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Attachment: SLT4/NKC/EMP-4/DGN/GEN/2017/1--


Item wise reply to Engineer's comments on Control Room Building Layout for SP and
SSP - A received vide letter no. L-NKC-SLT4-PMC-1702-05 dated 01-02-2017

Sl. No Engineer's Comments SLT4's Response

Control Room Building Layout for SP The Dimensions of C&R Panel will
(Drawing No: 5/TP/TD/0055 Sheet 1) remain same as per M/s Ashida
Control and Relay Panel: The size of Electronics AE 15BSP01-04 since, the
control and Relay Panel has been taken relays required for opening of
from the vendor M/S Ashida Electronics associated Circuit Breakers before
AE 15BSP01-04. From dimensions, it is actuating the NIFPS will be mounted
not feasible to conclude that the panel on/near the Auto Transformer.
also provides for Circuit breakers and
2.1 relays required for protection
arrangement of Auto-Transformer and fire
protection system including SCADA links.
Confirm the same with vendor. The
Circuit breaker, associated relays are not
part of Supply from M/S CTR, or Auto-
transformer supplier and are not included
in any equipment provided by them in
the Equipment room.
The SLT 4 Contractor should finalize There is no requirement of additional
protection linked to auto-transformer and panel/control box for the PNT fire
PNT Fire system and integrate all system other than those shown in the
requirements inside the equipment room. drawing attached.
The Vendor drawing need contain details
2.2 provided for in their control panel. The relays (Over Current and
RPRR/PRV) required for operation of
associated Circuit Breakers before
actuating the NIFPS will be mounted
on/near the Auto Transformer.

Control Room Building Layout for Agreed.

SSP A (Drawing No 5/TP/TD/0055 The drawing 5/TP/TD/0055 Sheet 2 as
Sheet 2) referred to in Sl. No. 4 was submitted in
Control and Relay Panel: The proposal support of the GAD without the
contains wall mounted Terminal Board provision of CBs and CTs and hence the
based on RDSO drawing. There is no Control Room did not entertain the
provision of Control and relay panel in need of any C&R Panel in its Equipment
equipment room. SSP type A has Room.
provision of 2 Nos Auto-transformers and The revised GAD, as submitted vide
revised CAD submitted has provided for Submittal SUBM/SLT4/NKC/EMP-
CB and CT. The provision of control and 4/DGN/274 dated 3rd Feb'17, however
relay panel is essential and wall mounted had a provision of CB in front of each
terminal board is not suitable. In view of AT.
the new requirement equipment room
and battery room size may be identical to The relays (Over Current and
room sizes proposed for SP. RPRR/PRV) required for operation of
associated Circuit Breakers before
actuating the NIFPS will be mounted
on/near the Auto Transformer.

4.1 Items of STP5 as interface like Telephone As per the discussions held between
(including Battery/ battery charger) may EMP-4 and STP5 during the interface
meeting it was concluded to
incorporate a wall mounted S&T
Equipment in the Equipment Room to
cater the need of signalling,
telecommunication and fibre optics
cable. Also this has been added in the
notes to cater the need.

be concluded. These items, however, do not demand

the increment in room dimensions as
they can be well
adjusted/accommodated in the spaces
available inside the room. Hence the
Control Room dimensions are not
expected to alter on addition/deletion of
these items and thus may be
considered for the approval.
Note no. 12 has been added to cater
AC Control Board has to be provided with
the need of Automatic Change Over
Automatic changeover as supplies from
4.2 switch in the ACDB. The attachment no.
both auxiliary transformers are brought
4 having the vendor drawing of ACDB
to AC DB. Provide for the same.
panel clearly indicated this switch.