Fragment Ex RM damage, Scatter
makes. Grenade, Smoke Gd -2 CS for FEATs
Grenade, Tear Gas Ex Typical Intensity
Example: Given his background in weapons Grenade, Knock-out In Good Intensity
research, Tony Stark may be able to make Grenade, Knock-out Am Excellent Intensity
a Reason FEAT to determine what a type of Grenade, Knock-out Mn Remarkable Intensity
missile is, but Johnny Storm cannot. Grenade, Flash Ex Amazing Intensity
Grenade, Concussive Rm 40 points BA
Control Systems: Grenade, Sonic In 20 points Energy
Wire-guided: The missile is controlled by
wire leading from the tail of the missile Missile, Standard Am
(Feeble material). The Wire-guided missile Missile, High-tech Mn
has the Agility of the controller to hit. Missile, High-speed Mn
Severing the wires causes the missile to Missile Control, Wire-guided Rm
behave as if it has no control. Range of 10 Missile Control, Tele-guided In
areas, maximum, but no penalties for range. Missile Control, Computer Am
Missile Control, Radio In
Tele-Guided: The missile is guided by a Missile Control, Heat Seeker Rm
camera in the nose of the missile, and the Missile Payload, Standard Rm 40 points, Scatter
operator may be up to 5 miles away. Use Missile Payload, Rm 40 points, one target
the Control of the missile or the Agility of Concentrated Explosive
the controller (whichever is lower) to Missile Payload, High Exp. Am 70 points Scatter
determine Control FEATs for this type of 20 points, adjacent
missile. Missile Payload, Incendiary In 40 points fire
Missile Payload, Gas Am Amazing Intensity
Computer-Guided: The missile is program- Smoke, fill one area Gd - 2CS on FEATs
med internally for a specific target. its ability Tear Gas, fill one area Ex Typical intensity
to determine the target is considered Poor if Knock-Out Gas, fill one area Ex Feeble Intensity
multiple similar targets are available. (also explosives) Rm Poor Intensity
Rm Typical intensity
Radio-Linked: Also called a homing missile. In Good intensity
The missile tracks on a specific In Excellent Intensity
wavelength, either directed from its paint of Am Remarkable Intensity
firing or issuing from the target. Destruction Am Incredible Intensity
of a tracer or cessation of the signal Mn Amazing Intensity
causes the missile to go out of control. Mn Monstrous Intensity
Un Unearthly Intensity
Heat-Seeking: This form of guidance will 10 points BA
"lock on" to the highest flame source in its
path (usually a jet-engine or flaming hero).
The missile will only be sidetracked by a Gases Vehicles
higher source of heat.
Smoke: Smoke, whether from fire or Not all characters have their own garage
The Payloads missiles, is usually considered to be of filled with neat vehicles, but most come
Standard Missile Payload inflicts 40 points Excellent Intensity to see through. All into contact with this necessary type of
EA damage to all in the target area. FEATs performed while in a Smoke-filled equipment in some way (as weapons if
area are at -2CS. nothing else). The table on pages 48-49
Concentrated Explosive inflicts 40 points lists the more common and well-known
EA damage to target only. Tear Gas: Most tear gas is considered to craft in use.
be Typical intensity. Those failing the
High Explosive inflicts 70 points EA Endurance FEAT roll against this gas may Vehicles are defined by six statistics: Type,
damage to all in target area, and 20 points take no actions other than movement until Cost, Control, Speed, Body, and Protection.
to those in adjacent areas. they leave the area, nor for one round
after leaving that area. The Type of a vehicle is a handy definition
Incendiary inflicts 40 points Energy damage of the general purpose. A Blimp, the
to all in area, and burns for Good Intensity Knock-Out Gas: Knock-Out gas is listed in Concorde, and the Avengers Quinjet are
for each round afterward until put out. various Intensities, as it is a favorite device all basically airborne craft, and so are
to knock out bad guys and good guys. classified as "air" types. Vehicles of the
Gas Payload contains Amazing Intensity Those in the same area as knock-out gas same Type are normally bound by the
tear or knock-out gas, which will af fect all in must make an Endurance FEAT or be same general rules regarding control and
the area. knocked out for 1-10 rounds. damage.

Road vehicles are those designed primarily Driving Lesson (Using Vehicles) Excellent Endurance. Their current Speed
to be driven on relatively flat surfaces (like rank is considered to be that equal to the
roads), and include most vehicles found in The Control attribute of a vehicle represents areas moved or the next highest on the
modern cities. Road vehicles suffer how well the vehicle handles, makes turns, long-distance movement table. (see page
penalties for Control and Speed when of f- and generally performs. In certain xx).All vehicles use the Land/Water column,
road (like cutting through the park in your situations. an operator of the vehicle must save for GEV, Space, and Air types, which
luxury lime). make a Control FEAT to perform a certain use the Air column.
action. This FEAT refers to the character's
Off-Road vehicles are land vehicles Agility, or the vehicle's Control, whichever is Example of Acceleration: A hero with
designed to handle broken ground better less. Situations where such FEATs are Amazing Endurance and no other
than road vehicles. Some recreational required are determined by type: movement-related powers is chasing a
vehicles and military equipment fall under Road Vehicles make Control FEATs for Jeep. Both are moving from a standing
this category. sudden stopping, traveling off-road, start. In the first round, the hero moves 3
turns of 90 degrees or more, or any areas, determined by his Endurance. The
Railed vehicles follow a predetermined path sudden action at higher than listed Jeep moves 2 areas in the first turn, and
or track; the most common example is Speed. accelerates to 4 areas in the second turn
Trains. A Railed vehicle that runs off the Off-Road Vehicles have the limitations (Good speed). The Jeep then moves 4
track has disastrous effects. of road vehicles except for traveling areas per turn each turn afterwards.
off-road. Machines, of course, unlike heroes, never
GEV means Ground Effect Vehicle, which Railed Vehicles check for sudden stops, get tired.
is basically the hovercraft. GEVs exhibit only.
properties of both Air and Off-Road GEVs check Control as Off-Road and Note on Air vehicles: Most aircraft must
Vehicles, and as such deserve their own Air vehicles. have a section of open space (a runway) to
entry Air Vehicles check Control for sudden attain the speeds necessary to achieve
turns (including dodging), turns of up flight. Air vehicles must be moving at a
Air vehicles travel mainly through the to 45 degrees (one-eighth of a circle), ground speed of equal rank to their listed
friendly skies, and include all forms of and Take-off and landing in non-normal air speed before they can take of f. A
aircraft from gliders to the Concorde. situations (landing on an airfield does Commercial jet must make Monstrous
not require a Control FEAT. Landing on ground speed 12 areas/round) before it can
Space vehicles are those which are a fog-enshrouded runway or with two take off. During this time the Air vehicle is
capable of sustained space travel in orbit or engines dead does). considered a Ground vehicle for purposes
between planets. Space Vehicles check Control for take- of control. (Sub-note: Vehicles that launch
off, landing, and sudden movements. from very short runways, such as aircraft
Water vehicles are boats of every Water Vehicles and Subs check Control carriers and the top of the Avengers'
description. from sailboats to carriers. Their only for sudden changes in course. mansion, use catapults that fling the craft at
main limitation is the danger of sinking. the necessary speeds over the water (or
Submersible vehicles are those designed to Failure to make a Control FEAT is over Central Park, as the case may be).)
travel underwater, and are represented by described in Out of Control.
the submarine. Subs are similar to water Normal Deceleration is similar. A vehicle
vehicles in the danger of sinking. Example: The Wasp, with her Agility of may drop its speed by two ranks each
Excellent, is flying the Quinjet, with a Control round until Shift 0 is reached (a mini-car
The Cost of a vehicle is represented in the of Remarkable. Coming out of a fog bank and moving at Good speed 4 areas/round)
Cost column. It is often possible to buy a seeing the Empire State Building looming slows to Poor (2 areas/round), then to a full
used (and therefore unreliable) version for straight ahead, Wasp must make a sudden stop). A vehicle may drop its speed by 3
one less than listed (a used sedan costs change of direction. She makes a FEAT roll ranks in a round by making a Sudden Stop
Excellent rather than Remarkable, and using her Agility as opposed to the vehicle's (with the attendant Control FEAT).
small countries can get their own used Control, because her Agility is the lesser of
battleships for Monstrous cost). the two values. Were Captain America at the Example: A vehicle moving at Good speed
controls, with his Incredible Agility, he would moves 4 areas in a round. In the next
The other four "Statistics" of a vehicle have to make a FEAT roll against the round it may slow normally to 2
determine how well the vehicle performs Quinjet's Control, which is the lesser of the areas/round. and come to a complete stop
under most situations. The Control stat is a two. The FEAT roll would be green in most in the third round. The vehicle can slow to
measure of how well the vehicle responds normal cases, but if there were other one area/round in the second round by
to moving in different directions and making circumstances (say, the ship was damaged), making a sudden stop. If the stop still
sudden stops. Speed is a note of the it might be a yellow or red FEAT to avoid brings it into conflict with a solid object
maximum safe speed of the vehicle. Body is smashing into the Empire State Building. (Crash), it will be moving at Feeble speed
the amount of damage the vehicle can
sustain before a chance exists of system Speed indicates the maximum safe speed Note for Air vehicles: An Air vehicle has to
failure (the vehicle breaks down). Protection for the vehicle in question. Similar to flying be moving at the ground equivalent of its air
is a new attribute for vehicles, and movement, all vehicles must obey certain rank speed (a plane with a speed of Shift X
represents the amount of equivalent Body rules of acceleration and deceleration. must be moving at 20 areas/round to make
Armor the vehicle provides for those within. Vehicles accelerate in 2 areas/round a safe landing (making a landing at higher
stages, as if they were characters of than that speed requires a Control FEAT)).

Name Type Cost Control Speed Body Protection
Sedan Road Rm Ty Gd Gd Pr
Mini-Car Road Ex Gd Gd Pr Fe
Sports Car Road In Ex Rm Pr Pr
Luxury Car Road In Pr Gd Ex Gd
Security Lime Road Am Ty Ex Re Re
Van Road Rm Pr Gd Gd Gd
Convertible Road Rm Ty Gd Gd Fe
Taxi Road Ex Ty Gd Ty Pr
Bus Road In Pr Gd Ty Ty
Police Car Road Rm Gd Ex Ty Ty
Police Van Road Rm Ty Gd Ty Ty
SWAT Van Road In Ty Gd Rm Ex
Semi Road Rm Ty Ex Ex Gd
Sleeper Road In Ty Ex Ex Ex
Armored Car Road In Ty Ty Rm Rm
Fire Truck Road In Ty Ex Gd Ty
Includes Fire Hoses,
Hook and Ladder)
Ambulance Road Rm Gd Ex Gd Gd
Rocket Car Road Am Fe ShZ Pr Pr
Bicycle Off-Road Pr Gd Ty Fe 0
Motorcycle Off-Road Ex Ty Ex Pr 0
Motor Trike Oft-Road Rm Rm Gd Gd 0
Pickup Truck Off-Road Rm Ty Gd Gd Ty
Jeep Oft-Road Rm Gd Ex Gd Pr
ATV Off-Road Rm Rm Gd Gd Ty
Snowmobile Off-Road Ex Gd Gd Ty Rm
Heavy Truck Off-Road In Pr Ty Ex Gd
Tractor Off-Road Rm Gd Ty Gd 0
Bulldozer Off-Road In Ty Ty Ex Ty
Tank (Includes Light Artillery Off-Road Am Ex Ty In Rm
mount and Machine Gun)
SPG (Includes Heavy Artillery Off-Road Sp Ty Pr Rm Ex
mount and Machine Gun)
Armored Carrier Off-Road Am Gd Gd In Rm
Includes Machine gun
Walker Off-Road In Gd Gd Rm Rm
Includes Stun Cannon
Borer Off-Road In Pr Ty Rm Rm

Heading Definitions

Name: Name of the Vehicle

Type: General "type" of the vehicle
Road Craft which travel on hard, flat surfaces
Off-Road Craft which travel on rough ground with no penalty
Railed Craft which travel on predetermined paths
GEV Ground Effects Vehicles those that ride on a cushion of air
Air Craft which normally are airborne
Space Craft which are space-worthy these craft are usually but not always airworthy as well
Water Craft which ride on the top of the water
Sub Craft which normally travel beneath the water's surface
* Indicates the craft is compartmented

Cost: the Resource Rank of the craft

Control: Ability of the craft to respond to sudden changes in direction and speed
Speed: the rank representing the maximum safe speed of the craft
Body: amount of damage the craft may take before failing to operate; its personal body armor and material strength
Protection: amount of Body Armor the craft provides to normal riders. Some craft provide no protection to the rider .

Name Type Cost Control Speed Body Protection
Train Railed In Fe Ex Gd Gd
Bullet Train Railed Am Pr In Gd Gd
El Railed In Pr Ty Gd Gd
Monorail Railed In Pr Ex Ex Gd
Hovercraft GEV In Ex Rm Gd Gd
Private Plane Air In Ty Am Fe Ty
Corporate Jet Air Am Ty Am Pr Ty
Military Jet, Includes 4 missiles Air Mn Ex ShX Ty Ty
of various types, Machine Gun
Commercial Jet Air Mn Gd Mn Ty Ty
Blimp Air Am Fe Pr Fe 0
Traffic Copter Air In Gd Ex Fe Fe
Battle Copter Air Am Ex Ex Ty Gd
WWII Plane Air Am Gd Rm Ty Ty
Includes machine gun, 2 bombs
WWII Bomber Air In Ty Ex Gd Gd
Machine Guns, 100 bombs
WWI Fighter Air In Rm Gd Pr 0
Includes Machine Guns
VTOL Jet Air Mn Rm Un Ty Ty
Includes four Missiles
Ultra-Light Air Ex Ex Ty Fe 0
Gliders Air Ex Ty Ty Fe 0
Autogyro Air Rm Ex Ex Pr Pr
Air Car Air In Ex Pr Gd Gd
Skymobile Air Rm Ex In Ex 0
Flying Car Air Am Rm Am Ex Gd
Quinjet Air Am Rm ShY Ex Gd
Concorde Air Mn Ty ShX Gd Gd
Omnijet Air Am Ex ShY Ex Gd
Pogo Plane Air Am Ex ShY Ex Gd
Fantasticar Air In Ex In Gd Ty
SRC Air In Gd Rm Ex Ty
"Blackbird" Air Am Rm ShY Ex Gd
Space Shuttle Space Mn Ty ShZ Rm Rm
Lunar Shuttle Space Am Gd Cl1000 Rm Rm
Space Ship Space* Un Ex Cl3000 Ex Ex

Raft Water Fe Ty Fe Pr 0
Rowboat Water Ty Gd Fe Ty Fe
Sailboat Water Gd Pr Pr Fe 0
Racing Sloop Water Rm Gd Gd Pr Pr
Motorboat Water Gd Ex Ex Ty Pr
Yacht Water In Ty Gd Ty Ty
Speedboat Water Rm Gd In Ty Pr
Patrol Boat, Includes Light Water Rm Gd Rm Gd Ty
Artillery, Machine Guns
Hydrofoil Water In Ty In Ty Ty
Jetskis Water Rm Ex Ex Gd 0
Ocean Liner Water Am Gd Ty Rm Gd
Destroyer, Includes Light Artillery, Water* Mn Ty Ty Ex Ex
Heavy Artillery
Battleship, Includes Super Heavy Water* Un Ty Pr Rm Ex
Carrier, Does not include air craft, Water* Un Ty Pr Ex Ex
includes Missiles
Submarine Sub* Am Gd Pr Rm Ex
Includes 8 Missiles
Mini-Subs Sub In Ex Gd Gd Gd
Missile or laser armed

Air Vehicle Ascent and Descent: Air vehicles 747 can survive a barrel roll is a matter of Air vehicles on the ground (taking of f and
may climb and descend as do flying debate, since no one has tried it (nor does landing) are treated as Road vehicles. Those
characters. The only exception is that if the the author wish to try,. even in the spirit of that lose control in the air continue to move
"floors" climbed or descended are greater investigation). in a straight line without reducing speed, and
than the forward areas moved by the plane, a begin to lose altitude as if falling (3 floors (45
Control FEAT is required to maintain control A character with an applicable Talent or feet) in the first round. 6 floors (90 feet) the
of the plane. Failure in either case indicates background, or using a Power to aid the second, 10 floors (150 feet) the third, and 20
the aircraft is going into a fall until control is work, should need a green or yellow floors (300 feet) every round thereafter). The
regained (for downward movement, speed is chance to pull oft a FEAT. A relative novice "driving" character may try to regain control,
considered to be speed of the aircraft). would require a red FEAT to succeed. but any such FEATs are yellow FEATs at
least. The out-of- control status continues
Example: A military Jet is standing on its No Karma needs to be spent to attempt a until the character regains control or the
tail. climbing 50 floors in a single turn Vehicle Stunt, though should the FEAT fail. vehicle hits something (see Crashes).
without any "forward" movement. A Control the craft is automatically out of control.
FEAT is required for the pilot to maintain Crashes
control, or else the ship goes into a falling Body is the protection of the vehicle itself.
spin starting at the end of that round (let's Damage inflicted on the vehicle must pass A Crash is a situation where a vehicle hits
hear it for the right stuff). through the Body to inflict damage. (see another object. usually at high speed. A
Crashes and Vehicles in Combat) crash often but not always results in the
Speeding: A character may exceed the listed vehicle coming to a sudden and often
safe speed, at the danger of losing control of The Protection statistic is a new one to those damaging stop.
the vehicle. The speed may be exceeded by familiar with the Original MARVEL SUPER
one rank. with the following limitations: HEROES game. It reflects the amount of When a crash occurs. compare the
protection the vehicle provides to the rider or material strength of the object and the
All actions with the vehicle. including all riders. This is the equivalent of Body Armor Body of the vehicle. Make a Strength FEAT
turns, climbs, and descents, require a for all those within the vehicle, if they are the roll to determine if the object is damaged
Control FEAT. subject of attack (as opposed to an attack on as if the vehicle had a "strength" equal to
Any FEATs required are at one color the vehicle itself). The passengers of certain its Speed or Body, whichever is lower. If the
higher for success: a required green vehicles cannot be attacked without the vehicle "makes" this FEAT roll. the vehicle
FEAT now requires a yellow FEAT, a attacker getting past the body. (see Crashes continues on its path, its Speed reduced by
yellow requires red, but a red remains and Vehicles in Combat) the rank of the material.
red to succeed.
Out of Control Example: A sedan (Good Body) moving at
Turns: All vehicles may make turns of up to Excellent Speed hits a concrete pillar
90 degrees in a fashion similar to flying If a character fails the Control or Agility (Excellent material). Making a FEAT roll of
characters: that is, the turn itself counts as FEAT required to maintain control, the craft Good versus Excellent material. a red result
one area for movement to reflect the is considered out of control. Karma may not will break the pillar, reducing the sedan's
necessary slowing to make the turn. Turns be spent to regain control of an out-of- speed to 0. Making a white, yellow. or green
of more than 90 degrees are considered control craft. Out-of-control vehicles behave FEAT means the post does not break, but
Vehicle Stunts. differently according to Type. the car does. Its speed is reduced to 0 and
passengers may take damage.
Vehicle Stunts: In these rules, we have Road, Off-Road, Railed, and GEV craft
tried to make general statements regarding which go out of control continue to move Example: The Quinjet (Excellent material)
the various types, but by no means do they forward at the speed they were traveling moving at Monstrous Speed slams into the
take into account the various actions that before (though they may spin or wobble Empire State Building (concrete - Excellent
any viewer of action-TV shows knows they according to their type and situation). The material). The Quinjet makes a "strength"
may take. Examples include the "Boot-leg" character may try to regain control in the FEAT roll to break through the wall,
turn for the hero's sports car, and the next round. If control is not regained, speed needing a yellow FEAT to succeed. Should
Immelman turn (loop-the-loop for you is reduced by one rank (most vehicles of the Quinjet make the FEAT roll, its speed is
groundlings). For this reason Vehicle Stunts these types require active participation by reduced by 5 ranks (from Monstrous to
are included as an open-ended option. the driver to move them forward -- like the Remarkable). Passing through the building
driver's foot on the gas pedal) and another at a reduced Remarkable Speed, the Quinjet
A Vehicle Stunt is proposed by the player FEAT is made. If that should fail. Speed is hits a Remarkable Strength interior wall.
whose character is proposing the stunt, reduced another rank and another attempt Another FEAT roll is made, with a yellow or
and the Judge determines if a) the stunt is may be made the next round to regain red result indicating the wall has been
possible with the vehicle in question. b) the control. This continues until the vehicle broken down and the ship's speed has been
player is capable of pulling the stunt of f. In comes to a complete stop, the driving reduced to 0. (Don't laugh. a bomber hit that
the first case, common sense is required. A character regains control, or the vehicle famous structure, with similar results).
Sports car is more amenable to flips and hits something (see Crashes.).
Boot-legs (intentionally losing control of the If the vehicle "fails" that FEAT roll, the
car. spinning 180 degrees, and heading Water and Sub types move forward in a vehicle comes to a complete stop, with
back in the direction you came from), while straight line without reducing speed. until resultant damage to the occupants.
the mini-car is severely less so. Whether a control is regained, or the vehicle hits Damage is figured as follows:
something (see Crashes.).

Take the material strength of the object If Control is reduced below Feeble, the
struck or the Speed of the vehicle, vehicle is out of control. If Speed is
whichever is higher. This is the base reduced below Feeble, the vehicle stops
amount of damage of the crash. moving (a way of stopping bank robbers,
Reduce the amount of damage by the but results in a crash if used on a plane). If
Protection of the vehicle. This is the Body is reduced to 0, the passengers
amount of damage each passenger takes receive no protection. If Sea or Sub type, it
in the crash. will begin to sink. If Air type, any action will
Roll an "attack" on the material strength require a Control FEAT.
or Speed (whichever is higher) to determine
damage. A white result indicates no Vehicles in Combat
damage. If the characters were safely
strapped down (wearing seat belts, helmets, Vehicles may be used in combat, and may
crash webbing, etc.) this is a Blunt W eapon be shot at, attacked, and used to attack in
attack. If not, this is an Edged Attack. Again, a number of ways.
no Karma may be added this roll, though
characters may add Karma to negate the When shooting at a vehicle, the attacker
effects of Stun, Slam, and Kill results. in the engine block or gas tank. The must decide whether to shoot at the vehicle
Example: Let us say the sedan ramming the physical details of the crash are left to the itself or at the passengers. Shooting at the
concrete post fails the roll to break through. Judge, given the situation and vehicle in vehicle may stop the vehicle, while it may
The Speed was Excellent, as was the material question. be easier to stop the driver. Any passenger
strength, so the base damage is 20 points. shot at would require a Bullseye shot to hit,
When a vehicle suffers damage, check the and would in addition have equivalent Body
The protection of a sedan is Poor, which
table below, as to whether the vehicle Armor to the Protection of the vehicle
reduces damage to (20-4=) 16 points base.
suffers any long-term effects. Compare (unless the hero negates this -- converting
The sedan has two passengers, one of whom
whether the damage inflicted is greater, a sedan to a convertible by ripping open
is buckled up. Two attacks are made, one on
equal to, or less than the Body of the the roof).
each passenger: a Blunt Attack on the secured
vehicle. Make a FEAT roll against the Body
passenger, an Edged Attack on the unbelted
of the vehicle that has taken damage. Vehicles can be used as a Charging attack,
passenger. (Safety lesson here, kids.)
with the attack rank being either the Body
Damage Greater than Body or Speed rank of the vehicle, whichever is
Example: "Crash positions, everyone!" shouts
Red -- Body -1CS, damage lower. This would be considered a crash
the Wasp at Black Knight and the Thing, as
Yellow -- Speed -1CS, Control FEAT situation, and while the attacker would
the Quinjet slams into the building. Damage
Green -- Control -1CS, Control FEAT have a +1CS advantage (the target is not
is Monstrous (80), reduced by Excellent (20)
White -- All -1CS, Out of Control fixed), there are cases where the vehicle
to 60 points. Blunt attacks are made against
all three passengers. Black Knight's armor would not survive the encounter but the
Damage Equal to Body target would.
absorbs another 10 points of the damage, so
Red -- No damage to vehicle,
he takes 50 points, and since he (rolls) gets a
passengers Specific Vehicles
red result, is Slammed (forward) into the
Yellow -- Body -1CS, damage to
building one area, into a wall (not his day). Sedans is the term for most standard
Thing has Incredible(40) Body Armor, automobiles, concentrating on the mid-
Green -- Speed -1CS, Control FEAT
reducing his damage to 20 points, and with sized representatives of Detroit steel.
White -- Control - 1CS, Control FEAT
a yellow result, there is a possible Stun Sedans seat about 5, according to the
(makes the Endurance FEAT). Wasp would commercials (two sets of twins and a man
Damage Less than Body
take the full 60 points of damage, reducing named Murray).
Red, Yellow -- No damage
Health to 0. However, the attack on her
Green -- Body -1CS, Control FEAT
gets a white result, so her crash webbing Mini-Cars are those of a smaller size than
White --Control -1CS, damage to
holds and leaves her unharmed. (Dane the sedan, and include most compacts of
passengers, Control FEAT
Whitman may have a few choice words the American companies, as well as the still
about women drivers when he comes to.) extant VW Beetle and newer imports such
What the results mean: A -1 Body, Control,
or Speed indicates that that stat is reduced as the Yugo and the Hyundai. These seat
Damage to the Vehicle by one rank until repaired. A Control FEAT four in tight quarters.
(or driving away from the crash) result indicates that a Control FEAT must
be made or the craft goes out of control. An Sports Cars include most of the jazzy little
When a vehicle undergoes a crash, or numbers the detectives on TV zip around
takes damage as a result of being hit by an Out of Control result indicates the craft is
automatically out of control. Damage to in. They have a higher safe speed and
attack, there is a chance that the vehicle better control than the family car, but are
will be less maneuverable than it was passengers indicates damage inflicted to
passengers from the attack as in a crash. made of lighter materials and more easily
before, and may go out of control. For an damaged. Sports cars carry two normally.
aircraft, this may represent something from (This is for attack only. Damage in a Crash
to passengers has already been three or four with crowding (the Trans Am
a hole in the wing to losing part of the back seat is not designed for the human
fuselage, while for a road vehicle it may be discussed.)
a flat tire, shattered windshield, or a bullet

