International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation

Pan American Regional Office

Call for Pan American Regional Office Positions

Regional Working Group

The Pan American Regional Office (PARO) is calling interested pharmacy students from all the IPSF’s
associations from the Americas to join the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation as part of
the PARO’s team on the Executive Committee and Regional Working Group. The appointment of
Subcommittee members will follow throughout the year.

For all the positions, you must be able to work on throughout the year in your position and have regular
internet access. You must be reachable throughout your entire term, until October 2018. All the
positions are invited to attend the 63rd and/or 64th IPSF World Congress, 11th and/or 12th IPSF Pan
American Regional Symposium and your committee/subcommittee meeting, if one is scheduled.
However, it is not obligatory.

If you are interested in a particular position listed here, you shall submit the completed Nomination
Form and a Motivation Letter with less than 300 words and send the documents to the PARO Secretary
( before the deadline for applications.

The Chairperson of PARO appointment and the election of the Regional Working Group Officers will
happen during the 14th PARO Regional Assembly at the 11 th Pan American Regional Symposium from July
3 to July 9, 2017. The election of the Chairperson of PARO will happen during the IPSF General

Candidates for both Chairperson and Regional Working Group Officer positions must prepare an oral
presentation with maximum duration of 3 minutes to present at the applicable assemblies.

All the nomination forms (with Motivation Letter) must be submitted to no
later than July 5, 2017, 23:59 (11:59 pm) CT (Mexico City, Mexico time).
Executive Position

Chairperson of the Pan American Regional Office

As the Chairperson, you are responsible for:

 Representing the Regional Office
 Co-coordinating and overseeing the implementation of IPSF projects and activities in the region
 Ensuring sound financial standing and administration
 Establishing further relations with student and professional organizations in the region
 Overseeing the organization of regional events
 Offering leadership and direction towards strategic goals

As Chairperson of the Regional Office, you are also a member of the IPSF Executive Committee and
therefore will have to correspond regularly with Executive Members. You shall promote IPSF and your
Regional Office through all means; monitor progress on projects and activities; actively investigate and
follow up on opportunities for strategic development and to make any public announcements on behalf
of the IPSF Regional Office.

Confidence and proficiency in oral and written English, presentation and communication skills as well as
effective time management and organizational skills are important to the position.

Hence, the ability to lead and work well in a team is vital to be innovative in solving problems, ensuring
projects follow timelines and action plans, and to implement new projects and ideas. Previous
experience in a leadership role is preferred.

To meet these responsibilities, it’s highly recommended for the Chairperson to travel to attend local,
regional and international events, such as the Executive Meetings (EM1: September~October; EM2:
February~March; EM3: prior to World Congress), IPSF World Congress (July~August), and the IPSF Pan
American Regional Symposium (June~July) for next year.
For more information on the position, please write to

Regional Working Group Positions


As the Secretary, you are responsible for ensuring that the Regional Office runs smoothly in close
cooperation with the Chairperson. The Secretary needs to be familiar with the Official Documents as it
is the responsibility of the Secretary to ensure that the Regional Office complies with the Official
Documents. It is also the responsibility of the Secretary to issue notice and to distribute the agendas
and minutes of all Regional Working Group meetings. The Secretary should assist other RWG members
with PARO projects.

In addition to administrative activities, the secretary is expected to keep accounts of all financial
transactions of the Regional Office in close contact with the Chairperson of the Regional Office. For this
reason, it is important for the Secretary to have some experience or familiarity with budgeting, writing
financial reports and bookkeeping. The Secretary is also a co-opted member of the IPSF Constitutional
Working Committee to assist with the administrative duties of the Federation, such as writing the
minutes of the IPSF General Assembly and suggesting changes to the IPSF Official Documents.

Essential abilities of the Secretary include proficiency in written and spoken English. In addition, the
Secretary needs to have an eye for details along with great organization skills. Other essential qualities
are good communication, time management and personal relations skills. The Secretary is expected to
maintain contact with all members of the Regional Working Group and will be expected to contact with
members, IPSF executives and other external organizations.

For more information on the position, please write to

Regional Media and Publications Officer (RMPO)

As Regional Media and Publications Officer, you will be responsible for developing publication materials
as well as updating the website and Facebook page of the Regional Office. The main Regional Office
publication is the PARO Newsletter. The RMPO is responsible to ensure completeness and effectiveness
of the content and design of ALL publications. It is essential to have the ability to use Photoshop or
other related programs is essential but if you do not possess these skills yet, they can be learned.
The newsletter is an important publication for PARO, and the RMPO is the leader in preparing this
project. There should be an issue that comes out periodically that includes all regional activities
promoted by RWG, blog posts from the website and Facebook page, pictures from association projects
and anything else that should be shared with the region. The RMPO will have help from his or her
subcommittees who will work closely together to improve the PARO website.

