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Jacob Lyda

Seven Things All Students Want to Know

1. Am I in the right room?

Students should have clear directions to the correct room. Teachers should be standing
in their door, ready to welcome students to their class or direct them to another room. Teachers
should also check student registration cards to assist students. I will greet students at the door,
and know the school layout to help those from other classes find their room.

2. Where am I supposed to sit?

A teacher should clearly establish either open or assigned seating. It may be helpful to
have assigned seating on the first day, and direct students to their seat as you welcome them. I
would establish assigned seating the first day, and adjust that seating after a week of classes.

3. What are the rules in this classroom?

Every student should receive a clearly written hard copy of the classroom rules and
discipline plan, and additional copies should be sent to parents and displayed on the classroom
walls. This plan should be reviewed and explained. I will have printed class rules for every
student, and an additional copy clearly displayed by the front of the class. I will enforce the rules
consistently and fairly.

4. What will I be doing this year?

Clear procedures should be established detailing what the student will do in the
classroom. This includes desired behaviors, such as how to submit homework and what to do
upon entering the classroom. The first two weeks should be spent training students in these
behaviors. I will distribute a clear syllabus that includes a schedule and best practices.

5. How will I be graded?

Teachers should have clearly communicated standards, and should not grade on a
curve. Learning is prioritized over grades, so the complete grading method may be explained
later. I will inform students there will be multiple styles of assessments, all fitting into a clearly
written rubric. Details about particular assignments will be discussed when they are assigned.

6. Who is the teacher as a person?

A teacher may display personal pictures that demonstrate who they are on a section of
the class board. For younger students, it may be helpful to bring personal objects to use as a
show and tell. I will tell students about who I am, and use a display with pictures students are
welcome to ask me about.

7. Will the teacher treat me as a human being?

The initial interaction with students should establish that you respect them and care for
them as individuals. I will demonstrate this by introducing myself to each student and
Jacob Lyda
welcoming them into the classroom. I will also begin the school year with introductory work to
learn about them as a person. I will make an effort to show personal interest in every student,
beginning with our initial interaction.