Luxury Cars are the gas-guzzling huge are portable armories of ten riot guns, ten The Motor Trike is a motorized tricycle, and
cars, and range from a mid-sized Cadillac sniper rifles, ten flak jackets. and a wide has the advantage over the motorcycle in
to the huge vehicles with wet bars inside. supply of smoke, tear gas. and knock-out that it has greater stability. A motor trike
Their big trouble is that they steer like gas grenades (sorry. weapons and that goes out of control can have control
rocks. Luxury cars seat from 5 up to about batteries not included in purchase of the regained while still in motion.
10 for the largest monsters. vehicle). Carries about ten people.
The Pick-Up and Jeep are four-wheel drive off
Security Limo is a variant of the luxury car. The Semi is the two-piece truck common road vehicles. Four wheel drive does not
with stronger materials, thicker plating about on the nation's highways, carting the prevent you from getting stuck, it only gets
the passenger compartment, bullet-proof nation's food from city to city at high you stuck in worse places (quote by Dirtbuggy
glass. and a higher protection value to speeds. The forward Tractor can be Doug Niles). The Jeep has been a workhorse
those within. Seating is as for Luxury Cars. detached from the Trailer, and has stats for the Army for years. and is only now being
similar to the van. The rear trailer may be replaced by another vehicle with similar stats.
Vans are large, box-like vehicles on a of a number of types, either to haul
sedan wheelbase. They have the produce, mask secret operations. or carry ATV means All-Terrain Vehicle, and is a
advantage of space (about 8 bodies), and equipment. The Tractor portion seats about catch-phrase for the wide variety of
the back may be covered to prevent 3 comfortably. Sleeper tractors can hold a multiple-tired and treaded vehicles used
unwanted eyes seeing in. Both Captain king-size bed in the compartment behind both by ordinary citizens and secret
America and Punisher have modified vans. the driver, and thus can carry considerably subversive societies.
more people.
A Convertible is a sedan with a top that Snowmobiles are ATVs for the snow. They
folds down. With the top up, it has similar Armored Cars are favorite targets of have a Control of Feeble when on ice or
protection to a sedan. Include cars with T- criminals, and normally sport a team of two non-snow terrain. Snowmobiles range from
top roofs as well in this category. guards in the front, and an optional man 2 person to ten person major vehicles.
inside, Armored Cars are also used for
The Taxi is that ever-present vehicle of transporting powerful criminals who are Heavy Trucks include dump trucks and
New York and other major cities, and is under arrest. other heavy construction equipment.
similar to a sedan (carries about three
passengers in addition to the driver). Your Fire Trucks are large trucks used to carry A Bulldozer is another typical construction
standard Yellow Cab fare is a Typical cost men and materials to fires. Each carries up vehicle. The blade on the front makes a
for getting crosstown. (Note -- Taxi drivers to a dozen men, along with hose. hooks suitable battering ram, and is made of
are normally a tough, friendly lot, but their and ladders, nets, and fireproof suits. Remarkable strength material.
temperaments can be frayed when they
carry super-powered individuals who may An Ambulance is a van equipped with a Tank is a nice generic term for most
be attacked at any moment by their foes.) more powerful engine and gear to handle vehicles that carry light artillery, regardless
most medical emergencies. Ambulances of their make and nationality. The typical
Buses are another major form of mass operate both in conjunction with hospitals tank carries one piece of Light Artillery and
transportation for the city, and is a Feeble and as separate Para-medic services. 1-2 machine guns as standard equipment.
cost for a trip to the suburbs. City and Driving Note: Ambulances, Fire Trucks, and There are modified versions available,
School buses rarely make their full speed Police Vehicles with their top-lights flashing including those mounted with Laser
on their runs, while those of cross-country have right of way over other vehicles. Cannons, Stun Cannons, or Concussion
companies run at top Speed between cities Cannons instead of Light Artillery, and
(Cost between Poor and Typical, A Rocket Car is the fastest land vehicle in the carrying lasers instead of machine guns.
depending on location of cities). Buses world, and is only used in large areas where
carry up to 80 people. there is not much to hit, like the Bonneville SPG means Self Propelled Gun, a piece of
Salt Flats. As a road vehicle, it is fairly Heavy Artillery on its own halftrack. SPGs
Police Cars are the vehicles of the useless due to its lack of maneuverability. do not have the Protection of the tank, but
constabulary, usually with a little more This does not stop certain young souls from have more range and firepower.
power under the hood and better-cared for modifying their cars with Rocket Packs to
than the standard sedan. Police cars seat duplicate this one's Speed benefits. The Armored Carrier is an armored troop-
5, but often have a grill between the front carrying vehicle (about 20 people
and back seats to prevent the passengers A Bicycle is the standard. man-driven two- maximum). The armored carrier operates
from getting to the driver (and vice-versa). wheeled vehicle. It is faster than walking for an treads, and carries two machine guns
most people. (lasers in some cases).
The Police Van is to the van as the Police
Car is to the sedan. This vehicle often The Motorcycle is the marriage of the car The Walker is a curious form of off-road
carries additional armament for teams in and bicycle. Due to its precarious balance. vehicle in that it does not have wheels or
trouble, including Riot Guns and gas a Motorcycle that goes out of control treads, but rather two or more legs that
canisters. The back part of the van can cannot be brought under control until it simulate human or animal movement. Such
carry up to 1D prisoners for short periods. comes to a stop. Cycle riders may reduce devices are generally experimental and as
damage by one rank by wearing adequate such are used by organizations such as
The SWAT in SWAT Van stands for Special headgear. Seats two. Hulkbusters. They are normally equipped
Weapons And Tactics, and these babies with a stun cannon, as firing weapons with
recoil (such as LAW or Light Artillery) would

require a Control FEAT to prevent tipping The EI includes the elevated trains of
over. Any attack on a walker vehicle Chicago and New York, and the Light Rail
requires a Control FEAT by the operator to Systems of cities such as Pittsburgh and San
determine whether it remains upright. Seats Francisco. Cost for these systems is Feeble,
four to eight persons. and they are primarily used by commuters.
Els have the restrictions of all Railed
The Borer is not really a land vehicle, but a vehicles, and carry up to 80 people per car .
subterranean vehicle. It allows speedy
travel through the underground. If moving Monorail systems are popular in
at Poor speed, its passage leaves a tunnel amusement parks, as well in major
that others may follow; otherwise it leaves industrial parks such as the former SI
churned earth behind it. Villains who live Industrial Park on Long Island. As the
deep within the Earth, such as Mole Man, system gains its power from the line it
use the Borer as standard equipment. travels on, breaking that line results in the
Because of its construction, with the vehicle coming to an immediate halt. crash. Finally, blimps include both balloons
forward screw, the borer can make an and those airships with an internal frame -
Edged Attack for Incredible damage. The Hovercraft is the only notable mention the latter are properly called dirigibles.
of the Ground Effect Vehicle. This vehicle is
The Train is the most common form of the neither fish nor fowl, as it rides on a Traffic Copters are fairly common in the
Railed vehicles. All Railed vehicles cannot cushion of air, handles as does an Air type, airspace over American cities, and this type
change their direction other than forward but goes out of control as an of f-road also includes private vehicles and medivac
and backward, and may only change vehicle. Hovercraft move at a maximum copters as well. Helicopters have VTOL
Speed. Control FEATs only concern sudden Speed of Good off road, over broken ability (Vertical Take-off and Landing), and
deceleration. If the track is removed or ground, or in stormy weather. as such may drop to 0 speed without losing
destroyed, the vehicle will immediately go control.
out of control without chance of regaining Private Planes generally represent small
control. Trains may be bulk carriers, or propeller-driven aircraft used by individuals. Battle Copters are heavy duty versions of
passenger lines, such as Amtrak. The train The private plane seats 5 with little problem. the Traffic Copter, can carry a squad of 15
maintains a "crew" of 5, and in the case of men plus crew, and are armed with
passenger trains, 3 or more cars that may Corporate Jets represent the more modern Machine Guns (alternately lasers). All
each carry 100 people or more. Train costs turbo-prop jets that more powerful Copters have VTOL abilities, and may
vary, but between cities with regular corporations use for their top executives. hover in place.
service, a ticket is Typical Cost. Corporate Jets have a crew of two and
may carry up to 20 people in comfort. WWI and WWII planes are still available in
The Bullet Train includes all of the new, some countries, among collectors, and in
high-speed versions of trains, and is used The Military Jet is the modern fighter of the the possession of nut-cases like Arcade.
exclusively for passengers. Capacity and skies, laden with electronic detection gear WWII planes include (but do not do justice
limitations are similar to the normal train. and weaponry. Military lets carry machine to) a variety of fighters, including the
Such trains are in use in France and guns (alternately lasers), as well as up to 4 Corsair, the Spitfire, and the Zero. WWII
Japan, where Cost for a trip is Poor . None missiles with launchers in the jet itself bombers include the large, punishment-
have been built in the United States as yet. (missiles would be separate purchases). taking craft like the Flying Fortress and
Junkers bombers. WWI planes consist of
Commercial Jets include the large jet- light, fragile craft including the Spad, the
driven aircraft, such as the DC-10, the Neuport, the Fokker triplane, and the
Tristar, and the 707s and 747, as well as Sopwith Camel.
cargo planes. A Commercial jet can carry
upwards of 100 people. Cost varies VTOL Jets exist in several air forces, and
between cities, but for flights in the same have been used with efficiency by the RAF
country, cost is Good, Excellent for in the Falkland war. VTOL jets have the
international travel. capabilities of jet fighters, with the added
ability to hover and take off vertically.
Blimps include everything from the
Hindenberg to the modern airships that The Ultralight is a small glider powered by
huckster for tire companies. Blimps may a gasoline engine. Its mylar wings make it
remain in place (0 movement) without incredibly fragile, and it offers little
danger of crashing, but unlike other aircraft, Protection to the rider. It is, however,
are more susceptible to winds. Blimps may relatively inexpensive, portable, and makes
take off vertically or horizontally. Early little noise.
airships used explosive hydrogen for lifting
(Amazing explosion), but helium is Gliders include hang gliders and
universally used today. If the Body of the paragliders (parachutes designed to allow
airship is reduced to 0, the craft does not the wearer to steer). Gliders will normally
have enough lift to remain aloft, and will fall 3 floors per round, but can travel 6

areas in that time. Individuals skilled in craft, and was designed by Reed Richards. It The Rowboat includes all those oared
gliders can rise by use of thermals differs from most other VTOLs in that it lands vehicles designed for that purpose (as
(columns of warm air, usually found over and takes off in a vertical position (hence its opposed to rafts, which may be jury-
desert and parking lots) at a rate of 1 floor nickname). The plane seats four. Unlike most rigged). Rowboats are moved by oarpower,
per round, but this requires a Control FEAT. other VTOLs, it cannot hover in place. and include rowboats as well as canoes
and life rafts. Rowboats hold upwards of 20
An Autogyro is a small, one-man plane The Fantasticar is another of Richards' people in the latter case, though 4-5 is the
similar to the ultralight, but is a relative of the designs, and serves its purpose as a short more normal number.
helicopter. The Autogyro has VTOL abilities. and medium range carrier. The Fantasticar
seats six, and the two side seats are small The Sailboat includes all manner of small
Air Car represents all one-man vehicles miniplanes that may break off from the sailing vehicles, including the sunfish and
that float by means of electro-magnetic mother craft and move separately. The craft sailfish craft that dot the waterways. For all
field, columns of air, or gravimetrics. These have the following stats: Control: In, Speed: sailing vehicles, the speed is increased one
vehicles are generally better for moving Ex, and Body: Ty column shift to the right when moving in the
vertical distances than linear ones, and as same direction as the wind, and may not
such rise 10 floors in a single round. Air SRC stands for Short Range Carrier, and exceed the listed speed when moving
cars have VTOL abilities. represents a general type of air cushion and against the wind.
anti-grav vehicles used for short distances.
The best example of a Skymobile craft was The most famous of these craft is the The Racing Sloop is the larger, ocean-
originally designed for Hawkeye, and has original Flying Bathtub used by the Fantastic going sailboat that is used for long-distance
become a standard piece of equipment for Four, but similar types of craft have been runs. The Sloop may have an engine as
the West Coast Avengers, as that sunny developed by other organizations. well (motorboat stats). Seats up to 5
climate is more conducive to the exposed comfortably.
nature of the craft. It is an airborne Blackbird is the name of the X-Men's RS-
motorcycle with VTOL capabilities, and can 150 Lockheed. A relative of the effective The Motorboat is the standard rowboat with
lift upwards of half a ton. spyplane, the Blackbird has been modified a motor attached. It includes shuttles,
by alien (Shi'ar) technology to its present dinghies and other small craft.
Flying Car represents the model used by state. It will seat ten, and carries no
S.H.I.E.L.D. as a standard vehicle. While on weapon. The Blackbird, as result of its The Yacht is the large pleasure craft version
the ground, it has the capabilities of a Ground Shi'ar modifications, is capable of VTOL, of the motorboat. Most carry up to 10 in
vehicle, and has the Control and Speed listed though others of that type are not. comfort, and have all the comforts of home.
only when airborne. (Body remains same in
both cases.) The S.H.I.E.L.D. flying vehicle is The Space Shuttle represents those near- The Speedboat is the more streamlined,
armed with a forward Stun Cannon and a space reusable craft similar in design to powerful version of the motorboat. It is
rear LAW, the latter of which occupies most those operated by NASA and some private used as a pleasure craft, and also for
of the trunk space. industries. In the atmosphere, the Shuttle missions requiring quick entrance and exit.
has the attributes of an aircraft. The Seats about 4 comfortably.
Quinjet, designed by the Wakanda Design shuttles are designed only to reach near
Group and built by Stark International, space, the realm of most satellites. They The Patrol Boat includes those craft of the
represents a durable long-distance vehicle cannot reach the moon. harbor patrol and Coast Guard, as well as
used by the east and west coast teams of small military craft. Most are armed with
the Avengers. It seats 7, including a crew of The Lunar Shuttle, of the type used by the one piece of light artillery, f-3 machine
2. The vehicle has VTOL abilities, but was Inhumans, allow travel from Earth to the guns, and carry a crew of up to 10.
until recently launched by a catapult that moon or a similar distance. In the
flung the craft over Central Park. atmosphere, the vehicle depends on The Hydrofoil is among the fastest of water
powerful retroengine to land safely. craft. It attains its high speed by rising
Concorde represents all versions of above the water on skis, reducing the drag
supersonic passenger craft, which includes The stats provided for the Space Ship are from the boat in the water. The
a Soviet version and an American SST for a generic type, used by most interstellar disadvantage is that any successful attack
which never got off the ground. Used for civilizations of one kind or another There on the hydrofoil results in a Control FEAT
long-distance hauls of 200 + passengers. are a number of different types with to see if control is lost. If control is lost on a
Travel from Paris to New York is a different armament, and when a specific Hydrofoil at greater than Excellent speed,
Remarkable cost. kind of ship is used, its stats will be the craft will crash into the water.
provided. Armament varies as well, and
The Omni-Jet, built through Canadian usually but not always includes several Jetskis are small one-man sea equivalents
contractors far use by Alpha Flight, is that laser cannons. Space ships have 1-100 of the snowmobile. Some may be modified
team's version of the Quinjet. It seats compartments, depending on size. to carry weapons, and others have been
seven and has VTOL abilities, and is modified to give flight and underwater
capable of hovering in place. The team The Raft represents the simplest of the abilities.
currently has only a single OmniJet, though water vehicles, no more than the floating of
more are being contracted for. bound logs or wreckage. It may be Ocean Liners include the modern cruise
propelled by oars or by wind power, neither ships and the passenger liners of the days
The Pogo Plane was one of the first VTOL with any great efficiency. of the Titanic. They are compartmented to
prevent sinking in case of being holed (40


compartments). The Ocean Liner carries which all the headquarters equipment is
upwards of 300 people. Cost of a typical placed. It should have enough space for all
cruise is Remarkable Passage across the equipment, plus extra space for the
ocean on a less-than-class line (read: inhabitants and living quarters. if required.
tramp steamer) is Excellent. Let common sense decide if the territory is
getting too crowded for the members,
Destroyers include all military ships from rather than any set rules. Heroes tend to
the patrol boat up to the battleship. These be pack rats, acquiring bits and pieces from
craft have 20 compartments, and carry a previous adventures, interesting
crew of about 150 trained seamen. Most technologies and half-finished experiments
destroyers carry between 0-3 pieces of and mementos from old ex-foes. Were it
heavy artillery and 1-4 pieces of light not for villains scheming to destroy the
artillery, though some of the more modern HQs, heroes would have to hold garage
ones have been equipped with missiles. sales in order to clear the equipment out.

Battleships are the floating platforms for the An easy way to determine if the building
big guns, the super-heavy artillery. All the has sufficient room is to take an inventory
dreadnoughts from WWI and battlewagons of what is inside. List the rooms and the
from WWII fit into this category, but their use major equipments therein (no, don't bother
is reduced in the modern navy, replaced by about hairbrushes and the like). This gives
the carrier. There will be 2-4 super heavy your heroes the idea of where to find that
artillery pieces, 4-6 heavy artillery on the ship. cosmic ray-blaster when the super-Skrull
The ship is compartmented 1:40 compart- drops In unexpectedly.
ments) and carries upwards of 1000 men.
Heroes seeking an HQ may rent an existing
Carriers are aircraft-bearing ships (aircraft structure, buy an existing structure, or build Cost is a reflection of location as well as
available separately), and are armed with their own. The FF have done all three, sire of the structure. The listed prices are
missiles as well. Similar to battleships, the starting out renting the top 5 floors of the for a building in most American cities and
carriers have 40 compartments and carry Baxter Building, then buying the structure their suburban surroundings. If the heroes
up to 100 men. outright, and most recently building a new are apartment hunting in Manhattan or the
Baxter Building after the original was richer suburbs, raise prices by 1CS. If the
Submarines run the gamut from WWII U- destroyed. Building your own HQ costs as heroes settle down in a relatively secluded
Boats to modern craft armed with powerful must as buying. though the time must be spot. like Colorado, Tamarind Island, or
missiles. The "standard" sub is armed with figured using the building rules. Lake Geneva, shift cost down by 1CS. Cost
8 missiles, and in addition carries a supply is presented in two values. The first is the
of about 20 torpedoes (treat as undersea Buildings are defined by a number of cost if the character is renting. payable by
missiles). Modern subs have 5 factors: original purpose, number of floors, the month. The second is if the character is
compartments and carry about 50 men. running water and power, how close it is to buying or building (in the case of
schools, etc. While all these are important, apartments, this is dealing in condos).
Mini-subs are one- or two-man craft that the key is size, cost, and material strength of
may be launched from specially designed the structure. These are noted on this table. Material strength is considered to be the
ships. These subs are faster and more strength of the walls and floors. For the
maneuverable than the sub itself, and are Size is a general statement. Small quarters sake of simplicity, wall and floor strength
armed with missiles or laser-rifles. are suitable for one or two heroes with a are noted as one in the same, but there will
small amount of equipment, and has two, be situations where they may be dif ferent:
Setting Up House maybe three areas or rooms. Mid-sized in particular, dealing with large pieces of
(Headquarters and equipment housing is suitable for two or three heroes, equipment. A floor can support a load equal
that does not move or blow up any support crowd (offices would fit into to its material strength + 2CS over time.
this area). and runs no more than 5 areas and a higher amount for temporary periods
usually) or rooms. Large is suitable for a number of (people walking on it). Material strength is
This section is devoted to that chief most of heroes and equipment, and has 10 or more considered similar through-out, though
heroic requirements: setting up a base of areas spread over two floors. Deluxe is the light-weight openings (windows, doors) will
operations that may provide an adequate largest size, and is for heroes with several create weak spots that a hero (or villain)
defense against foes and be a meeting vehicle types, trophy rooms, and living can crash through.
place for other heroes. Many heroes, such quarters. It has 20 + areas spread through
as Spider-Man and Daredevil. operate out 3 or more floors. Spider-Man's lodgings are Room Packages
of their homes. while most groups, such as an example of Small dwelling. The Heroes
the Avengers and Alpha Flight, have their for Hire offices were Mid-sized, the Angel's Once you have the building itself, you need
own separate headquarters. Many things place used by the Defenders in Colorado to stock it with the various requirements for
go into making a building a home, and this Large, and the Avengers' mansion, Baxter civilized life. Rather than sending would-be
section should cover the bulk of them. Building, and Doctor Strange's sanctum super-hero teams to various furnishing
sanctorum are Deluxe. (The last measures stares to price materials, we have
Buildings: The building is the frame into interior size, not exterior.) organized the standard rooms found in

most HQs and reduced them to "packages:' Headquarterss
The hero or team may pick up a standard
Type Cost Size Material
package, or modify what is available to suit
1 BR Apartment Fe/Ex Small Gd
his needs.
2 BR Apartment Pr/Ex Small Gd
Each package lists its cost, the amount of 3 BR Apartment Gd/Rm Small Gd
space (either in rooms or areas) it would Cottage (2 rooms) Pr/Gd Small Pr
take up, and what is found in that package. Small House (4 room) Ty/Ex Small Ty
Packages are used to set up Medium House (8 room) Ty/Rm Mid-sized Ty
housekeeping, and also for replacements in Large House (12 room) Ex/In Mid-sized Gd
case of fire, flood, and Galactus dropping in Small Manor (18 room) Rm/Am Large Ex
for dinner. Large Manor (24 room) In/Mn Deluxe Ex
Mansion (30+ room) Am/Mn Deluxe Ex
Costs are for a fairly nice selection of Office (3 room) Gd/Rm Mid-sized Ex
material. The heroes may acquire something Storefront (4 room) Ty/Rm Small Gd
less expensive and/or reliable (in the case of Office Suite (6 room) Ex/In Mid-sized Ex
a living room, the furniture doesn't match -in Office Floor (12 room) Rm/Am Mid-sized Ex
the case of a second-hand danger room, it 2 Office Floors (24 room) In/Mn Large Ex
goes berserk more often than usual), at - Brownstone Ex/Rm Mid-sized Gd
1CS of price. Very high quality packages (a Office Building, 4 floors Rm/Am Large Ex
Library Package stocked with first editions) Office Building, 8 floors In/Fn Deluxe Rm
may be + 1CS or + 2CS. Equipment may Office Building, 12 floors Am/Sp Deluxe Rm
also be picked up by pieces, and for certain Office Building, 20 floors Mn/Un Deluxe Rm
types of equipment this is the only way of Office Building, 30+ floors Un/ShZ Deluxe Rm
acquiring it. Small Warehouse Ty/Rm Mid-sized Ty
Medium Warehouse Gd/In Large Ty
Rented, furnished places often have their Large Warehouse Ex/Am Deluxe Gd
own packages installed. This is included in Small Factory Gd/In Mid-sized Rm
the rent, though the hero is responsible for Medium Factory Ex/Am Large Rm
their replacement in case of damage or theft. Large Factory Rm/Fn Deluxe In
("Let me get this straight, Mr. Grimm. You
threw a what through the where to hit who?") Remarkable Cost adds globe, microfiche or by large groups to keep track of former
microfilm reader, computer terminal (only villains and modi operandi. Performs its task
Living Room Package Cost: Good useful if building has computer room or is with Remarkable ability. (Example: Buildings
Occupies one room. Consists of sofa, two linked up to computer). Special or rare are disappearing, leaving large holes in the
easy chairs, two end tables, coffee tables, volumes, such as the Book of the V ishanti, ground. A check with the crime files
two lamps (ceiling table or floor). At the Necronomicon, or Amazing Fantasy computer indicates this has been a previous
Excellent Cost add television, stereo set-up, #15, would have to be obtained separately. tactic of the Mole Man.) Super hero groups
or piano. At Remarkable Cost add all three. on good terms often share their crime files.
Computer Room Cost Remarkable Room cost includes terminal, chairs, lights.
Dining Room Package Cost: Good Occupies one room. Includes computer itself
Occupies one room. Consists of table, four and a terminal for access, or terminal and Workshop Package Cost: Remarkable
chairs, ceiling lamp. Excellent Cost add communication equipment for access to Occupies one or more rooms. Basic
large table, bureau and four more chairs. computer outside the building. This computer equipment for metal and woodworking: lathes,
Remarkable Cost add china cabinet, set of is capable of performing simple tasks drills, saws and fire extinguisher. Incredible
good china and sterling tableware. (calculation, information retrieval, monitoring) Cost includes laser guided instruments.
with Excellent ability. Incredible Cost buys a Amazing Cost includes all of the above and
Kitchen Package Cost: Good computer with this at Remarkable ability. automatic processing materials (an automatic
Occupies one room. Consists of sink, stove Computers with higher forecasting and factory, in effect, for simple goods).
(gas or electric), four cabinets, dishware processing abilities, such as the one running
and stainless tableware, counterspace. the old Baxter Building and artificial computer Laboratory Package Cost: Remarkable
This version is standard equipment with intelligences, are unique designs. Occupies one or more rooms. Basic lab
most residential housing. At Excellent Cost equipment: scales, sinks, common chemicals,
add refrigerator, dishwasher, or microwave, Communications Room Cost: microscope. At Incredible Cost include
plus a fire extinguisher. At Remarkable Remarkable Occupies one room. includes computer capable of analysis with incredible
Cost add all three and freezer. chair, short-wave monitor, tap-in for ability, or clean room (prevent germs from
computer net-works, police band. At escaping lab). At Amazing Cost include both,
Library Package Cost: Excellent, Occupies Incredible Cost includes national security plus poison analysis and serum dispenser
one room. Consists of two easy chairs, alert equipment and visual display screens. (Excellent effects against known poisons
table, desk, straight chair, and up to five only). Certain pieces, such as electron micro-
bookcases on general subjects (texts Crime Files Room Cost: Excellent probes and stellar mass detectors, may be
readily available, and including Occupies one room. Basically a separate purchased separately (in general, such items
encyclopedias, world histories, and atlases). computer with a specialized task at are Incredible Rank purchases).
information processing and retrieval. Used

Office Package Cost: Good Medical Package Cost: Remarkable
Occupies one or more rooms. Includes Occupies one room. Equivalent of
desk, three chairs, two lamps. Excellent emergency room care, no heavy equipment,
Cost doubles the material, adds file cabinet, standard antidotes and medication.
typewriter. At Remarkable Cost, add Incredible Cost: X-ray, clean room, operating
computer terminal, double previous room, pathology. (Additional rooms.)
material, add hanging plants, decorative art. Amazing Cost: as above, plus cryogenics,
Note: The Auto-doc and other life-saving
Rec. Room Package Cost: Excellent devices are generally experimental on Earth.
Occupies one or more rooms. Consists of The one in the X-Men's possession is of
unmatched sofa and easy chairs, pool table Shi'ar hybrid technology, is one of the most
or ping pong table or TV. Remarkable Cost powerful available, and is limited to Excellent
contains all of above, video and/or pinball healing ability.
machines (hot tub is optional, only in
California). Amazing Cost has all of above Power Room Cost: Remarkable
plus computer-assisted holographic Occupies one room. Buildings are generally
entertainment projector. assumed to draw their power from outside
sources, with the resulting danger of black-
Gym Package Cost: Excellent outs and power overloads. Heroes who
Occupies one or more rooms. Consists of wish a back-up source or alternate source
typical weight-lifting equipment, universal (say, to power a Monstrous-strength ray-
gym, lockers. Remarkable Cost includes gun) must install their own power supply. At
rings, even and uneven parallel ban, short this level the generator purchased will
horse. Incredible Cost includes separate provide a 12-hour supply of power.
locker and steam rooms (two additional Incredible Cost brings a 24-hour supply of
rooms), diagnostic displays. Amazing Cost power and an automatic cut-in 2 rounds computer-code or card identification
includes boxing area, robotic opponents, after power fails. Amazing Cost brings system. Remarkable Cost: automatic
and electronic-based weights capable of solar-powered cells, removing need of burglar alarms with palm-print scan, can
reaching 100 tons, and must occupy at external power in normal situations. activate defense systems. Incredible Cost:
least 3 areas. full body scan with benign identification
Garage Package Cost: Good program as to hostility. Can activate
Pool Package Cost: Remarkable outdoors, Occupies one room. Servicing for a single defense systems.
Incredible indoors Occupies 2 or more ground vehicle, including repair facilities
areas, and extends 1 floor downward. and fire extinguisher. Excellent Cost may Defense Package Cost: Excellent
Consists of standard Olympic swimming service up to three ground vehicles, and Will protect one or more areas. Pre-set
pool, diving boards, and sun room Remarkable up to 12 ground vehicles. defenses consisting of entangling tentacles
(alternately, sun roof which is retractable). or nets or lasers or stun rifles, or
Hangar Package Cost: Excellent concussive rifles or pit traps, with the
Danger Room Cost: Incredible Occupies one area per vehicle using that maximum of Remarkable Strength or
Duplicates Remarkable Cost Gym package hangar. Servicing for a single air vehicle, Intensity. Remarkable Cost: defenses
with additional active dangers and security including repair facilities. Each different activated by Security package, consists of
systems. "Threats" may be of any general vehicle requires its own hangar package. one type as above of Incredible Strength.
type, but no "threat" may exceed Incredible Incredible Cost: as above, intensities are of
in strength, Intensity, or damage. Amazing Dock Package Cost: Remarkable Amazing Strength. Multiple defense
Cost: as Incredible, with threats increased Occupies three areas per sea or sub mechanisms may protect the same
to Amazing strength, intensity or damage. vehicle. Servicing for a single sea or sub establishment (example, the WCA
Some limited holographic illusion generation vehicle, including drydock facilities. Each compound consists of net-filled pits, stun
at the Excellent rank. This represents the sea or sub vehicle requires its own dock rifles disguised as trees, and a passive
danger room of the type originally package. alarm system in the Security Package).
possessed by the X-Men and now used by Specialized defense packages may be
the Hellions. The current X-'Men danger Porches, storage, bathrooms, and designed.
room is a unique hybrid design using Shi'ar closets These are assumed in the cost of
technology, and has holographic abilities the building, according to its design. These Trophy Room Package Cost: Excellent
that outshine those listed here. rooms cost nothing, and no package exists Occupies one room. Contains showcase,
other than what the heroes decide to stuf f lighting, frames to display mementos, and
Conference Room Package Cost: into the closets. may be used as a reception half or gallery .
Remarkable Occupies one room. Contains At Remarkable Cost, contains capability to
material for assembling of heroes, or Security Packages Cost: Good -- one handle potentially dangerous exhibits at the
alternately for news conferences and Security package to a door or window. Incredible level.
presentations. Contains large table and up Occupies no space. Consists of hand-set
to 10 normal chairs, or platform, speaker, burglar alarms on windows and doors, Imprisonment Package Cost: Excellent
and 30 ordinary chairs. Wood paneling coupled with mechanical locks. Excellent Occupies one room. Contains standard
available at Incredible Cost. Cost: Automatic burglar alarms with restraining devices, including bars of

Remarkable material strength. At Other Stuff
Remarkable Cost, restraining devices made
of Incredible Strength. At Incredible Cost, Item Price Notes
restraining devices at Amazing Strength and Fire Extinguishers Ty Excellent Intensity
Excellent Strength inhibitor restraints. Fire Hoses Ex Incredible Intensity
Silencer Gd Reduces range one area
Fire Protection Package Cost: Excellent Sniper Sights Gd Removes penalty for range, fire last
Occupies no space. Sprinkler system that Infra-red sights Gd Sees in dark
may cover up to 10 rooms, provides Good Tripod Ty + 1CS to hit
protection from fire. Remarkable Cost: foam- Flashlight, normal Fe Typical Intensity
projectors that provide Excellent protection Flashlight, halogen Gd Remarkable Intensity
from fire, covers up to 10 rooms. Fire Infra-red Goggles Ex Sees in Dark
Protection Packages automatically activate Polarized Lenses Gd Good protection from light
on heat or smoke, and must be modified to Mace Ty Remarkable Intensity
avoid extinguishing flaming heroes. Gas Mask Ty
Asbestos Suit Ex Remarkable Fire Prot.
Multiple Rooms: Different rooms of the Radiation Suit In Incredible Radiation Prot.
same type must be bought separately. Flak Jacket Ex Good Body Armor
Players may construct a multiple number of Beta Cloth Rm Typical Body Armor
bedrooms, according to what they can Flare Pistol Gd Good damage, incendiary
afford. Heroes may have back-up systems Camera Gd
of the same type to take over in case of Personal Computer Gd Poor Reason
damage (example: a back-up crime file in Caltrops Ty Control FEAT
the basement in case the one upstairs gets Handcuffs Ty Excellent material
wiped out in a hurricane). Inhibitor bands Rm -7CS
Nullifier bands In -7CS
Salaries, Sundries, and Other Stasis Ray Sp Amazing Stunning
Equipment Spear Gun Gd As crossbow underwater
Scuba Gear Gd 2 hours breathing
Found on this table are a number of other Roller Skates Ty Move as vehicle
items that do not normally fit under the Rocket Pack Rm Flight, Ex speed
classification of weapon, vehicle, or
headquarters package. They include Salary, Butler or Housekeeper Ty
common tools, modifications to weapons Salary, Secretary Ty
and vehicles, entertainment items, salaries, Salary, Pilot Gd
and items unique to the Marvel Universe. Salary, Lawyer Gd

Fire Extinguishers inflict no damage normally,

shot and know its location. flashlight has a brighter bulb and more
but against fire are of Good Intensity (eliminate
concentrated beam, and blinds with a more
fire of Typical Intensity or less in the same area Sniper Sights are built into the sniper rifle powerful Intensity. Normal flashlight has a
on a green FEAT, of Good Intensity on a and the target pistol, and added to any range of two areas, the halogen three.
yellow, and up to Excellent on a red). Against other weapon eliminate the penalty for
characters with flaming powers, such as the range for weapons. The user of a weapon Infra-Red Goggles are similar to infra-red
Human Torch, the extinguisher causes a FEAT with a sniper sight automatically has an sights; these permit normal vision up to 5
roll against that Intensity to retain flame. initiative roll of 10 (last in the round). Its areas away in dimly lit areas.
use is considered illegal (Other Crime).
Fire Hoses have been used as riot control Polarized Lenses are goggles that provide
devices, and inflict 10 points Blunt Attack at Infra-Red Sights are a modification similar Good resistance to light attacks. If exposed
a range of one area, and can be to the sniper sight, may be used for any to a bright light, they darken for 1 round,
considered as fire bursts. Against fire and missile weapon. These sights permit the then lighten to allow normal sight.
flaming characters, the water from a fire user to see up to 5 areas in the dark.
hose is considered Remarkable Intensity. Mace is a small one-area weapon that
A Tripod includes all devices used to steady shoots a mist of Typical Intensity tear gas
The Silencer is a device that may be added a rifle, automatic rifle, assault rifle, or at a single target adjacent to the user . It
to a pistol or rifle which inflicts damage on machine gun to aid in its firing, and may be does not require an Agility FEAT to hit,
the Shooting table, excluding the gyro-jet and used by laser, stun, and concussion versions though the target must make an Endurance
all lasers, stunning and concussion weapons. of those weapons. A weapon with a tripod FEAT to avoid the effects.
The silencer operates by dispersing the receives a +1CS to hit, provided it is resting
gases from the shot that creates the crack of on the ground or other steady surface. The Gas Mask allows the wearer to
the pistol. Using a silencer reduces breathe and act normally in conditions of
maximum range by one rank for the weapon, Flashlights are common to all readers. The smoke, tear gas, or knock-out gas. It does
but the target (and those around him or her) normal flashlight is the type most common, not allow clear vision in these areas,
must make an Intuition FEAT to hear the with a plastic or metal body. The Halogen however, only normal movement.

