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Josephine Mari G. Ramos Prof.


Dangerous Drugs Orientation:

1.What are the most common reasons why some people use dangerous drugs?

1. People suffering from anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression or other mental

illnesses use drugs and alcohol to ease their suffering.
2. People see family members, friends, role models or entertainers using drugs and
rationalize that they can too.
3. People become bored and think drugs will help.
4. People think drugs will help relieve stress.
5. People think drugs will help them fit in.
6. People chase the high they once experienced.

2. In what ways can you help drug abusers get off their addiction?

1. Remind them of the reasons why they should want to change/stop.

2. Help/support them in trying to fight-off drug addiction.
3. Be understanding
4. Do not discriminate them
5. Tell them the bad effect of using drugs

3. What action/s must you do to avoid involvement with prohibited drugs?

1. If you know you possess any of these risk factors that increase your likelihood for
addiction, its wise to avoid drugs and alcohol altogether. Here are some ways to do
2. Make new friends who dont drink or use drugs.
3. Avoid parties or social gatherings where drugs or alcohol will be present.
4. Focus on activities you enjoy that do not involve alcohol or drugs.
5. Dont give in to peer pressure.
Josephine Mari G. Ramos Prof. Jimmy

Character Orientation and Renewal of Ethical Values

1.What small actions can you do in order to make a big difference

a. In your life
b. In your family
c. School
d. Community

I think I can make a big difference in my life if I have a positive

outlook. I will try to live confident in my own skin. I will be happy no
matter what life throws at me. Ill be as close to God as possible. Ill
make the most of my life. Happiness is a choice and everyone should
choose it instead of sulking and regret of the past situations that
occurred to you.

In my family, I will be responsible and show respect to my parents

and sister. Be there when they need you. Keep your faith in God as a
family. Family should be the first one to know about you and all your
problem, situations. Dont be a pain to your parents, as much as
possible do not give them problems.

In school, keep positive thoughts and support your friends and

classmates. Make friends, talk to the ones that doesnt talk much. Be a
good role model. Respect your teacher. Study hard but do not abuse
your health.

Lastly in Community. Set yourself as a good example to other

people, especially to the younger ones. Be conscious and aware of the
environment. Participate in Community activities or organization that
supports a good cause. Be an active part of the community. Dont break
rules or laws, be a good citizen so that our country can progress.

Remember change starts in you. A single step made by hundreds of

people is always better than a hundred steps made by a single person,
We are all living in one world so we must cooperate in trying to create a
better place to live in.
Josephine Mari G. Ramos Prof. Jimmy