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Professional practice in IT


Institution Affiliation:

About me: I am a hardworking person who has strong solving skills, during my degree I have

successfully combined my studies with the work, I have showed myself to be a self-motivated,

organized as well as capable of working under the pressure. What i like doing is putting my

practical approach to problem solving and what I like about myself is the drive I have which help

me see thing completed in any task I undertake. I enjoy working on my own initiative or even in

a team. I think these aspects about me will be helpful in future in my career since I will be able to

combine my studies with the job training I will undertake, which will help me to be organize as

well as be able to work under pressure.

My Career: The career am working to achieve in the future is that of the network administrator.

I have excellent communicator with a proven inter personal skills and am used to working in a

team which has been exhibited in the group project we have done in the school work. I am also

skilled in dealing with the problem in a resourceful manner, which I have done to the complex

assignment that I have undertaken in the class. This career I find it most interesting it entails an

individual who is enthusiastic to learn as technology is changing drastically and new challenges

occur in daily basis. This intrigues me a lot since I like to undertake new challenges as well as

learn new concepts.

Demand: This career is demanding and it entails a person, who is focused and love solving

problems or a person who can work under pressure when things do not go well in the system in

the network they can solve. Some of the issues the network administrator could face are the

issues relating to clustering, the flow of the mail, the backup as well as the restore, data

protection and security, issue of the performance of the website of the school (Oversby,

McGregor & Woodhouse, 2013). One does not stop some problems the most important is how

effective and how quick to solve the puzzle. I love challenges and I believe I can handle these

issues when they arises in the future. The skills and the knowledge am learning will be helpful

especially when sorting these challenges. According to thwack community for the professionals

of IT, they have highlighted from the data they have the network administrators are bracing for

the proliferation from the escalation of the security threats that are occurring (Evetts, 2014)..

My Learning Path: In order to be ready for this career of the network administrator I will need

to do a couple of things to achieve this dream. One of these strategies would be to develop of

plenty of technical skills as well as soft skills for the duties. In the school, I need to be equip with

the knowledge and the practical skills, which are necessary for the navigation of the complex

network as well as troubleshooting issues.



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