Item Price Notes road and off-road vehicles that use tires,
Salary, Bodyguard Ty the caltrop acts as an Edged Attack of
Salary, Mechanic Ty Excellent damage, and immediately forces
Salary, computer specialist Ex a Control FEAT.
Salary, scientist Ex
Salary, cook Ty Handcuffs are a standard restraining device
Salary, groundskeeper Ty used by the police forces of the world to
Salary, 10 workers Ex prevent actions by criminals in custody.
Salary, 50 workers Rm They are made of Excellent material.
Salary, 100 workers In
Salary, 150 workers Am Inhibitor Bands interfere with the use of
natural abilities. including those of mutants
Night on the Town Gd and altered humans. The hero suffers a -
Broadway tickets Ex 5CS on all physical abilities (FASE), and a
Dinner and Movie Ty - 7CS on the use of all Powers. Talents and
Respectable Clothing Pr mental abilities (but not Powers) remain
Rented Tux Ty untouched. No ability may drop below
Purchased suit or Tux Gd Feeble. Technological and magical powers
Halston original Rm are not affected.
Fur coat In
20 comic books Ty Nullifier Bands interfere with the working of
Original Art Gd high-tech power suits in much the same
Unstable Molecules In way as Inhibitor bands affect mutants. If the
Wankandan Vibranium, 6 oz. Am strength of a character wearing a suit of
Antarctic Vibranium, 6 oz. Un powered armor (such as Vindicator, Iron
True Adamantium, 1 Ib. ShX Man. or Guardsman) is reduced to Feeble.
Secondary Adamantium, 1 Ib. Un the suit freezes up and the character is
Translation Device In immobilized.
Mystic Texts In
The Stasis Ray is an expensive device that
Underwater Breathing Pills In Last 4 hours
often shows up in the defenses of
Pym's Reduction Formula In
mastermind villains. It projects a ray of
Mutant analyzer Am
Monstrous Intensity stunning, and those
Mutant Neutralizer Un
who are held by the ray are immobilized for
Robot, standard In
as long as the ray is in ef fect. It is rarely
Robot, Sentry In
portable, and requires a massive drain of
Robot, Talent Am
power to maintain. It has been used by
futuristic geniuses such as Kang the
Asbestos Suit is a flame-resistant suit used and inflicts Good damage. The charge is Conqueror.
by firemen and others dealing in fiery and incendiary and will ignite flammable material.
high temperature situations. It provides The Spear Gun is similar to the crossbow in
Remarkable protection from heat and fire, Camera represents the standard statistics, but may fire its bolts underwater
and is made of Good material. photographer's tool. More expensive for their full distance without penalty.
versions are available with higher definition.
Flak Jackets are worn by police in special Camera accessories would include film Scuba Gear allows the wearer to breathe
situations and by SWAT teams. These (Feeble cost), flash (normal or halogen, as tanked air for 2 hours. and as such dive to
jackets provide Good protection from flashlight), and special lens, such as moderate depths in the ocean. The hoses
physical damage. telephoto lens (Good cost). and mask are made of Good material, and
the tanks are made of Remarkable
Beta-Cloth is a light-weight material worn The Personal Computer listed here is the material. If the tanks are punctured, they
by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It provides Typical type commonly available to most Americans, will explode for Remarkable damage to all
protection from physical attacks, Excellent and is a tool, not an artificial intelligence, in the same area.
protection from heat and radiation. unlike some more powerful computers. The
personal computer may be considered to Roller Skates are used by a variety of heroes
Radiation Suits are used by technicians have Poor Reason for problem solving, from Dazzler to Iron Man. Standard skates
exposed to high radiation situations, and are analysis, etc. as it is only as smart as the allow the hero to move at listed speed as it
of Good material, lined with lead. They information placed inside it. At Excellent Endurance was three ranks higher.
provide Incredible protection against radiation. Cost, the user can get a modem that links
his machine into a net with other machines. Rocket Pack, warn either as a belt-pack or
Flare Pistols fire a burning charge that lights a back-pack, allows the wearer to fly at
the sky, either to provide illumination (lighting Caltrops are small, dart-like jacks that are Excellent speeds. All limitations on flight
all areas within three) or as a signal device scattered to avoid pursuit. They inflict Poor apply to the wearer, and Agility FEATs
(fired 10 floors straight up). Used as a Edged Attack on those that step on them required are at one CS lower.
weapon, the device has a range of two areas, (but are non-lethal -- no Kill results). For

Salaries represent the payment of the listed instantaneous, for unknown languages 10
services. Their abilities are generally self- plus 1-10 rounds.
evident (a pilot will always have pilot ability,
a computer specialist computer talent). The Underwater breathing pills are another
listing for number of workers are for invention of Reed Richards, and allow air-
general numbers of people, whether breathers to breathe water for up to 4
construction workers, office employees, or hours. The pills also permit those
security guards. characters with inborn flame abilities to use
those abilities under water.
Sundries list various Costs the players may
encounter in everyday life. They are Mystic Texts is a blanket term for those
intended as guidelines. and the Judge may less-powerful magical books that mages
set a cost for certain items based upon the acquire to aid them in their work. While
situation. such a mystic book would not hold the
secrets of the Darkhold or the Book of the
Robots represent the preprogrammed, Vishanti, they may possess some spell
simplistic devices used as security guards occurs in two related isotopes. There are usable to the mage. Such books are found
or in danger rooms. It does not include two types. Wakandan vibranium is found in old collections, in the effects of wizards,
robot player characters such as the only in that isolated African kingdom. and its and as such are not for sale at your local
synthezoid Vision, nor free-willed entities existence had been kept secret from the Waldenbooks .
such as Ultron. outside world for years. Wakandan
A Mutant Analyzer is a portable device that
vibranium is a sound absorber. and a 6 oz
The Standard Robot is only capable of may be used to identify mutants at a
lump will absorb all the sound in a single
simple tasks, and has no special abilities distance. Range is one area. A mutant
area. Sonic attacks are reduced by 5 ranks
other than to record what transpires before analyzer cannot detect a specific person as
for effect. A gun with a vibranium silencer
its recorders and perform simple tasks. The a mutant, but only that a mutant is present.
would be totally silenced. Antarctic
H.E.R.B.I.E. series was a modified form of The X-Men's Cerebro unit is a large scale
vibranium, the other form of the substance.
the standard robot. All Standard robot version of this device, but the portable
weakens the bonds of metal atoms, causing
abilities are Typical. attachments function as listed. Similar
them to melt. A 6 oz. lump will cause all
devices have been developed by Forge
The Sentry Robot has a bit more program- metal in an area to become liquid (material
and installed in various versions of the
ming and firepower. It is programmed to strength FEAT to avoid). Wakandan
identify hostile threats (that is anything vibranium is only rarely available due to the
not in its bank) and open fire. Sentry robots substance being kept by the Wakandan A Mutant Neutralizer is a device that
come equipped with Good Strength lasers, people and entrusted to the care of their removes inborn abilities temporarily or
though some may be additionally armed. ruler, T'Challa, better known as Black permanently. The range of the device is 3
All sentry robot abilities are Good. Panther. Antarctic vibranium is only slightly areas, and the target gets an Endurance
less available since the destruction of its
The Talent Robot is a robot specifically source, the Savage Land. Both forms have
designed for a certain purpose, and its Incredible material strength.
programming reflects that purpose. The
Avengers' fire-fighting robots or the robotic Similar to vibranium, there are two forms of
opponent the Black Knight uses are Adamantium. True adamantium is a mixture
examples of talent robots. Such robots may of chemical resins whose exact nature is a
have one ability at Remarkable level. All government secret; it has Class 1000
others are Excellent. material strength, sufficient to resist the
attack of an atom bomb. Secondary
Final note on robots: Certain robots may adamantium is less expensive, but while still
be custom built. These are reflected in the very strong, is of Unearthly material
Building Things section. strength and may be destroyed by the more
powerful heroes of the Marvel Universe. It
Unstable Molecules are a discovery of should be noted that Captain America's
Reed Richards, and are used to provide shield is stronger than true adamantium,
clothing and uniforms that will adapt to the and is made of an adamantium/vibranium
abilities and size of the character. Unstable alloy of unknown creation and consistency.
molecules provide no additional protection
to the wearer, but allow the use of super- Translation devices are used by Reed
powers without ill effect. The uniforms of Richards and others to converse with
the Fantastic Four, the Wasp, and the strange creatures from other worlds. The
original outfits worn by the New X-Men translation device handles most known
were made of this material. international and galactic languages, but an
advanced model (Cost +1CS) would be
Vibranium is a metallic substance that needed to analyze an unknown tongue.
Translation for known languages is


FEAT to avoid the effects. Standard time of A character with magical abilities chooses
effect is 1-10 rounds without power (abilities which Powers (if any) are magical. Power
drop to Excellent, no super-human powers ranks are generated normally, and these
permitted, but Talents and Contacts are are considered the Power rank of the spell,
unaffected). The mutant Forge, working for or the Spell rank. When casting the spell,
the Department of Defense, has developed abilities such as Psyche are used to
a neutralizer with potentially permanent determine success. The effects are then
effects. The only model of this neutralizer determined by the Power rank of that ability.
was destroyed by Jim Rhodes (Iron Man II). Example: a character with Excellent
Psyche and Remarkable Mind Control as a
Magic in the Marvel Universe spell attempts to control another's mind. In
casting the spell (seeing if it is successful),
Magic in the Marvel Universe is a can of use the Excellent rank. After the spell
worms that, once opened, may prove succeeds, the Mind Control is considered Such characters must have a Psyche of
difficult to contain. For the player running of Remarkable Intensity to break. Good in order to pursue their abilities in the
the likes of Doctor Strange volumes may magical arena. The character must also
be written on the various magic wielders, The concentration of this section is on the seek out a master who can train the hero in
spells, and creatures, while for those that magic-wielder, the one who casts true mysticism. Doctor Strange sought out the
are more interested in the abilities of spells. The human who has been altered Ancient One, Clea sought out Doctor
Spider-Man and his foes, such information by magic, such as the Absorbing Man or Strange, and so forth. A character who
is of mild interest at best. the Wrecking Crew, is considered an wishes to enter magical training must have
Altered Human. (It is magic, not gamma a master. The master will normally be an
Rather than devote an inordinate amount of rays, cosmic rays, or the attentions of NPC created by the Judge, and the Judge
space to the magic-wielding character, this powerful beings, that gave them their is under no obligation to make the master
designer would highly recommend to those Power.) Those individuals who wield items immediately or easily available. A character
interested in the full workings of magery to of great power, such as Black Knight, are who is not interested in developing his
check out another product currently more related to the Hi-Tech hero, save that magical abilities may still use the mystical
available: the Realms of Magic book the items are mystical in nature as opposed origin for Reason FEATs involving arcane
(MHAC-9) by Kim Eastland. This excellent to the products of Stark International. The lore. For example, though early in her
text deals with magic at its fullest, with all individual who throws spells is a unique career the Scarlet Witch used her mutant
its specialized spells and incantations, as figure, and may be of any origin. There are abilities in a magical fashion, it was only
well as providing the stats for those magic-wielding humans (Doctor Strange), later that she exploited her magical
characters who wield magic. mutants (Magik), high technology background and became a true spell-
characters (Doctor Doom) and aliens caster.
What follows here is a simplification of Mr . (Loki). In theory, any human being has the
Eastland's work, suitable for use with the potential to learn to use magic, but that A magic-wielding hero's Powers are divided
Advanced Set in general. If the heroes are learning is a long and difficult road to travel. into three general categories, depending on
non-magical in nature and/or rarely run up what energies they use. There are three
against the likes of a powerful sorcerer, Mystical Origin is a Talent that a character types of energy available: Personal,
these rules should suffice. Mr. Eastland's may gain, and indicates the character has Universal, and Dimensional.
work delves deeper into the nature of magic, some potential to wield magical power.
defines a number of spells that are not Personal Energies are those that derive
simulations of super-human Powers, and from the character's spirit, mind, and body.
talks at length of dimensions and the beings In general, these spells are those that
that may be invoked in casting dimensional affect only the wielder or someone he is
energy spells. As such it will disagree with mystically linked to (such as by hypnotism).
what is noted here in places. in such cases, Powers that rely on personal energies
the Judge should determine which system include thought projection, astral form, and
he is operating by, and let that system mental probe.
control the mages of his campaign.
Universal Energies are those ambient to the
Magic in the Advanced Set is a duplication character's home dimension, and are tapped
of super-human Powers from a magical by the mage. Illusions, most forms of attack,
base. Whereas a full mage may summon and teleportation use Universal Energies.
the Images of Ikonn, a character using this
system may duplicate the illusion Power. Dimensional Energies are those native to
Thus the cards for Doctor Strange and other dimensions, either being a part of the
Shaman list Powers as opposed to spells, dimension itself (such as the Rings of
but all those Powers derive from the use of Raggador), or granted by powerful beings
spells (much as all of Iron Man's Powers native to another dimension (such as
derive from his armor -- both Tony Stark Dormammu or Ikonn). These energies are
without his armor and Stephen Strange invoked by spells and entreaties to these
without his abilities are mere mortals). Powers.

Magical Powers Table
The table lists all the available Powers, and is geared towards the magic-wielding character . it will help the character define what energies
must be used for a particular spell: personal, universal, or dimensional.

Personal Energies Universal Energies Movement Powers

Resistances Matter Control Powers
Resistance to Gold Air Control Flight
Resistance to Corrosives Earth Control Gliding
Resistance to Disease Fire Control Leaping
Resistance to Electricity Water Control Lightning Speed
Resistance to Emotion Attacks Weather Control Teleportation
Resistance to Fire and Heat Density Manipulation Swimming
Resistance to Radiation Wail-Crawling
Resistance to Toxins Senses
Astral Detection Resistance Powers
Senses Emotion Detection Resistance to Cold
Combat Sense Energy Detection Resistance to Electricity
Enhanced Senses Magic Detection Resistance to Energy Attacks
Infravision Magnetic Detection Resistance to Fire and Heat
Protected Senses Psionic Detection Resistance to Mental Attacks
Astral Detection Combat Sense Resistance to Radiation
Emotion Detection Cosmic Awareness
Energy Detection Enhanced Senses Body Alterations Offensive
Magic Detection Infravision
Protected Senses Blinding Touch
Magnetic Detection Corrosive Touch
Psionic Detection Tracking Ability
Energy Touch
Tracking Ability Health-Drain Touch
Energy Control Powers
Paralyzing Touch
Body Alterations Defensive Electrical Manipulation Rotting Touch
Absorption Gravity Manipulation Claws
Body Armor Light Manipulation Extra Attacks
Healing Magnetic Manipulation Extra Body Parts
Pheromones Sound Manipulation
Recovery Energy Reflection Body Alterations Defensive
Mental Powers Absorption
Mental Powers Damage Transfer
Astral Projection Animal Control and Communication Healing
Emotion Control Animal Empathy Recovery
Empathy Animate Drawings Regeneration
Mental Probe Emotion Control Water Breathing
Mind Control Force Field Generation
Postcognition Image Generation Body Control Powers
Psi-Screen Mind Control
Precognition Animal Transformation Self
Psionic Attack Animal Transformation Others
Telepathy Psi-Screen
Telekinesis Blending
Transferal Body Transformation Self
Body Control Powers Body Transformation Others
Blending Distance Attacks Density Manipulation Self
Imitation Elongation
Corrosive Missiles
Invisibility Growth
Ensnaring Missiles
Shape-Shifting Imitation
Nullifier Missiles
Projectile Missiles
Movement Powers Phasing
Slashing Missiles
Flight Plasticity
Stunning Missiles
Gliding Power Absorption
Ice Generation
Levitation Shape-Shitting
Fire Generation
Lightning Speed Shrinking
Energy Generation
Swimming Sound Generation

Dimensional Energies (And entities com- The table on pages 62-63 lists those
monly entreated) Energy Control Powers general Powers available to generated
Time Control (Various) characters, and which energies they rely
Resistance Powers Nullifying Power (Amtor, Various) on. Certain Powers may rely on more than
Resistance to Magical Attacks (Satannish, Darkforce Manipulation (Darkforce one energy type, and the player may
Oshtur) Dimension) choose which his hero has. Certain Marvel
Invulnerability (Various) Light Manipulation (Nirvalon, Seraphim) Super Heroes are listed as having Powers
Probability Manipulation (Various) that may use more than one energy (noted
Senses as P, D, or U on the cards). in that case,
Distance Attacks the player may choose which type of
Astral Detection (Various) energy the character draws upon.
Cosmic Awareness (Aggamotto) Darkforce Generation (Darkforce Dimension)
Enhanced Senses (Aggamotto, Nirvalon) Energy Generation (Seraphim, Faltine, Each type of energy has its own
Magic Detection (Various) Oshtur, Balthakk) advantages and disadvantages.
Psionic Detection (Various) Fire Generation (Faltine, Falroth, Elemental
Tracking Ability (Various) Spirits) Personal Energies are automatically
Ice Generation (Ikthalon, Various) available, but may only be used on the
Movement Powers Sound Generation (Various) wielder or on a willing target. A green
Corrosive Missile (Bromagdon, Various) Psyche FEAT is required for success.
Climbing (Various)
Ensnaring Missile (Raggadorr, Cytorrak, (There may be cases where the target is
Digging (Various)
Dyzakk, Various) restrained but less than willing. In those
Dimensional Travel (Hoggoth, Seraphim,
Nullifier Missile (Various) cases, a red FEAT would be required for
Projectile Missile (Denak, Daveroth, Various) success.) Spells that use personal energy
Flight (Seraphim, Various, Elemental
Slashing Missile (Denak, Cyndriarr, require no chanting or gestures to succeed.
Hoggoth, Various) Use of personal energies has some ef fect
Leaping (Various)
Stunning Missile (Various) on the wielder. For each turn of Power use,
Lightning Speed (Watoomb)
the caster loses one Health point. If Health
Swimming (Various, Elemental Spirits)
Mental Powers is reduced to 0 as the result of these
Teleportation (Watoomb)
actions, the mage becomes unconscious.
Wall-Crawling (Various) Animal Communication and Control (Set,
Do not allow an Endurance FEAT, unless
for reptiles; various)
other circumstances (say, the hero loses
Matter Control Powers Animate Drawings (Ikonn, Various)
consciousness above an active nuclear
Air Control (Vaitorr, Wattomb, Elemental Emotion Control (D'Spayre, Nirvalon, Various)
reactor) merit it.
Spirits) Force Field Generation (Cytorrak,
Earth Control (Elemental Spirits) Seraphim, Various) The success of spells using Universal
Fire Control (Faltine, Elemental Spirits) Image Generation (Ikonn) Energies depends on the type of spell. All
Water Control (Munnopor, Elemental Spirits) Mind Control (Nightmare, Munnopor, Various) spells that affect the Psyche or abilities of
Weather Control (Munnopor, Satannish, Possession (Various) the target grant that target a Psyche FEAT
Elemental Spirits) Postcognition (Various) to avoid the effect, treating the caster's
Density Manipulation (Various) Precognition (Aggamotto, Various) Psyche as the Intensity of the attack. If the
Telekinesis (Various) Psyche FEAT is successful, the attacking
Body Control Powers Ultimate Skill (Various) magic-wielder's Psyche is reduced by one
rank for 1-in turns. If Psyche is reduced
Animal Transformation (Various) Body Alterations Defensive below Good, the caster loses the ability to
Body Transformation (Various)
Body Armor (Seraphim, Various) cast spells. Universal spells require a
Blending (Ikonn, Various)
Extra Body Parts (Various) gesture or chant to cast, and the caster
Growth (Various)
Immortality (Various, but always exacting a must have his hands and mouth free.
Phasing (Various)
Shrinking (Various) high price)
Life Support (Various) Spells that rely on Dimensional Energies
Shape-Shifting (Various) may duplicate those of personal and
universal effects, but draw their energy from
an outside source. Those extra-dimensional
entities that are listed as the magic-wielding
character's Contacts are considered
Friendly to the mage's actions, and may be
called on to work the listed spells. Those
that are not listed are considered Neutral or
Unfriendly Contacts, and those that the
mage has personally offended are
considered Hostile. Dimensional energy
spells automatically have an initiative roll of
in and require both chanting and gestures
to entreat the force to respond.


Example: The good Doctor Strange has Shifts for casting Spells Eldritch Shields as spells, each replacing
listed on his card as Contacts the V ishanti, A number of conditions may affect the that which would be a random Power roll.
Cyttorak, Hoggoth, Raggadorr, and casting of spells, resulting in column shifts. The initial Power ranks of these spells are
Seraphim. He is considered Friendly to These shifts are made at the time of the always the Psyche rank and rank number
these Powers. Ikonn is not listed, though casting, and may reduce a spell below of the character.
Doe Strange does have Illusion Powers Feeble to Shift 0, At Shift 0, a spell is
that draw on him. He is considered Neutral. impossible. All Shifts are cumulative. Eldritch Bolt Is a bolt of magical power, and
Dormammu, whom Strange called on early includes all manner of spells such as
In his career end later discovered to be an -1CS if the target of the spell is from a Doctor Strange's Bolt of Bedevilment. The
evil force (a real sludge-bucket), is Hostile. different dimension than the caster range is as determined in the spell range
if the caster is in astral form table below, and damage is equal to the
To cast a spell requiring dimensional -2CS if the target is more than 30' in Power rank, with the following difference::
energies, make a Popularity FEAT treating size or occupies more than one the bolt may reduce Health or Karma
the caster's Psyche as Popularity. If the area values (in the latter case, the target's
FEAT is successful, the dimensional energy effectively out of luck). If the bolt attacks
it, granted, and the spell goes of f as noted. +1CS if the area in which the spell is Health, treat it as a Force attack.
If the FEAT is unsuccessful, there will still cast is familiar to the mage or to
be a magical effect, but it will be of the Powers he invokes (home turf The Eldritch Shield is a shield of mystical
significantly less power, and may have advantage) energy that provides the caster with
other effects as well: +2CS if the spell is cast in ceremony mystical Body Armor equal to the caster's
It the being is Friendly to the mage if the form of the spell comes rank number. This is also proof against
(listed as a Contact), the spell goes of f from an ancient book or tome magical attacks or those attacks which
at 3 column shifts less powerful than found during the campaign arise from magic.
the listed power. Example: The
character has a distance Entrapment +3CS if the target of the spell is a If an attacker directs his attacks against the
Power which he refers to as the willing subject for dimensional and shield Itself, treat the attack as an attempt
Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, at universal energies to break the material, with the attacker's
Amazing (47) rank. The entity is listed bolt supplying the strength end the
as a Contact, but the Psyche FEAT A ceremony is an established ritual by defender's shield the object that may be
fails. The spell goes off, but is only of which certain actions are taken to achieve broken. The mage whose shield Is broken
Excellent(20) rank Strength. desired results. Ceremonies are only used that round takes no damage, but has no
If the being is Neutral to the mage, the for Universal and Dimensional energies. A shield until he raises it the next round. An
call will go unanswered. The spell will ceremony takes a number of rounds equal Eldritch Shield will protect Its caster from all
fail. Example: Doctor Doom attempts to the rank number of the spell being cast. forms of magic of up to the Psyche of the
to summon the Flames of Falroth to caster.
reintegrate his body Falroth does not Example: A magic-wielding hero casts a force
give two hoofs about this Doom fellow, bolt, an Eldritch Bolt, at a Mindless One that Karma Awards, Popularity, and
so that when the FEAT fails, nothing has stumbled into our dimension. The mage's Advancement
happens. Psyche is Amazing, and the force is Good.
If the being is Unfriendly to the mage, The character rolls to hit on the Amazing -1CS Characters who have true magic abilities
the Judge must make a decision. It or Incredible rank, and it hits inflicting Good (as opposed to those with mystic origins,
may respond either as Neutral or damage. (The -1CS is because the Mindless the potential to gain magic, or using
Hostile. Look at the hero's involvement One is a native of another dimension the magical items) gain Karma at the standard
with that being. Has he called on it dread dominion of Dormammu, to be exact.) rate. All Karma losses are at twice the
before? Was it once a Contact? Is the standard rate. The reason for this is thus:
situation dire? If all else fails, the Example: A mage seeks to ensorcel an A sorcerer, no matter what his background,
Judge rolls a single die: on a result of unwilling victim and read her mind. Using a is more aware that all things are part of a
1-7 the entity or power is Neutral, if 8- mental probe (Incredible (41)) with his greater whole, that bread cast upon the
10 the entity is Hostile. Psyche of Excellent (12), the mage decides water comes back a hundredfold, and you
If the being is Hostile to the mage, to call on Hoggoth for aid (Personal energies reap only what you sow. In other words,
retribution is swift and sure and totally will not work on an unwilling victim). He sets Karma counts twice as much against them
up to the Judge. If the being is hateful up a ceremony for Hoggoth, giving him a because they are more aware of its
of all life, a gate may be opened, +2CS to cast the spell. The ceremony is effects.
allowing it to enter this dimension. If the cast with Incredible chance of success
caster is in combat, the being called (Excellent +2CS), and Incredible Intensity if On the plus side, the cost for a mage to
upon may aid the opponent. If the being it succeeds. The mage makes a Popularity perform Power Stunts using his spells is
is rather a dimension that the mage has FEAT, treating the Psyche as Popularity, reduced. It costs an "ordinary" super hero
gotten on the bad side of (such as and, if he gets a green result, ensorcels the (if there is such a thing) 100 points to
Raggadorr), the caster may suddenly target with Incredible Intensity. attempt a Power Stunt. It costs a mage
find himself sucked into that dimension, only 10 points of Karma if the stunt uses
Special: Eldritch Bolts and Shields. Instead Personal or Universal energies, 50 points if
before that being, or tossed into another
of rolling random Powers, any starting using Dimensional energies.
dimension entirely. It is not a good idea
mage may choose Eldritch Bolts and
to attempt to summon Hostile beings.


