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Thursday, May 11, 2017 Vol. 52, No. 51 Verona, WI Hometown USA $1
Since 845-7755
1968! MP#6973

Verona Area School District

Parent threat
prompts VAHS,
BRMS lockdown
Lifted within an hour weapon to the school and
use it. But the man told a
of phone call local television station that
he wasnt intending to make
SCOTT GIRARD a threat at all.
Unified Newspaper Group WKOW Ch. 27 reported
Friday that he spoke with
Both Badger Ridge Mid- the station after the arrest,
dle School and Verona Area explaining that he had been
High School were on a hoping for a follow up from
lockdown for under an hour the BRMS administration
last Thursday after a parent after an assault involving
allegedly called in a threat his child.
of violence to BRMS. It was rhetorical kind
According to a social of, Whats it gonna (take)
media post from the Vero- for you guys to respond?
na Area School District, the Somebody going to have to
caller, identified as the par- come down there with bul-
ent of a BRMS student by lets and a gun? he said
the Verona Police Depart-
ment, threatened to bring a Turn to Threat/Page 7

City of Verona Photo by Helu Wang

Sebastian Smedema plays with a dog that couldnt avoid the color sprayed by kids.
Alders skeptical of proposed
Lincoln St. apartments
A colorful evening
More than 250 people got colorful Wednesday, May
On the web
Verona Press editor Inside 3, at the first Glacier Edge Elementary School Col-
or-a-Thon run. The event served as a fundraiser for the
See more photos from the Glacier Edge color run:
A plan to build more schools PTO, and the group hopes to continue it in
than 100 apartments across Still no Plan future years.
from the fire station appar- Commission rep
ently wasnt close enough
to downtown or far enough Page 7
from existing homes to Verona Area School District
escape sharp criticism from
the Common Council. neighborhood. The height,
The plan for the yet-un-
named Lincoln Street apart-
ments would feature three
buildings as high as four
density and even the rent-
al price of the apartments
drew criticism from alders,
who encouraged prospec-
Symbiotic studying with peers she realized peer tutoring enhanced learn to expect the same thing I did
stories tall backing up into tive owner John Dohm to New VAHS tutoring group both tutors and tutees understand- for him from himself.
an existing single-family
Turn to Apartments/Page 7 helps build connections ing of the study material. She spent Jenkins said Shatadal helped him
her summer establishing the PLANT understand the foreign language.
HELU WANG club and encouraging more students She knew what Im struggling
to join. with because she might have been
National Pet Week Unified Newspaper Group
But she found most students were through that too, he said.
Dozens of Verona High School resistant to the idea that consulting As Shatadal was helping Jenkins
Read about furry and students gathered in pairs last month a fellow student is as helpful as a with conjugating French words and
to discuss last-minute questions for teacher. Shatadal thought that herself identifying the root, her understand-
prickly critters their upcoming AP exams. when she was first paired with Jared ing of the verbs got better. She real-
Instead of consulting teachers, they Jenkins by her science teacher Hope ized she could also use the way she
Pages 10-15 found their peers in the Peers Learn- Mikkelson last year. was teaching him for upper level
ing ANd Teaching (PLANT) club I didnt think it would help very classes.
more effective. much because he was getting help I really think its a symbiotic rela-
Alankrit Shatadal, a senior stu- from teachers in class and outside tionship that I gained as much as he
dent, started the club early this year. of class as well, Shatadal said. But does, Shatadal added.
Through her experience helping a over time I realized that me just being
fellow student with French last year, there and encouraging him made him Turn to PLANT/Page 21

Verona Press Meet Me At Tralee
Summer 2017
5410 Nobel Drive,
Fitchburg, WI 53711 Studio, 1 and 2 Bedroom Units Available 608.441.9999
2 May 11, 2017 The Verona Press

Get Connected Passion ignites projects at SOMS

Unified Newspaper Group
Find updates and links right away.
Anyone who stopped by
Add us on Facebook Kenz Waites project pre-
and Twitter as Verona Press sentation May 4 walked
away with more than an
understanding of her passion
for drawing.
Waites, who was among
m o r e t h a n 1 5 0 S ava n -
na Oaks Middle School
eighth-graders to present
their Passion Projects last
week, let attendees watch
a slideshow of some of her
past drawings while she
made a personalized one for
them to take with them.
The future artists, scien-
tists, musicians, information
technicians, and many other
fields of professions were
gathered at Savanna Oaks
Make Moms Day Middle School as eighth
Special graders hosted their second
annual set of project presen-
Come in for Your Janets Antiques tations for their classmates
Gorgeous Smile and parents on May 4.
3800 University Ave,
The right shade of teeth for you
Madison, WI 53705
Projects ranged from
Healthy, invisible gums photography, sketches, and
Central incisors identically shaped 608-238-3300 music to sports, science and
Upper teeth that follow your Mon. - Sat. 11 a.m.-7 p.m. technology-related topics,
bottom lip line which eighth-grade lan-

Beautiful tooth alignment guage arts teacher Sarah

and symmetry Sweeney said brought kids
Making Verona Smile Since 1976! Janets
University Ave. We have kids who are
105 North Main Street, Verona, WI 53593
artistic, others who are tech-
nological, one kid even built

(608) 845-6127
his own gaming computer,
proving you dont have to Photos by Evan Halpop

A Mothers Day Tradition

spend $1,500 on a gaming
computer, Sweeney said.
Blooming Plants & Baskets He built it all on his own
from old computer parts. Above, Savanna Oaks Middle
from The project began last
year, when teachers decid-
School eighth-grader Amy Gon-
zalez presented a drawing project
ed to have students dedicate about mental illnesses. Gonzalez is
Sugar River 20 percent of their time to
doing something that they
interested in psychology and thinks
she might become a therapist or a
scientist in the future.
love, Sweeney explained.
They gathered research,
background learning, then
& Greenhouse putting it together to make a
presentation, to create some-
thing, she added.
Celebrating our 20th year! Teachers plan to continue

the project next year, Swee- At left, SOMS eighth-grader Kenz

Halfway between Belleville & New Glarus 298 Waites sketches a keepsake for

ney said, though they are
Hwy. 92 424-1421 still working out the struc- those who stop by her table.
Mon.-Fri. 9 am - 7 pm Sat.-Sun. 9 am-6 pm ture.

