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Portrait & Form Study Rubric

Group #1: Caitlin Jones, Lawrence Schaedler-Bahrs & Monica Alcazar Date: 04/28/2017


Portrait & Form Study Art Work (50%)
Final Work:
Value Scale shows a balanced gradation from light to dark.
Shapes are successfully transformed into Forms using correct
use of Value and an accurate Light Source.
An important individual is suspended in time in the portrait,
using accurate Shape, Form, Value, Light Source and Space. Its
clear the Artist has a strong tie to the Artist.
Basic Elements:
Medium: Graphite is used in its correct instruction.
Portrait & Form Study clearly shows effort in participation
towards the final piece, as attention of detail and layers of
graphite are visible in the work.
Vocabulary is exhibited in the display of Value, Shape, Form,
Proportion & Space in both the Form Study & Portrait.
Inspiration Artist(s) influence is seen in the finished work.
Written & Oral Critiques (25%)
Responses are thorough, with a personal connection to the
portrait subject, evident through the students reflection and
analysis of the work.
Vocabulary are appropriately used in written and oral
critique, as the student address Value, Shape, Form,
Proportion & Space in their analysis of the work.
Students use academic language to discuss their analysis
and support their claims, while also avoiding I Like
Participation (25%)
Student Engagement:
Student came to class and engaged in their work without
distracting other students, misusing the materials, or avoiding
their individual work throughout the 3 weeks of the Unit.
Student participated in the critique, adding their personal
opinions and constructive criticisms for their own work and
their peers work.

TOTAL Value (100%): __________

Additional Comments:

Amber Ward, PhD

ART 135: Elementary School Art Education
California State University, Sacramento
Portrait & Form Study Rubric

Amber Ward, PhD

ART 135: Elementary School Art Education
California State University, Sacramento