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Findings of the study

This chapter presents the results of this Figure 3. Organizational Structure

study on the Computerized Reservation and Billing
System of Virsal Park/Resort. It discusses the current On Process.
set-up of the Virsal Park/Resort and difficulties a. Reservation process. The process starts with
encountered along the areas on organizational the customer whose inquire the availability
structure, processes and master data and requirements of the cottage or the conference hall. After
needed in the Computerized Reservation and Billing inquiring, the staff will determine the
System of Virsal Park/Resort availability of the resort and the conference
Hall. If no, the resort or the conference hall
1. Current set-up of the existing system is already fully booked. If yes, they are
Organizational structure. The Manager is the highest going to accept the request of the customer.
decision making body of the Virsal Park/Resort After accepting, they confirming it and
followed by the assistant manager; the record keeper listing the customer needed information into
who is in charge in the front desk and also the one log book. Then, the customer give now the
who in charge of the money that is taken in and paid needed down payment, the staff will make a
out by a customer; and next to them are the three all piece of receipts and receive it by the
around cleaners; next to them is the security guard; customer.
down to the security guard are now the customers.

Figure 4. Diagram of Reservation Process

b. Billing Process. Inaccurate computation of
b. Billing Process. The process starts with the bills The staffs use calculator for the
customer and asking their remaining balance computation of bills for immediate
to the cashier then cashier validate the
transactions but if customers are likely to
records. If not yet, cashier will compute all
then settle it to the customer and they record stay and have more add on of services, they
and collect it. After collecting and recording write it in on an order slip or log book and
the payment they release the receipts, the manually add the extra charges of extra
customer will receive it, the cashier cross services availed by the customer. This is
out the names in the record book. After very prone in yielding an incorrect result.
receiving the receipts the security guard will Also, the staffs are prone to a wrong input.
sign it before they leave. If yes, the customer They put their billing statement on a piece of
will receive a receipts and the security will
order slip and put it on a drawer and this
sign it as a proof that they are already paid.
also may be lost anytime.

Master Data. Most of the time, the record of

reservation and billing is not accurate due to incorrect
input. There are times that some are misplaced and
they only provide what is left which is unfair to some
customer. Placing records in a folder placed
somewhere or in cabinet is not secured because the
record keeper cant control the accessibility of the

3. Recommended Solution.

The proposed system will automatically

make a set up for the organizational structure, to
Figure 5. Diagram of Billing Process know who will have an access to use the proposed
system. In terms of processing, the proposed
Master Data. In keeping records, they use cabinet; for system will ease the work done lessen the
the hard copy flash drive and computer for the soft time to be consumed and will be able to
copy. provide an accurate computation of bills.

2. The issues and difficulties encountered along 4. The Proposed system

the areas of:
A. Manpower. For better implementation of the
a. Organizational Structure. No problem. proposal system, the researchers would like
to suggest that the personnel who will be
On Process. needed are:
a. Reservation Process. The reservation of
customers is being kept in a record book and a. President. The person, who monitors the
is written manually that takes a lot of time, transactions and approve for all the
money and effort. Any staff can open it with records to be release and the
or without permission. Therefore no privacy information to be disseminated.
is made for the customers profile. Also,
there is a great risk of losing the customers b. Record Keeper. The one who is in
data because there is no systematic way of charge for all the storing and retrieving
organizing the profiles and transactions of of records of all the customers.
c. Cashier. The one who in charge in the
billing system.

d. I.T Specialist. Needed personnel to train

the user of the systems mechanism and
also above when the system encounters

B. Network Connectivity Design

The Computerized Reservation and Billing System of

Conference Hall and Virsal Park/Resort will have two The system will need some software for the
computers; one is for the server and one computer to higher implementation of the system.
be link at the server and a printer for the hard copy of
the needed receipts and documents. i. Windows 7 or higher version of operating
Figure 5. Network Connectivity Design
ii. Microsoft SQL Server Development 2000 or
2008 for the database;

iii. Microsoft Visual Basic, PhpMySQL or

ASP.NET 3.5 or 4.0 programming language
to be used in the development of the system.

5. To be Organizational Chart
Figure 7. To-be Organizational Structure

6. To-be Processed of the proposed system

c. Hardware Specification
With this process prove to be tedious and the
Desktop PC for Server
time consuming from the retrieving of records
Figure 6. Hardware Specification process having personnel to do this job is not enough
to provide accurate data.

Due to this reasons, the researchers have

proposed a study that will cater the needs of the
president/owner, staff and customer in providing
accurate, more efficient and effective way in
producing an error free output and make an easier
way to generate receipts in the said resort. This
proposed system is also aiming to make the
computerized reservation and billing system to be
done at a lesser time consumption.

6.1 To-be Processed Flow

a. Operating System

7. System Components
The user interface of the system is as a. Audit log - this will be used for viewing
described in this part. These are the following menus all the activities made by the specific
with their corresponding submenus and their user of the system.
4. About
Figure 8. System Design a. Developers this submenu will contain
information about the developers

b. System Manual this will be an

overview of the system that includes the
user manual.

5. Logout this submenu will be used to go

back to the window where the user inputs
his/her account.

6. Exit this will be used to terminate the

entire system.

8. System Benefits

1. File The customers will wait for a minute for the Staffs in
a. Users this submenu will be used in encoding his/her information. But in this proposed
setting the account of administrators or system, there will be no longer need for a manual
the system users. writing or using a logbook because the system will be
the one to do it. The system will help the staffs to
b. Profiles in this submenu there will be transact to the customers with a computerized system
adding, editing, deleting, saving and and to do their jobs effectively or efficiently. It is
viewing of the customers Information. assured that the system will solve all the difficulties
in the said company.
c. Records - in this submenu there will be
adding, editing, deleting, saving and Thus, it will make the transaction faster; furthermore,
viewing of the customers information. the proposed system will be the one responsible for
the generation of reports and serves as your reference
2. Transaction for who are conducting a research and a guide that
a. Reservation- will produce better and optimized implementation.

b. Billings-

3. Reports