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Underground Parking Madison area.
control of your nances.
Movie Theatre
471 Prairie Way Blvd. To open a Free Green Checking account, Online Banking, eStatements, and monthly direct deposit are

required. Other non-maintenance fees such as overdraft fees and use of Popmoney may apply.
Verona, WI *Message and data rates, deposit limits and other restrictions may apply. Contact a Relationship
Banker for further details and restrictions. Member FDIC.
Call Katie for more information today! Apply Online @
(608) 620-6010 adno=519621-01
108 E. Verona Avenue, WI 53593 | Phone: 608.845.0108 May 11, 2017 The Verona Press
Verona Area School District

Parents asked to monitor

Camping for a cause viewing of controversial
VAHS group to stay overnight in Millers lot May 20-21
Unified Newspaper Group
On the Web People can donate money to
the causes or purchase items
Porter said.
Carter Van Fossen, who
new Netflix series
BPNN is looking for while joined the group after being traumatic experiences, that
Theres no need to do a
To find out more about VAHS Aid,
theyre shopping and drop in the Model UN club that 13 Reasons Why some may lack the ability
double-take when you see a
them off with the group.
Knoll said they also plan to
helped create it, said hes
confident people in the com-
depicts teen suicide to separate television from
group camped out in a tent in reality and that the series
the Miller and Sons parking have activities for children, munity want to help, they SCOTT GIRARD is not developmentally
lot May 20-21. including a word search and just need to know how, and Unified Newspaper Group appropriate for anyone 16
But the Verona Area High out from an internet search of thinking questions like the upcoming camp out will or younger.
School group holding its what other similarly minded What do you need to grow offer that chance. The Verona Area School For these reasons, it
Camp Out to Stamp Out groups had done around the up to be healthy and strong? Its definitely going to get District asked parents is critically important to
focused on hunger and pov- country, in which he found to get a younger perspective peoples attention, he said. Tuesday to take caution in reinforce the importance
erty does hope you stop by. a group that camped out in on those topics. Knoll is proud of the lead- letting their children watch of families closely moni-
Id be happy just to talk front of its city hall. The group of 40 will take ership his students have tak- a recently released Netflix toring what their children
to people about these issues I thought, Well, City shifts throughout the day Sat- en on through this event and series that involves teen are watching, Gorrell
and how they can help, said Hall here is kind of set off, urday with a handful staying the year as a whole. suicide. wrote.
VAHS teacher Jason Knoll, he said. So I thought, Mill- overnight into Sunday morn- Just to see the students VASD superintendent He added, though, that
who leads the VAHS Aid ers. Everybody knows Mill- ing, along with Knoll, who thinking about different ways Dean Gorrell sent a let- the series also creates an
group. ers. will begin setting up around to help others in the com- ter to families Tuesday opportunity to raise aware-
VAHS Aid, formerly Vero- The students are excited 6:30a.m. Saturday. munity, for me as a teacher, explaining the show 13 ness of the signs of suicide
na Aid, is a group of students about the unconventional Junior Kathryn Porter, who thats what its all about, Reasons Why, based on a and share resources that
that formed in 2015 to bring idea, which will include three is on the groups No Poverty Knoll said. Thinking glob- novel, and asking parents are available to parents.
more community aware- information tables on the Committee, said the group ally, and then taking action and guardians to closely Gorrell mentions the
ness to worldwide issues of topics of child poverty, food has been an easy way to locally. This is proof positive monitor if their children Suicide Awareness-Voices
hunger and poverty. Since insecurity and the United give back to the communi- that works. are watching this series or of Education and Ameri-
its founding, the group has Nations Sustainable Devel- ty and that shes looking others of the same nature. can Foundation for Suicide
hosted supply and clothing opment Goals, along with an forward to making sure the Contact Scott Girard at Producers of the show Prevention as example
drives, but the camp-out is opportunity to donate to two Verona community is cogni- hope the series helps those organizations, suggesting
its most public event yet, he different causes the Bad- zant of poverty, both world- and follow him on Twitter who may be struggling that parents look for warn-
said. ger Prairie Needs Network wide and nearby. @sgirard9. with thoughts of suicide, ing signs from their chil-
Knoll got the idea to camp and the Wisconsin Council Im just excited to spread Gorrell wrote. The series dren and dont be afraid
on Children and Families. awareness about this issue, is rated for mature audi- to ask if they have thought
ences, however it is being about suicide or if some-
watched by children and one is hurting them.
A clear path teenagers without adult
guidance and support.
The letter also included
a list of student services
South Main Street remains The show revolves contacts in the district,
torn up and will be for the around a 17-year-old who including social workers,
next three months, but busi- kills herself and leaves school psychologists and
nesses on the east side of behind audio recordings school counselors.
the road have their sidewalk for 13 people that were I hope this message
back. Concrete was poured part of why she took her provides you with infor-
last week to replace makeshift own life, each recounting mation to assist you in
entrances to the front doors. a painful event. The letter handling this situation
Construction shifts to the said the tape graphically as a family, but also raise
west side of the road June 12 depicts the suicide and awareness of the sensitive
(weather permitting), and by addresses topics like bully- issue of youth suicide and
then, all access from the east ing, rape and drunken driv- prevention, Gorrell wrote.
will be restored. The massive ing in graphic detail.
road reconstruction project Gorrell cites five spe- Contact Scott Girard at
has been combined with a cific concerns in the let-
previously planned streets- ter, including the poten- and follow him on Twitter
cape upgrade that is meant to tial of the show to trigger @sgirard9.
enhance the look and feel of
Veronas downtown.

