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National Institute of Electronics & Information

Technology (NIELIT),(erstwhile DOEACC) was set up to

Applets carry out HRD-IT and related activities in the area of
Information, Electronics & Communications Technology
(IECT). NIELIT is engaged both in Formal & Non-Formal
Applet & application Education in the area of IECT besides development of
industry oriented quality education and training National Institute of
programmes in the state-of-the-art areas. NIELIT has
Applet architecture endeavoured to establish standards to be the countrys Electronics and Information
premier institution for Examination and Certification in the
field of IECT. It is also one of the National Examination
Parameters to applet
Body, which accredits institutes/organizations for (J&K)
conducting courses in IT in the non-formal sector.
ISO 9001:2008 certified organization
Embedding applets in Web page
NIELIT has thirty one (31) offices located, with a strong Department of Electronics &
network of over 800 accredited institutes and over 6000 Information Technology (DeitY),
Introduction to JDBC facilitation centres. Ministry of Communications and
Information Technology, Govt. of
The JDBC Connectivity Model About NIELIT Srinagar/Jammu
NIELIT J&K is functioning from Srinagar, Jammu & Leh.

Database Programming
Srinagar Centre is located in the SIDCO Electronics
Complex, Rangreth on a 7.5 acres Campus with
a built-up area of 33,000 sq.ft.
The Jammu Centre is located on the New Campus of the In
Connecting to the Database University of Jammu with a built-up area of 22,000
sqft. Programming
Sub-Centre Leh is located at Skalzangling, Airport Road,
Creating a SQL Query

Long Term Courses:
MCA in affiliation with University of Kashmir.
Getting the Results PGDCA in affiliation with University of Jammu. ( JAVA Programming)
Software/Hardware courses like O, A & B
Updating Database Data Short Term Courses in:
Computer Networking
JDBC SQL Programming MCSA(Windows Server 2012)
Linux Networking
Integrated Networking Industrial Program.
WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks)
Error Checking and the SQL
Ethical Hacking and Cyber Forensics
Exception Class Information Security, Ethical Hacking and Cyber
Programming courses Contact us:
The SQL Warning Class

Android Programming
.Net Technologies
SIDCO Electronics Complex,
JDBC Driver Types

Programming in Java
Embedded Systems Programming
Rangreth Srinagar -191132

Programming in C/C++
Phone: 0194-2300502,
Result Set Metadata Open Source Technologies
Using a Prepared Statement Database
Basic and Filtered Streams
Objective: To train students in the Interface
area of software development in order Best Practices Core Collection Classes
to build scalable and flexible Methods The Collections Framework
applications in an industry Calling Methods The Set Interface
standard way. Set Implementation Classes
Defining Methods The List Interface
Eligibility: MCA, BE/B.Tech, BCA List Implementation Classes
and A/B Level students Method Parameters The Queue Interface
Queue Implementation Classes
(Undergoing/Completed) Implementing a Stack
Method Overriding
The Map Interface
Training Methodology: Map Implementation Classes
Classroom Lectures Method Overloading
Introduction to Threads
PPT Presentations
Hands on practice in well Characters and Strings Overview of thread
equipped labs Char Data Types Life Cycle of thread
Character Codes Creating Threads
ASCII and Unicode Multithreading
Programming in JAVA (Duration: 6weeks
String Class Deadlock
@2 hrs daily)
String Input and Output Inter-Thread Communication
String Method
Introduction to Java Packages
What is Java Exception Handling and More Flow Packages
Installing Java Control The import Statement
The jdk Directory Structure Exceptions Overview Static Imports
Sdk structures Exceptions Class Path & Import
Declaring Exceptions Defining Packages
Oops concept
Defining and Throwing Exceptions Package Scope
Java Language
Errors and runtime Exceptions
Java Virtual Machine Catching Exceptions Advanced Java Features
World Wide Web and Java: Java The Finally Block
Platforms: Data types and Exception Method Reusable Software Components
Variables I/O Exceptions Vs Runtime
Exceptions Abstraction
Programming Input/output Streams
Classes and Objects Overview of Streams
Object Models
Input Wrapper Class Bytes vs. Characters