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WCPS Classroom-focused


(CFIP) Follow up to Evaluate the Identify Acquisition, Meaning,
impact of current practices and Transfer What will students
Version 2.0
on learning know, understand, and
independently use their learning
to do?

Plan and implement Identify Evidence of learning
appropriate in-class through common assessments and
Intervention and Enrichment performance tasks

ANALYZE : Create the Learning Plan using
Determine the instructional instructional best practices,
impact on Student Work and differentiation, and engaging
assessment data digital tools Collaborative Planning
Model 2016-17
Typical School Improvement Plan Classroom Focused Improvement

Process established at district level Process designed at team level

Linear and prescriptive Non-linear/non-prescriptive

Annual strategic plan Short-cycle strategic plan

Impact: total school Impact: students in class

SIT develops Teacher develops

Purpose: meet goals Purpose: adjust practice

Results determined end of year Results determined when module is
Classroom- Focused Improvement Process
(CFIP) Foundations
Provides a process for Analyzing student performance data from Assessments,
and Acting on that data by Adjusting instruction to incorporate in-class
intervention and enrichment opportunities,
Has the potential to fundamentally change teaching and learning through
job-embedded, just in time, professional development between and among the
Leads to a shared purpose, vision, and belief system to support the learning of
all, and
Provides a time and process for the work of teacher teams, ultimately to
improve student learning.
Classroom-focused Improvement Process (CFIP)
A group of teachers who meet regularly as a team to:
Assess important learning goals using common formative
assessments of
Analyze current levels of achievement by looking at student
work samples
Act to implement strategies and create learning plans to
improve achievement
Adjust instruction to differentiate for struggling students
Participant Responsibilities
Plan and provide excellent learning opportunities, every minute
of every period, to prepare students/staff.
Work collaboratively and cooperatively with each other to share
ideas and strategies.
Believe that every learner will be successful, and then each
learner will believe that he or she can be successful.
Be prepared to share, learn, and analyze evidence of learning