Photo by Scott Girard


Open House Proud local sponsor of the

Saturday, May 20th 1 - 3 pm American Heart Association and

American Stroke Association in Madison.

Swim/dive lessons included

Swim/dive team
Tennis program Take SSM Healths free Stroke Risk Assessment online at:
Open swim & social activities

2017 SSM Health. All rights reserved. NEU-WI-16-186668_R01

4 May 11, 2017 The Verona Press

Legislative Opinion

Thanking the teachers in

our school communities
I am pleased to recognize our strengthen public schools, teach-
states many devoted educators ers and students. It is important
during National Teacher Appre- that we fully fund our schools
ciation Week May 8-12. We and support our teachers with the
have all had teachers who have resources necessary to teach suc-
inspired our growth, shaped our cessful students. Our states chil-
futures, or impacted our lives, dren are our future and we must
and it is essential we remember invest in those who will help
and thank them. them make it a bright one.
I am also proud to be a I offer my sincere thanks to
co-sponsor of the joint resolu- Wisconsins K-12 educators and
tion that designated this week I encourage all in our state to
as Teacher Appreciation Week take the time to thank teachers
in Wisconsin. However, it is this week. We all owe them a
important to remember that the great deal of gratitude for their
real work of showing we val- tireless, dedicated work for our
ue our teachers happens every children.
day. Surely, we should thank our
teachers during this week, but we Sondy Pope
should also remember their dedi- State Representative
cation and hard work year-round. 80th Assembly District
In the state legislature,
we should pass policies that Community Voices
Letters to the editor policy
Unified Newspaper Group is proud to offer a venue for public debate
Keep your finances
organized, accessible
and welcomes letters to the editor, provided they comply with our guide-
Letters should be no longer than 400 words. They should also contain
contact information so that the paper may confirm authorship. Unsigned
or anonymous letters will not be printed under any circumstances.

Letters to the editor should be of general public interest. Letters that recently sat down with a nice firms, clearing houses and mutual and would have no idea where to
recount personal experiences, good or bad, with individual business- person from the area who had fund companies. When I asked look. And with so many accounts,
es will not be printed unless there is an overwhelming and compelling been referred to me by his why, he paused, reflected and said the odds of someone locating them
public interest to do so. Letters that urge readers to patronize specific accountant. in some cases, it was because he all would seem remote.
businesses or specific religious faiths will not be printed, either. Thank- He was coming in to ask ques- wanted to try the company out but Often POAs and/or family
you letters can be printed under limited circumstances, provided they tions about an investment account, mostly it was because he had never members revert to digging through
do not contain material that should instead be placed as an advertisement but our conversation quickly went thought about it. any papers they can locate to try
and reflect public, rather than promotional interests. well beyond what he had come in Spreading money around multi- and find references to accounts or
for. ples the administrative burden and insurance policies, but it can be
His situation is not unusual at makes portfolio management much painstaking work and is further
all. Ive changed some identifying more difficult. Simple things like complicated by the fact that many
information in this column for pri- address changes have to be done companies have reduced the num-
vacy purposes, multiple times, and even gathering ber of account updates they mail.
but he is in his tax information becomes more The final straw, I think, was when
Thursday, May 11, 2017 Vol. 52, No. 51 70s, retired and cumbersome. I pointed out he likely had life-insur-
living com- Understanding what the entire ance policies yes, he confirmed.
USPS No. 658-320 fortably off his portfolio looks like can be difficult, And, I continued, I bet they are
Periodical Postage Paid, Verona, WI and additional offices.
Published weekly on Thursday by the Unified Newspaper Group, income. He as well, especially if youre not paid up so no longer asking for
A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc. has a paid-for technologically savvy, which he premium payments. Again, he con-
POSTMASTER: Send Address Corrections to home and has isnt. In fact, one of his concerns firmed I was right.
The Verona Press, PO Box 930427, Verona, WI 53593. accumulated was that he hadnt rebalanced in I pointed out if he has insurance
Office Location: 133 Enterprise Drive, Verona, WI 53593 a sizable port- Arndt years and really had no idea how policies that he is not getting pre-
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday folio that he much money he had in stocks com- mium notices for and he hasnt
Phone: 608-845-9559 FAX: 608-845-9550 doesnt expect pared with bonds. told anyone about them, no one
e-mail: to deplete and isnt drawing from All of this conversation led me will know they exist and the poli-
Circulation customer service: (800) 355-1892 currently. His wife of many years to ask him a series of questions cy could easily go unclaimed. He passed away last year, and they had that made him sit up straight and admitted I was right and sunk into
This newspaper is printed on recycled paper.
no children. take notice. his chair.
He spends a great deal of time When I asked what would hap- The bottom line is you can save
General Manager Circulation managing his finances and makes pen if he were unable to care for yourself and those who care about
Carolyn Schultz all of his own decisions after doing himself, he quickly replied that he you a lot of trouble if you keep
Lee Borkowski his due diligence. He is a bright had a Power of Attorney in Geor- your finances organized and dont
man and asked good questions, but gia that he trusts. Thats an excel- overcomplicate the situation with-
Sales Manager News it quickly became apparent to me lent first step. But I then asked out reason.
Kathy Neumeister Jim Ferolie he has made a few mistakes along if the POA knew about all of his Most importantly though, either the way that could have serious accounts and how to access them. share information about your var-
Sports consequences if not addressed. No. ious accounts and insurance poli-
Advertising Like many, he has always been When I asked how the POA cies with a trusted adviser or at a
Jeremy Jones
Donna Larson hesitant to share his financial infor- would arrange to pay for his care, minimum have a written summary mation with others, yet he values he said that he had a good long- and make sure the person(s) who
Assistant Editor input from experts and routinely term care insurance policy. How- will need it has access to it.
Scott Girard seeks advice. ever, he acknowledged the POA
Diane Beaman For example, when he asked if wouldnt have the contact informa- Trisha Arndt, CFP, is Presi-
Reporters he should start taking money out tion for the policy or even know it dent of Wealth Strategies of Wis-
Inside Sales Samantha Christian, Bill Livick, of his Roth IRA and I told him I existed, for that matter. consin Ltd, 901 Kimball Lane,
Kate Froehlich Anthony Iozzo, Amber Levenhagen, couldnt answer without know- As the conversation contin- Suite 1400, Verona, WI 53593, Scott De Laruelle, Helu Wang ing more about his finances, he ued, he admitted that other than (608) 848-2400. Securities
was surprised to not get a generic a couple of insurance agents and and Advisory Services offered
Unified Newspaper Group, a division of answer but found it refreshing. investment brokers that would have through Commonwealth Finan-
Woodward Communications,Inc. At one point, I learned he has information about the one policy or cial Network, member FINRA/
A dynamic, employee-owned media company numerous investment accounts account they set up, no one knew SIPC, a registered investment
Good People. Real Solutions. Shared Results. scattered across several brokerage anything about his finances at all adviser.

