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Course of Study FRENCH 4 (Honors)


French 4 is a one year course that continues the study and development of
communicative proficiency in the four skill areas. With the focus on oral and
written proficiency, the student will expand his/her knowledge of grammatical
structures and vocabulary. This course also emphasizes cultural awareness and
appreciation of the Francophone world.

II. Course Goals

To acquire linguistic skills to communicate in French. Correct pronunciation is

important and will be stressed. We will communicate by listening, speaking, writing,
and reading. This course is designed to prepare students to communicate
proficiently through the three modes of communication (Interpersonal, interpretive,
and presentational). We will learn about France and French speaking countries, as
well as their history. Contemporary issues will be discussed through 6 themes:
Families and Communities, Global Challenges, Science and Technology,
Contemporary Life, and Beauty and Aesthetics.

This course addresses the following Student Learning Outcomes:

#1: Communicate effectively when speaking and writing

#2: Read and analyze materials in a variety of disciplines.

#3: Communicate in a second language.


1. Speaking: Students are able to elaborate in more depth on a variety of

topics. They are more proficient at asking and answering questions in
both a controlled and spontaneous environment.
2. Writing: Students are able to effectively write in French based on the
thematic units. They can better communicate their ideas, and feelings
through appropriate use of grammar, tenses, vocabulary, and spelling.
Using a variety of writing modes: journals, dictation, summaries,
letters, reports, cartoon captions, and dialogues, they demonstrate
creativity, style, and grammatical application.
3. Listening: Students will continue to hone their listening skills through a
variety of activities based on the chapter themes. The techniques used
in French 4 will include watching authentic videos (namely movies,
French news, songs) in order to improve proficiency. Audio files and
response sheets, video and film, dictation, will further enable students
to better understand spoken French.
4. Reading: Students will be able to comprehend and enjoy a variety of
reading materials. These may include fairy tales, fables, authentic
pamphlets, literary texts, brochures, newspapers, magazines, short
stories, and selections from the text.
5. Culture: Students will enhance their appreciation and awareness of the
Francophone cultures via movies, documentaries, presentations,
classroom discussions, music, cuisine, and the fine arts.
6. Grammatical concepts: Students typically already have a good
command of grammar, but this course will reinforce some complex
grammatical concepts, such as pronouns, rejoinders,
subjunctive/conditional modes.

IV. Means of Students Assessment

Students will be assessed regularly and in a variety of ways (oral, written, listening
and reading). The following assessments are in place and will continue to be used.
Additionally, the teacher will use authentic materials, such as selected short stories
Scholastic French magazine Films, slides, audio activities, videos/DVDs, and songs.
During projects, the teacher will also create websites to make the instructions more
comprehensible and scaffold steps in order to maximize chances of success.

V. Materials

The course will use Board adopted textbook Thmes, which allows students to be
proficient in four main skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

VI. Classroom Expectations

- Work hard in class = a lot less work at home.

- Participate and take notes.

- Be respectful of yourself and others.

- Have a good attitude and do your best.

- No cellphone use unless you are asked by the teacher to do so for


- Please raise your hand if you have a question during a quiz/test.

- Expect to speak often IN FRENCH.

- Students are expected to check School Loop every day for homework.
Assignments for the next day will be posted by the teacher no later than

VII. Contact information


Hours available are from 7:30-8:00 am and 3:05 until 3:15. Appointments would be
appreciated. My prep periods are 2nd and 7th also.

VIII. Grading Criteria

Students are graded with the following assessments:






Speaking in class

Speaking quizzes

Listening activities


Grading: standard grading percentages apply: 90%-100% = A

80%-89% = B

70%-79% = C

60%-69% = D

59%-0 =F

IX. Classroom policies

1. Students are to bring their book and workbook, notebook, paper, vocabulary
binder, and writing utensil to class EVERY DAY.
2. Students must turn off their phones and keep them in their backpacks.
3. Late assignments will be accepted but with points taken off. If a parent provides
a note explaining the reason for why the assignment is late I may accept the
assignment for up to 30 days after assignment is due. Assignments will not be
accepted after 30 days.

4. It is the students responsibility to make up quizzes, tests and assignments that

were given during the time that he/she was absent.

Standards of Expected Student Behavior

1. Students will be sitting IN their correct seat when the bell rings. If the
student is in the room only or at the wrong desk, they will be marked tardy.
(School tardy policy)
2. Students will follow directions and will maintain proper classroom behavior
and decorum. Students will respect the rights and opinions of other. Profanity
or derogatory remarks will not be tolerated.
3. Students need to discuss any personal concerns in a private conversation
with the teacher as to not take away valuable instruction time from the rest
of the students. Arguing or disruptive behavior while the teacher is
addressing the class is unacceptable. Conversations after class is preferred.
4. Students will be prepared for class. Specifically, students will have their
books, paper, writing utensils with them. Students will throw their gum away
before class begins as it interferes with pronunciation. Drinks (except for
water) and food will be put away before entering the classroom. Preparation
points will be taken away daily if students are not prepared.

Miramonte High School maintains certain codes of behavior, which are policies,
enforced on a school wide basis. Students will be expected to adhere to these
school-wide policies.
Student Agreement:

I have read and understand the Course Goals, Grading Criteria, Classroom policies,
and class rules. I have also shared them with my parents or guardian.

Student signature___________________________________________date___________

Student printed name ________________________________________

Parent Agreement:

I have read the Course goals, grading criteria, Classroom policies, and class rules
that are written on the previous pages.

Parent signature ___________________________________________ date_________

Parent printed name___________________________________

Preferred phone number _______________________________

Email address: ___________________________________________________________