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Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University

Course Syllabus
Part 1

1. Course Code: ENG 4903

Course Title: Masterpieces of World Literature
2. Number of Credit: 3 Credits
3. Curriculum: BA Eng
4. Major:
5. Faculty:
6. Semester: Summer 2017

7. Academic year: 2016/17

8. Classroom:
9. Course Description: ENG4903 Masterpieces of World Literature is designed
to help students whose native language is not English to learn about world
literature considered masterpieces in a native academic setting.
10.Lecturer: Gareth Finch
11.Course Objectives:

1. Quietly and attentively listen to audiobook sections in class when

2. Work on coursework during the class that is related to the relevant
3. Read the course literature when requested quietly and efficiently
4. To participate in activities effectively, both in groups and individually
5. To self-monitor and self-correct problem areas alongside team members
6. Have completed their reading assignment for the day if it is given as
7. Bring in written questions, ideas and page numbers for class
8. Perform a course presentation in your group
Part 2
Implementation of instruction and assessment.

12.Hours per week: 12

13.Course Materials: 1Q84
14. Study Topics: Each class day is divided into two sessions: Morning Session &
Afternoon Session. (5 class days = 10 sessions)

Sessio Topics of the Study Hour Teaching Activities Lectur

n s Methods er
1 Introduction, overview, 3 GEF
Chapters 1-2
2 Chapters 3-4 3 Lecturing Book chapters. GEF
3 Chapters 5-6 3 Lecturing, Book chapters GEF
4 Chapters 7-8 3 Lecturing Book chapters GEF
5 Chapters 9-10 3 Lecturing, Book chapters GEF
6 Chapters 11-12 3 Lecturing Book chapters GEF
7 Chapters 13-14 3 Lecturing, Book chapters GEF
8 Chapters 15-16 3 Lecturing Book chapters GEF
9 Final exam 3 Lecturing, Book chapters GEF
10 Final exam 3 Exam GEF

Part 3
Class Evaluation

15.1 Examination:
Midterm Examination Final Examination Others
15.2 Type of Examination h
Multiple Choice Subjective Test mix of Multiple Choice
& Subjective
16.Evaluation Percentage: Attendance 30%, Final Exam 70%

Lecturer Name & Signature Gareth Finch