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Verona Press
Oregon Observer Stoughton Courier Hub May 11, 2017 The Verona Press

Word on the Street 5K is May 20

Special Olympics
VAHS student to Families can lace up their

be torchbearer tennis shoes and get some

exercise while helping the
local library next week.
The second annual
Unified Newspaper Group Word on the Street 5K
If You Go run and walk will be held
from 8a.m. to noon Sat-
Josh Wing, 15, a fresh-
man at Verona Area High What: Special Olympics urday, May 20, with a
School, regional competition 1/3-mile kids run starting
will be one at 9:15a.m. All proceeds
When: 8:45a.m. to from the event will benefit
of three 3p.m. Saturday, May 13
student the Verona Public Library
torchbear- Where: Oregon High Endowment Fund.
ers at the School track, 456 N. The chip-timed course
Special Perry Pkwy. will begin and end at the
Olympics Info: specialolympics Verona Public Library, 500
regional Wing Silent St., and goes through
competi- residential streets and along
tion in Ore- the park road in scenic Bad-
gon on Saturday, May 13. ger Prairie Park. Strollers
Hes very excited, his Law enforcement offi- are welcome, but partic-
mother, Kate Wing, told c e r s w i l l a r r ive a t t h e ipants are asked to keep
the Press. Hes walking track around 8:45a.m. and their pets at home.
around the house practic- form a parade of athletes Volunteers will be on
ing. at 9a.m. Opening cere- hand to start the race, and
This will be his fourth monies will begin around a costumed character will
year participating in Spe- 9:15a.m., and the games lead kids through their
cial Olympics, and he com- are scheduled between turns in the park behind the
petes in track, basketball 9:30a.m. and 3p.m. library. Runners can look
skills, golf and bowling. The community is invit- for running-related quotes
Oregon High School has ed to attend and watch the on signs and in chalk along
been hosting the Region 6 games for free. There will the course to keep them
Special Olympics Home- be a concession stand with inspired and entertained.
town Games free of charge burgers and hot dogs avail- Firefighters and EMTs will File photo by Scott De Laruelle

for nearly 20 years. This able for purchase to benefit have water available for par- The Gingerbread Man leads kids around the Verona Public Library during the Word on the
y e a r s eve n t w i l l d r aw local teams. ticipants at the fire station, Street 5K run/walk last year.
nearly 350 athletes from which is near the halfway
an area that reaches to La Contact Samantha point of the route.
Crosse, Cottage Grove and Christian at samantha. To register for the event,
Green County. visit If You Go
in advance or sign up on race Custom Designed & Built to Last!
day. Registration is $33 for What: Word on the Lifetime Film Integrity Steel Warranty
the 5K and $11 for the kids Street 5K run/walk Featuring Doors
run. Last years event raised library fundraiser

