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Formal proposal

Title of magazine: ‘Paranoia’

Genre of the magazine: Rock/Post hard-core

I have chosen rock because I believe that it is one of the easiest genres of music
to make a magazine. Also, I know a lot about this music genre as it is my
favourite genre therefore I know the codes and conventions needed for this
genre. In addition, it is easy to make a rock magazine because of the limited
amount of effort needed, being a cover model wouldn’t be embarrassing since it
require little to no emotions and the clothing is very simplistic and is easy to re-
create a scene from another magazine.

Target audience:

Name: Sam

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: White British

Lifestyle: Enjoys supporting his favourite bands by doing to concerts and buying
merchandise from their stores and online. Is seen as different in society by other
for his all black clothing that he wears, very rarely does he wear anything that
black. In his spare time for fun he likes to listen to music in his room and relax by

Initial ideas for the front page:

The front page is very important into attracting an audience and therefore it has
to be simplistic whilst still being able to stand out. (I learnt this from my audience
research)The colour scheme will primarly consist of white and black, which both
help contrast each other and stand out. By doing this I can also stikc to the codes
and conventions of rock magazines meaning that it will be easily recognisable to
people who are interested in the rock genre since they will know that the cllours
represent that specific genre. Bright lighitng will be used in the background to
connote a sort of godly effect and to also further help them to stand out.
Initial ideas for the context page:

The contents will include some facts to help get the
readers into the magazine since most people want facts
about the artist and information about the artist when I
did my research therefore getting someone to read the
magazine from these points should be pretty simple,
both of which is what I
found out when I did my This is an idea of what the
research about the genre. magazine front cover may look
like. I like this style as I think it
does a good job of
representing the codes and
conventions of the rock genre.

This is an idea of what the
magazine contents page may
look like. I like this style as I
think it does a good job of
representing the codes and
conventions of the rock genre.

Initial ideas about a double page spread:

My double page spread is likely to include many things, such as:



-Facts etc