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Cat: Sitting

(by Roswitha Mueller)

Worsted yarn, ca 100 g in fur colour, a bit of pink for
stitching the nose and mouth
optionally, a small amount of fingering yarn in a
bright colour for the bow
2 safety cat eyes (12 mm)
pipe cleaner for the tail
3 mm hook

Finished measurements: ca 25 cm in height

sc single crochet
dc double crochet
ch chain
st stitch
sl st slip stitch
inc increase
dec decrease by crocheting two stitches together

This pattern is written using US notation.

For the pattern of the mice in the first photo see Little Mouse by KristieMN


This pattern is for personal and private use only. Neither it nor the products made from it may be sold.

Comments and corrections are appreciated.

Making the parts No of st
in row
Head 1) MC 6 6
In a spiral, 2) inc every st 12
beginning at the tip 3) 3x (inc, 3 sc) 15
of the nose 4) sc
5) 3x (inc, 4 sc) 18
6) 3x (inc, 5 sc) 21
7) 7x (inc, 2 sc) 28
8) 7x (inc, 3 sc) 35
9) sc
10) 7x (inc, 4 sc) 42
11) 15) sc
Stuff nose and attach eyes between rounds 7 and 8, leaving about 6
stitches between them. Ideally, the eyes and the nose should form an
equilateral triangle.
Note: If you attach the eyes at a slight angle towards the nose,
they will straighten up when the eye-sockets are formed.
16) 6x (dec, 5 sc) 36
17) sc
18) 6x (dec, 4 sc) 30
19) sc
20) 6x (dec, 3 sc) 24
21) 6x (dec, 2 sc) 18
Stuff head.
22) 6x (dec, sc) 12
23) 6x dec, close and f.o. 6

Ears 1) ch 2, 4 sc into 2nd ch from hook. Do NOT close! 4

Each row ends with 2) sc, 2x inc, sc 6
ch + turn. 3) 2 sc, 2x inc, 2 sc 8
Make two 4) 3 sc, 2x inc, 3 sc 10
5) 4 sc, 2x inc w 3 sc into each st, 4 sc 14
6) 6 sc, 2x inc w 3 sc into each st, 6 sc, f.o. 18

Body 1) ch 18, close 18

In a spiral 2) 4) sc
5) 6x (inc, 2 sc) 24
6) 7) sc
8) 6x (inc, 3 sc) 30
9) 6x (inc, 4 sc) 36
10) 6x (inc, 5 sc) 42
11) sc
12) 6x (inc, 6 sc) 48
13) 21) sc
22) 6x (dec, 6 sc) 42
23) 31) sc
32) 6x (dec, 5 sc) 36
33) 6x (dec, 4 sc) 30
34) 6x (dec, 3 sc) 24
35) 6x (dec, 2 sc) 18
36) 6x (dec, sc) 12
37) 6x dec, f.o. 6

Forelegs 1) MC 6 6
In a spiral; stuff as 2) inc ev st 12
you go, but leave 3) 6x (inc, sc) 18
the last 5 6 rounds 4) 5) sc
without stuffing. 6) 4x dec, 10 sc 14
Make two 7) sc, 2x dec, 9 sc 12
8) 13) sc
14) sc, inc, 5 sc, inc, 4 sc 14
15) 16) sc
17) 2 sc, inc, 6 sc, inc, 4 sc 16
18) 20) sc
21) 4 sc, inc, 7 sc, inc, 3 sc 18
22) 23) sc, f.o.

Hind legs 1) 8 ch (with doubled yarn), 1 ch (single yarn)

First in rounds 2) On one side of foundation chain 7 sc, in last ch 5 sc, on 22
closed w sl st + ch, other side of foundation chain 6 sc, in last ch 4 sc, close w
then in a spiral. sl st + ch
Only the part of the 3) 8 sc, inc, sc, inc, 8 sc, inc, sc, inc, sl st + ch 26
leg on which the cat 4) 6) sc, sl st + ch
is sitting will be 7) 8 sc, dec, sc, dec, 12 sc 24
stuffed. 8) 8 sc, 5 tog, turn inside out, crochet sides together with 5
Make two sl st, turn right side out again.
9) 12 sc around remaining hole (one sc may be taken from 12
From here in a sl st)
spiral Fill lightly with stuffing; the rest of the leg will not be filled.
10) sc
11) inc, 10 sc, inc 14
12) sc
13) 14) sc, inc, 3 sc, 2x dec, 3 sc, inc, sc 14
15) 16) sc
17) 1 sc, sl st, f. o.

Tail 1) MC 4 4
In a spiral. 2) sc
Do not make two 3) 2x (inc, sc) 6
4) sc
5) 2x (inc, 2 sc) 8
6) 37) sc
38) 2x (inc, 3 sc) 10
39) sc
40) 2x (inc, 4 sc), f.o. 12

Bow With fingering yarn, ch 100, dc one or two rows.

Sewing the parts together

Head to body Stuff body and attach at a steep angle (ca 45 deg) to the head.

Details of head Ears

Attach ears to head between rounds 12 (front ends) and 17
(back end) of the head.

With a length of yarn, form the eye-sockets. For this, insert the
yarn with a needle directly under one eye and pull it through the
head to the corresponding spot under the other eye (take care
to leave a tail long enough to knot). Turn the needle around,
insert again as close to the exit point as possible and pull the
yarn through to the first eye, again emerging as close as
possible to the tail of the yarn. Pull the yarn tight and knot the
two ends securely.

Mouth and tip of nose

Stitch nose and mouth with pink yarn.

With a length of yarn (fur colour) stitch nose into shape: insert
needle slightly above and to the outside of one corner of the
stitched nose and pull yarn through to the other side of the
nose; pull yarn tightish (not too tight!). Go back slightly above
exit point; go back and forth until a bit above the eyes. Draw
yarn tight enough to form a straight nose. The last two or three
stitches might slant a bit to the outside.

Fold upper half (the part without stuffing) at an angle to the paw
and sew to the body. Seen from the front, the upper end of the
leg should form a line running steeply from the middle of the
body to the outside (see photo). The bottom of the paw should
be at the same height as the backside of the animal.

Hind legs
Attach the hind legs so the stuffed part lies flat on the earth at
the same height as the paws of the forelegs. Seen from the
front, they should be directly behind the forelegs. This means
that you have to press them tightly under the body (this is why
they should not be stuffed too tightly). The upper part is folded
and sewed onto the outside of the body to form a relief of the
upper legs.

Attach slightly above the last rounds of the body. If you insert a
length of pipe cleaner, the tail may be formed into many
pleasing shapes.