Nomination Form for Approval/Election to IPSF Pan American Regional Office 2017-18

Please write in English. Please feel free to use up to 2 pages.
Note that this form will be publically displayed at the 14 th IPSF PARO Regional Assembly.

Name of the candidate

Organisation (or Individual Member) and nation

Nominated for the post of (name of position and name of Regional Office)

Would you be willing to work on another position if necessary? If yes, which?

Have you had any previous experience in student organisations? Please detail.

What previous experience have you had within IPSF? Please list detail.
Do you have any special experience relevant to the position? Is there any further information you
would like to add that you think may be relevant to your application? Please detail.

What is your plan and new ideas for the position? Please detail.

Signature of Candidate
Date and Place

This form must be completed and signed by the nominee.

Completed forms must be submitted to the Regional Secretary by emailing (
no later than July 5, 2017, 23:59 (11:59 pm) CT (Mexico City, Mexico time).

For Secretary’s use only:
Date and time received: