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Hypertension or high blood pressure is a health problem that is quite domain in the
developed countries. In Indonesia, the threat of hypertension should not be ignored.
People suffering from hypertension will have the risk of getting poor sleep quality and
this will worsen the persons condition.

This study aimed to carry out Nursing Care Mrs L to the problem Disorders Sleep
Pattern in the case of Hypertensiom in hospital Jombang Myrtle space.

Methods of data collection in this case report uses descriptive method by interview,
observation on the client, direct physical examination and documentation study or library.

Result Nursing Mrs. L with problem Disorders Sleep Pattern in cases of Hypertension
in the assessment of baseline data on the data subjective and objective data shows patients
Mrs L having trouble sleeping. In the implementation of nursing care, there are some
gaps in the existing theory, but this gap does not pose a problem on the client, the final
evaluation went smoothly without any obstacles.

From the results of this buffer nursing care concluded that the assessment was conducted
on the subjectivw data and objective, obtained nursing diagnosis in cases ofhypertension,
a problem that arises is the disruption off sleep patterns. Intervension is given 1 NOC and
8 action, client evalution shows improvement and no new problems.

Keywords: Nursing, Sleep Patters Disorders, Hypertension