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Water Savers

Tristen Hartley & David Shuster

Environmental Science 1-2
October 31,2016
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Position on your subject

My subject is water pollution. I picked this topic because water pollution is a big deal and

can cause serious problems for our environment. I feel that by figuring out what causes all the

problems with water pollution that I can somehow affect what is happening in the world by

causing so much water pollution. An estimated 14 billion pounds of trash is dumped into the

oceans a year , I think that is insane to be able to dump that much trash into the ocean in one

year. All the trash that is getting dumped into oceans can cause problems for all the fish in the

sea. They could eat the trash and cause them to die, They could also get tangled in the trash and

slowly die from not being able to hunt for there food. The trash in fresh water is not as bad as it

is in oceans because there's not much being able to dump in fresh water, but in fresh water, like

rivers, towns dump sewage and waste products in the water which can cause the water to be bad

for the animals in it and can also be harmful towards humans that get in the water or eve eat fish

out of the waters. I stand for going against water pollution because it is a very bad thing to be

doing to our environment and can turn out to be very harmful to our ecosystem by harming the

fish and making them randomly die off. If the fish in the river die off then we will not have very

many fish in stores and anything that feeds off of fish will eventually die off and that can cause a

really bad thing in the environment.

History of the Problem
How the problem of water pollution started is from contamination from human and

animal wastes which caused outbreaks of many diseases. After the industrial revolution water

pollution levels really began to rise due to the amount of wastes and toxic chemicals being

dumped into lakes and streams. In 1962, chemical waste was dumped into Ohios Cuyahoga

river causing it to burst into flames and the waterway became a symbol of how industrial

pollution was destroying Americas natural resources. After they saw the effects of dumping

chemical waste into rivers and stream and realized that it is affecting the drinking water and

contaminating it they had to stop but they still dump sewage and stuff like that into the rivers, it

still contaminates the water alot. Water pollution started by toxic chemicals being dumped into

streams of water at high rates. It was discovered in 1972, which was when the congress passed

the clean water act to try and help reduce water pollution. The congress helped the issue by

making the clean water act to help get people to stop dumping chemical waste and all that in the

water sources. Around 70% of industrial waste is dumped into water bodies and rivers where

they pollute the usable water source. Plastic waste being a major water pollutant, is causing huge

destruction of marine life and is believed to be responsible for more than 100,000 deaths of sea

animals. It was not until the 1970s that pollution laws began to take shape.In the late 1960s and

the early 1970s americans began to demand environmental protections laws. In the 30 years

since those early laws have been used as framework on which national pollution control laws are

based on in the twenty first century.

Causes of problem

Some of the causes of the problems are sewage. Sewage is a major cause of water

pollution because it causes lack of oxygen and can spread diseases because the sewage waste is

from humans and animals of all kinds. The second cause of water pollution would be metals

because mercury is let off in water bottles from the major water bottle companies and then the

water bottle are thrown into the water from humans and such that it causes the mercury to be let

off into the water which can be a hazard for humans and drinking water and the fish that live in

that water, they can cause numbness of the human body parts that have contact with it.

non-organic chemicals kind of like acids are caused from industrial dumping into the water, and

also from just household chemicals for cleaning that are dumped into the water are really bad for

the health of fish and humans. In industrial power plants when they use water as a coolant in the

rivers the water that is used gets put back into the water and the sudden change in temperature

from what it was to what it is now kills off some of the aquatic life. When having cardboard and

plastics in your hand why walking while down the road and all that you should think about

littering before you actually do it. It can cause water pollution really bad and kill of aquatic

animals, turtles plastic things stuck around them and cant get them off so there shells grow

around the plastic and it's not good for animals. Mining is also a somewhat big cause of water

pollution, they emit some toxic metal materials into the water streams that they are minging

beside and that could be bad for the fish who are in that stream. Chemical fertilizers and

Consequences of problem

Consequences of water pollution are that it kills what lives in these water environments

and it messes up the habitat of fish and whatever lives in that area of where the water pollution is

really bad, for example like near chemical plants the rate of living fish in that area would be

really slim to none at all, but the rate of living fish near something that doesn't put off hardly any

or no pollution at all, the rate of living fish there would be so much higher. Having pollutants in

the water can cause a high risk of contaminating your drinking water, some of the symptoms of

drinking contaminated water is vomiting and extreme nausea. The level of mercury in the ocean

could be very dangerous too young children and women, most women who are pregnant should

avoid eating fish out of the ocean because the fish in the ocean have mercury in them and it

could be very dangerous too the baby and even the women. I would also avoid letting children

eat fish out of the ocean because it could also be very dangerous for them to. The toxic runoff on

some parts of the waterways can be so bad that some water advisories have too warm the people

who fish there about eating the fish because it could be toxic and dangerous to eat. For example

phosphorus runoff can cause humans to be affected by paralytic shellfish poisoning which can

lead to death eventually. Oil spills can be dangerous and happens all around the world but all the

big oil spills have shown on a very large scale what the water can do, Dolphins have been dying

near the BP oil spill site and the oil has seemed to seep into some of the wetland that were

around and that is called the nursery for nearly all the creature around that area and is very
dangerous to them and could kill them very easy. The effect of water pollution are not always

immediate but over a long period of time they catch up too anything that lives in that water and

they even catch up too human who have too drink the contaminated water or who have too eat

the fish who have the toxins in them from some toxic runoffs.

Future (5,10,25,50 years in the future

In the future if water pollution continues to grow and get worse will affect the world even worse
than what it is today. Right now water pollution is a growing problem and it's creating problems
with wildlife.
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