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Vietnam Itenarary

Friday 28th April - Reach DaNang at 06:50 in the morning

Head to Hotel in HoiAn
Head to MySon Sanctuary (UNESCO WH Site) - Either by a guided tour or ourselves
Come Back from there and explore the Riverside Area
Head to HoiAn Riverside and Chill out - Something to do there for everyone
Along Riverside comes Old Town - Good food and reasonable nightlife there. J
Nearly all of the Major attractions are condensed in Old Town
Pandanus Spa and White Rose Spas are the best recommended massage plac
Saturday 29th April - Reach DaNang at 06:50 in the morning
Move to a new hotel/hostel in Old Town
Get a half day guided tour - The recommended one after MySon is the Half-Day Hoi An F
If not this get another guided tour. This one incudes some cycling in the field
Gat back at around 15:00 in the afternoon - Potentially another massage or something t
Chill out in the City
Potentially golf along the coastal golf courses? Montgomerie links and Danan
Sunday 30th April - Leave for Hanoi at 20:30 in evening
Head to Marble Mountains and Lady Buddha in Danang - This completes all the major at
This can be swapped with Day 2 aswell.
our or ourselves

o there for everyone

nable nightlife there. Japanese covered bridge which is apparently a major attraction also located here

mended massage place - Both located at Walking Distance from Old Town

the Half-Day Hoi An Farming and Fishing Life Tour

me cycling in the fields and stuf
ssage or something to chill out

merie links and Danang Golf Club are good ones

pletes all the major attractions there

so located here