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Student Name: Riley Hausman Date: 5/8/17 Block: D

Ten Commandments for my Future Christian Vocations

Spring 2017

Commandment Rationale Scripture Support

I I will live each moment to It is important to live ach Therefore do not worry
the fullest. moment to the fullest so about tomorrow, for
that you dont waste any tomorrow will worry ab
part of your life. itself. Each day has eno
trouble of its own. (Mat
II I will appreciate every Relationships make you Walk with the wise and
relationship in my life who you are because they become wise, for a
knowing that it will make help you in all aspects of companion of fools suff
me better. life. harm. (Proverbs 13:20)
III I will remember to live in This is important know that Dear children, let us no
truth. I am being honest with love with words or spee
myself and the people I but with actions and in
care about. truth. (1 John 3:18)
IV I will remember to Communication is key in Do not let any
communicate. every relationship and to unwholesome talk com
live in healthy relationships of your mouths, but on
I will continue to what is helpful for build
communicate. others up according to
needs, that it may ben
those who listen.
(Ephesians 4:29)
V I will remember that God God is at the center of all For I know the plans I h
is always there when I relationships and that when for you, declares the
need him. I ever I need him he will LORD, plans to prospe
always be there to support and not to harm you, p
me. to give you hope and a
future. (Jeremiah 29:11
VI I will continue to make my Through this course I have There is a time for
life balance. learned that life is a everything, and a seas
balancing act and I need to for every activity unde
continue to balance my life heavens (Ecclesiastes 3
to keep everything how I
want it.
VII I will remember that Through life, many things And we know that for t
everything happens for a will happen and it all has a who love God all things
reason. reason to bring to a better work together for good
place. those who are called
according to his purpos
(Romans 8:28)
VIII I will remember to always It is always important to for no one ever hated h
respect myself. respect myself so I always own flesh, but nourishe
know who I am and what I and cherishes it, just a
want. Christ also does the ch
(Ephesians 5:29)
IX I will remember to follow Following my dreams will May he give you the d
my dreams. remember to keep me of your heart and make
young because you are your plans succeed. (P
never too old to follow your 20:4)

X I will remember to forgive I will remember to forgive For if you forgive other
those who have harmed those who might have people when they sin
me. harmed me because in the against you, your heav
end I will be happier Father will also forgive
knowing that I was able to But if you do not forgiv
forgive. others their sins, your
Father will not forgive y
sins. (Matthew 6:14-15