A mage advances in ability ranks and gains may have agents operating in that area.
talents as do non-magical characters. A Similarly, the casting of spells that will
mage may gain new spells in two ways: affect all of the Earth will definitely come to
through normal advancement, where costs the attention of Doctor Strange, who is that
are halved in Karma, and through location Earth's sorcerer supreme (indeed, one of
of new spells. his prime tasks in that roll is to protect
Earth's dimension from invasion and
New spells may be found in mystic texts, damage by other mystics), and magically
unearthed in ancient ruins, or taught by messing with a dimension will come to the
individuals of higher ability than the mage attention of the great Powers of magery.
in question. The first time a spell is cast
500 Karma points are spent, regardless of Hardware: Building, Modifying,
the effects of that spell. After that, the mage and Alien Technology
has added that spell to his repertoire of
usable spells. The spell itself is usually Despite the wide variety of items that are
vague about the level of its Power. i.e., If offered in the earlier sections, players will
your mage finds a book promising control often want to have tailor-made items to fit
over the waters of the world it may rank in their needs. These items may be more
Power from Feeble to Unearthly, or may powerful, have better or different powers
have some unknown requirement or deadly than the original, or be something totally
curse. The written spell itself will not reveal outside the realm of normally available
this information. There may exist legends, items. This section deals with building
tales, and support material (like instruction Spell Duration Area of Standard items and modifying existing items, both
sheets) for the spell itself, but likely as not Rank of Effect Effect Damage over a long period and upon demand (the
these material may be erroneous or latter is known as kit-bashing).
fraudulent. Shift 0 None None None
FE 1 round Touch 2 Note: Hi-tech heroes rely on devices,
Contacts in other planes cost twice the PR 1 round Touch 4 whether magical or technological in nature,
TY 1 round Touch 6
normal Karma cost of Contacts to reflect GD 1 round Same Area 10 to provide their super-human abilities.
the powerful nature of these Contacts. The EX 1 minute 1 Area 20 These items possessed by the hi-tech hero
hero must have existing contact with these RM 1 hour 2 Areas 30 at the start of the campaign are not
planes in some form, whether by physically IN 1 day 5 Area 40 affected by the rules herein. Hi-tech
encountering them (a hazardous endeavor) AM 1 month 10 Areas 50 abilities are increased and modified as for
or by invoking their names in spells and FN 3 months 20 Areas 60 any other heroic character.
calling upon their dimensional energies SP 6 months 30 Areas 70
(another dangerous endeavor if dealing MN 1 year 1 sq. mi. 80 If another character is using the devices
with powerful, Hostile beings). WN 10 years 5 sq. mi. 90 inherent to a high technology hero, the
UN Perm. 10 sq. mi. 100 character using those devices must make a
Note: Only some powerful extra- Shift X Perm. 1 planet 150 Reason FEAT to correctly use the device.
dimensional beings grant magical Powers. Shift Y Perm. 1 planet 200 The FEAT is always a green FEAT, with
Shift Z Perm. 1 planet 500 failure resulting in the character hitting the
For example, Odin of Asgard was the ruler
of a tribe of gods that controlled its mystic CL1000 Perm. 1 dimen. 1000 wrong button, activating the wrong system,
realm, similar to Dormammu. Yet as of this CL3000 Perm. 1 dimen. 3000 or pointing the weapon in the wrong
writing, it has been hundreds of years since CL5000 Perm. 5 dimen. 5000 direction. Results of these actions vary
any have called upon the All-father for Beyond Perm. ALL Infinite according to situation, and may range from
spell-like abilities, and whether they would a -1CS or -2CS to hit or ef fectiveness, or
*Perm. Permanent
be granted those spells now is an unknown the damaging of the system itself.
This effects table only applies where the Similar rules apply to characters encountering
Magical Abilities and Limitations effects are needed for example, the alien technology for the first time. In this case,
range of a spell is in question, or how long a Reason FEAT is made against a standard
n the original set of Marvel Super Heroes an enchantment can last before it must be Remarkable Intensity. Once that FEAT is
was a table delineating magical abilities renewed or expire. A mage may always made, the player can use the alien device in
and limits using these Powers. The table choose to inflict less damage with his normal situations, and another Reason FEAT
below replaces that table, and refers to spells, or to have less duration or area is called for only in extenuating circumstances
limits as set to the Power rank of the spell affected. (such as when the character tries a Power
being cast as opposed to the Psyche of the Stunt or Vehicle Stunt with the device).
caster. All mages have an "ear" for magical power ,
and as such are aware of its use within The key requirement of building an item is
their general region. The casting of a spell its Effective Cost. Effective cost determines
that will affect a ten mile area will alert any the Resources required to make an item,
mage of that power level or higher in that the amount of time that must be spent to
area, as well as those powerful entities that build an item, and whether or not that item

works. A hero may attempt to build an that is being built, and the additional having to touch the target).
device that has a higher effective cost than modifiers to its effective cost.
his Reason. Examples of weapons building: Building a
Weapons are defined by Range, Material machine gun as listed on page 43:
Effective cost is determined in the following Strength, and Damage. Range is set from Inflicts 30 points damage Remarkable
fashion. Take the highest applicable rank the following table. If the weapon falls Range of 10 areas Incredible
number for that item. For every applicable within that range, it has that rank. Made of Good strength Good
rank that is equal to that rank, add a +2CS. Range Ranks material
For every applicable rank that is one rank Range in Areas Rank Effective cost is Incredible +1CS (for
lower than that rank add a +1 CS. This gives Touch * Remarkable damage) for cost of Amazing.
the base cost for all types of items. Ranks of 1 Poor
two or more CS below have no ef fect on 2 Typical Example: A Laser rifle from page 42:
effective cost. Further modifiers may alter 3-4 Good Inflicts 20 points damage Excellent
the effective cost, according to the item. 5-6 Excellent Range of 4 areas Good
7-8 Remarkable Made of Typical material Typical
What is an applicable rank, anyway? It is 9-11 Incredible Effective cost is Excellent +1CS (Good
one of those ranks that define the 12-15 Amazing range) for Remarkable effective cost (as
performance of the item. 16-20 Fantastic
21-30 Spectacular
expensive as the standard listed price, but
In the case of vehicles, applicable remember, these things are illegal).
31-40(1 mile) Monstrous
ranks are Control, Speed, Body, and
41-50 Wondrous
Protection 51-60 Unearthly Example: A Knife from page 45:
In the case of weapons, applicable 61-80 (2 miles) Shift X Inflicts 10 points damage Good
ranks are generally Damage, Range, 81-160 (4 miles) Shift Y Can be thrown No Modifier
and Material strength. 161-400 (10 miles) Shift Z Material Strength Excellent
In the case of items that enhance 10-100 miles Class 1000 Effective cost is Excellent +1CS (good
abilities (such as power suits), Intercontinental Class 3000 damage) -1 CS (melee weapon) for
applicable ranks are those abilities that Interplanetary Class 5000 Excellent Cost. Costs much less to buy one.
are modified, and the material strength * Weapons that inflict damage only on
or Body Armor. touch do not have a applicable cost rank, Vehicles: The applicable ranks for vehicles
In the case of robots and other artificial and in fact, reduce the total cost by - are: Speed, Control, Body, and Protection.
beings, the applicable ranks are the 1CS. For example, a Monstrous Strength Vehicles are of a set type (Road, Of f-Road,
listed abilities and any additional sword would have a -1CS, for Amazing etc.) determined at the start of construction.
Power ranks. Cost, in the final cost of the item.
In the case of all other things, the Other shifts:
applicable ranks are material strength Figuring the damage rank is easy find +1CS Occupies more than one area
and Power ranks involved. The more the amount of damage the weapon inflicts (compartmented vehicles always
an item does, the more applicable under normal circumstances, treat that as a occupy as many areas as there
ranks it involves, and the more it will rank number, and the weapon has that rank are compartments)
cost to build. damage. Weapons that do not inflict -1CS If craft offers no protection
damage but require ability FEATs (such as +1CS If craft is GEV
In addition, certain specific functions of the stun cannons) use Intensity rank as
item may shift the effective cost upwards or opposed to damage rank. Example: a Example: Building your own Sedan
downwards. Certain special items may be handgun inflicts 6 points of damage with Control Poor
required to finish a device (such as an standard ammunition. This is Typical Speed Good
Alludium Q-36 Space Modulator). These damage, so the damage rank of the Body Good
requirements are described in full below. handgun is Typical. A stun pistol has no Protection Typical
damage rank, but an Intensity rank of The price of building this sedan is Good
Upon finding the effective cost, the player Good. Its damage rank for the purposes of +2CS (for the other good ability) +1CS (for
whose character is building the item makes figuring effective cost is Good. Typical Protection) or an Incredible effective
a Resource FEAT to determine if he can cost to build a car from scratch. Keep this in
afford it (for more expensive items it may The material strength rank is the set mind when borrowing the car. it is cheaper
be necessary to use his Contacts). If the material strength of the device, and reflects to buy them from a major company, which
character can afford the item, work begins. the amount of damage the weapon can manufactures a lot of standardized types.
take. It is possible to build handguns and
The time for invention takes as long in days daggers of Feeble material, but they can be Example: Building your own Skymobile
as the item's effective cost rank number easily damaged. Control Excellent
(something that costs Typical takes 6 Speed Incredible
days). Upon completion of the time and Other modifiers to Effective Cost: Body Excellent
cost requirements, a Reason FEAT is made If weapon must be touched to the target Protection 0
to determine if the invention really works. to inflict damage, modify by -1CS. The price of building is Incredible, -1CS
Items that are thrown such as (Excellent Control and Body neither add
Breaking down this process into its steps, grenades or Shuriken ignore the range nor subtract, but there is no Protection) for
the first concerns the general type of item modifier (but do not gain the -1 shift for a Remarkable cost.

Note on arming vehicles: The best modify the result by +1CS. Example: Arcade wishes to construct a
approach is often to build the vehicle first, duplicate of Doug Ramsey in order to lure
then add any armament, either from of f the To determine maximum ranks, calculate the Kitty Pryde into a trap. The android has the
shelf, or by building it separately. It is results if the inventor (choose one if a following stats:
cheaper to build the tank, then add the light group effort) were wearing the suit. If an Fighting: Poor
artillery and machine guns, than to build inventor with a Strength of Good built a suit Agility: Typical
the entire operation all at once. that modified Strength by +1CS, the Strength: Typical
maximum Strength would be Excellent. Endurance: Excellent
Power Suits This category includes all Reason: Good
items that modify the wearer's seven basic Example: A character is building a Power No Psyche or Intuition. The Reason ability
abilities. The applicable ranks are the suit made of Excellent materials, providing reflects a programmed set of reactions and
item's material strength or Body Armor Typical Body Armor, and duplicating the a library of languages to duplicate Doug's
(whichever is higher), and the final stats of Flight power at Good rank. The suit abilities. The android is made of Good
the modified abilities. modifies Strength by +2CS, and Endurance material. Effective cost is Excellent +1CS
by +1CS. Effective cost is Excellent +1CS (Good material) +1CS(Good Reason)
Other modifiers: (Good flight) +2CS (Strength) +1CS +1CS (duplicate of existing being) or
+1 CS for every Power added (if Power (Endurance) for an Amazing effective cost. Amazing cost.
is within one of, or higher than, the The inventor has Good Strength and
highest stat, it becomes an applicable Typical Endurance, so the maximums of Other items are built in the same fashion
rank, and this modifier is ignored) the suit are Excellent for both. W ere the as listed above. Always consider the
suit constructed to provide Excellent material strength of the item, and any ranks
Example: You wish to build a super- Strength and Endurance, cost would be the item has as the result of its
powered suit of Good material, providing prohibitive (Excellent + 2CS (one Excellent) performance.
Excellent Body Armor, raising your Strength +2CS (second Excellent) +1CS (Good
to Amazing and Endurance to Incredible. Flight), for Spectacular effective cost. For example, the Missile falls outside the
Effective cost is Amazing +1CS (for the normal weapon requirements, its applicable
Incredible) or Fantastic cost. The Good Robots and other mechanical constructs ranks are Body, Control, Speed, and
material and Excellent Body Armor have no that duplicate or imitate the abilities of living Damage. Similarly, explosives have one
effect on the effective cost. creatures are constructed along similar rank number, that being their effective cost
lines. Applicable ranks to figure effective (over-the counter explosives are more
Example: You wish to build a super- cost are those the robot possesses; if the expensive, but have less of a tendency to
powered suit of Excellent material that robot has no Fighting ability, none is blow up before you want them to).
provides Good Body Armor, raises Strength counted. Non-player robots (things built by
to Remarkable, and duplicates the powers player characters) rarely have Intuition and Important: Items which duplicate powers
of Flight at the Excellent rank, with Force Psyche abilities, and those that do are that are not readily reproducible by 2000's
attack (Repulsors) at the Remarkable rank. considered free-willed individuals technology always have an applicable rank
The effective cost is Remarkable (highest (examples: Ultron, Delphine Courtney, and of Monstrous added to everything else. If
rank) + 2CS (other Remarkable) +1CS the original Human Torch). Non-Player you want to build a Teleporter, duplicating
(one of the Excellent ranks) +1CS (the robots (those with limited programming) are the power at the Poor rank, there will be an
other Excellent rank) for Spectacular cost. considered to have Typical Reason, those additional applicable rank of Monstrous
who are able to talk Good Reason. For the because we currently do not have
Compare the two examples. It costs more effects of this Reason, see Programming teleporters in our society. Likewise, a
to build a power suit with more options than under the Modification section. device that flies by means of jet engines
one that has certain specialized functions. would not suffer this penalty, but one which
This is why such suits are normally Other modifiers: provided flight by anti-gravity devices
restricted in their capabilities. (Remember -1CS if the being is humanoid would.
Hi-tech heroes such as Iron Man exist +1CS if the being is supposed to imitate
outside this way of constructing items.) a specific individual Example: The players wish to develop a
medical scanner which would monitor the
Power Suit Option: An alternate method of Example: The X-Men build a humanoid patient and diagnose the patient's ailment.
building a Power Suit revolves around robot to serve as a sparring partner for Early forms of this type of "diagnostic bed"
those suits that modify the ability by column Colossus. The Robot has the following exist, so the Monstrous limitation does not
shifts as opposed to setting higher levels. A stats: apply The bed and its components are
harness that would increase the wearer's Fighting: Excellent made of Good material, and the device
Strength by +1CS (Excellent max) would Agility: Excellent should be able to provide medical opinions
be of this type. Strength: Monstrous Excellent with Excellent Reason. The
Endurance: Incredible effective cost Excellent would be Excellent
For building Power Suits of this type, figure Reason: Typical +1CS for the materials Monstrous or
the effective cost using the material Has no Intuition, or Psyche. Made of Remarkable. If the device needed to be
strength or Body Armor rank (whichever is Incredible Strength materials (has Incredible able to scan through the 3-inch
higher), and the Power ranks of any Incredible Body Armor as a result). steel hide of Typical the team's resident
powers that are given to the suit. For every Effective cost is Monstrous -1CS for bulldozer (Incredible armor), the cost would
shift that the suit modifies a primary ability, Humanoid form, or Spectacular cost. be Incredible.

Example: The hero team wishes to develop A single character with Resources of the hero has hired or persuaded
a device that would scan alternate Monstrous makes the FEAT roll. someone else to do the work. A hero
dimensions. Such a device does not exist Two characters with Spectacular may only work on one project at a time,
in the "real world," so the first applicable Resources, or one with Spectacular though he may have several inventions
rank is Monstrous. It is made of Excellent aided by one with Fantastic being developed by others.
materials, and must punch through into Resources, make a .single FEAT
another dimension with Amazing ability. A character with insufficient funds, but Success! or Eureka! I have
Effective cost is Monstrous +1CS or with Contacts in an organization with found it! (Now, where did I put
Wondrous. Monstrous Resources, persuades
them to fund the project. A hero with
that plutonium...)
Other modifiers to Effective Cost: Good funds but Contacts with the After making the Resource FEAT and
+2CS if the device cannot normally be Department of Defense convinces spending the amount of time required for
seen them that this is a good idea the invention, the inventor makes a Reason
+1CS if the device is pocket-sized (Popularity FEAT possibly more FEAT roll to determine if the invention is
+1CS if the device is portable than one). Contacts providing the successful. Use the hero's Reason, or the
+1CS if the device occupies more than funding may have their own restrictions highest Reason of those heroes involved,
one area or requirements to any such with the following modifications:
Special Requirements for +1CS for assistance, no less than one
Inventions If the Resource FEAT fails, the hero may not rank lower (maximum of +1)
make another attempt before the next week. +1CS for each applicable talent (examples
Often a device may require a specific item Cost is not prohibitive, but the character electronic for building a robot,
to work properly. This is a Special does not have the money right now. piloting for building a plane;
Requirement. The special requirement is maximum of +3CS from talents)
set up for the Judge as a safety mechanism Time and Building Things -1CS if time was shortened by rushing
to prevent too many wonders of technology -1CS for each special requirement in the
from floating around, and to provide a base The effective cost determines the time it invention (Maximum of -3CS)
for hero (and villain) actions. will take in days to complete the product, +1CS if the device existed previously
assuming normal working conditions. The from a failed experiment or from
Devices which have an effective cost under rank number of the effective cost rank is kit-bashing)
Remarkable rarely need a special the number of days the project will take (an
requirement. Those with an effective cost of item with an effective cost of Typical would
Remarkable or higher may have one special take 6 days, one of Unearthly 100 days).
requirement, while those of Monstrous or
higher effective cost will always have at The time represented is for one man, working
least one special requirement. alone, with regular stops for eating, sleeping,
and other necessities. Conditions may reduce
Special Requirements are set by the Judge the time according to the situation:
as specific items for completion of the work, If the inventing character (the one
and the Judge's Book delineates her whose Reason will be used to make
options. The special requirement may be a the FEAT) has aid (a lab assistant), the
particular circuit, a secondary invention time is halved.
required to make the item work, a new If the inventing character's assistant has
method of producing an item, a special alloy a Reason within one rank of the
or substance with specific unique properties, inventor's then time is quartered (this is
or an existing device to use as a model. why brilliant scientists always seem to
have searched out equally brilliant, but
The Resource FEAT and Building often morally corrupt, lab assistants). If
(Or, how am I going to PAY for all the inventor works straight through, time
is again halved. An inventor along with
this?) his brilliant lab assistant of equal
Once effective cost is calculated, the Reason, working around the clock on a
player(s) involved make a Resource FEAT. project of Excellent effective cost (20
This FEAT may be out of one character's days normally) would complete the
pocket, a combined FEAT if two characters project in 2-112 days. Working straight
have Resources within one rank of each through indicates other short-cuts, as
other, or as a result of using Contacts with well as a lack of attentiveness to
sufficient Resources to create the device. details, and may result in a negative
column shift upon completion (success).
Example: An interstellar destabilization Work performed by NPCs based on the
detector is calculated as having a player character's requests or designs
Monstrous cost. The Resource FEAT may will always take the maximum amount
be made as follows: of time. This includes situations where

Monstrous (80) effective cost, then it would installation only). In cases where some
take 80 days under normal circumstances. At modification of the device itself would need to
an expenditure of 800 Karma points, this be made (flight for the off-road Vehicle),
may be reduced to 80 turns. effective cost is equal to the new power
added, but never less than Good effective
Kit-bashing may be used to rush a project cost. Remember that modifying devices for
to completion. If you are on day 5 of an powers not reproducible by modern
anti-Skrull product requiring 10 days, and technology (a gun that only hits people
the Skrulls invade, you can complete the thinking of crime) are Monstrous, at minimum.
project in 5 turns by kit-bashing. If any part
of the device is kit-bashed, the entire Time and success of a modification are
device suffers the effects of kit-bashing. determined as for any invention. Failure
may damage the original device as well.
Kit-bashed devices will succeed on a Modifications may be kit-bashed.
Reason FEAT of the inventor, but will only
The inventor makes the Reason FEAT and operate for 1-l0 rounds before becoming Programming and Reprogramming
reads the result from the list below, If the inoperative (depending on the device -
effective cost is greater than the Reason of some may be inoperative in particularly Computers and the programming of robotic
the inventor (after all shifts), then the result spectacular fashions). If the inventor can NPCs present special problems, and as
is read as one color less than the one salvage the pieces, he will receive a bonus such are dealt with separately Such
rolled. (Red becomes yellow, yellow green, on future FEAT rolls to duplicate the device. devices are assigned Reason abilities, but
and green becomes white). possess no creative thought or personality
Karma for kit-bashed devices may be of their own (player character robots are,
White Result: You missed something, but a pulled from any sources available to the as always, an exception). The "Reason"
double check shows what it is. Start again. inventor, including his own fund of Karma, ability reflects the amount of information
No Resource FEAT is needed, but the Karma pools he belongs to, and Karma that the device has, and the ease with which it
amount of time is he same, and a special has been set aside for Advancement. Allies may be accessed. A computer with vast
requirement is added. of the inventor may contribute their Karma information with its data trapped behind
as well, if they are assisting. codewords, split into various files, and
Green Result: It flies, Wilbur, but not for unable to access important programs is as
long. The device will fail in 1-in turns. Modifying Items "dumb" as a home computer.
Failure may result in destruction or
damage, depending on the situation. Often, a full design is not necessary, as an Computers are only as smart as the
Repairs done as for White result. existing weapon, device, or vehicle may be information they get, and can only answer
modified to perform the actions necessary. a direct inquiry. Gaining information from a
Yellow Result. Working prototype. Operates This is known as modification, and is often computer is easy, if the proper passwords
at -1CS for all abilities until fine tuned. Fine less expensive than full-fledged invention. are known. The fact that passwords are
tuning takes 1-10 additional days. Modification is also used to smooth out the usually restricted to those with need to
rough edges of inventions, and improve know is the restriction of the computer.
Red Result: Success! The device does them slowly. Most computers have a restriction of
exactly what it was designed for. Excellent. Those with sensitive information
Only one modification may be made at a have restrictions of Remarkable or higher.
Karma and Success: Karma may be added time. If you wish to improve the Speed and NPC robots have restrictions and
before the die roll, but in this case, and this Control of your convertible, first you must inhibitions as listed for their Reasons.
case only, the amount of Karma should be improve the Speed, then in a separate
determined before the roll is made. modification improve the Control. If you Information may be taken from a computer
wish to add weaponry or flight capabilities, with a Reason FEAT, green if passwords
Kit-Bashing these would be separate modifications. are known, red if they are not. Robots and
computers may be reprogrammed, again at
All of the above is very good when you Modifications that alter abilities have an a Reason FEAT. Time is equal to the
have the time to work on a device, or have effective cost of the new ability rank, but restriction rank number in turns. Example:
others work on it for you. What happens may only be made one rank at a time. if you Nightcrawler reprograms a bunch of
when Terminus pops up, and you need that wished to increase the Body Armor of a Arcade's androids to attack Arcade. This
device to help you defeat him? power suit from Good to Remarkable, you takes 10 rounds each (Good Reason), and
must modify it first to Excellent, then make requires a Reason FEAT for each robot.
You start kit-bashing taking what is a second modification to Remarkable.
available and working with it to get
something that will save the day. Repairs
Modifications that give abilities that the device
previously did not have (such as Flight for an Long-term repairs are made at repair
Kit-bashing is conducted similarly to normal off-road vehicle, or adding machine guns to centers. Heroes intent on making repairs
invention, but at a highly collapsed timescale, your jeep) are handled according to situation. may invest in a repair center. The cost of
at the expense of Karma. Expenditure of ten In cases where the modification is easily the center is equal to the ef fectiveness of
points of Karma will reduce one day of made (adding Light Artillery to a tank), the the repair center. A repair center of Good
normal work to one round. If a device has effective cost is Typical (it is effectively cost may repair at the Good level; one of

Remarkable cost will repair at the Example: A Self Propelled Gun made a Repairs in the field may be made with a
Remarkable level. wrong turn when fighting the Hulk and lost Reason FEAT of the repairing character.
two ranks of Body, from Remarkable to The Intensity of damage is equal to the
If a damaged device (usually a vehicle, Good. The repair center is of Incredible original stat that is trying to be repaired.
sometimes a robot, and rarely a weapon) is ability, and the tech on duty has a Reason of Field repairs will last for 1-10 hours before
brought in, it can be repaired. Damaged Remarkable. The center must restore the shaking loose again (damage reduced to
devices are those that are reduced in Good Body to Excellent, and finally to original with an additional rank of damage).
abilities because of beings hitting on them. Remarkable. This will take one man 20 hours
A repair center can restore the device by for the first, 30 for the second. (T ime may be Devices which have had abilities reduced
one rank if a Reason FEAT is made, using reduced by assistance.) Repairs are to below Feeble are beyond hope they
the Reason of the repair person or the automatic as long as the rank of the center is cannot be repaired. Their materials may be
value of the Repair center, whichever is higher than that of the device. Otherwise a salvaged for use in new inventions along
lower. Karma may be added. Effective cost FEAT (Reason of repair person) is needed, similar lines, with the resulting bonus to the
is as for modifications, but time is with failure resulting in the damage being roll for success.
measured in hours as opposed to days. beyond the ability of the shop to repair.


The following is a description of the Powers Resistance to Toxins: This Power rank is Power is no less than one rank above the
available to generated characters, which always a minimum of one rank greater than individual's Endurance. (Any roll of less
are listed on pages 8-9 of this book. These the hero's Endurance rank (if the random roll than that rank should be raised to the
summaries are general descriptions of the sets this Power as less than this stated Endurance Rank +1CS.)
Powers. Specific heroes native to the minimum, it is raised to Endurance rank
Marvel Universe may have their own +1CS). This rank is used instead of Invulnerability: The hero with this Power is
specialized versions of these Powers. Endurance for all FEATs involving poison, and totally unaffected by one or more of the
is not reduced by damage or effects of poison. attack forms listed above. The initial
Resistances Resistances are powers that Failing a FEAT with this Power will mean choosing of Invulnerability counts as two
protect the hero from specific forms of Endurance drops by one rank, but this Power choices, but every additional choice in
attack, such as fire, cold, radiation, or toxin. rank does not drop. It will be used next turn at Resistances may be changed to an
All damage caused by that type of attack is its normal level for determining further effects. Invulnerability. (Example -- A hero being
reduced or negated, according to the type generated picks up Invulnerability to Fire,
of Resistance. Resistance to Corrosives: This resistance counting it as two slots. She then gets
reduces the amount of damage from acids another resistance, and chooses
Resistance to Fire and Heat: All damage and other caustic agents, including but not Resistance to Cold. She may then choose
from fire and heat-based attacks is reduced limited to rust, rot, acids. salt deterioration. to be Invulnerable to Cold instead at no
by the Power rank number. Further. any fire and destructive microbes. The hero with additional cost.)
of less than this Power rank has no ef fect this Power may ignore acids and corrosives
on the hero. (Example -- the hero with a of less than this resistance's Power rank Invulnerability means that the hero in
Resistance to Fire/Heat of Amazing (50) number in Intensity, and may reduce question has a Class 1000 resistance to
rank could walk through super-heated damage from higher level acids by the that attack form.
steam of Incredible (40) Intensity without ill Power rank number.
effect.) Senses Powers in the Senses category are
Resistance to Emotion Attacks: This Power those that permit the hero some exotic
Resistance to Cold: All damage from cold- rank will be no less than one rank higher method of detection, either by protecting or
based attacks is reduced by the Power than the character's initial Intuition, and expanding the existing senses, or providing
rank number. Further, ice and cold of less should be raised to that rank +1CS if a senses that outstrip the limits of other
than this Power rank may be ignored. lower rank is rolled. Any Emotion-related normal senses.
Physical items made of ice may still af fect attacks that affect the Intuition, including
the hero. A hero with Resistance to Cold illusions, emotion-control, and dominance Protected Senses: One or more of the hero's
would not be easily frozen by Iceman, but must overcome this rank as opposed to the basic senses are protected from attack. The
could still be hit with a club made of ice. Intuition of the individual. hero ignores potentially damaging attacks of
less than the Power rank in intensity level. In
Resistance to Electricity: All damage Resistance to Mental Attacks: This many cases, this considers the effects of
resulting from electrical-based attacks is resistance is similar to that of resistance to specially polarized goggles that prevent
reduced by the Power rank number. emotion attacks, but is used against attacks being suddenly blinded by high Intensity
Further, electricity of less than this Power that affect the Psyche from psionic (but not light. or earplugs or headgear that reduce the
rank is ignored by the hero. The hero must magical) sources. This Power rank will be effects of sonic attacks.
decide if this Power is conductive or non- no less than one rank higher than the
conductive in nature. Conductive resistance individual's Psyche, and should be raised to Enhanced Senses: One or more of the
allows energy to pass through the hero into that rank +1CS if a lower rank is rolled. hero's five normal senses (hearing. sight,
those the hero is touching (like a copper smell, touch, taste) is increased to the
wire). Non-conductive resistance stops the Resistance to Magical Attacks: This Power rank level. Use this rank instead of
energy at the contact point, allowing those resistance is similar to that of Resistance to Intuition to discover clues, spot items. and
being touched or held to be unharmed like Emotion Attacks. but is used against determine initiative (in the case of Hearing).
rubber insulation). attacks that affect the Psyche from magical These extra-ordinary senses are more
and extra-dimensional sources. Further, all vulnerable to attack. such that attacks
Resistance to Radiation: All damage magical damage-inflicting attacks are against them are at +1CS. Examples of
resulting from radiation-based attacks, reduced by this Power rank number. Unlike such attacks include bright lights for sight,
including but not limited to X-rays, alpha the Resistances to Mental Attacks and sonic attacks for hearing. traps activated by
and beta particles, and gamma rays, is Emotion Attacks, this Power rank may be touch, or knock-out gases for smell.
reduced by the Power rank number. Most lower than the Psyche initially, making the
non-concussive energy rays used by super- individual more vulnerable to certain types Infravision: The individual with this ability
powered individuals may be so reduced of magical attack (but less vulnerable to can see in the dark. In most normal
(i.e.: this resistance would provide damage-inflicting magical attacks). darkness, this sight range is 5 areas. This
protection from Captain Marvel in X-ray Power has a rank because there are
form. but not from Radioactive Man's force- Resistance to Disease: The individual with potentially high-intensity darknesses that
based attacks). Any radiation of a lower this resistance is less susceptible to disease may foil this Power (for example. the
Intensity than the hero's Power rank has no than other heroes with the same Darkforce). If the Intensity of the darkness
effect on the hero. Endurance. Included are common diseases, is higher than the rank of the infravision,
as well as the effects of biological warfare sight is limited to only the immediate area
and vampirism. The individual's rank in this (within 2 feet).


