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Facility Rules and Equipment:

Kan Jam Rules

One partner throws the Frisbee, and when necessary, the other partner redirects it toward
or into the goal.
If the partner taps the Frisbee and hits the kan then it is 1 point
If the thrower hits the kan without the partners deflection/assist it is 2 points
If the partner taps the Frisbee and makes it inside the kan it is 3 points
If a team member makes it in the hole without any assistance from the teammate, the
game is over (instant win)
After both partners complete one throw each, the Frisbee is passed to the opposing team
Players waiting to tip may not touch the goal in any way
Deflectors can move anywhere within the playing area to redirect the Frisbee
All Kan Jam games are played to 11 points
A team must achieve an exact score of 11 points to win, and must complete an equal
number of turns (except when an instant win occurs)
OVERTIME: Each team takes a single turn; this would mean that each partner will get
one throw. After Team 1 completes their turn, Team 2 must either tie or go to a second
OT or simply score more points to win. As soon as one team outscores the other, the
game is over
Materials Needed
Four Kan Jam sets
Two kans per game
Each set should have one frisbee

Corn Hole Rules

Players must throw from behind the front of the board
Players alternate throwing bags
The team that scored last will throw first
A bag on the board is 1 point
A bag in the hole is 3 points
If a team exceeds 11 points, they will automatically go back to 5 points
Games will go to 11 points with canceling out the other teams points
Materials Needed
Five corn hole sets
Two boards per set
Eight bags per set, four per team

Trash Can Pong

To start, one player from each team will participate in Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide
who shoots first. (Best of 1)
There will be 3 cans on each side in a triangle formation
One player from each team will shoot during a round, there is one shot per turn,
alternating players each round
There will be no islands, or re-racks
The first team to make all three cans wins
If there is an occurrence where overtime is required, there will be a sudden death
overtime where there is one can on each side. Team members will Rock, Paper, Scissors
to see who shoots first (best of 1). First team to make the ball in the can wins
Materials Needed
18 trash cans
Six trash cans for each game
One soccer/volleyball per game

Other Equipment Needed for the Event:

Sound System and Microphone: in order to make announcements
Markets and Cardboard: for the brackets
Table and Pen: for team sign in