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Jesus is Rejected at His hometown


Jesus went to Galilee full of the Holy Spirit and ready to spread the news of the gospel.

That Saturday he went to the synagogue to tell everyone about God. A synagogue is where people in small towns would worship God.


Jesus opened the scroll to Isaiah, and read about the Savior who was to come.

The Savior will preach to the poor, and will give sight to the blind, and say the prisoners are free!

Then, Jesus said, “This has come true today.”


This made all the people hearing it very mad. So mad they decided to throw Jesus off the cliff. They went with Him to the very edge of the cliff.

But, when they tried to throw Jesus off the cliff He just walked right through them, and they couldn’t throw Him off.


Later Jesus was teaching next to the lake. But, as He taught, the people kept pushing closer and closer to Him.

Finally, Jesus got into Simon’s boat, and had him put out from shore a little ways.

Then, Jesus taught from the boat and everyone could hear Him.


When Jesus was all done speaking He turned to Simon and said, “Now go out into the deep water and let down your nets.”

Simon answered Jesus, “But Master, we’ve been fishing all night and we haven’t caught anything. But, because you told me to I will go let down my nets.”

So, Simon let down his nets and when he started to pull them back up there were so many fish he had to ask his friends to come help him.


When Simon saw what had happened he fell on his knees before Jesus.

“Go away from me Lord, because I am a sinful man!” he said with his head bowed down.

Then Jesus pulled Simon to his feet and said, “Don’t be afraid Simon, for now you will not catch fish, but men.”


So, Simon, who was also called Peter, James, and John pulled their boats up onto shore and followed Jesus.

And they spent the rest of their lives following Jesus wherever He lead them.