Cosmic Awareness: The hero possessing red FEATs at the Judge's option. to catch the track, but once on the trail,
this Power is in tune with the universe to FEAT rolls should only be required when
some degree, allowing him to perceive Magic Detection: The hero with this Power there is a chance of losing the track. This
other powerful entities and to detect can detect magic. When magic is in force will depend on the nature of the tracking
weaknesses in opponents. Individuals with around the hero, make a Power rank FEAT ability. For example, a hero who tracks by
Class 1000 primary abilities or better within roll. White means failure; check again next scent may have to make another FEAT
10 miles of the hero will always be noticed round. A green result indicates recognition (perhaps yellow or red) if the trail leads
by the hero. In addition, making a Power that there is magic in the area, a yellow through a stockyard or perfume plant, while
rank FEAT with this Power allows the user result the individual or individuals involved one who tracks by the heat left from his
to gain a + 1CS on FEATs against an in the magic, and a red result the type of prey's footsteps must check when the
opponent by finding the weak point in an spell or magic involved. Spells that mask or individual passes through a stream.
opponent or structure. mislead the spell-casting may reduce these
chances at the Judge's option. Movement Powers As the heading notes,
Combat Sense: This Power rank may be all powers within this section influence the
used instead of Intuition for determining Magnetic Detection: The hero with this character's ability to move, whether by
surprise, instead of Fighting for blocking, Power can detect the magnetic field of expanding the existing abilities, or providing
instead of Agility for dodging, and instead Earth (and likely other planets as well), as new capabilities It is up to the player , when
of Strength for escaping. The minimum well as aberrations of that field (created by creating his character, to create the basis
level of this Power is the Intuition rank of large iron deposits, huge electro-magnetic for how the hero has the given ability. Flight
the character. doomsday devices, etc.) with Power rank can be accomplished by a number of
ability. It is difficult for a hero with this methods. If a character flies by wings, what
Computer Links: The character with this Power to become lost. happens when those wings are impeded? If
Power may communicate with and retrieve a character has rocket-boots what if the
information from computer systems with Mutant Detection: The hero with this Power boots are clogged by a foam-gushing
Power rank ability. The hero must be able is attuned to the specific mental radiation arrow?
to access the computer in some way; given out by mutants. The range is
usually this is by means of an implant dependent on the Power rank of the Flight: The hero with this Power can move
relayed to a predetermined computer. If individual. (See the Power Rank range through the air under his own power. The
attempting to break into a new computer, table). This Power reflects the conscious method of flight (wings, rockets,
compare this Power rank with the Reason will to detect mutants, unconscious graviton manipulation, etc.) is
of the computer or mechanical being. This left for the player to define, though it should
Power also allows the reprogramming of Psionic Detection: The hero with this Power be defined before play begins. The
simple robots (but not Player Character is attuned to exceptional mental radiation in character's speed is determined by the
robots under normal circumstances). general, and as such can detect the use of Power rank of the individual. (see
paranormal abilities including mindreading, Movement in Chapter 2). Agility is used to
Emotion Detection: The hero can detect thought-casting, mental control and attacks, determine actions while flying, including
emotion in others with Power rank ability. whether by technological or of mutant changing course and dodging. Winds
This Power may be a limited form of origin (but not those of magical origin). The (including wind Powers) of greater Intensity
Empathy, or merely the ability to catch the hero can detect these abilities only when than the hero's Power rank will cause the
subtle physiological clues that indicate a they are in use, by making a Power rank hero to lose altitude. The hero may gain
person is under stress, lying, or worried. FEAT roll. Make a check each round the one additional area (44 yards) for each 15
Success with this FEAT roll indicates the hero is in range of psionic activity until the feet(l story) dropped, and is slowed by one
hero detects only the target's emotional hero makes the FEAT or psionic activity area of speed for each 30 feet (two stories)
state, not the cause of it. (The target may be ceases. The FEAT is green if the hero is climbed. (A hero who can fly 10 areas may
lying, but the hero with this Power is able to specifically checking for psionic activity, climb 30 stories in a single round.)
detect only that the individual is worried, the yellow if not paying specific attention.
heartbeat pattern is up, etc.) Targets trying to Gliding: The hero has the ability to glide,
conceal their emotional state use their Astral Detection: The hero with this Power dropping 1 story (15 feet) for every turn in
Intuition as an Intensity rank to determine the can see the forms of creatures operating in the air. The distance covered per turn is set
type of FEAT required. Detecting non-human the astral plane, including ectoplasm of by the Power rank as for flying. The Gliding
emotions -- those of robots and aliens, for those adepts who can astrally project. This hero cannot climb, but can maintain level
instance -- should be done at a higher shift. is an automatic ability: the individual can flight by making an Agility FEAT (failure
always recognize that an astral form is indicates loss of 2 stories (30 feet)). The
Energy Detection: The hero with this Power nearby. Use the Power rank FEAT to method of gliding is set by the Judge and
is able to identify specific types of energy determine if the individual can note the player. The gliding Power may be severely
and track energy trails. The hero can features of the astral individual, such that affected by winds, and winds of greater
identify the general "type" of energy the individual can be recognized or later Intensity than the glider's speed may halt,
(particles, x-rays, light, exhaust of a nuclear identified. down, or move backward the hero who
engine, etc.) with Power rank ability, and glides, and will at least reduce the hero's
can track the energy trail of that specific Tracking Ability: Through use of heightened speed by as many ranks as the Intensity is
type with Power rank ability per hour. Faint senses, learned abilities, or mutant Powers above Feeble.
trails or common types of energy with the hero with this Power can track another
confusing patterns may require yellow or individual's path. Make a Power rank FEAT

Leaping: The hero with this Power can leap someone the hero is touching up to his climbing is determined by the Power rank,
great distances. Use the table on page 24, Strength limitations (this decision must be and the surface must have sufficient
Chapter 2, replacing Strength with this Power made when the character is created). handholds or cracks (even those of
rank. This Power rank will always be at least Those carried by a teleporter must make a mortared bricks will do). In addition, the hero
the Strength of the character + 1CS. If a green Endurance FEAT or he disoriented can move through tangled pipes, vines, and
lower rank is rolled, raise it to this minimum. for 1-10 rounds. Those teleported from an other areas that require manual dexterity
area must make a yellow Endurance FEAT using this Power instead of the hero's Agility.
Wall-Crawling: The hero can move along or be disoriented for 1-10 rounds.
vertical and upside-down surfaces as if they Digging: The hero can move below ground
were normal surfaces. This Power rank If the Hero teleports into a solid object by digging a tunnel. The hero may choose
indicates how strong the adhesion is (the (because he was unaware of its presence), Claws as A Bonus Power if he has this
mechanism -- suction cups, atomic field make an Endurance FEAT. Failure results Power. Normal movement is as for normal
suppressors, etc. -- is left to the player). The in damage equal to twice the material ground vehicle speed, half if the hero is
hero will use the Power rank to determine the strength of the object teleported into digging a tunnel well-supported enough to
ability to stick, according to the Intensity of the (Strength for living creatures). Success allow others to follow (otherwise the tunnel
slipperiness of the surface. Some examples: indicates another, random (Judge- collapses behind the hero as she digs).
Material Rank determined) 'port, with the hero being The hero may dig through materials of
Ordinary Concrete Feeble unconscious for 1-10 rounds. lower material strength rank than his Power
Ordinary Brickwork Feeble rank, but not those of equal or greater rank.
Glass and Steel Typical A Power Stunt that is used by teleporters is
Steel Alloys Good a version of multiple attacks, by which the Dimensional Travel: This Power allows the
Surface Coated with Oil Remarkable hero teleports quickly from place to place, character to break through into other
Non-stick Surfaces Incredible both dodging attacks and faints and dimensions. The hero does this
Frictionless Surfaces Class 1000 parrying to do damage to one or more automatically, but must make a Power rank
targets. Teleporters who attempt this trick FEAT if under pressing conditions (2000
Lightning Speed: The hero with this Power may make multiple teleports in the same rabid barbarian rabbits are bearing down
can move as a vehicle with a speed equal area (note that "area-teleporters" may not on the hero). A Power rank FEAT is always
to the Power rank, as opposed to his try this trick), and attack one or more required if the hero is heading for a
distance per round being limited by targets. Such teleporters trying this trick are particular alternate dimension or universe.
Endurance. This Power will always be at considered to be Dodging for purposes of
the Endurance rank +1CS. If a lower rank is attacks upon them, and may deliver up to Dimensional destinations are created as for
rolled, raise it to this minimum. Lightning twice their normal number of attacks. Power stunts. If a hero has developed the
Speed is assumed to apply to ground ability to reach Limbo through a Power
movement, but may be applied to any of the Levitation: This Power allows the hero to stunt, reaching the dread dominion of
following Powers, if the hero has them in his move vertically unaided, and usually has a Dormammu is a separate stunt. At start, the
possession : Flight, Gliding, Wall-crawling, magical or mental origin. It does not allow hero has one dimension or alternate
or Digging. Characters with Lightning Speed true flight, but is immune to the ef fects of universe to where he can travel.
can turn at maximum speed without penalty, wind or air control Powers, unless the hero
and Agility FEATs may be made either with with the Power so chooses. The hem with the Ability to reach a specific location in a
the Agility ability or with this Power rank. Power moves vertically a number of stories given dimension is a red Power rank FEAT.
Characters with Lightning Speed can determined by the Power rank as speed. (A Returning to a familiar location of the native
accelerate to full speed in a single round, hero with Incredible levitation can move 20 plane is a yellow Power rank FEAT. Karma
and decelerate from full speed to full stop in areas vertically in a round.) Horizontal may be added to these FEAT rolls.
the space of one area. movement is possible by pushing off from
other surfaces, or levitating while moving. Matter Control Powers These powers
Teleportation: The hero with Teleportation affect specific types of inanimate or
Power can move instantaneously from Swimming: All heroes are assumed to be animate matter (substance as opposed to
point to point without physically crossing capable of swimming (or at least remaining energy) outside the body of the hero. They
the distance between. The exact method of afloat and treading water) if free of include the various elemental powers, as
this crossing is left to the player and Judge, impediments (inability to swim would be a well as the ability to animate objects and
but generally in the Marvel Universe minor limitation in the Talents section). The transform items and people.
consists of the character entering another Swimming Power shows that the hero can
move through the water at high speeds, as Earth Control: The hero with this Power
dimension, moving through that dimension,
in the Lightning Speed Power applied to can manipulate natural or semi-natural
and returning to another location.
water. This Power does not negate the mineral items. The range and ability of
Nightcrawler, Magik, Sidewinder, and Cloak
need to breathe, but the hero who gains it these modifications are determined by the
all have different methods of teleportation,
may choose Water Breathing as a Bonus hero's Power rank. (see Range of Powers
but all operate by this mechanism. Each
Power without a roll. listed in Chapter 2). This Power is limited to
time the hero teleports, make a Power rank
naturally occurring materials (dirt, rock,
FEAT roll. Failure indicates the hero arrives
Climbing: The hero with this Power can stone), or semi-natural materials that are of
at his or her location, but is disoriented by
scale vertical (but not upside-down) surfaces consistent nature (concrete, asphalt, and
the experience, and may take no action in
as if possessing the Wall-Crawling Power glass). Radically altered items such as
the following round. The teleporting hero
with Lightning Speed. The speed of the steel alloys and artificially constructed
may carry either all individuals in his area or

mechanisms (including computers, guns. Fire Control: The hero with this Power can Power was Fire Generation of Power
and vehicles), and living or once living control existing fire sources. He can intensify rank intensity
things (rubber, wood. or flesh) are beyond the fire up to the levels of his Power rank, or
the scope of this Power. may reduce the Intensity of the fire by the Weather Control: The hero with this Power
same amount, reducing fire damage by the has the ability to manipulate the forces of
The Earth Control Power allows the hero to rank number. The hero with this Power can weather Using this Power, the hero can
manipulate an amount of material up to the manipulate flame, so as to form a fiery duplicate several Power stunts of other
hero's Power rank taken as Strength in shield that will inflict the Power rank number control abilities, and in addition create new
every round. The material may be used as of damage on those who cross it, but cannot stunts as well. Weather Control Power
a weapon (inflicting material strength initially use the Fire Control to af fect targets stunts cost only 50 Karma points, not the
damage), or shield (of material strength). at a distance. (That requires the power normal 100 points. The hero does not
Distance Attacks - Fire Generation.) begin with any Power stunts: all Power
The player running a hero with this Power is stunts must be developed, and use the
able to develop a number of Power stunts. The hero with Fire Control can develop hero's Power rank to determine if they are
The hero starts with no stunts other than the Power stunts using this Power as time successful.
mere manipulation of myriad materials. Power goes on: Create Fog of Power rank Intensity.
stunts that may be developed can include: Using existing flame as a missile Summon storms of Power rank
Digging (moving earth out of the way). weapon. Intensity.
Earthquake-type attack (All targets in a Creating shapes from flame of Power Generate winds of Power rank Intensity,
given area. damage equal to hero's rank number Health and damage. including tornadoes capable of inflicting
Power rank). Writing words with flame in the sky. Power rank number damage.
Create "earth beings" of stone or rock, Creating entrapment devices of Power Summon Lightning. given stormy
with physical abilities whose rank rank damage. conditions of Power rank damage,
number sum does not exceed the Controlling heat to a Power rank degree. hitting its target using the Power rank
Power rank number, with Body Armor Absorbing heat and flame within an as Agility.
of material strength rank. area as if Fire Resistance of that Lower Temperature, causing those in
Transportation (creating a wave of Power rank number. one area to be -1CS on FEATs, and
earth that moves, carrying the hero materials to be reduced by one rank in
along) of Power rank Speed. Water Control: The hero with Water Control material strength.
Levitation (building a pillar of earth Powers can use available liquid water for Raise Temperature, causing those in
beneath the hero). specific effects. The water can be used as one area to be -1CS on FEATs. If
Entrapment(opening the earth beneath a missile weapon, inflicting Power rank Power rank is higher than Endurance,
an opponent's feet, or wrapping stone damage at 1 area range. The water can target must make an Endurance FEAT
around them). also be used as a shield, having no ef fect to avoid heat prostration (unconscious
on physical weapons, but reducing energy, 1-10 rounds).
Air Control: The hero with this Power has force, and fire attacks by the rank number Detect Weather at Power rank ability
the ability to manipulate air, winds, and of the Power. The hero with Water Control (character may determine changes in the
(potentially) weather. The hero can create may develop Power stunts. including: weather up to three days in advance).
shields of wind up to Power rank damage Creation of watery "servants" of Power Reduce Weather Effects by Power
that are effective against all physical missile rank Health and Abilities. rank ability.
attacks of that rank or lower. The hero can Using water to speed ships and water
also use air as a distance weapon, inflicting vehicles, at Power rank Speed. Animate Objects: The hero with this Power
up to the Power rank of damage, but Creating bubbles of air to allow others may cause inanimate objects to move and
repelled by any form of Force Field, to survive underwater. attack at mental command. Animated
including shields made of air. The hero can Limited Weather Control: create fog of objects retain their material strength as
also generate winds of Power rank Intensity. Power rank Intensity. Strength and Endurance, but have the
Limited Weather Control: create storms Agility and Fighting abilities of the Power
The hero with Air Control may also develop of Power rank Intensity. rank of the animator. Health is considered
Power stunts for this Power. A character Melting solid ice as if Water Control to be the material strength. The movement
with Air Control begins with one Power and types of attack vary according to the
stunt. which may be: object animated (a statue is able to walk,
Flight: at Power rank speed. but an animated boulder rolls). The hero is
Limited Weather Control: Tornadoes of unable to animate an object of greater
Power rank Intensity and damage, material strength than his Power rank, or of
controlled by Power rank FEAT. greater weight than he can lift (using
Limited Weather Control: Summon physical Strength or other Powers). Some
Storm. examples of animated objects include:
Limited Weather Control: Summon Fog. Stone Statue: May move as character
Lightning of Power rank range and of material strength Endurance. has
damage. Body Armor equal to the material
Reducing existing Weather Conditions strength.
with Power rank ability, as for each Furniture: May move up to 2 areas per
type of weather. round, made of Typical material, may

perform charging or slugfest attacks. character's own body. These include most
Swords and other weapons: May be known energy states.
animated and fight as if the animator
were wielding them. Such items have Magnetic Manipulation: The hero can
a Health equal to their material manipulate magnetic lines of force. Initially,
strength, and may be knocked out of this gives the hero the ability to move and
the animator's control by a catching, control metallic objects of up to Power rank
blocking, or grabbing attack. An item sire at Power rank range with Power rank
that is in possession of another is not ability. As the hero progresses, Power
normally able to animated. Stunts may be developed. These include,
A rope that is animated may make an but are not limited to:
grappling attack of the animator's Flight: at Power rank Speed -3CS.
Power rank, but is made of Poor Shocking Touch: At Power rank -1CS.
material strength. Affecting non-ferrous metals (like
Buttons, levers, and other devices may bullets), though manipulation of Earth's
Body Transformation Others: The hero
be activated at a distance by this magnetic field.
with this Power can convert living tissues to
Power. (Range determined by the Affecting non-metallic objects through
other substances, for example, as Warlock
Power rank number). Those devices manipulation of Earth's magnetic field.
turns his opponents to crystal circuitry or
which require keys, codes, or have (The hero must be able to manipulate
Grey Gargoyle his to stone. The hero with
special safety locks to prevent non-ferrous metals first)
this Power chooses one material and the
unauthorized tampering may not be Scrambling non-sentient machinery at
transformation duration (up to one hour). A
activated by this Power. Power rank level.
target of this Power must be touched, and
Affecting sentient robots as shocking
may make a Psyche or Endurance FEAT
Density Manipulation Others: The hero touch, but at Power rank +1CS (no
(target's choice) to avoid being converted
can alter the density of other individuals on benefit if robot is non-ferrous).
into that substance. While in that form the
touch, either increasing the density (and Magnetic Field Detection at Power
target has no recollection of what has
thereby mass) or reducing the density (take rank -1CS.
occurred, and has the material strength of
less damage, etc.). The hero must touch his that substance. Flesh-to-flesh contact must
target, and an unwilling target may make a be made; a foe in a full body-suit would be
Electrical Manipulation: The hero can
Psyche or Endurance FEAT (target's choice) manipulate and control electricity. Initially, this
immune to this Power.
to avoid the effects (type of FEAT roll required gives the hero a resistance to electrical
is determined by this Power rank. Effects are: Heroes who accept a -2CS shift in initial attacks equal to this Power rank (raise one of
Density Reduction: The target becomes Power may affect non-living tissue as well. the two Powers if Electrical Resistance is also
vaguely transparent, and as such will In the case of touching a foe in a body suit, chosen). As the hero progresses, the hero
become both less vulnerable to attacks the suit would be converted into the may develop the following Power Stunts:
and less effective in attacking. All material in question. Materials of a higher Healing damage through absorption of
Physical attacks on the individual in this material strength than the Power rank are electricity, up to Power rank amount
state are reduced by this Power rank, unaffected. per round.
and similarly all physical attacks by the Absorbing electrical damage as if
affected character are reduced by this In any event, the target regains his normal possessing Resistance to Electricity
Power rank. The affected individual form following the transformation, even if of -2CS.
may not phase, but may be af fected by pieces are broken off or dispersed. Acting as a conductor between a Power
winds of Good Intensity or greater. This source and a target, as if possessing
effect lasts for 1-10 rounds, and the Animal Transformation Others: The hero Resistance to Electricity of -2CS.
affected individual will be reinstated to with this Power can transform human Moving at Power rank speed by riding
his original state after this time. targets into animals and reverse the the lines of electrical potential, along
Density Increase: The affected individual process. The target must be touched, and power lines and through building wiring.
increases in density (and therefore must fail a Psyche or Endurance FEAT Storing energy within self and
mass) without the increased strength in (target's choice, color of feat determined by delivering a shocking touch of Power
the limbs and other structures required to the Intensity of the power). The target then rank damage.
move that mass. Each round, make an has the physical attributes (FASE) of the
Endurance FEAT (type determined by animal, but retains the mental attributes Light Manipulation: The hero can generate
Power rank as Intensity) or the character (RIP) of the original form. The touch must light and manipulate existing light energy.
becomes unconscious. Upon becoming be flesh-to-flesh. Heroes with inborn Such light is of Power rank Intensity and
unconscious, make a second Endurance Powers retain those Powers in their new may either be cast in a burst, af fecting all
FEAT or the affected individual begins to form (transform Cyclops into a puppy and targets in the same area, or in a line,
lose Endurance ranks at a rate of one you have a puppy with Excellent Strength affecting a single target. Light used in this
rank per round, until another Endurance optic blasts). fashion inflicts no damage, but may blind
FEAT halts the process. Performing any the targets with Power rank Intensity. Power
physical action while under the effects of Energy Controls Energy Controls reflect Stunts that may be developed include:
this Power requires an Endurance FEAT. those Powers which manipulate the various Darken or intensify existing light
The effects of this manipulation last for types of energy that exist -- ef fectively energies by +/-1CS per round, with
1-10 rounds after being applied. those non-material states outside the Power rank ability.

Create illusions at -3CS. These Levitation of others (other targets roll ask for any critical die roll to be Good
illusions have no aural or tactile an Agility FEAT to avoid the effects) at or Bad to balance things up (no more
components. -1CS speed than once per hour). The Judge
Hypnosis at -2CS against a single Reduction of weight (not mass) by chooses which die rolls to modify.
target or group. Power rank (will offset gain in mass
Create a concentrated, modulated from Density manipulation, and target Good Luck may only affect the hero with
blast of light (laser) at - 2CS Power may be slammed on any hit) the Power. Bad Luck affects those that are
rank range and damage. Increase of weight, acting as an added attacking the hero or performing actions
load of Power rank weight on the that would result in damage to the hero.
Sound Manipulation: The hero can target (Strength FEAT rolls to move) Note that the allies. friends, and relatives of
manipulate existing sonic energies. the hero with this Power do not benefit
dampening existing noise by the Power This Power lasts as long as the hero from this Power, and in fact may be
rank number in Intensity, or increasing that concentrates (if the Power is inborn) or 5 damaged by its limitations.
noise by one level of Intensity if a rounds (if Power is result of technology or
successful Power rank FEAT is made. The spell). Any break in concentration results in Nullifying Power: The hero with this
individual with this Power may reduce all immediate negation of the effect. extremely potent Power can negate the
sonic-based attacks an his form by the inborn super-human Powers of other
Power rank number. A character with this Probability Manipulation: This is a very individuals with Power rank ability.
Power may gain Sound Generation as a potent Power. and has strict limits. The Technological or Magical abilities are
bonus Power, which would occupy the next hero has the ability to alter the chance unaffected. Those affected must make an
Power slot instead of a randomly rolled element effected by the die. Individuals with Endurance FEAT against the Power rank
Power. this Power include the luck-manipulators Intensity or lose those inborn abilities as
Black Cat, Shamrock, Roulette, and long as the hero is in range, or for 1-10
Darkforce Manipulation: The hero with this Longshot. but not the hex-manipulator rounds. Note that this Power will af fect all
Power can manipulate the extra- Scarlet Witch (though her Power is within the range of the Power, and the
dimensional energy known as the related). A hero with manipulation Powers individual may use no other inborn super-
Darkforce to perform specific actions. The must roll a second time: human Powers while using this Power.
hero may have one Power Stunt when the Roll Result
character is created; all other Power Stunts 01-50 Bad Luck Energy Reflection: This Power grants the
must be developed in the campaign. 52-90 Good Luck hero a limited form of Invulnerability (as the
Flight at Power rank -1CS Speed. 91-100 May manipulate both types Power) to a specific form of energy. Any
Darkforce Distance Weapon at -1CS
range and damage. An individual with Bad Luck Power may call
Creation of specific shapes of it into play for any roll. On that roll, the
Darkforce Ions Power Stunt per shape order of the dice is changed the low die
created) of Power rank material is always considered the tens the high die
strength. "ones" (a nine and a one are not 91, but
Teleportation, by moving through the rather 19). Similarly, one with Good Luck
Darkforce dimension, at - 2CS Power Powers will read the high number first.
Create Darkness of Power rank Given the potential Power of heroes using
Intensity in three areas. The hero must the manipulative Powers to further alter the
concentrate to manipulate the roll, a limitation to this Power must be
Darkforce in this fashion, and breaking taken by the character. This limitation may
that concentration results in the be any one of the following, or may be one
immediate dissipation of the effects. devised by the Judge.
Affects all targets in same area (Good
Darkforce as used by Cloak is an unknown or Bad).
extra-dimensional energy, and may either Only operates on FEAT rolls involving
have a sentience of its own, be home to a non-living things
hostile sentience, or both. The Judge may No Karma may be gained in any
choose to use this potentially hostile nature encounter using this Power
of the Darkforce against those who wield All associates of the individual (team-
the Power by applying limitations. mates, etc.) suffer the effects of Bad
Luck. Check this with a Psyche FEAT
Gravity Manipulation: The hero with this rolled every week or so. secretly. This
Power can alter the attractive forces of effect will disappear if the individuals
gravity. This grants the hero one of the stay away from the teammate for
Power Stunts, and gives him the potential about a week.
to develop others as the campaign The Judge keeps track of every Good
continues. and Bad affected roil (bad for
Flight at Power rank -2CS speed opponents is good for the hero). The
Levitation at Power rank -1CS speed Judge, if he finds an imbalance, may

attack of that energy up to Unearthly Initial use of this Power creates up to 2 Shrinking: The hero with this Power can
damage or Intensity inflicts no damage on duplicates. After the Power Stunt is make himself smaller, while retaining the
the character. The attack may be reflected automatic, a new Power Stunt may original strength and abilities. The hero's
in the round it occurs against the attacker increase that number by one (you Strength is unaffected by the shrinking. In
or another target within Power rank range. have to have three duplicates down addition, the hero may have a column shift
The damage of the attack is as for the before you can summon four). Death modifier that reflects the increase in attacks
original attacker. The hero reflecting the of a duplicate is considered to be against larger (normal-sized) foes and the
attack makes an Agility FEAT to determine death of a character, and though the reduction suffered by such foes attacking
if the reflection hits its target. A hero does original may be unharmed, Karma is the hero.
not lose Karma from the results of a lost. Whether such death will result in Column
reflected attack. If the hero is attacked with the eventual death of the "original" Rank Height Shift
more than Unearthly damage, the hero will character is up to the Judge. Feeble 48 inches (1/2 0
reflect 100 points of that damage original size)
elsewhere, and take the remainder. Body Controls Powers This category of Poor 24 inches (1/4) 0
Powers includes those which allow the Typical 12 inches (1/8) 0
Time Control: Time control is a powerful hero to significantly modify his own form, Good 6 inches (1/16) 1
Power. Should the hero choose it, it will Excellent 3 inches (1/32) 1
becoming larger, smaller, lighter, or Remarkable 1 inch (1/100) 1
count as two Powers, and the hero will different in appearance. While these Incredible .5 inch (1/200) 2
receive an automatic limitation from the modifications may have combat Amazing .25 inch (1/400) 2
Judge (who is encouraged to be fiendish in applications, they are not primarily Fantastic .17(1/600) 2
this matter). Time Control allows the offensive or defensive in nature. Spectacular .125 (1/800) 3
character to perform Power Stunts Monstrous .1(1/1000) 3
Growth: The hero with this Power can grow Wondrous .2(1/5000) 3
involving time, as limited by the laws of the Unearthly .01 (1/10000) 4
Marvel Universe. Each Power Stunt must taller at will. The limit of growth is determined Shift X+ Special
be gained separately, and the hero starts by the Power rank, as noted on the table
with no Power Stunts initially. Such stunts below. The hero may use his Power rank Shrinking Power in Shift X capability, or
include: instead of Strength when performing Feats of multiple shifts that reduce the individual's
Speeding up time surrounding the Strength, including wrestling combat. size below one ten-thousandth of original
hero, permitting him Lightning Speed Charging, slugfest, and missile attacks on an size, cross the Pym barrier and throw the
of this Power rank. enlarged character all receive positive individual into a subatomic "Microverse"
Slowing down time for all within one column shifts to hit. Characters that (see Microverses in the Judges Book).
area, allowing the hero Multiple Attacks experience growth usually but not always Further reductions are apparently not
of this Power rank. draw their additional mass from an unknown possible once in the Microverse.
Slowing down the time for an injured, source. Characters with growth are not
dying, or poisoned character. One turn slowed or impaired by their added mass. Density Manipulation Self: The hero with
passes for the character so affected as Rank Height Plus to be Hit this Power can alter his mass at will.
the Power rank number of turns pass Feeble 8 feet +1CS Density may range from Shift 0 (almost
for the others (if used in combat, treat Poor 10 feet +1CS intangible) to the Power rank of the Ability.
as Multiple Attacks as noted above). Typical 12 feet +1CS The hero who has altered mass weighs as
Good 14 feet +1CS
Traveling in Time: According to present much as a character with that strength
Excellent 16 feet +1CS
theories on time in the Marvel Remarkable 18 feet +2CS could lift. (A hero with Feeble Density
Universe, the past is immutable. When Incredible 20 feet +2CS would weigh 50 Ibs, while one with Shift 0
a character travels back in time, that Amazing 22 feet +2CS would be effectively weightless).
character is actually shunted to an Fantastic 24 feet +2CS
alternate dimension where the desired Spectacular 26 feet +3CS An individual gains Body Armor equal to his
Monstrous 30 feet +3CS current Power rank. In addition, the
actions are occurring. By going back in
Wondrous 35 feet +3CS character may inflict charging damage
time and "changing the past" one Unearthly 40 feet +4CS
creates a divergent reality but does not Shift X 50 feet +4CS
using the Power rank instead of the
change the "original" past of his time Shift Y 75 feet +4CS Strength ability, and may affect materials of
line. Similarly, travel into the future will Shift Z 100 feet +4CS lesser material strength than the current
put the character into an alternate Power rank. in the Shift 0 state the hero
For Unearthly+ individuals with this Power ,
future dimension, which may not be may not initially pass through solid items
a strength of at least Monstrous is required
the actual future of his character. (Phasing), but is immune to physical
to support the body or else 40 feet is the
Summoning Duplicates: These attacks (though not energy or force
maximum the hero may assume on Earth.
duplicates may be summoned from the attacks).
past, future, or alternate dimensions Finally, the hero with this Power may
(information on which of the three is not choose (as a limitation) to have the Power A high density may slow the character
available to the player at start). The always in effect. This means the Power is down. If the density of the character is
dopplegangers have identical stats and raised one rank initially, but the hero is higher than the individual's Endurance,
abilities to the character (hat summoned fixed at that size, permanently (an Alter both Fighting and Agility suffer a -1CS
them, despite the chance for advance- Ego may still be normal sire). A hero with a penalty.
ment. These duplicates may not use permanent sire of 12 feet may find trouble
Time Control abilities of their own. maintaining a secret ID.