Celebration of E. Verona
When: 8a.m. to noon Strongest Column
People can pick up their Saturday, May 20 in the Industry
registration packets at the
library from 3-6p.m. Friday, Where: Verona Public Debt Free Since 1985
Library, 500 Silent St. Builders Risk &

banner winners May 18

May 19, and 7-7:45a.m. Sat- Full Insurance

urday, May 20. Info: 845-7180, CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!
Samantha Christian VERONA, WI 608-845-9700
SCOTT GIRARD 800-373-5550
Unified Newspaper Group
If You Go 8th Annual
Difference Mothers Day Sale
The Verona Area Educa-
tion Foundation will cele- What: Banner winners
brate the nearly 40 Verona reception
Area School District stu- Where: Verona Public
dents who won a banner Library, 500 Silent St.
design contest earlier this Friday, May 12 8 am - 5 pm
year at the library May 18.
When: 6:30p.m. Thurs- With everything going on lately, we want to &
day, May 18 focus on making a positive difference in
The event, which begins Saturday, May 13 8 am - 2 pm
at 6:30p.m. at the Verona Info: OUR COMMUNITY. Overdue school lunch
Public Library, 500 Silent accounts can be very stressful on struggling Sugar River United Methodist Church
St., will offer an oppor- families, but you can make a tangible 415 W. Verona Ave., Verona WI
tunity to meet the artists students to design banners
that made them think of
improvement in their lives! (formerly Wildcat Lanes)
who range from pre-k
to high school students Hometown, U.S.A. NOW THROUGH MAY 26TH, please join
and see their banners, A walking tour brochure Homemade Baked Goods &
which will remain on dis- will be produced to offer us as we help to pay off the overdue school Handmade Crafts & More
play at the library until more detail about the art- lunch accounts for our friends and neighbors
Pick Up Something for Mom & Grandma While
May 31. ists and their work once in our school district.
Supporting Lung Cancer Research
Soon, theyll be seen the banners are hung. The
on East Verona Avenue, brochure will be available Contribute any amount today at:
as well, when city work- on the City of Verona and
ers hang them on the light VAEF websites and at City overdue-lunch-accounts-in-verona

posts. Hall and businesses along

The contest, held ear- the East Verona Avenue To check the validity of this GoFundMe campaign
l i e r t h i s s p r i n g , a s ke d corridor. and/or to make a donation directly, call the VASD
Child Nutrition Services Office at (608) 845-4139. adno=516467-01

Open House

Celebrating the 100th Birthday


Anne Marie (Pulver) Schmid


American Legion Hall,

207 Legion St., Verona, WI
Saturday, May 13th 1-4PM
6 May 11, 2017 The Verona Press

Coming up Churches
All Saints Lutheran Church Sunday: 9 & 11 a.m., St. Andrew,
Plant sales Bike safety Studio at the senior center. Classes are 2951 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg Verona
$15 per day and will be held from 1:30- (608) 276-7729 Daily Mass, Tuesday-Saturday: 8
There will be thousands of plants and The Verona Police Department, in 4:30 p.m. Wednesdays, May 17, 24 and a.m., St. Andrew, Verona
flowers available at the annual Verona partnership with the Verona Lions Club, 31. Pastor Rich Johnson
Area High School plant sale, from 8 will hold the fourth annual bike safety Sunday: 8:30 & 10:45 a.m. St. James Lutheran Church
Bring your own supplies and contact ELCA
a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, May 13, at the event from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday, Kathy Esch for information at prairie- The Church in Fitchburg 427 S. Main St., Verona
high schools greenhouse, 300 Richard May 13, in the parking lot of City Hall, or 220-9700. 2833 Raritan Rd., Fitchburg (608) 845-6922
St. 111 Lincoln St. (608) 271-2811
Students in the soil and plant class Some of the courses are driveway Family fort night Pastors Kurt M. Billings and Peter
Sunday: 8 & 10:45 a.m. Narum
have been germinating seeds this ride-out, left turn in traffic, downhill The library invites families to Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Mon-
semester and getting 200 hanging bas- controlled braking and hazard slalom. set up their fort and enjoy walking Fitchburg Memorial UCC day, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 8
kets ready. There will also be annuals, Kids can register at the event. For infor- smores for an evening of reading 5705 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg a.m.-noon Wednesday
perennials, cacti, vegetables, herbs and mation, call 845-0952. (608) 273-1008 Saturday Worship: 5 p.m.
together from 6:30-8 p.m. Wednesday, Sunday Worship: 8:30 and 10:45
houseplants for sale. All money raised
goes back to the greenhouse for con- Police tactics, gear May 17. Librarians will be on hand to Pastor Phil Haslanger
Sunday: 8:15 and 10 a.m.
help find books, and some sheets and Salem United Church of Christ
tinuous production for student learning The next TRIAD presentation at the clips will be provided to make forts.
Good Shephard Lutheran 502 Mark Dr., Verona
and the following years plant sale. senior center will be about police tactics For information, call 845-7180. Church ECLA (608) 845-7315
For information, email Angie from 12:30-2 p.m. Wednesday, May 17. (608) 271-6633
Midthun-Hensen at midthuna@veron. Officer Ryan Adkins and Sgt. Matt Historical society meeting Central: Raymond Road & Whitney Rev. Dr. Mark E. Yurs, Pastor Dart will talk about procedures that lead Way, Madison Laura Kolden, Associate in Min-
The next Verona Historical Society Sunday: 8:15, 9:30 & 10:45 a.m. istry
The Sugar River Gardeners plant sale to effective policing and what kind of meeting will be held from 10 a.m. to West: Corner of Hwy. PD & Nine Sunday School: 9 a.m.
will be held from 8 a.m. to noon Sat- gear is worn by law enforcement, how it noon Saturday, May 20, at the senior Mound Road, Verona Sunday Worship: 10:15 a.m.
urday, May 13, at the corner of North works and what its used for. For infor- center. Sunday: 9 & 10:30 a.m. & 6 p.m. Fellowship Hour: 11:30 a.m.
Main and East Harriet streets near St. mation, call 845-7471. The topic is Following the Evidence! Damascus Road Church West Springdale Lutheran Church
Andrew Church. ECLA
There will be a variety of perennials, Watercolor workshop Excavating Early Verona Farmsteads The Verona Senior Center
108 Paoli St., Verona 2752 Town Hall Rd. (off Hwy ID),
w i t h Pa u l R e c k n e r, Wi s c o n s i n (608) 819-6451 Mount Horeb
house plants and garden art available There will be a spring watercolor Historical Society archeologist. For, (608) 437-3493
for purchase. For information, contact workshop offered by Prairie Hill Art information, visit
JoAnn DeMuth at 669-0429. Pastor Justin Burge Pastor Jeff Jacobs
Sunday: 10 a.m. Sunday: 8:45 a.m. with communion