It is also the RMPO’s responsibility to ensure that the website is maintained and continually up to date.
To be able to update the Regional Office website, it is essential to have the basic knowledge on how to
manage a website, as well as to be familiar with both technical details and all site content. The website
program that is currently used is “WordPress”.

The RMPO is also responsible for working with the Regional Projects Officer to create and design new
and imaginative ways of promoting the Regional Office and its projects such as flyers, posters,
association project reports. The RMPO is also responsible for editing any and all materials that are
posted on the website and Facebook page for grammar, spelling and completeness (including blog
posts). Most importantly, the RMPO needs to motivate the region to share their ideas for patient
outreach projects and materials in order to promote progression of the region.

The RMPO is a co-opted member of the IPSF Design and Creativity Committee and assists in designing
projects mandated to the Committee for the Federation. The RMPO is also the Chair of the PARO Media
and Publications Subcommittee as well as the PARO Translation Subcommittee and will need to delegate
necessary obligations to these individuals. The RMPO’s responsibility to ensure that all posts are
translated at least in English and Spanish (however, if available, posts should be translated into
Portuguese, and French as well), with the help of the Translation Subcommittee.

For more information on the position, please write to

Regional Relations Officer (RRO)

The Regional Relations Officer is responsible for maintaining communication with IPSF Regional Member
Organizations to ensure they are satisfied with what IPSF and the Regional Office has to offer, and in
turn bringing forth recommendations for improvement from members to the Regional Working Group. A
significant portion of this portfolio is dedicated to the promotion of IPSF and the Regional Office to Non-
Member countries, through meetings, mailings and updates, and by travelling and doing promotional
tours wherever and whenever possible. The RRO is the Chair of the PARO Membership Promotion
Subcommittee and is co-opted on the IPSF Internal Committee and External Committee.

The Regional Relations Officer is also responsible for updating information lists of Contact Persons,
Student Exchange Officers, and Individual Members in the Region. It is also important to focus on
promoting IPSF and the Regional Office to current members to maintain activity and strength in the
Regional Office and ultimately, the Federation.

Assets that will be important for successfully meeting the expectations of this position are: excellent
communication skills, extensive knowledge of the IPSF and the Regional Office and how it operates,
motivation to travel and promote the Federation and its activities, and a contagious exuberance for

For more information on the position, please write to

Regional Projects Officer (RPO)

As the Regional Projects Officer, you are responsible for coordinating the implementation of IPSF
projects at the regional level. Thus, you will be required to work closely with the relevant IPSF
Committees and Chairpersons as a co-opted member of the IPSF Public Health, Pharmacy Education,
Professional Development and Policy committees. For the RPO, this means being involved in each of
these committees and helping with tasks whenever possible and/or necessary. You will not be
responsible for any projects
in these committees unless it is not part of the Regional Working Group wishes.

The main job of the Regional Projects Officer is to focus on projects in the Region. For PARO, the focus
projects are currently the Diabetes & Healthy Living Awareness Campaigns and the Vampire Cup
Challenge. These campaigns will have a bigger focus and will require more effort from the team. Apart
from these, the RPO is also responsible for other publications during the year when there are no focus
campaigns. These follow the WHO calendar for health days such World Tuberculosis Day and World
Immunization Week. The RPO chairs the PARO Public Health subcommittee who will assist them in
developing these campaigns. In doing so, the Regional Projects Officer will also be responsible for the
promotion of the approved projects and will work very closely with the Regional Media and Publications
Officer to develop appropriate promotional materials. Having a creative streak would be beneficial for
the Regional Projects Officer as the position requires extensive work with publications and promotional
materials. The ability to use Photoshop or other related programs is important, but if you do not possess
these skills yet, they can be learned.

The RPO will also be required to maintain some degree of communication with member countries in the
promotion and implementation of IPSF projects at the national level. Because of the variety of projects
that the RPO may be involved with, and the many people that they have to cooperate closely with, it is
important for the Regional Projects Officer to have impeccable communication skills, time management
and organization. The process to publish materials requires careful planning to meet all the deadlines,
allowing time for translations and review of all material.

For more information on the position, please write to