One Power Stunt developed by density Phasing in, striking, and phasing back alter appearance, but not skin color or
manipulators is to solidify inside a target. out in a single round (only attacks voice (Mr. Fantastic would make a very
Those heroes with Density Manipulation may made at the instant of the phaser's pale Skrull).
not do so initially, but may develop the ability attack will affect the hero). Bouncing: similar to the Leaping Power,
as time goes by. Solidifying inside a non-living Phasing in part of the body, allowing the with the hero able to fall a number of
object will result in possible damage to the remainder to remain out of phase or floors equal to his Power rank number
object. Treat the character's Power rank as vice versa (always a red Power FEAT). without damage, and to leap as if
Strength to determine the FEAT needed (if possessing that Power at -1CS.
any) against the material strength. Disrupting Finally unless the hero does not require air ,
the material will result in damage to the hero the duration of any given phase is that of Elongation: Elongation is similar to the
equal to the material strength of the target. the hero's ability to hold his breath. While Power of Plasticity, but differs primarily in
the hero could phase into a vacuum, that that it allows the character to extend his
This Power Stunt may also be applied hero would have to leave before having to body and limbs over a number of areas
against living targets. In this case, make a breathe again. (Doctor Octopus and Machine Man both
FEAT against the Endurance of the target. have Elongation without Plasticity, while Mr.
If the target makes a successful FEAT, no Invisibility: The hero with this Power can Fantastic has both these Powers and can
damage is inflicted. If the target fails, the make his body invisible to normal sight. elongate any part of himself.) The character
target takes damage equal to the Power This Power does not negate location by with this Power may attack non-adjacent
rank and must make a second Endurance other senses, or nor does it initially negate foes in close combat types of attacks
FEAT to avoid losing consciousness. location by heat or ultraviolet sources. The (slugfest, grappling, etc.). The target of
hero still has mass and substance (coating these attacks may only make close attacks
Phasing: This is similar to Density the hero with dust or paint reveals the true against the part of the opponent that is
Manipulation, save that it pulls the form, as does fog or rain). The hero may attacking, and as such may not benefit from
molecules of a body out of phase with remain invisible as long as desired, and the Kill, Stun, and Slam results. A character with
those of the surrounding area, allowing the Power rank has no effect on whether the this Power may extend a number of yards
hero to "phase" through solid items. While hero becomes invisible under normal equal to his Power rank number. For the
phased, the hero is immune to physical and circumstances. The Power rank is used in sake of consistency, use the following table:
most energy attacks, but is still subject to connection with various Power Stunts that
the effects of mental attacks and magic. may be developed: Rank Number
The hero may pass through other objects if Making others invisible on touch Number of Yards Areas
the Power rank exceeds the material Making others invisible over Power Up to 22 Up to 22 1/2
strength of the object, and may pass rank range (you must first master Up to 44 Up to 44 1
through force fields of lower material invisibility on touch) Up to 66 Up to 66 1 1/2
strength by making a green FEAT roll. The Making invisible objects visible (FEAT Up to 88 Up to 88 2
phasing individual may not pass through roll determined by the Intensity of the Up to 100 Up to 100 3
materials of greater material strength, or opponent's invisibility; if there is no Over 100 Over 100 5
force fields of equal or greater material stated rank, consider it to be Good
strength than the hero's Power rank. rank invisibility) Shape-Shifting: This Power allows the hero
Making part of a specific part of the to radically modify his shape to resemble
While the hero cannot be affected by body invisible (clothing, a mask, a other objects or beings, to the point of
physical attacks during a round, the hero hand, etc.) being that object to all appearances (touch,
may similarly not make physical attacks, Extending that invisibility to more than taste, etc.). The degree of success of the
with one major exception, which is treated the physical body, thereby effectively shape change is determined by a Power
as a Power Stunt. Phasing has a becoming undetectable by heat vision, rank FEAT against the investigating
detrimental effect on electronic devices. ultraviolet, and so forth creature's Reason, Intuition, or Psyche,
Phasing through such a device (like a whichever is higher (compare with
computer) will cause a malfunction. In Plasticity: The body of the hero with this Imitation). A character may not gain more
affecting robotic beings or hi-tech heroes, Power is slightly elastic and malleable, and than half his height or shrink to half his
use the hero's Endurance (for robots) or the hero manipulates his body as he sees original size. Only obvious, visible physical
Reason (for equipment) to determine the fit. The hero with this Power may also Powers may be gained by shifting shape
effects. Failure of an Endurance or Reason choose Elongation as a bonus Power, (claws, gliding membranes, etc.). True
FEAT results in the loss of an amount of placing that Power in the next slot without a super powers may not be gained in this
Health equal to the Power rank. To random roll. The plasticity of the body fashion. A character who shape-shifts may
otherwise attack, the hero may phase in. serves as Power rank Body Armor. In be able to develop other Power Stunts:
strike, and then phase back out (depending addition, the hero with this Power may Develop claws and/or teeth, allowing
on initiative, this may take three turns). develop Power Stunts: the shape-shifting character to inflict
Using the Power rank instead of Agility Edged Attack damage.
The effect on electrical items is considered for catching tailing items and Develop Gliding Power (but not true
a Power Stunt. Other Power Stunts include: individuals. The character with this flight) at -2 Power rank ability.
Affecting another being in contact. Power takes no damage from a falling Duplicate material strength to the point
Walking on air, at normal speed. character landing on him. of providing Body Armor of the material
Phasing inside an ally, granting that Limited imitation and disguise abilities strength of the object imitated - 1CS or
ally the phasing abilities. at -2CS for detection. Plasticity will the Power rank -2CS, whichever is less.

Imitation: Not the sincerest form of flattery, state: solid, liquid, gas, or energy, The hero standard +1CS.
but a specialized form of Shape-shifting that gains an additional +1 (for a +2CS shift at
allows the hero to duplicate the appearance start) if he limits himself to a particular type Power Absorption: This is not the absorption
of other humanoid forms, up to the limits of of matter or energy (granite, water, knock- of energy. but the acquiring of other
Shape-shifting (half-again or half of original out gas, or heat energy). individuals' super-human Powers and
sire). The character with Imitation may abilities. Only those naturally occurring
duplicate the appearance, voice, and A hero who is damaged while in powers and abilities may be absorbed,
mannerisms (but not Powers, Talents. or transformed state takes damage as normal. though Robot PCs with this Power may
abilities) of a specific individual. The hero but if destroyed in this form may reintegrate duplicate items of technology as well. The
must have seen the individual previously for if any Health remains. (Conversely. if character must touch the target in order to
a sufficient period to duplicate him. The dropped to 0 Health, the character could gain those abilities, and the target may
success of the imitation is determined by a not reintegrate until some of the damage make a Psyche or Endurance FEAT to avoid
Power rank FEAT, against the Reason, healed naturally or from outside influence.) the effect. The type of FEAT is determined
Intuition, or Psyche of the person being The pieces may integrate only if within one by the player when the character is created
tooled. whichever is lower. area. (The Absorbing Man once (that is, not on a case by case basis). The
transformed into glass and was shattered, maximum of any ability so acquired is limited
A hero with imitative Powers may attempt to then waited until most of his body arrived at to the Power rank of the Power Absorption
duplicate a character with high Popularity a dump to reintegrate. Nitro, who (got that?). If a Power or ability is of a higher
and/or powerful Contacts. If successful, the maintained a gas state. was neutralized by rank (a character with Good Power rank
character may be treated as if he has that being split into two parts.) tries to grab Thor's Unearthly Strength). then
Popularity, and his actions would be the hero making the attempt must make a
ascribed to the character he is imitating. (Of Animal Transformation Self: This Power successful Psyche FEAT or be knocked out
course, the imitated character will eventually allows the hero to assume the form of a by the backlash for 1-10 rounds. and would
find out and likely come looking for you...) normal animal with all applicable Powers of only gain Good Strength in the process.
that animal. Weight and height are that of a
Body Transformation Self: Body normal version of that particular animal. A character starting with this Power may
Transformation Self is similar to Body The animal's Reason, Intuition, and Psyche only acquire one Power or ability, stated
Transformation Other, with the added may be that of either the character or the before the attack is made. If a limitation on
advantage of normal mobility and cognizance animal, but if any are of the animal. then a the Power absorption is taken. a second
while in the transformed state. The character Power rank FEAT must be made. It Power may be drained. Further Powers and
that is in this state gains Body Armor equal to requires a Power rank FEAT to make the abilities may be added as Power Stunts.
the material strength of the material, or the transformation from hero to animal, but it (Draining three powers or abilities at a time
Power rank, whichever is lower. In addition. may be made without such a roll if a single would have to be gained permanently
the character gains any special functions of animal type is chosen (Wolfsbane only before four Powers may be drained.)
that material. Examples include: becomes a wolf, and as such makes no
Becoming water of another liquid such check). Any other super-human While the Power-absorbing hero has the
allows that character to move as a Powers are lost while in animal form. Power or ability of another, the character
liquid through tight spaces, pipes, etc. from whom he took it cannot use it (if the
Lodestone makes the character Raise Lowest Ability: Not really a Power by character it was stolen from had a higher
magnetically attractive at a Strength any means, but a method of immediate rank than the Power rank of the Power
equal to his Power rank. self-improvement for a character that may thief, that ability is reduced by that
Becoming Vibranium bestows the be suffering from terminally low stats in a amount). Characters with basic abilities
Powers of that substance. Becoming critical area (say, a Feeble Strength in a reduced to below Feeble are unconscious
Adamantium only grants the Power character with Body Armor, who carries a for 1-10 rounds.
rank Body Armor. unless the Power mystic sword). Only one of the seven
rank was above Class 1000. abilities may be modified in this fashion, There are a number of Limitations that may
Becoming a vapor or gas allows the and then only the lowest one (if two are be assumed with this Power. including:
character to fly at Power rank speed, lowest, the hero gets to choose which one Only functions on Powers
but makes him particularly vulnerable- is modified). The ability is raised 20 points. Only functions on Talents
to wind and air control attacks( + 2CS The hero may then choose his next Power Only functions on Abilities
for effect). The character retains from the complete list. Takes memories as well, but if target's
control over his consciousness. The Psyche is higher than the hero's, the
Intensity of concealment or. if Blending: The hero has the ability to hero must make a Psyche FEAT to
necessary, knockout or poison abilities change his shade to blend in with his determine who controls the hero's mind.
of the gas is equal to the Power rank. surroundings, and has in effect a Transfer may be permanent.
Becoming an energy state grants the specialized form of Invisibility. The hero Permanent transfer results in Karma
Powers of that energy state at Power (and his uniform, if made of unstable reduced to 0, and effects of memories
rank -2CS. Energy states include fire, molecules) are hidden with Power rank as noted in the above example,
cold, X-rays, radio waves, or other ability, and will not be detected until the regardless of level of the target's
radiation. character moves or acts. Should a hero Psyche (this occurred to Rogue, with
choose a limitation (such as the Power only the result that in periods of stress,
The hero gains an additional +1CS if he works on night, or only in forests). the Carol Danvers' personality comes to
confines his body transformation to one Power is raised +2CS, as opposed to the the fore).

Alter Ego: This was listed in the Original Set entangling is the equivalent of a grappling Create ramps of ice that allow the hero
as a limitation, but the advantages of attack of Power rank Strength, and the to "skate" at Power rank -1CS speed.
transforming into a "normal" individual often ensnarement is considered to have Power This does not give the hero the ef fects
allow a hero to escape a trap that would rank material strength. This Power may be of Lightning Speed (he cannot make
confound his super-human self. An alter ego increased in Power rank by accepting any quick turns and stops), but it properly
is not the same thing as a secret ID(such one of a number of limitations: supported, a ramp can rise two floors
as possessed by Spider-Man). It is a Ensnarement only affects one target per round. These ice ramps are not
separate persona, also controlled by the Ensnarement wears off after 1-10 permanent, and their melting may
player. Abilities for this character are rolled rounds result in damage of the surrounding
as for Normal Folks (column 2 on page 6). Ensnarement weakens by one material area (with appropriate Karma toss).
strength rank each turn Create slick spots of Power rank -1CS
An alter ego has no super Powers, and the Ensnarement has a limited number of slipperiness.
hero who creates him must decide if the charges Project waves of cold as opposed to
Contacts are enjoyed by the hero, the alter ice. The cold has Power rank range
ego, or both (being unknown is often an Ice Generation: The hero in question may and intensity, and reduces the
advantage). Talents remain the same for draw water from the ambient atmosphere opponent's FEATs by - 2CS if the
hero and alter ego. Popularity is split as for (nearby area) and convert it to ice, which intensity is higher than Endurance, -
a secret 10. Karma is gained and lost the hero may then use initially as a missile 1CS otherwise. This cold may also be
separately by the hero and the alter ego; weapon. He may later develop other uses used to offset heat damage.
they cannot spend Karma from each through Power Stunts. The ice missiles Absorb cold and ice (effectively melting
other's Karma pools. have Power rank range, inflict up to Power the latter) with Power rank ability and
rank damage (the hero may throw less- capacity. Were a hero to absorb
Transformation from alter ego to hero is lethal snowballs), and use Agility to hit Monstrous (80) cold in her area with a
immediate. if the hero chooses a limitation, either on the Blunt Throwing or Edged Amazing (47) Power rank, then 33
such as the transformation takes 1-10 Throwing battle effect column. The hero points (or Remarkable Intensity cold)
rounds, requires a specific item, or Talents may gain one additional Power Stunt at would get through.
are not shared by the two personas, then start, and develop others as play
one of the hero's Abilities may be raised one progresses. These include: Fire Generation: The hero with this Power
rank (Unearthly maximum). This is an Entrap others in ice of Power rank may project flame with Power rank range
exception to the standard rules for alter egos. material strength, up to 2 areas away. and damage, using Agility to hit. Damage is
Give the hero Body Armor of Power taken on the Energy table. Like ice
Distance Attacks are just what they sound rank -1CS Strength. The armor is a generation, creation of large amounts of
like: missile weapons that allow the hero to thin casing of ice, and as such is flame may damage the surrounding area in
strike from a distance with less danger of vulnerable to fire (fire attacks are a fashion that leads to loss of Karma. The
being hit in return. Ranges of these Powers +1CS to hit and damage). hero may choose to inflict less damage
are set as on the Power Range table in Create columns, walls, and other with his flame, or have a lesser ef fect than
Chapter 2. shapes of Power rank -1CS material rolled on the Universal table. The hero
strength. begins play with the ability to use flame as
Projectile Missile: A projectile missile a missile weapon (fire balls or a jet of fire),
represents a specially designed weapon plus one Power Stunt. Other stunts may be
that inflicts damage according to the developed.
Shooting column. This is usually some form Create a flaming shield. This wall of
of technological device, but not always. fire surrounds up to one area. Anyone
This weapon is specialty designed for the passing through it takes Power rank
character, and the hero suffers no penalty damage from fire. This may be used
for range when firing it (other individuals defensively or to restrain criminals who
that may get their hands on it would suf fer are not wild about getting singed.
such a penalty). The hero uses his Agility to Body transformation into fire at - 2CS.
determine if the attack hits. The weapon or This body transformation grants Body
device has Power rank range and damage, Armor at the lower rank, as well as
and any increase in its abilities through Flight at that rank.
advancement is considered to be from Create flaming images at Power rank -
tinkering and improvement (the device is 1CS. These images include duplicates
not affected by the rules for building and of the flaming form, as well as fire-
inventing items). Examples of this type of writing in the sky.
weapon are specialized handguns, needle Control other forms of fire at - 2CS.
guns, wrist-rockets, and portable artillery. Absorb fire and heat at Power rank
level and range (example for absorbing
Ensnaring Missile: An ensnaring missile is a
device that makes a form of grappling
Project heat at Power rank -1CS. The
attack. The hero making the attack rolls an
heat projected causes discomfort and
Agility FEAT to hit, and any hit is considered
a -1CS on all FEATs in the area of
to have entangled the opponent. This

Energy Generation: The hero with this also affect materials and Body Armor. Make that widespread and indiscriminate use
Power can fire bolts of force that inflict a FEAT roll as if the Power rank of the results in a loss of Karma.
Energy-type damage, Force-type damage, corrosive was a an attempt to break the
or either (determined before attack). One material. Success indicates the attack has Ultimate Skill: Ultimate Skill is a special
type is gained initially, and the other may be burned through or weakened the material Power possessed by the hero, making him
developed as a Power Stunt at full ef fect. such that it is no longer useful or provides literally the "best at what he does." The
The bolts hit for Power rank range and no further protection. This FEAT may be hero picks any one Talent on the following
damage, and use Agility to determine if they made only on materials of lesser material list. His ability in that Talent is considered
hit the target. The hero with Energy strength than this Power rank. Corrosive Unearthly, as opposed to modifying the
Generation may choose to inflict less attacks must hit the target, and as such existing ability by a +1 or +2CS. Those
damage than determined, whether in have no effect on Force Fields and the like. Talents that may have Ultimate Skills ate:
amount of Health test, or effects of the Weapon Skills: All skills
attack. (The character may "pull his punch.") Slashing Missile: The hero with this form of Fighting Skills: All skills
weapon makes attacks on the Throwing, Professional Skills: None
Sound Generation: The hero with this Edged column, and may not reduce the Scientific skills: All skills
Power can make sonic attacks of up to effect of the attack. The slashing missile Mystic and Mental Skills: None
Power rank range and damage. Sonic has damage and range equal to this Power Other Skills: All except student, heir to
attacks are made on the force column, and rank. The hero with this Power may fortune and leadership
can initially affect only one target at a time. develop an attack with a result on the Blunt
Other Power Stunts may be developed Throwing Column as a Power Stunt. The Judge has final ruling on whether a
using this Power: Talent is available for ultimate skill. As
A wide-band attack that affects all in a Nullifier Missile: The hero with this type of Powers are generated before Talents, there
given area at - 1CS Power rank attack inflicts no damage, but may nullify is a chance that no applicable Talent will
damage. inborn or technological Powers (one or the appear if the character chooses this Power.
A Stunning attack that affects a single other) with Power rank Intensity. The effects If this is the case, the hero may choose
target (or, if possessed, multiple of this nullification last for only as long as another mental Power.
targets), of -1CS intensity The target the hero concentrates. He can concentrate
must make an Endurance FEAT or on only a single target within Power rank Telepathy: The hero with Telepathic Power
become unconscious for 1-10 rounds. range at a time. Each round, the target may may establish mind-to-mind communication
Flight at -2CS (-1CS if some form of make a Psyche FEAT (for inborn) or between himself and other individuals. The
control such as glider wings or a caps Reason FEAT (for hi-tech) against the telepath only reads surface thoughts, but
is used to control the glide). intensity of this Power to evade its ef fects. does so without visible or audible signs.
Creation of sonic walls of Power rank -
1CS material strength. Darkforce Generation: The character with The hero attempting to make telepathic
Absorbing sound of -1CS Power rank, this Power may summon the effects of the contact must make a Power rank FEAT.
reducing other sonic attacks by that Darkforce for use as a weapon and for Contact is automatic with willing targets
amount. developing Power Stunts. The Darkforce and unwilling targets who have a lower
Creating holographic illusions at -2CS inflicts either up to Power rank damage or Psyche than the hero's. Targets of equal
Power rank. These creations are semi- has the effect of a Power rank Intensity Psyche require a yellow FEAT, and those
real, and can inflict up to Power rank - Stunning attack, affecting the targets for 1- with mental Powers or some form of
3CS damage. 10 rounds. In addition, the character with psionic screening a red FEAT. Individuals
this Power can develop all the Power with a higher Psyche who are unwilling to
Stunning Missile: The hero possesses a Stunts listed for Darkforce Manipulation, be contacted telepathically are impossible
weapon, energy bolt, or Power that either except teleportation. The character with FEATs.
inflicts damage on the Force column, or Darkforce Generation may develop the
inflicts a Stunning attack of Power rank following additional Power Stunt: Characters with telepathy may develop
Intensity. One of the two types must be Create Darkness: By allowing the Power Stunts, including:
chosen at start, though the other may be Darkforce into this dimension, the hero Using the telepathic "push" as a bolt of
developed as a Power Stunt. Range and can block out up to 3 areas mental force of Power rank range and
damage are determined by the Power rank, simultaneously with Power rank damage, using the Energy attack
though damage and effects may be darkness. Normal vision is reduced to column.
voluntarily reduced. less than a foot, and those with Linking the minds of a team sharing a
infravision, special senses that permit Karma pool, so that all team members
Corrosive Missile: The hero has some form seeing in the dark, or light-Powers must are aware of each other's actions.
of corrosive, acidic, or matter-hostile attack make a FEAT against the Intensity of Range for this is half that listed for
that inflicts damage over a long period of the darkness to use those Powers. Powers. Non-verbal orders may be
time. A corrosive attack inflicts Power rank passed, and all characters are
damage the first round, Power rank - 2CS Mental Powers The list here explores the considered to have the Intuition of the
damage the second, and Power rank -4CS choice available to heroes with extreme telepath.
damage the third. Damage may be halted by Powers of the mind. Mental Powers are Performing a mental probe at -2CS
washing the exposed material or area. The very valuable in that they have little visible Power rank ability.
character with this attack may never choose effect, and the hero who is the source is
to inflict less damage. Corrosive attacks may often undetectable. Their disadvantage is

Image Generation: The hero with this table, and use Agility to hit.
Power may create vivid mental images.
These images do not register on cameras, Items that are wielded telekinetically attack
film, or in the minds of non-sentient robots. as if wielded or thrown by someone with
(Player Characters are considered to Strength equivalent to that Power rank.
duplicate human eye and brain patterns,
and as such are subject to the ef fects of Mind Control: Mind Control is the total
these Powers, though they gain a +1CS to overriding of the conscious mind. The
disbelieve them.) character's personality remains, but his
actions are controlled by the character with
Heroes with Image Generation may cast this power The target may make a Psyche
their illusions within the Power rank range, FEAT to avoid this effect against the
but must be in line of sight of these Intensity of the Mind Control Power rank. If
illusions. Targets must make an Intuition that FEAT fails, the conscious actions of the the subconscious fears and attractions to
FEAT against the intensity of the illusion character are controlled. The target has no produce the required results. Targets of an
(the Power rank of the caster). Targets only memory of the period he is under control. Emotion Control attack must be in the
gain a FEAT roll if the players running same area as the character with this
those characters decide that the images The attacker and target must be within 1 Power, and may make an Intuition FEAT to
are false. (If they think that yes, that's a area initially to effect Mind Control, though avoid the effects, which have a duration of
brontosaurus walking up Park Avenue, then the target and attacker may be separated 10-100 turns after the initial attack. The
as far as they are concerned, that's a by miles afterwards. The target will only effects must diminish before another "dose"
brontosaurus walking up Park Avenue.) obey the orders of the controller, though of Emotion Control may be applied. Robots
those orders may be verbal or telepathic (if and non-human alien beings are immune to
Illusions will last as long as the hero the controlling character has that Power) in the effects of Emotion Control.
concentrates on them. Illusions inflict no nature.
intrinsic damage, but if they are believed, Only one type of emotion may be instilled
the characters that believe them will take The victim of a successful Mind Control in a target at a time. The character with this
imaginary damage, with apparent "death" gains an additional Psyche FEAT roll each Power may modify any emotions, but gains
resulting in unconsciousness for 1-10 time he is placed in a Karma-losing a +2CS if he chooses to modify one
rounds. Since a character who has time to situation. No Karma may be added to any emotion exclusively Such a character is
examine his wounds will find he is not hurt, FEATS while under the control of another, extremely powerful, but may not develop
and the damage is illusionary, most illusion including this one. An additional Psyche other types of Emotion Control as Power
casters do not make direct attacks but use FEAT is gained if the victim is placed in a Stunts. Those heroes that do not limit
their illusions for subterfuge and deception life-threatening situation (that is, the themselves to one particular emotion begin
(perhaps covering a true threat). situation threatens the victim). Karma may play with two emotions they can modify,
be added to this roll. with others that may be developed as
Illusions fool characters but do not fool Power Stunts.
nature. If a hero creates a brick wall, which Controlling another mind is the psychic
the opponent believes is real, the opponent equivalent of breaking and entering. The hem Emotions may be influenced to reflect on
will not move through the brick wall loses 10 Karma points whenever this Power the user of the Power, or on another target.
because he believes it to be real. If the is used. (Heroes may choose to lose more The types of emotions that may be instilled
hero creates the illusion of a bridge over a Karma as a limitation by which they can raise and manipulated include:
chasm, and the character believes in it, the this Power.) If Karma is gained or lost as a Respect -- The target treats an
character will still fall into the chasm. In the result of the actions of a mind-controlled individual as a Friendly Contact.
former case, it is the limitations of the mind character, that gain or loss is ascribed to the Love -- The target is devoted to the
that dominate. In the latter the laws of hero, as if the mind-controlling hero had individual, to the point of endangering
gravity override. performed the action himself. (You mind- his own life in the other's behalf.
control the Vulture to bump off Electro. You Fear -- The target is filled with fear, of
Telekinesis: This Power allows the hero to lose all Karma for slaying Electro, even an object, a person, or a situation. The
lift objects and perform other FEATs of though Vulture, being a villain, would not target will flee as quickly as possible,
Strength as if the character had a Strength normally lose Karma for doing so.) and only attack if backed into a corner .
of the Power rank. The Power rank Hatred -- The target is instilled with a
determines the maximum range of this A character who has been Mind Controlled great hatred, particularly for former
Power as well. A character with telekinesis is unaware of his actions, knowing only that friends and allies. The target will attack
may develop various Power Stunts: he has blanked out for a while. If a Player his former friends.
Flight for self and others within one Character is under the effects of a Mind Loyalty -- The target will follow the
area at -1CS Power rank, providing the Control, run him normally, but all actions individual's orders without question,
character can lift that amount of weight. must be OK'd by the controlling character. cheerfully providing all necessary
A Telekinetic Force Field (really a stif- Naturally, the controlled PC cannot pass on information and aid as if to a long-time
fening of the air) of -2CS Power rank. the information of his state to others. friend and ally.
Telekinetic Force Bolts at -1CS Power Doubt -- The target is unsure of his
rank and range. These bolts attack on Emotion Control: Emotion Control is a actions. Intuition is considered to be a
the Force column of the battle ef fects related form of Mind Control that acts upon 10(Good) for purposes of actions.