Memorial Baptist Church Sugar River United Methodist

Community calendar 201 S. Main St., Verona
(608) 845-7125
415 W. Verona Ave., Verona (608) 845-5855
Thursday, May 11 May 14), senior center, 845-7471 7471 Lead Pastor Jeremy Scott,
3 p.m., Veterans Club tour of 6:30-8:30 p.m., Adult Coloring 4-5:30 p.m., Anime Club (grades Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
Club, library, 845-7180 6-12), library, 845-7180 Pastor Gary Holmes
Dane County 911 Center (repeats Redeemer Bible Fellowship 9 & 10:30 a.m. contemporary
second Thursdays), senior center, Tuesday, May 16 6-7 p.m., Books N Booze Club: 130 N. Franklin St., Verona worship.
845-7471 A Visit from the Good Squad by (608)848-1836 Sunday School available during
10-11:45 a.m., Caregivers Support Jennifer Egan, The Draft House, worship. Refreshments and fellow-
Friday, May 12 Group, senior center, 845-7471 845-7180 Pastor Dwight R. Wise ship are between services.
9 a.m. to noon, Library closed for 10:30-11:30 a.m., Steps for enjoy- Sunday: 10 a.m. family worship
staff training 6-7 p.m., Evening Caregiver Sup- West Madison Bible Church
ing retirement: Prepping and selling port Group (repeats first and third Resurrection Lutheran Church 2920 Hwy. M, Verona
1-2:45 p.m., Movie: Sing, senior your home, senior center, 845-7471 Thursdays; refreshments 5:30-6 WELS (608) 845-9518
center, 845-7471 3:30-7:30 p.m., Verona Farmers 6705 Wesner Rd., Verona
p.m.), senior center, 845-7471 (608) 848-4965 Pastor Dan Kukasky Jr.
5:30-8:30 p.m., Brat sale fundrais- Market, Hometown Junction Park, 6:30-8 p.m., 25 Banner Years: Sunday Worship: 9:15 a.m.
er for library, Wisconsin Brewing A Celebration of Student Artists Pastor Nathan Strutz and Assistant Sunday School: 10:45 a.m.
Company, 1079 American Way, 6:30-7:30 p.m., Staying Vital Reception (display up through May
Pastor Benjamin Phelps
845-7180 Thursday: 6:30 p.m. Zwingli United Church of
support group (registration request- 30), library, 845-7180 Sunday: 9 a.m. Christ
Saturday, May 13 ed; repeats every third Tuesday), Hwy. 92 & G, Mount Vernon
senior center, 845-7471 Friday, May 19 St. Christopher Catholic Parish (608) 832-6677
Community-wide rummage sale 9:15-9:45 a.m., Sensory-friendly St. Andrew Church Pastor Brad Brookins
10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Mending Day Wednesday, May 17 storytime (ages 3-5), library, 845- 301 N. Main St., Verona Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
St. William Church
(repeats second Saturdays), BPNN, 10:30-11:30 a.m., Lincoln Ele- 7180 1371 Hwy. PB, Paoli Zwingli United Church of
279-7596 mentary school choir, senior center, 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., May (608) 845-6613 Christ
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Prairie Kitch- 845-7471 Birthday/Anniversary Party: Music Hwy. 69 & PB, Paoli
en free community meal, BPNN, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Intermediate Mic- by Bahama Bob (register for lunch Fr. William Vernon, pastor (608)845-5641
Saturday: 5 p.m., St. Andrew, Rev. Sara Thiessen rosoft Excel class, library, 845-7180 by May 16), senior center, 845- Verona Sunday: 9:30 a.m. family worship
1:30-3 p.m., Read to a Dog (sign Thursday, May 18 7471 Sunday: 7:30 a.m., St. William,
up), library, 845-7180 Paoli
10:30-11 a.m., Child development Noon to 4 p.m., AARP Smart
Monday, May 15 storytime: spring, library, 845-7180 Drivers Course ($20, $15 for AARP
10:30 a.m., Womens Group: Fel- 3-4 p.m., Computer Questions for members), senior center, 845-7471
lys Flowers garden tour (RSVP by Linda Kaiser, senior center, 845- How Much Is Enough?

