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A very good morning and may I extend a warm welcome to our Guest of


Prof Victor Lim (Pro Vice-Chancellor, International Medical University)

Ms Christy Chiu (Vice President, Finance and Administration, International
Medical University)
Prof Winnie Chee (Dean, School of Health Sciences, International Medical
Prof Chin Bee Yoke (Associate Dean, School of Health Sciences, International
Medical University)
Puan Hjh Rosena Binti Hj Abdul Ghani (Director, Nursing Board Malaysia)
Puan Sharipah Asiah Syed Junid Aljunid (President, Malaysia Nursing
Associate Prof Ho Siew Eng (Head, IMU Nursing Division, International Medical
Ms Ng Kok Toh (Principal of International Medical College)
Madam Tan Meow Khim (Director of Nursing, Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur)

Distinguished guests, nurses, students, ladies and gentlemen.

All Deans, Heads of Departments, committee members and everyone


Good morning and welcome to Nurses Day Celebration 2017. We would like
to thank you all for being here to celebrate this occasion together with us.
My name is Shivashankhari Sivagurunathan, Year 3 Nursing Student from

And I, _____________Nursing Student from IMC will be the masters of

ceremony for this morning.

Before the ceremony begins, we would like to make a few important

announcements. First and foremost, ladies and gentlemen, we would like to
request you to turn off your mobiles or put them on silent mode.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,
International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world since 1965. On 12 th
of May each year, the celebration is to mark all nurses contribution to the
society and towards peoples health. International Council of Nurses
commemorates the International Nurses Day annually as the birth
anniversary of Florence Nightingale, who is widely considered the founder of
modern nursing.

This year, 2017, the theme for International Nurses Day Celebration is
Nurses: A voice to Lead: Achieving the sustainable goals.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Without further ado, we would like to invite Assistant Professor Dr Ho

Siew Eng, Head of Nursing Division, International Medical University
to deliver her welcoming address for todays celebration.

Thank you Prof Ho. It is now our pleasure to call upon, Assistant Professor
Dr Shar Mariam Bt Mohamed, Associate Dean, School of Health
Sciences, International Medical University to give a few words and
officially launch the opening ceremony.

Thank you, Dr Shar Mariam. May we now invite AP Dr Ho, Head of Nursing
Division to present AP Dr Shar Mariam a token of appreciation for the
opening remarks.

We request AP Ho to remain on the stage.

We on behalf of the Nursing Division of IMU, would like to take this

opportunity to thank Matron Rosena Binti Hj Abdul Ghani , the director of
Nursing Board Malaysia, to be here with us today despite of her busy
schedule. We invite AP Dr Ho, to present Matron Rosena a token of
Thank you AP Dr Ho.

Lets us have a short break and enjoy a presentation from our fellow students.
With that, it gives a great pleasure to invite the group Nu113 ( Year 4) , IMU
students to deliver their video presentation.

Thank you students of Nu113 for the beautiful presentation. Hopefully it has
enlightened us with something new this morning.

Now we would like to invite all registered nurses from IMU, IMC including our
honorable guests who are registered nurses to come to the front for Nurses
Pledge which will be led by Ms. Nithia Ramasamy from Clinical Skills and
Simulation Centre.

(The holding of candles symbolizes the time when Florence Nightingale used
to minister to the wounded and dying albeit by the light of a Grecian lamp
and the Pledge symbolizes a statement of the ethics and principles of the
nursing profession.)

Thank you Ms Nithia. We request the nurses to stay on the stage. The
morning is continued with cake cutting ceremony. We would like to invite all
the Guest of Honor, Distinguished guests, Nursing Faculty from IMU and IMC
and all the registered nurses to officiate this ceremony.

May we request all present here today to stay back for group photograph

Thank you. May we invite all to be seated.

Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let us have a short break and enjoy a performance from our fellow students.
It is a great pleasure to invite group N1/14, IMU students to deliver their

Thank you for the beautiful performance, students. It is a motivational song

to start the day. Thank you once again.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The next event is the sharing by IMU and IMC Alumni on the title Journey after
graduation, way forward in nursing profession.

The first speaker for the day today is Ms Lim Siew Pei.

Ms. Lim Siew Pei is a registered nurse with seven years of experience. After
completing her diploma in nursing at Gleneagles College of Nursing, she
worked primarily in intensive care nursing. She has a great interest in
intensive care nursing and has completed a specialty certificate in intensive
care nursing at the Ministry of Health, Malaysia - Kolej Kejururawatan Pulau
Pinang. She later undertook a Bachelor of Nursing Science (Hons) at the
International Medical University (IMU) and obtained the first class honours.
The research paper of her honours degree is Attitude towards Post Graduate
Nursing Education among the Registered Nurses in a Private Hospital in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia. The findings of the research was presented by Ms Lim in
the IMU Undergraduate Research Symposium (IMU) last year. At present, she
is the assistant nurse manager in cardiac ward at the Gleneagles Hospital
Kuala Lumpur.

Lets put our hands together to welcome Ms Lim Siew Pei her to share her

Thank you Ms Lim Siew Pei for the insightful sharing.

The next speaker for the day is _____

*The CV of the speaker*

We would like to invite ___ to say a few words on her experience throughout
her Nursing career.

Thank you ____ for the wonderful sharing.

Now we would like to invite Ms Ng Kok Toh (to present the token of
appreciation to the speakers.

Thank you Ms Ng.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Now let us enjoy another performance brought to you by the IMC Nursing

Thank you fellow students. What a wonderful performance from all of you.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Now we request Matron Rosena; Madam MK Tan and Ms Ng Kok Toh to judge
the poster presentation.

While waiting for the judges, lets have some fun. We call upon the
representatives from NU114 to lead an interactive game of charades! Let us
join the games together.

Thank you for all of your active participation.

Let us call upon AP Ho to deliver gift for the winners.

Now we will announce the winner for the poster presentation. We call upon
Ms Ng Kok Toh to give away the gift.

Thank you AP Ho.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to invite Ms Tang Wai Mun , Chairperson of Nurses Day

celebration 2017 to deliver the Closing Remarks.

Thank you Ms Tang Wai Mun

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have now come to the end of the ceremony

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the guests of honor,

distinguished guests, and everyone who is present here for spending your
time in making this event a memorable one.

May we now invite everyone to have lunch at the open area @ level 4.

Thank you and see you next year.