Pleasure -- The target feels incredibly coming down, but those inside are Animal Communication and Control: A hero
good and non-hostile. The feeling is so unharmed by that attack. The wielder of the with this Power can talk to animals and
overwhelming that the character force field must make a Psyche FEAT roll influence their actions. The hero gains a +
cannot do anything but sit contentedly against the Intensity of the attack or 1CS if she chooses to influence only a
for 1-10 round, and for the remainder become unconscious for 1-10 rounds. particular type (or class), such as sea life or
of the duration of the Emotion Control birds. This is increased to +2CS if she
is Friendly to the hero with this Power . A force field is most effective against narrows it further. to a particular class or
energy attacks. less effective against all family such as bony-skeletoned fishes or
A character under Emotion Control may others. Treat the amount of protection falcons. Choosing to influence a specific
gain additional chances to break the control against other terms of attack at ten points animal (Chucky the Falcon, or Leo the
if placed in a Karma-losing situation, similar less than the listed rank number. If the rank Lionfish) gives the hero a +3CS. in the latter
to breaking the Mind Control Power. For number is Excellent (21), the force field can case. the animal is a companion of the hero
PCs under the effects of Emotion Control, absorb 21 points of energy-type damage, at the start of the campaign. A character
see the section in Chapter 4. including heat, force, and similar non- who selects one of these limitations may
physical attacks. Against all other types it also converse with animals that are one
Force Field Generation: The hero with this can absorb up to 11 points. step more general, but no further, with a
Power can create force fields that will loss of - 1CS. The character with Chucky
protect himself and possibly other allies. It Force Field Generation may be used for the Falcon can also converse with falcons
is not necessarily a Power of the mind, but Power Stunts only if the force field is in general, at +2CS (the Power rank raised
since its most powerful practitioner, the projected. Personal force fields cannot be to +3CS minus one for generality), but not
Invisible Woman. has it as a mental ability, used for Power Stunts. Power Stunts using with birds that are not falcons.
it is included here. a projected force field include:
Force missiles of -1CS range and Communication with animals is considered
The hero with this Power can generate a damage, attacking on the Force automatic with these Powers, and the types
force field that covers an area equal to the column. Forming a "cushion" of which benefit from a +2CS modifier are
"tens" place of the rank number. A invisible force. resilient enough to considered Contacts (always Friendly).
character with a rank number of 70 may absorb up to Power rank damage from Otherwise animal reactions are Neutral to
cover 7 areas. For every area covered a fall or crash for all those involved. Hostile. Communication with Hostile
beyond the first. the strength of the force Enhanced movement. by means of animals is chancy at best.
field is reduced by one rank, so that a force forming a column of force and allowing
field encompassing 7 areas would reduce it to topple and elongate in a given The Power rank reflects the ability of the
the effects by - 6CS. direction. The ability may rise a hero to control the actions of the animal in
number of floors per round equal to the question, Make a Popularity FEAT for any
A hero may choose to have a personal force Power rank - 2CS as Levitation, or Fly requests the hero makes of the animals,
field at +1CS instead of being able to project at a maximum of Typical speed. using Power rank instead of Popularity.
force fields. This choice is made at the start Entrap others in the force field, as if Therefore, if a hero controls crocodiles with
of play, and as such cannot be changed. protecting one's self, up to the Amazing(50) ability the result is rolled on
Characters with individual force fields cannot limitations of the Power. the Amazing column. Failure indicates the
engage in Power Stunts using this option. Make a Grabbing attack up to Power animal may turn on the controller. Animals
rank range away (use Power rank as which are Contacts (always friendly) never
A force field operates as a form of Body Strength for determining success.). turn on the controller.
Armor. If the amount of damage incurred in Create a bubble of force inside a small
a round from all forms of attack is less than opening and expand it to inflict up to Note on communications: Animals have no
the rank number, then that damage is Power rank damage, avoiding the language, per se, but do communicate by a
absorbed without harm to those within the effects of Body Armor resulting from number of verbal and non-verbal signals.
area. If the amount is greater, the force battle suits. The suit must have some Communication is considered to be a
field is breached. If there is a Spectacular opening, and this would not be super-human ability to recognize those
(75) force field, then up to 75 points in a recommended against living targets. signals and make one's own desires and
turn may be absorbed. At 76 points the wishes clear, as limited by the animals
force field fails. A personal force field is intelligence level.
considered to replace Body Armor, such
that damage that gets around a personal Mechanical intuition: This is a specific form
force field is not absorbed by Body Armor. of Ultimate Skill that affects repairs.
(You cannot layer Body Armor with a force inventing, and building things. The
field to become a tank, though the two character with this Power has a strong
together give you options.) intuitive knowledge of machinery.
Regardless of Reason, any rolls for
What occurs with a failing force field determining whether an invention works or
depends on its type. A personal force field not are at Unearthly Rank. No modifiers
shuts off, and the excess damage is taken may be added to this roll. The character
by the user, including any effects from the with this Power must still provide
battle effects table. The failure of a Resources for these inventions in the
projected force field results in the force field standard fashion.

Empathy: Empathy is similar to Telepathy, A successful Mental Probe will reveal the possessed character) to influence actions.
but registers the surface emotions as information known by the individual being
opposed to the surface thoughts of the probed. strictly limited to that character's Transferral: Transferral is the ultimate form
opponent, and no emotions may be knowledge. Probing a guard of a scientific of Possession, in that it allows the
transmitted back to the target. The installation may not reveal what the complete transferral of consciousness with
character with this Power must make the installation is working on, only that it is a target within one area. The target's
FEAT roll to determine its success (indeed, "hush-hush," they have a number of consciousness is not put away in the back
the target may never know). Success is scientists, and they have been shipping a of the character's mind, but rather moved
determined in a similar matter to Telepathy, large number of crocodiles into the plant. into the body of the character with the
but Empathy and Emotion Control Powers Transferral Power. Transferral always
will block its success. Animate Drawings: The hero with this needs a red Power rank FEAT to succeed.
Power may animate flat drawings and other and may be performed against creatures
Animal Empathy: This specialized form of representations, causing them to become with higher Psyches, those with Mental
Empathy extends to all animals in a fully operational items. A character may Powers, and alien beings or robots. If the
primitive form of Animal Communication. attempt to animate any drawing, even one transfer fails. the attacker is unconscious
The hero with this Power may detect and of his own creation. or animate a specific for 1-10 rounds. and may not attempt again
influence the surf ace emotions of the type or class of object. In the latter case, a for one day.
animal involved, and instill in it fear, hunger, +1CS to Power rank is initially given.
affection, exhaustion, or other emotions on though the character loses the ability to When characters transfer consciousness,
a successful Power rank FEAT. animate other drawings (an example of this they also trade the mental abilities, Powers,
would be Tarot of the Hellions, who draws and Talents. They do not trade physical
Psi-Screen: This form of Psi-Screen is an her animated figures from a Tarot deck). abilities or Powers, nor do they trade
inborn Power that resists mental scans and Popularity, Contacts, or Resources. The
domination. All characters with any of the The animated drawings will have abilities and character performing the transferral also
mental Powers have this Power at an equal Powers according to their nature, but no trades Karma amounts with the target.
level to their Psyche (hence the dif ficulties Power or ability can exceed the Power rank
in reading their thoughts). A character with number of the hero. No additional Powers For example, if Doctor Doom conducts a
this Power will have a Psi-Screen at +1CS can be given to the animation, unless the transferral with Reed Richards, Doom enters
higher than his Psyche at start, and may card shows those Powers in operation. In Reed's body and vice versa. Doom/Richards
increase it through experience to higher other words. animating a picture of the gains Richards' appearance, Contacts,
levels. A character with Psi-Screen may Invisible Woman would not give the animation Popularity, Resources, Karma, physical
use this value instead of the Psyche to force fields or invisibility Powers, unless those abilities (Fighting, Agility, Strength, and
resist the effects of any Mental Power that Powers were shown in the picture. (And how Endurance), and Powers (stretching). Doom
requires a Psyche FEAT roil. can you show invisibility in a picture?) retains his own Talents, knowledge, and
mental abilities (Reason, Intuition, and
This Power differs from the Talent of the Animated figures last for 1-10 rounds, the Psyche) and Mental Powers (including this
same name in that it may be extended over actual amount of time determined secretly Transferral Power). Richards/Doom is
a number of targets to attempt to protect by the Judge. They dissipate at that time, similarly switched.
others from attacks. Each target protected return to their original location, and may not
requires a Power rank FEAT. with failure be animated again for 24 hours. The Astral Projection: The hero with this Power
indicating all such Powers are lost for 1-10 figures also dissipate if they are destroyed may cause his or her astral form to leave
turns (usually enough time for the opponent or reduced to 0 Health. the body and travel elsewhere, either in this
to gain advantage). Also, the attacker will dimension, or entering other dimensions.
be aware of the protector's mental Possession: This Power is a specific form The range of astral travel is determined by
presence. of Mind Control in which all actions of the the Power rank of the ability. If the ability is
character are assumed by the controller. magical in origin, use the magical range
Mental Probe: This Power is a specific form The controller is in effect "inside" the mind chart on page 65. If not. use the Power
of Telepathy. A Mental Probe is a search for of the character and as such controls all rank range as determined on page 16.
a specific image in the mind of the target. actions without having to give commands.
The hero with this Power must state what Possession is only possible against targets The character in astral form may observe
she is looking for before beginning the scan. with no greater Psyche than the hero's actions in the "normal" world, but may not
Power rank. The target may make a be detected by normal means (Astral
The target makes a Psyche FEAT to resist Psyche FEAT to avoid the Possession. detection and Telepathy will reveal the
the effects of a Mental Probe. If successful, presence of the astral intruder). The
the mind may not be probed again for 24 A character who is possessed neither gains character may not use his other abilities in
hours. In either case, the target must make nor lose Karma when being possessed. the Astral form against non-astral targets.
a second Psyche FEAT. This FEAT though she may suffer from losses of An astral character is not affected by non-
determines if the Psyche is at - 1CS for the Popularity while her body performs actions telepathic objects or forms of attack, but
next 24 hours as well. (Psychic that are not heroic in nature. The character may be affected by Mental Powers (those
interrogators may try again just at the 24 may make a Psyche FEAT to escape if listed under the Mental Powers table,
hour mark, when the mind is capable of placed in a life-threatening situation. The including Force Fields). The astral character
being probed but before the Psyche returns character possessing another may spend may phase through solid objects without
to normal.) her own Karma (but not the Karma of the damaging either character or object.

While the astral form is separate, the body Precognition must choose a limitation to knock over a bank. Bruno takes the gun.
is immobile, in a trance. Damage to the that Power. Suggestions include: He drives a 57 Chevy. You see colorful
body will be known to the astral traveler if it Power is intermittent -- the Judge costumes at the door of the ban k...etc.)
is in this dimension, and it is possible for chooses when the images appear and
the body to perish while the astral form is what they say. (OK this with the Judge; The Judge will never lay out the entire plan
away. Characters whose bodies have it's a lot of work for him.) to the precog character, no matter what the
perished are trapped in astral form. Power only works on people, and the results of the die roll.
person must be in contact with the
Astral characters may travel across precog. Precog Option: The above is fairly involved,
dimensions with Power rank ability. Power only works on objects, and the requires work on the judge's part, and
Locating a specific dimension is a Psyche hero must be holding or using the works best in a planned campaign where
FEAT. In this dimension, the astral object to read its future. the Judge has a clear idea what will be
character moves up to the limit of his or her Power is extremely realistic in its happening. The following is a short version,
range in a single round. Further separation, manifestation. The Judge presents the useful only in combat, that Judges may use
or the removal of the astral form from the reading in such a fashion that the instead of the above power. Precogs may
body for more rounds than the Power rank player can act and interact, but it has use this Power as a Power Stunt.
of this ability, results in Endurance FEATs no effect on the outside world (the
for the body as if it were suf fering a lethal hero's friends will see the character At the start of the turn the precog makes a
(kill result) attack. shudder, shiver, talk, and use his Power rank FEAT. On a yellow or better
Powers as he reacts to the threat). result, the Judge must tell the precog what
Characters with Astral Projection may also Power only manifests itself in dreams. he plans for his (the Judge's) characters to
detect the astral as a Power Stunt, and two Judge will pass on information only do. The two sides then roll Initiative. If the
characters in astral form will be able to see when character is asleep. side that gains initiative has the precog with
each other. Astral combat and other Power only operates once per image. it, the player running that character may
dimensions are covered in the Judge's Until that image comes true, or the share the information with the others, and
Book. time that image passes, no other they may make their decisions accordingly.
precognition may be used.
Psionic Attack: This Power gives the hero WARNING: Characters with precog Powers
the ability to project psionic force blasts at When the Precog uses his Powers (or often have unwanted images implanted by
Power rank range and Intensity. The target those Powers activate), the Judge secretly the Judge, whether to foreshadow
of this attack must make a successful rolls a die, comparing the result against the upcoming adventures, or to throw the
Psyche FEAT or be knocked unconscious character's Power rank. No Karma may be character's off balance ("You don't
for 1-10 rounds. Characters with Mental added to this roll. understand!" the hero shouts, "the Red
Powers may use their Power ranks instead Skull is not Dead!").
of Psyche, and those with Psi-Screen should If the result is white, the Judge should give
use that Power rank before any other. Force the character an image, setting, or phrase Postcognition: The reverse of Precognition,
Field's operate against psionic attack. out of thin air. The Judge is encouraged to but easier to handle, in that the past is
lie like Mephisto's Realm when necessary. fairly immutable. Postcognition only works
Precognition: An accurate divining of the on items the character handles. The
future is impossible due to the nature of the Example: The character is trying to precog Postcog makes a Power rank FEAT, the
Marvel Universe. There are a large variety a gun the Judge intends to use at a bank color required determined by the length of
of possible alternate futures diverging at robbery. The Judge rolls the die and gets a time scanned.
any one point, all reading to dif ferent white result (failure). He may say that there Within one day -- green
conclusions. The future is also mutable, is an image of the gun shooting one of the Within one week -- yellow
such that the actions of today may bypass heroes (this may or may not happen, but it Within one year -- red
the future of the timeline that is viewed in is guaranteed to make you players verrrrry Further back -- no accurate scan pos-
this manner. If a character with Precognition cautious). sible, but a red FEAT will give a "feeling"
(also called a precog) sees a Quinjet crash as to the general past of the item.
in the near future, and no one takes the If the result is green, the Judge should be
Quinjets, thereby avoiding the crashes, that partially truthful in his description. (You see If the FEAT is successful, a second FEAT is
"future" is not totally negated; it occurs in a dark-haired man with a hat. If you see made to determine what is picked up, as
another divergent future. him again, you will know him.) for Precognition above. The same example
can be used, only changing the robbery
In game terms, Precognition allows the If the result is yellow, the Judge should be from a possible future happening to a
character to scan these alternative futures fairly honest about the future, as far as he definite past occurrence (the characters
up to a week in advance and choose from knows it. (You see the gun in the hands of a find the gun at the robbery).
them an image that may or not come true, bank robber. The robbery is on 9th Avenue.)
and use that information to form his own Plant Control: The hero with this Power can
decisions. No farther than a week in the If the result is red, the Judge should give command the actions of plants, granting
future may be scanned in this fashion. the player something honestly useful - them temporary Powers of their own,
information that would not normally be including movement, growth, and a
Precognition may not be used more than available. (You see two men talking. One rudimentary intelligence. These abilities
once a day. In addition, the character with calls the other Bruno. They are planning to only exist as long as the hero concentrates.

The hero cannot control plants with a +1CS to their material strength. to the attack. This applies to Body Armor
higher material strength than his Power * Spines Similar to those on a that is not natural(inborn) as well as doors,
rank. Plant-like creatures with intelligence porcupine, these quill-like spines may walls, computer terminals, freelancers, and
receive a Reason FEAT against the hero's be shot. Bonus Power of Projectile other inanimate objects. This does not
Power rank as Intensity to avoid being Missile at +1CS. apply to Body Armor that is a natural part of
controlled. the character, or to energy constructs such
Extra Attacks: This Power is always +1CS as force fields.
By mere control, the hero cannot have the better than the starting Fighting ability. Use
plants perform any actions that would not this Power instead of Fighting to make Example: Everyone's favorite maniac from
be normally possible by the plants (this multiple attacks. There is no penalty for Canada, Wolverine, goes up against a
severely limits their usefulness). The hero failing with this roll, but the individual may Sentinel with his Unearthly material
may develop Power Stunts using the plants make only one effective attack in that round. strength claws which inflict Good damage.
in abnormal fashion, including these If he attacks the Sentinel directly he won't
examples: Energy Touch: The hero with this Power get too far; the robot's Body Armor is too
Forcing vines to animate with Power may inflict damage and effects from the thick. If he concentrates on the armor,
rank Agility, and act as entangling Energy column of the Battle Effects table, however, he can shred it with a Red FEA T
ropes with Power rank material with a Bullseye regarded as a possible roll. This trick would not operate on Iron
strength. Stun. The hero may always choose to inflict Man (personal Force Field) or the Thing
Creating plant-images that duplicate less damage than is rolled, or to reduce the (natural Body Armor).
living humans with Power rank ability. effects of the damage. The touch can be
Commanding trees to move and attack carried through conductive material, and Rotting Touch: This touch causes organic
as creatures of Power rank number may affect multiple targets in this fashion. If material to decay. The character inflicts
Health and Power rank material the hero is standing on a steel girder facing Power rank damage on those he touches.
strength Body Armor. off three goons from HYDRA, and uses the In addition, this touch acts on organic
Command the actions of mushrooms Energy Touch on the girder (a conductive material (wood, rope, cloth) as if an attempt
and fungi, which are not proper plants. material), all three get shocked. The hero to break the item with Power rank Strength.
Gather information from plants as to with this Power gains Resistance to Resistance to Corrosives will offset the
recent passers-by, within 1 day, in a Electricity as a Bonus Power. effects. This Power can be directed against
primitive form of communication. organic (natural) Body Armor in order to
Paralyzing Touch: Those touched by an weaken it, similar to the effect claws have
Body Alterations Offensive: These individual with this Power must make an on inorganic Body Armor.
powers are severe changes to the body's Endurance FEAT against this Power rank, or
structure and/or chemistry that allow the he knocked out for 1-10 rounds. This Power Corrosive Touch: Similar to Rotting Touch,
hero to perform actions that are of greatest is always in operation, and the user may be but affects inorganic materials instead. The
benefit in offensive combat. For hi-tech knocked out himself by such a touch. character inflicts Power rank -3CS damage
heroes, or those who have weapons with to living targets, affects organic materials
these powers, these listings reflect devices Claws: Claws are... well, claws. Sharp with greatly reduced damage (as for living
that grant these powers in close combat. pointy items that inflict damage on the targets), and acts on inorganic material as
Edged Attack column of the battle effects if breaking it with Power rank Strength.
Extra Body Parts: The hero who gains this table. As with most sharp things, they inflict Resistance to Corrosives will offset these
Power when the character is generated the listed amount and effect, and cannot be effects. Similar to Claws, this may chew
may choose the type and number of body reduced in damage or effect. through inorganic Body Armor to affect the
parts. Some of these parts may provide individual beneath.
Bonus Powers. These Powers are then The Power rank lists both the damage inflicted
placed in the next available slot in Power by the claws and the material strength. The Health-Drain Touch: The touch of a character
generation, if there is one. damage cannot be increased from its initial with this Power transfers a Power rank
* Additional Arms Extra attacks as a roll except by raising the experience, but the amount of Health from the target to the hero.
bonus initial material strength can be increased by Previous damage is healed in an equal
* Additional Legs, including centaur-like accepting limitations. Grant a + 2CS to the amount, up to the maximum Health of the
form Lightning Speed as a bonus material strength of the claws when the hero character. Drained Health above that point is
* Prehensile Tail Climbing as a Bonus accepts any limitations, including limitations lost. Characters drained to 0 Health must
Power, and hero may use the tail as a required by other Powers. make an Endurance FEAT to avoid dying. if
limb with normal (for the hero) Agility. they do so, the attack has no further ef fect.
* Wings Flight as a Bonus Power at The effects of claws depend on whether Reversing this process, directing one's own
+1CS. they are being wielded against living Health into others, is a Power Stunt.
* Combat Tail Not usable for climbing, creatures (people) or non-living materials
but may attack in slugfest for Strength (things). Against living creatures, claw Blinding Touch: The touch of this character
+1CS damage. attacks are resolved on the Edged Attack can blind the unprotected target for 1-10
* Additional Eyes or Sensory Organs - column for Power rank damage. Against rounds. The hero with this Power must
Enhanced Senses or any detection non-living materials, compare the material make a Stun or Slam result to blind. The
Power as a Bonus Power. strength of the claws against the material target receives no attempt to avoid this
* Claws on either hands or feet, these strength of the object. Make a Strength touch, unless the target possesses
give Claws as a Bonus Power, with FEAT roll to determine if the object holds up Protected Senses or something similar to

prevent the touch (such as a helmet with normal life. Body Armor may be increased 100 points of Health.
covered eyeslits). by one rank by accepting a -1CS to Agility.
Agility may never be dropped below Feeble Regeneration: The hero with this Power
Body Alterations Defensive These are heals faster than the normal rate of
modifications (or devices that simulate High technology heroes who choose Body Endurance Rank per day. A hero with
modifications) that have a primarily Armor may choose to have a battle-suit. All Regeneration recovers the Endurance Rank
defensive nature, either by helping the of the hero's other Powers are included in every 10 turns (one minute), providing the
character survive under trying the suit, and the suit is considered artificial hero does not take additional damage in
circumstances, or regain Health that is lost. Body Armor. In addition, the high that time and is able to rest. A hero resting
technology hero receives potential bonuses cannot engage in any other actions while
Body Armor: A hero with Body Armor has a to his physical abilities (Fighting, Agility, healing himself, if that rest is interrupted (14
natural resistance to physical damage and, Strength, and Endurance) when wearing ninja of the Hand rush in on turn 9 of his
to a lesser extent, energy attacks. Body the suit. The nature of these modifications rest), the hero must start again to recover .
Armor does not affect attacks which have is explained under the character generation
an intensity that must be checked against a for high technology heroes. When a high Solar Regeneration: The hero with this
FEAT roll, unless to require that FEAT the tech character advances in abilities, he Power heals as per Regeneration, but only
attack passes through the Body Armor. may choose whether his natural abilities or heals the Power rank in Health every ten
Example: A Sonic attack ignores Body those of his suit are advanced. minutes he is in the sunshine. In darkness,
Armor, as it does not need to pass through inside buildings, and in other similar
the Body Armor. A poison-tipped dagger Water Breathing: This is a wimp Power. situations, the character heals normally.
must get through the Body Armor in order Face it. When the great hero parties take This Power has a minimum Power rank of
to affect the hero with the poison. place, and Ulterior-Motive Man asks you the Endurance of the character + 1CS.
what you do, if you say, "I breathe water"
Body Armor absorbs an amount of damage you end up wearing a full fishbowl. This Recovery: The hero with this Power
from any physical attack equal to the Power Power allows you to breathe water (fresh or recovers from losses of Endurance ranks at
rank number of the Body Armor. Body salt) as if air. No Power rank is needed for a rate of 1 rank per day, and makes a
Armor of Amazing(49) protects the hero this Power. In addition, this Power allows Power rank FEAT to regain the lost rank.
from 49 points of each physical attack. If an the hero to see underwater as if on land The hero with this Power may choose any
attack does not equal or better the amount (vision is reduced in the underwater realm), Resistance as a Bonus Power.
of Body Armor, then none of the effects of and survive at great depths. The hero's next
the attack take place. (A dagger hurled at Power may be either Swimming or Animal Life Support: The hero with this Power has
the Thing will not hurt him, even if a "Kill" Communication and Control (Sea life). The the potential to survive under hostile
result is called for, if the damage from the hero may choose both, but then only conditions for longer than normal amounts
dagger does not get through his hide.) breathes water, and will "drown" on dry land of time. The Power rank number is the
(reverse of characters drowning in water). amount of time in turns the hem may
Body Armor is proof against physical survive in a hostile environment (deep
attacks, including Blunt and Edged attacks, Absorption Power: The hero with this Power space, deep underwater, in lava) before
Shooting, Throwing attacks, Force, may absorb a certain specific type of damage any Endurance FEATS must be made. At
Grappling, and Charging attacks. It is less (for example, fire-based damage, energy Shift Z or higher, the individual may survive
effective against Energy attacks, and its damage, or kinetic (physical) damage). Any in hostile environments indefinitely without
Power rank number is 20 points less than attacks made in the specified mode inflict no requiring food, water, or air.
listed for any Energy attack. The damage; rather the damage is absorbed,
Amazing(49) Body Armor would provide 29 healing existing damage and even temp- Pheromones: Pheromones are a
points damage (in the Remarkable range) orarily raising the individual's Health by the specialized form of Emotion Control that
protection from Energy attacks. Power rank involved. A hero with Health of affect the pleasure centers of
100 and Amazing (48) Electrical Absorption the...ah...opposite sex. When this Power is
Body Armor may be natural (also referred may be hit with a lightning bolt and have his in operation, female individuals (If the hero
to organic or inborn in this text) or artificial Health raised to 148. is male) or male individuals (if the hero is
material. Natural Body Armor is protection female) must make a Psyche FEAT against
that is part of the creature itself, such as Damage above the rank number of the the Power rank number of this Power as
the thick hides of the Thing, Hercules, or Power does inflict damage, but the points Intensity or be considered Friendly to the
the Hulk, the elastic body of Mr. Fantastic, of such damage may be redirected towards character. Robots, aliens, and those unable
or the soft form of the Man-Thing. Artificial opponents in the next round. Any such to smell or be affected by the pheromones
Body Armor is made of other materials, absorbed energy dissipates 10 rounds after (behind a force field, for example) are not
which may be bolstered by force fields, and it has been absorbed, and must be affected. Characters that are Hostile will still
is reflected in the body suits of such heroes discharged before then or it is lost. Health be attracted to the character, but that
as Iron Man, and foes like the Sentinels loss is taken from the absorbed Power first, attraction will not stop them from putting the
and Crimson Dynamo. Certain types of then from the actual Health of the hero. For hero in a deathtrap, from which the only
attack are more effective against one type example, the character with the Health of release is for the hero to profess his love for
of Body Armor than the other (examples: 100 raised to 148 takes 30 points of the Hostile character and join her in crime.
Claws, Rotting Touch). Artificial Body Armor damage. These points are removed from
has the advantage that it can be removed, the 48 extra points initially. If the effects of Damage Transfer: This Power is a relative
allowing the hero to have a relatively the energy wear off, the character still has of the Health-Drain Touch, except Health

may be transferred between two separate Feeble, the healer will perish. group. This is done each time the immortal
targets on touch, in effect healing one while character becomes "dead.
reducing the Health of the other. The hero Immortality: The character with this Power
may not regain any Health in this Damage does not age or die in a normal fashion. This Power does not have a Power rank. It
Transfer. Now, before you all run out and grab this counts as two Powers for any hero who
Power for your young hero, note the fine takes it, unless the character is alien in
Healing: This Power allows the hero to print. The hero can still suffer loss of origin, in which case the cost is normal
restore lost Health and Endurance ranks to Endurance ranks as the result of wounds, (this reflects that a large number of extra-
others (but not the hero himself). The Power poisons, and damages, but if the results call dimensional aliens are effectively immortal).
rank indicates the maximum amount of for perishing. then the character is left at
Health that may be restored to one hero Shift 0 Endurance but does not die. The An immortal character's body will slowly
maximum, on any one day. For each attempt character cannot move or act until regenerate lost parts and heal. so that
at healing, the hero must make an Endurance Endurance reaches Feeble, however. so short of atomizing the remains and
FEAT -- failure indicates the loss of Karma throwing an Immortal character into an active spreading that collection of atoms through
equal to the amount of Health being healed. volcano will keep him out of the way for a a large portion of space, the immortal
A character without Karma may not Heal. while. (He cannot heal while taking damage.) character will return at some point in the
Endurance ranks may be similarly restored If Endurance reaches Shift 0, or the
at a rate of one rank per day per hero. An character otherwise dies, the immortal Immortality is applicable to the Earth
Endurance FEAT is required for the healing character loses all Karma, including that Dimension only (including all planets of this
hero, with the result of a failure being the set aside for advancement. The character dimension). An immortal character in
loss of one Endurance Rank for the hero may be out of luck, but at least he has his another dimension -- such as Asgard or
(the Endurance for the other is healed). Health. If an immortal character is part of a Olympus, but excluding variant or divergent
This Endurance may only be healed Karma pool, then an amount of Karma is earths --does not age, but may be killed
naturally. If the Endurance drops below subtracted as if the character had left the normally while in that dimension.