In the quest to achieve financial independence and

to secure our future, there is a temptation to think that
Whats on VHAT-98 if we could just acquire a certain amount of money (or
Thursday, May 11 11 a.m. Verona 91-92 Senior Center Senior Center things), that all would be well. We would then have our
7 a.m. Bucket List at Boys Basketball 5 p.m. 2015 Wildcats 11 p.m. Barbershop precious nest egg and our futures would be safe and
Senior Center 1 p.m. 2015 Wildcats Football Quartet at Senior Center secure. But when it comes to money and material pos-
8 a.m. Zumba Gold Football 9 p.m. Hindu Cultural Hour Thursday, May 18 sessions, no amount is ever enough. Human desires
9 a.m. Daily Exercise 4:30 p.m. Verona Track at 10 p.m. Bucket List at 7 a.m. Bucket List at are infinite and will always outstrip our current posses-
10 a.m. Barbershop Historical Society Senior Center Senior Center sions. Maybe that is a good thing insofar as it keeps
Quartet at Senior Center 6 p.m. Common Council 11 p.m. Barbershop 8 a.m. Zumba Gold us moving and striving. But it can also distract us from
2 p.m. Zumba Gold from 5-08-17 Quartet at Senior Center 9 a.m. Daily Exercise doing Gods work, and so perhaps we should flip the
3 p.m. Daily Exercise 9 p.m. Verona 91-92 Tuesday, May 16 10 a.m. Barbershop question around, and not ask How much is enough?
4 p.m. Men of Blackhawk Boys Basketball 7 a.m. Bucket List at Quartet at Senior Center but rather, How little will suffice? Most of us would
Choir at Senior Center 10 p.m. Verona Track at Senior Center 3 p.m. Daily Exercise be amazed to learn how little it takes to keep us going.
5 p.m. Harp Music at Historical Society 10 a.m. Zumba Gold 4 p.m. Men of Blackhawk A modicum of food, some clothes on our back, and
Senior Center 11 p.m. Barbershop 9 a.m. Daily Exercise Choir at Senior Center shelter from the storm is more than enough to keep a
6 p.m. Salem Church Quartet at Senior Center 10 a.m. Barbershop 5 p.m. Harp Music at human body alive and well. All the rest is surplus, and
Service Sunday, April 14 Quartet at Senior Center Senior Center often a distraction from our true mission, which is to
7 p.m. Brain & Body at 7 a.m. Hindu Cultural Hour 2 p.m. Zumba Gold 6 p.m. Salem Church love God and our fellow man. Seek what is enough to
Senior Center 9 a.m. Resurrection 3 p.m. Daily Exercise Service do Gods work, not what is needed for your greed.
8 p.m. Daily Exercise Church 4 p.m. Men of Blackhawk 7 p.m. Brain & Body at Christopher Simon
9 p.m. Arbor Day/Sleep 10 a.m. Salem Church Choir at Senior Center Senior Center
Changes at Senior Center Service 5 p.m. Harp Music at 8 p.m. Daily Exercise Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life,
10 p.m. Verona Track at Noon Common Council Senior Center 9 p.m. Arbor Day/Sleep what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you
Historical Society from 5-08-17 6 p.m. Resurrection Changes at Senior Center will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more
Friday, May 12 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 Church 10 p.m. Verona Track at than clothes?
7 a.m. Men of Blackhawk Boys Basketball 8 p.m. Brain & Body at Historical Society Matthew 6:25 NIV
Choir at Senior Center 4:30 p.m. Verona Track at Senior Center
1 p.m. Arbor Day/Sleep Historical Society 9 p.m. Arbor Day/Sleep
Changes at Senior Center
3 p.m. Verona 91-92
6 p.m. Common Council
from 5-08-17
Changes at Senior Center
10 p.m. Verona Track at
Support groups
Boys Basketball 9 p.m. Verona 91-92 Historical Society AA Meeting, senior cen-
4 p.m. Harp Music at Boys Basketball Wednesday, May 17 ter, Thursdays at 1 p.m.
Senior Center 10 p.m. Main St. Memories 7 a.m. Men of Blackhawk


5 p.m. 2015 Wildcats at Historical Society Choir at Senior Center Caregivers Support
Football 11 p.m. Barbershop 1 p.m. Arbor Day/Sleep Group, senior center, first 430 E. Verona Ave.
8:30 p.m. Safe at Home at Quartet at Senior Center Changes at Senior Center and third Tuesday, 10 a.m. 845-2010
Senior Center Monday, May 15 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 Healthy Lifestyles
10 p.m. Bucket List at 7 a.m. Men of Blackhawk Boys Basketball Group meeting, senior Call 845-9559
Senior Center Choir at Senior Center 5 p.m. Common Council center, second Thursday
11 p.m. Barbershop 1 p.m. Arbor Day/Sleep from 5-08-17 from 10:30 a.m. to advertise on the
Quartet at Senior Center Changes at Senior Center 7 p.m. Capital City Band Parkinsons Group, Verona Press
Saturday, May 13 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 8 p.m. Men of Blackhawk senior center, third
8 a.m. Common Council Boys Basketball Choir at Senior Center Friday at 10 a.m. church page
from 5-08-17 4 p.m. Harp Music at 10 p.m. Bucket List at adno=509310-01 May 11, 2017 The Verona Press
Apartments: Neighbors, alders City of Verona
say there would be too many
Continued from page 1