Talents differ from powers in that they may Marksman: The character with this Talent brought into play. The character with this
be posessed by everyday citizens of the gains a + 1CS to hit with any distance Talent does not have to attack the
Marvel Universe, they are generally easily weapon that requires line of sight to hit (the character, only watch him in battle for two
gained, and they generally modify existing character could benefit when firing heavy rounds previous to attacking.
abilities or powers as opposed to creating artillery, but not when controlling a tele-
new ones. Talents are broken down by guided missile). Such a weapon in the Martial Arts E: This form of martial arts
general type. hands of a marksman does not suf fer encourages quick striking to catch the
penalties to hit from range. opponent off-guard. Heroes with this form
Weapon Skills: The hero with these of Martial Arts are at a + t to initiative rolls
Talents is devoted to the ins and outs of Weapons Master: The character with this in unarmed combat.
handling certain types of weapons, and as Talent gains a +1CS to hit with any weapon
such is more proficient with these weapons that requires a Fighting FEAT to hit. Wrestling: The hero with this Talent is
than persons with similar abilities who have proficient in applying holds. It includes
not studied them. Weapon Talents may not Weapons Specialist: The character with familiar types of wrestling as well as the
be combined. A character who has a +1CS this Talent gains a + 2CS with a single sumo forms of the art. The hero with this
with Shuriken as a result of Thrown weapon of choice. This may be any type of Talent gains a + 2CS when making
Weapons Talent gains Oriental Weapons weapon, missile or melee. The character Grappling attacks, but gains no benefit in
Talent. The additional +1CS with Shuriken who is a weapon specialist will also damage. (A hero with Martial Arts B and this
attendant to Oriental Weapons Talent does increase his initiative when using this Talent gains a +3CS to hit in a Grappling
not apply. The character still has a +1 CS. weapon by 1. attack, and a + 1CS for damage.)
Weapons Talents may be combined with
Fighting Talents, if applicable. Fighting Skills: These Talents are Thrown Objects: The hero with this Talent
primarily used in close combat, and used gains a +1CS with all Throwing attacks (both
Guns: Individuals without this Talent fire without weapons. Bonuses from these Edged and Blunt), and +1CS on Catching.
guns (all handguns, rifles, and submachine Talents are cumulative and may be This applies to both thrown weapons and
guns, including laser, stun. and concussion combined with those from other Talents. normal items. If the hero has the Thrown
varieties) at their Agility rank. Those with Weapons Talent as well, the modification is
this Talent fire such weapons at +1CS. Martial Arts A: This form of martial arts +2CS when using thrown weapons.
concentrates on using an opponent's
Thrown Weapons: Characters with this strength against him, and is typical of Acrobatics: The hero with this Talent is very
Talent toss weapons designed to be thrown oriental- American forms such as judo and limber and as such gains advantages when
(including spears, daggers, Shuriken, disks, karate. The practitioner of this type of under attack. The hero has a +1CS when
and snowballs) at +1CS to their Agility. martial arts can Stun or Slam an opponent dodging, evading, and escaping.
regardless of their comparative Strengths
Bows: Bows are tricky items to operate, and Endurances. Tumbling: The hero with this Talent knows
such that those who have not been trained how to fall and land without undue injury.
fire them at - 1CS to their Agility. Those Martial Arts B: This form of martial arts is Individuals with this Talent may make an
with this Talent gain a +1CS to hit with all keyed on offense and inflicting damage in Agility FEAT to land feet-first after any fall
bows, including crossbows, and may fire short, quick bursts, and includes such that does not inflict damage.
and reload in a single round. They may fire disciplines as boxing. The practitioner of this
multiple arrows on a successful Agility form of martial arts gains a +1CS to Fighting Professional Skills: Professional skills
FEAT. ability when engaged in unarmed combat. reflect general professions. In addition to
providing bonus Column Shifts in their field
Blunt Weapons: Characters with this Talent Martial Arts C: This form of martial arts of specialty, the Talents can be used to
gain a +1CS to hit when attacking with a concentrates on holds and escapes. The increase initial Resource levels through
weapon that resolves attacks on the Blunt practitioner of this form gains a + 1CS to gainful employment.
Attacks column of the Battle Effects Table. his Strength for Grappling attacks
(including damage), a + 1CS to Strength Medicine: The hero with this Talent has
Sharp Weapons: Characters with this for Escaping and a +1CS to Agility for extensive knowledge of medicine, and as
Talent gain a +1CS to hit when attacking purposes of Dodging. such limited Talents in healing. In general. a
with a weapon that resolves attacks on the character losing Endurance Ranks as the
Edged Attack column of the Battle Effects Martial Arts D: This meditative form of result of a lethal situation can have those
Table. This includes swords, daggers martial arts searches out the weak spots of losses stopped by any character checking on
(unless thrown), and spears, but excludes the opponent's defenses and strikes against him. The individual with Medicine Talent may
claws and other natural extensions that them. The practitioner of this form of attack bring back characters that have reached the
inflict this type of damage. may ignore the effects of Body Armor Shift 0 level up to 20 turns after they have
(though not force fields) for determining reached that level. A character with this
Oriental Weapons: This a special category Stun and Slam results. The attack by the Talent may restore one rank of Endurance to
that grants the character a +1CS to character with this Talent does not have to a wounded character per week, in addition to
Fighting or Agility when using the following inflict damage to force a check for possible natural healing. Finally, the character with
weapons: Shuriken, crossbows, sais (treat Stun and Slam. The disadvantage is that Medicine as a Talent is +1CS on Reason
as swords), and oriental swords and the target of this attack must be studied for FEATs that involve medical problems,
daggers (including the katana and the kris). two rounds before the effects may be medications, poisons, and surgery.


Law: The character with this Talent has an Criminology: The hero with this Talent has physics and astrophysics, including motion,
extensive background in law (the assumption an understanding of the criminal mind and flight, and the planets and stars.
being US Law, but this may vary according behavior, either from studies or first-hand
to the Judge's campaign). The hero may be observation. The character with this Talent Computers: A +1CS on matters involving
a lawyer or capable of applying to pass the gains a +1CS on all Reason and Intuition computers, computer-controlled equipment,
bar (Reason FEAT of Good Intensity). A FEATs involving criminal practices ("If I and artificial intelligences.
character with Law as a Talent gains a +1CS were a crook, where would I hide?"). The
to all FEAT rolls involving the law, including hero also gains a Contact in either the Electronics: A +1CS on matters involving
correct legal procedure. A character without police or crime areas. electronic devices, including their creation
Law gains no benefit to Reason FEATs, and and repair.
in addition, will have to make Reason FEATs Psychiatry: The hero with this Talent has a
more often than a character with Law Talent. background in studies of the mind, and as Mystic and Mental Skills: These Talents
such gains a + 1CS on all FEATs involving are quasi-Powers, simulating some of the
Law Enforcement: The character with this the mind. This is a popular Talent with effects of Powers themselves, while being
Talent has a background with law- those heroes and villains with Mental available in the Marvel Universe to those
enforcement authorities. This Talent Powers, and the character with these characters without those abilities.
includes both Gun and Law Talents, and Talents gains a +1CS on FEATs involving
the character, if still a member of a law- Mental Control, Domination, Hypnosis, Trance: The character may place himself
enforcement agency, may legally carry a Emotion Control, and Mental Probe into a trance. While in a trance the
gun and make arrests. Powers. character slows his body functions to such
a level that he may be assumed to be
Pilot: The character with this Talent has a Detective/Espionage: The hero with this deceased (Intuition FEAT for the character
working knowledge of most aircraft, and Talent has been trained to notice small checking). A character in a trance reduces
receives a +1CS for all FEAT rolls involving clues in solving crimes. The character with needs for food and water to a minimal
an aircraft that character is controlling this Talent gains a + 1CS to discover clues level, and may regain Endurance ranks at
(including Control FEATs, Agility FEATs, to a crime, and in addition gains a Contact one rank per day.
and Reason FEATs involving aircraft in either crime, law enforcement, law, or
handling and design). A character with a espionage. Mesmerism and Hypnosis: This Talent is a
background that would permit it (a hero primitive form of Mind Control at the Power
who is an alien) may extend this Talent to Scientific Skills: Scientific Skills almost rank number equal to the Reason of the
spacecraft as well. exclusively affect the Reason ability, character with this Talent. Information can be
granting the character with them a +1CS to gained as per a Mental Probe, and post-
Military: The hero has had some dealings all Reason FEATs involving that strong hypnotic suggestions may be implanted
with one of the armed services. In military paint. A character can only bring one such within the victim's mind. Any attempt to force
matters, the hero gets a +1CS to all FEA T scientific Talent to bear at a time, and as an individual to do something that he would
rolls, and in addition may take a member of such the Talents are not cumulative with not normally do, or divulge information that
the armed services as a Contact. each other. he would not normally reveal, will cause the
hypnotism to break. A hypnotic command
Business/Finance: The hero is familiar with Chemistry: A +1CS on matters of chemistry, fades in 1-10 hours after it is given.
the world of business, corporate finance, including developing new formulas, finding
and how money works. Initial resources are cures for inorganic poisons, and identifying Sleight of Hand: This is a Talent developed
a minimum of Good, and the hero gains a chemicals by smell, touch, or taste. by stage magicians which causes items to
+1CS for FEAT rolls dealing with money. appear and disappear by a combination of
The hero gains a Contact in the Biology: A + 1CS on matters of biology, misdirection and swift, fluid gestures. The
Professional category. including animal and plant identification, character with this Talent may palm small
finding cures for organic poisons, and items, making them appear or disappear
Journalism: The hero with this Talent gains researching diseases and their cures. with Agility +1CS ability.
an additional 2 Contacts to those already
generated. The Contacts should be Geology: A +1CS on matters involving the Resist Domination: This is a Psi-Screen
connected with the media in some fashion, Earth, including volcanic activity, the that may be developed by the individuals
such as at local newspapers, radio or TV geology of the surrounding land, types of without that Power. This permits the
stations, or has sources in law rocks and their powers, and mineral character to resist mental attacks as if the
enforcement, political circles, or snitches of identification. character had a mental power of Psyche
the criminal underworld. +1CS. The Talent is passive in nature, and
Genetics: A +1CS on matters involving the does not grant any other particular benefit.
Engineering: Engineering includes all the genes, including creating new life forms, A character with Mental Probe may be able
varied types of that profession dedicated to understanding mutants, and researching to discern where the character gained this
the design of functional items: civil, diseases. Talent, but nothing else.
chemical, mechanical, etc. A character with
Engineering Talent gains a +1CS to all Archaeology: A +1CS on matters involving Occult Lore: The character with this Talent
FEATs involving building things, including the past, including paleontology, historical has a knowledge of magical societies,
the Resource FEAT to determine if an records, and ancient myths and legends. antiquities, runes, and a general
object can be built. understanding of forgotten lore. The
Physics: A +1CS on matters involving

character gains a +1CS to Reason FEATs items. This +1CS may be added to any group, such that he is a benefit to the team.
involving items of a magical nature. other bonuses gained from other Talents, Any Karma Pool to which the character
so that an Engineer with Tinkering Talent belongs receives a 50-point bonus,
Mystic Background: In the Marvel Universe, would gain a +2CS on repair. provided the character with this Talent is
all humankind has the potential for recognized as the "team leader." A Karma
developing magical Powers. This "Talent" Trivia: This is a general category that Pool may only have one recognized leader.
shows that the character has some covers any one subject desired by the though more than one character with
background with magical forces. Heroes character. On that subject, the character Leadership may belong to one group.
may have derived their powers from these gains + 1CS to all Reason FEATS. (Say, When the "Leader" of a group leaves, the
forces if they choose this Talent. A the character is into collecting Spores and 50 points are deducted from the Karma
character with this Talent may have Magical Fungus. A Trivia Talent would be: Trivia/ Pool, but the leader does not receive them
Powers, with the approval of the Judge. If Spores and Fungus). Trivia categories for personal use (the bonus points only
the Judge allows magical player should be specific (old movies, military exist as a part of the pool).
characters, then any of the initial Powers history, sports, rock music, comic books) as
created may be spells, and should be opposed to general (all knowledge) or Other Skills: The above is not a
noted as deriving from Personal, Universal, covered by other Talents. complete list, but may serve as a basis for
or Dimensional energies. other Talents that may be developed and
Performer: The character is someone who proposed by players (for example: Botany
Other Talents: This is a catchall acts, sings, dances, mimes, or otherwise as a scientific Talent). Any new Talents that
category for all the other types of Talents uses his Talents to entertain (this is related may be added should be no more powerful
the character may gain. These often have to the Artist, the key difference being that than a +1CS to an ability, and not be
some form of background of special nature. the Artist may leave the scene of creation; cumulative with other Talents (Juggling may
the Performer is identified with that creation grant a +1CS on catching items, but may
Artist: The character with an artist directly). A Performer receives 10 karma not be added to the bonuses gained from
background creates works of art, either for points for a week's worth of performance, the Thrown Objects Talent).
himself or for sale to others. This includes whether in a play, doing a nightclub routine,
painting, sculpting, and writing. A single or working for a movie.
work takes 1-10 weeks, and upon
completion grants the artist Karma points Animal Training: The character with this
equal to 10 times the number of weeks. Talent has the ability to train animals to
The character must allocate some time perform certain stunts. The individual does
daily at his work. not have Animal Empathy or Communications
and Control, but may teach an animal a trick
Languages: The character with this Talent based on the Reason FEAT roll. If the hero
has a natural understanding of languages. with this Talent does have Animal Empathy or
The character gains 1 additional language Animal Communications and Control as
at start, and made add other languages at Powers, these Powers are raised by +1CS.
half the cost of a Talent (500 paints
regardless of who teaches it). Characters Heir to Fortune: This is not a Talent, but a
without languages Talent must gain this situation which brings the character into a
Talent first to learn other languages. The lot of money. The minimum Resources of a
gaining of additional languages assumes character with this Talent is Remarkable (If
someone is available to teach these your character is making Excellent
languages. A Player character with this Resources or less, do not take this Talent).
Talent does not have to assign a language This "Talent" may not be gained by a
at start, but may fill one in later as need be. character after the generation process is
finished, and may only be chosen by
First Aid: The medicine Talent notes that the characters being generated.
loss of Endurance ranks may be halted by
someone checking on the dying character Student: Similar to Heir to Fortune, this
and administering some form of aid. The Talent may only be chosen at the start of
First Aid Talent grants the character this play, and may not be gained through
immediate halt to Endurance rank loss, the experience. The Student character has no
recovery of one rank immediately (one use other initial Talents, but may gain other
only per situation). and in addition, the hero Talents at a discounted price. New Talents
with this Talent can stabilize a dying cost 1000 Karma points if learned from
character at Shift 0 Health up to 5 rounds another player character, 800 if learned
after that character reaches that level. from outside. Students may maintain
Advancement Totals for a Talent along with
Repair/Tinkering: The character with this other forms of Advancement funds.
Talent gains a + 1CS to any Reason FEA Ts
involving the repair and modification of Leadership: The hero with this Talent has
existing items, but not the building of new the brains and understanding of a cohesive


Included below is a partial list of possible Note that the higher the Contact. the more H.Y.D.R.A. Such Contacts provide
Contacts for characters operating in the likely the Contact will get in touch with the information up to Remarkable level, though
Marvel Universe or in one of its close hero when he needs help. top-secret information will be harder to
variants. Many of these Contacts are obtain. Equipment may be provided for up
usable in any type of campaign, but here Military: The character has a Contact in the to Incredible rank. Amazing for S.H.I.E.L.D.
are noted for their role in the Marvel armed forces, either of the United States or and H.Y.D.R.A. All these agencies have no
Universe. another nation. This may range from a low- concern about using Contact heroes as
level sergeant to the Joint Chiefs of Staf f. agents to their own ends, and any hero that
Each entry for a Contact delineates the Military Contacts may provide Amazing uses a Contact in this area will be
type of aid that may be granted. either in Resources, maximum. guaranteed to receive a request for a return
information, skills, heroic help, and/or favor some time in the near future.
equipment. The more powerful a Contact, Business World: The character has a
the more likely that Contact may interfere Contact in the world of business or finance. Hero Group: The character has some
with the hero's life. requesting favors, This may rank from the accountant for their connection with, or was or is a member of
providing missions, and the like. A low level hero's group to a captain of industry who is or an ally of some existing group of super-
Contact like a snitch in the criminal element trying to build fusion plants across the powered heroes, and as such may enjoy
provides fewer ties to the character than country. Resources available are at the the privileges thereof. This includes using
knowing the President on a first name Incredible level. their equipment. calling them in on an
basis ("Cap? Hi. This is Ronny. 1 have this emergency, using their HQ, and benefiting
problem in Central America...:'). Journalism: Journalist Contacts are Poor in from their training. As an example, the
Resources (unless you want to borrow the Mutant Dazzler, while not a member of the
Professional Contacts Professional Mobile-Three Action-Camera van) but have X-Men, maintains a good relationship with
Contacts are individuals and groups that may Remarkable knowledge about their field of them and has benefited from training with
provide distinct services, information. or expertise. (If your Contact is a city desk them. The player running this hero may
equipment according to their description. reporter, she may be aware of something choose the group, subject to the approval
Equipment may be provided as if the Contact going down on the streets. If the Contact is of the Judge. Excessive liberties taken with
had Resources of the rank listed. Equipment in entertainment, maybe he has free the privileges (cracking up three Quinjets in
of higher rank may be acquired on higher passes to the ballet.) a row) may result in the contract's
approval and in special circumstances. revocation. The other disadvantage (in
Crime: The character with this Contact has addition to being at the group's beck and
Medicine: The hero with this Contact has a some connection with the criminal call) is that enemies of the hero group are
friend, ally or acquaintance with Medicine underworld. This ranges from having a considered enemies of this hero as well. A
Talent, who will provide medical advice and snitch that pass on information about street hero who belongs to a group is always
services either for free or charge an action, such as Turk Barrett is for Daredevil. considered to have that group as a Contact
affordable tee. The Contact may be a doctor up to a Contact high in the hierarchy of the lance an Avenger, always an Avenger).
at a local hospital or clinic, or a researcher Maggia or independent gangs. WARNING:
familiar with the character's background. Having criminal Contacts may place the Scientific Contacts All scientific skills
hero in Karma-losing or Contact-losing put the character in touch with someone
Law: The hero with this Contact has a situations, with the hero having to choose with that scientific ability. The Contact may
friend, ally, or acquaintance with Law between losing a criminal Contact or losing have Resources varying from Good to
Talent, who will provide legal assistance for Karma by aiding the Contact. High-level Remarkable, determined by the Judge. The
a reduced fee and legal advice to the hero criminal Contacts (Remarkable Resources Contact has the Talent listed as in
for free. The Contact may be a lawyer or higher) may seek to manipulate the hero Appendix B, and a Reason of no less than
whose firm has been an retainer with the to their own ends (the best example of Excellent. The scientific skills include:
family for years, is a personal friend, or which is the Kingpin of Crime). Chemistry, Biology. Geology, Genetics,
who owes the hero for providing his big Archeology, Physics. Computers, and
break into the profession. Engineering: The character with this Electronics. Acting and Performing, while
Contact has some connection with not "scientific" skills, are Contacts that
Law Enforcement: The hero with this someone who builds, either independently perform in a similar fashion (the character
Contact has a friend, ally, or acquaintance or for a larger corporation. The character knows someone with that skill).
with Law-enforcement Talent, who is in may aid in the construction of devices.
addition a member of the law-enforcement Political Contacts The heroes with
profession. This may include forces of local Psychiatry: The character with this Contact these Contacts have friends in high places.
and state police and the national guard, and has some connection with a character in
may vary in rank from knowing a patrolman the fields of psychiatry or psyche-analysis, Local: The hero has an ally in the local
(Excellent rank knowledge of the world at including doctors devoted to the curing of political scene: alderman, mayor, or
large. Remarkable of his beat), being on the criminal mind. councilman. The Contact may provide
good terms with a Detective (Remarkable information on what is going on in the
knowledge of criminal investigation. plus Espionage: The character with this Contact neighborhood.
detective skills), or being well-known to a has connections with the world of
station captain or commissioner espionage. This includes agencies such as State: The hero has an ally in state
(Remarkable Resources, limited to that the FBI, CIA, NSA, KGB, Interpol, M15, government -- connected with the office of
material which police forces normally have). S.H.I.E.L.D., and the criminal organization governor, a state representative. or

someone in one of the state agencies. The Resources available are as for National dimensional powers greater than our own.
Contact may provide Good services and government, but the character must be
information, as well as equipment of up to able to communicate with the Contact to Occult Lore: The hero knows someone who
Remarkable Resource cost. gain any materials. "dabbles" in the darker arts, and as such
has at least a Remarkable Reason
National: The hero has a Contact in International: The hero has Contacts in the involving these matters. The Contact may
national government -- a congressional UN or in a similar multi-national organization, provide advice on mystic writings, spells
aide, a congressman, representative, such as the Common Market of Europe. This and their castings, and curses. The Contact
member of the Executive Branch or one of type of Contact can provide equipment of up is not necessarily someone of Doctor
the myriad number of agencies that infest to Monstrous Resource rank. Strange's category (a true magic-wielder),
the capital. Resources of up to Monstrous but most likely a college professor who has
in their field may be gained, but the more Planetary: This Contact is available to Alien done copious reading on the subject.
powerful the Contact, the more likely the characters only. The hem is well-known to
favor will be called in. the inhabitants and/or rulers of another Mythology: Similar to Occult Lore, with the
planet. and may call on those Resources direction towards recognized mythology:
Other National: The hero has a Contact in (up to Unearthly or higher) provided they actions of the extra-dimensional beings
national government -- someone else's. can get in contact with those sources. known as gods (Olympians, Asgardians,
The hero may be friendly with the etc.). The Contact will specialize in one
leadership or government apparatus of any Mystic Contacts "pantheon" of deities.
other nation, friend or foe. This Contact, if
known to others, may create difficulties in Mystic Arts: The hero has a Contact with
dealing with other political Contacts. someone who is aware of extra-

Hero's Name : __________________________________________
Hero's ID : __________________________________________
Player's Name : __________________________________________

Rank Points Rank Points Group Affiliation : __________________________________________

Base of Operations : __________________________________________
2nd Form Occupation : __________________________________________
Place of Birth : __________________________________________
Legal Status : __________________________________________
Controled?:_______ Marital Status : ______________ ______________
Age : ______________ ______________
Height : ______________ ______________
Weight : ______________ Lbs. ______________ Lbs.
Running : ______________ /T ______________ /T
Initiative Modifier : ______ (______ ) ______ (______ )


Health Karma Resources Popularity

2nd ID 2nd ID 2nd ID 2nd ID

Karma Pool Advancement Fund _______________________________________________
















INDEX regaining, 32 Healing, 32
Contacts Health
A definition, 4 definition, 4
Ability FEATs, 15,16 generating, 10 loss of, 32
(see also Fighting, Agility, Strength, use with Popularity, 40 High-technology heroes, 5
Endurance, Intuition, and Psyche) see also Appendix C Holding fire, 30
Ability Modifier Table, 6 Control FEATs see Vehicles, driving
Acceleration Crashes, 50-51 I
in flight, 21 Initiative, 14
in vehicle, 47 D Modifier Table, 14
Actions while moving see Movement Deceleration Intuition
Addition, 39 in flight, 21 definition, 3
Contact, 39 Power, 39 Talent, 39 in vehicle, 50 FEATs, 58
Advancement, 38-39 Defensive Actions Impaired abilities, 32
Ability, 38-39 Popularity, 38-39 Power, Block, 27-28
38-39 Resource, 38-39 Catching, 28 K
Agility Claws, 29 Karma
definition, 3 FEATs, 14, 21, 22, 27, 28, Combined Attacks, 30 Awards, 33-36
30,50,58,60 Dodging, 27 gaming, 36
Aiming, 31 Double-Teaming, 30 magic-use, 65
Aliens, 5 Evading, 27 personal, 35
Altered Humans, 5 Disabilities, 32 definition, 3
Ambush, 31 Distance Attacks see Appendix A, 80 in combat, 31
Ammunition Table, 44 Diving, 21 losses, 34-35
Awards see Karma Drowning, 22 Pools, 37
adding to, 37
B E dissolving/leaving, 37-38
Bank loans,19 Effective Cost, 66 Locking, 38
Blindsiding, 30 Effects Results, 28 losses, 37
Block see Defensive Actions Endurance spending, 38
Body Alterations definition, 3 Advancement, 38-39
Defensive see Appendix A, 87 FEATs, 22, 23, 24, 28, 41, 45, 46, 50, building things, 38
Offensive see Appendix A, 86 58, 63 die rolls, 38
Body Armor, 29 Energies, 63-64 modifying combat results, 38
see also Appendix A Energy Attacks see Ranged Attacks Power stunts, 38
Breaking things, 16 Energy Control Powers Summary Listing, 37
Building see Appendix A, 74
power suits, 67 Entangling weapons, 30 L
robots, 67 Eyeballing, 20 Leaping, 23
special requirements for, 68 Exhaustion, 22 Table, 24
success at, 69 Lifting things (Strength FEAT), 16
time requirements for, 68 F Limitations, 9
vehicles, 66-67 Failing, 21 Long-distance movement
weapons, 66 Fastball Special, 30 see Movement
FEAT rolls Table, 23
C Ability see specific ability Luring, 31
Catching see Defensive Actions automatic, 16
while falling see Failing impossible, 16 M
Characters making, 15-16 Magic, 61-66
creation/generation, 4-13 types, 15 limitations on spells (Table), 65
generated, 5-12 Fighting Material Strength Table, 17
modelled, 12-13 definition, 2 Matter Control Powers
origins, 5 FEATs, 27, 30 see Appendix A, 73
pre-generated, 4-5 Flight Mental Powers see Appendix A, 81
Charging (Endurance), 26-27 and Gliding, 21-22 Modeling characters, 12-13
Charity awards, 36 and Fight, 31 Contacts, 13
Claws see Defensive Actions, Force Attacks see Ranged Attacks Primary abilities, 12
see also Appendix A Force Field, 29 Powers, 13
Column Shifts (CS) Secondary abilities, 13
positive, 16 G Special abilities, 13
negative, 16 Gaming awards see Karma Talents, 13
for magicians, 64 Grabbing see Wrestling Movement
Combat Grappling see Wrestling actions while moving, 20
Fighting see Slugfest Groundstrike, 30 area, 19
Agility see Ranged Attacks Growth, 29 downward, 21
Combined/Multiple FEATs, 18-19 eyeballing and the quarter-inch rule, 20
Consciousness H long-distance, 22
losing, 31 Headquarters, 55-58
ranged, 19 Range modifiers, 25 Sundries, 58-61
turning while moving, 20 Range ranks, 66 Swimming, 22
upward, 20 Ranks and rank numbers, 2
Movement Powers see Appendix A, Rationales, 39 T
72 Reason Tactics, 29-30
Multiple combat actions, 30 definition, 3 Talent Categories Table, 10
Multiple targets, 30 FEATS, 17, 32, 45, 61, 67, 66, 68, 69, 70 Talents
Mutants, 5 Recovery, 32 definition, 4
Repairs, 70 FEATS, 15, 17
N Resistances see Appendix A, 71 generating, 10
Negative Popularity, 18 Resources see also Appendix B
effects on heroes, 41 definition, 4 Teleporting, 23
FEATS, 15, 16, 18, 38, 66, 68 Throwing see also Ranged Attacks
P for building, 68 Range table, 25
Point blank range, 31 Robots, 5 Turning
Popularity reactivation, 5, 32 in flight, 22
awards and penalties table, 40 Room packages, 56-58 on ground, 20
definition, 3 Round see Turn in vehicle, 50
FEATS, 15, 17, 34, 36, 38, 40, 63, 64 Turns (game time), 14
negative, 7, 18 S
using, 17 Salaries, 60 U
Power Categories Table, 8 Secondary abilities, 3-4, 7, 13 Universal Table, back cover
Powers, Contacts and Talents Table, 7 Secret IDS, 7
Power listings, 8, inside back cover Senses see Appendix A, 71 V
Power Rank Range Table, 16 Shielding, 31 Vehicles, 47-55
Powers Shifts see Column shifts and combat, 61
definition, 4 Shockwave, 30 crashes see Crashes
FEATS, 15, 16, 17, 29, 38 Shooting see also Ranged Attacks damage to, 51
stunts, 17, 38, 64 at moving target, 31 driving, 47, 50
Primary abilities, 2-3, 12 to neutralize, 30 listing of specific, 52-55
Psyche to stun, 30 out of control, 50
definition, 3 Shrinking, 29
FEATS, 29, 63 Slugfest, 23-24 W
Pulling punches, 30 Special abilities, 4, 13 Weapons
Speed FEATS, 23 Shooting, 41-44
Q Stairs, 21 Melee, 45
Quarter-inch rule, 20 Standard rank number, 2 Other, 45-46
Strength Weight Intensity Table, 16
R definition, 3 Wrestling (Strength)
Random Ranks Table, 6 FEATS, 16, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, 38, 50 Grabbing, 26
Ranged Attacks, 24-25 Grappling, 26

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Power Listing Summary Weather Control (Reduced cost for Power Mental Powers p.81
Resistances p. 71 Body Manipulation Others (specify Animal Communication and Control
material, duration) Animal Empathy
Resistance to Cold Density Manipulation Others Animate Drawings
Resistance to Corrosives Animal Transformation Others Astral Projection
Resistance to Disease