win over the neighborhood Whats next

Still no Plan Commission rep
JIM FEROLIE difference, Linder plead- beyond the facts and figures provided a stalemate in that
before returning. Verona Press editor ed. It helps to ask the right and about placemaking and effort.
The discussion was con- The second stage of
questions. making places that we want This years issue began
ceptual only, intended to the planned unit devel- For a third consecutive Diaz said his candidacy in the community. with the state-mandated
gather feedback as the opment process is a meeting, the Common for the spot was nothing The commission has lim- council organizational meet-
first stage of the three-step general development Council has failed to choose against Jack, but rather his ited actual powers mostly ing shortly after the April
planned unit development a Plan Commission repre- desire to bring a broader per- approving site plans but election, which usually is a
process, and Dohm and his plan, which would entitle
sentative from among its spective to the commission, it has an influential voice in boring, no-nonsense affair
partners got plenty. the developer to build ranks. which is the most high-pro- recommending changes to that involves swearing in
Several alders agreed a project substantially Alders once again vot- file of the citizen-appointed developments and is the set- and blanket acceptance of
with the five neighbors who similar to whatever is ap- ed 4-4, with no mayoral bodies. ting for many public hear- mayoral appointments. But
spoke and the city planning proved. tiebreaker provided in city For me, what brought ings. the two nominations split
director, insisting there were ordinances, between Alds. it out was the Sugar Creek For most of the past 12 with four votes apiece, and
far too many apartments in Stage 3 is the precise Jack Linder (Dist. 2) and Commons debate, he said, years, Linder has been a the vote was continued for
such a small spot 3.6 acres. implementation plan, in- Luke Diaz (D-3). While referring to the large West member of the commission, consecutive council meet-
That included even Ald. each of the candidates lob- Verona Avenue redevel- either as the councils repre- ings, with both ensuing
Luke Diaz (Dist. 3), who volving details such as
bied their positions this opment he voted against sentative or a citizen appoin- votes ending the same.
has argued for packing more landscape, materials and time, there once again was because it would have used tee. But a progressive fac-
apartments into develop- lighting. no discussion or debate taxpayer money to displace tion of the council has been Email Verona Press editor
ments before. among the rest of the alders. residents. I felt there was a trying to get its voice on the Jim Ferolie at verona-
While I generally like Experience can make a viewpoint that wasnt being commission since 2014, and
high density in commercial eventually handing it over recognized, a way to look this years election has now
corridors, it doesnt strike to his 28-year-old son rather
me as a commercial corridor, than try to flip it.
it strikes me as a residential
area, he explained.
While Ald. Evan Touchett
(D-4) apparently didnt like City news in brief patio that can have full beverage ser- Mayor again heads DCCVA
vice to Verona Woods restaurant on
Alders also pried into how the apartment density more the citys southeast side. The restau- Mayor Jon Hochkammer was
many apartments were nec- than others did, he sym- Hop Haus party rant has been operating since Febru- re-elected to head the Dane County
essary to provide the upscale pathized with the desire to Cities and Villages Association. He
amenities developers prom- Main Street road construction will ary. was first elected to that spot in 2009.
build nice, keep it nice and be at its worst when the Hop Haus The permit allows the patio to
ised, such as a clubhouse, have on-site management Former Verona city administra-
pool and on-site management, celebrates its second anniversary operate until 10p.m. daily. tor Bill Burns, now the Middleton
and long-term ownership. June 17.
and some rejected the idea of To get his vote, he said, The permit the Common Council
VACT lease approved finance director, remains the treasur-
going four stories. One even start by building a relation- The city approved, to a huge round er of that body.
questioned the mix of units, approved Monday for the brew pub
ship with neighbors. of applause, a lease with the Verona
which would be a 2-1 ratio of As usual with discus-
will close off its parking lot which PD shifting lanes
one-bedroom and studios to likely will be inaccessible to vehicle Area Community Theater that com- Part of Northern Lights Road will
sions about apartments, the traffic if work continues as sched- pletes its part of a deal allowing the close this weekend as part of the lane
two-bedroom apartments. council also discussed the
Ald. Elizabeth Doyle uled. It will feature live music and be group to open its building later this switchover on the County Hwy. PD
overall multifamily market bounded by metal barricades, with a year.
(D-1) took a different view and whether Verona should cutoff at 10p.m. The term is 50 years with no rent, construction.
from most, not bothered by approve more apartments at and it requires VACT to take care of Monday, drivers will switch from
the size or density of the all. Verona Woods patio all maintenance. the eastbound lanes to the newly
buildings but instead press- Ald. Jack Linder (D-2) rebuilt westbound lanes from Shady
ing for affordable rent, The council approved an outdoor Oak Lane to Woods Road.
noted the city has approved
which the developers made more apartments than sin-
clear this project would not gle-family homes over the
be. Architect Randy Bruce
told the council rents would
past seven years, contrary to
its comprehensive plan. Threat: Middle school parent arrested after phone call
be at the top of those in Ive seen a lot of stuff in
the Verona area and aimed the past where moving multi- Continued from page 1 instruction continues as father told police he was conduct and unlawful use
at well-to-do millennials and family next to (single-family) normal. upset with school admin- of a telephone, though no
empty-nesters who want to residential doesnt work real in the WKOW interview. Nearby VAHS had a istrators regarding a recent formal charges have been
have urban amenities within well, he said. I dont believe I made a Level 1 lockdown, in i n c i d e n t i nvo l v i n g h i s filed, according to online
walking distance. Mayor Jon Hochkammer threat directly to anybody. which all external access child, but that he did not court records.
But Bruces repeated ref- had a brief exchange with While VPD and other to the building was secured intend to make anyone feel
erences to what he termed Doyle when he said devel- media outlets identified the and monitored, but the threatened or concerned for Contact Scott Girard at
a good tenant profile led opers hes talked to all have arrested man, the Verona internal operations contin- their safety.
to one of the more uncom- said the market is over- Press has chosen not to pub- ued as normal. The Madison man was and follow him on Twitter
fortable moments, when saturated with apartments lish his name, which could The lockdown was lifted arrested for disorderly @sgirard9.
Doyle asked what that meant and a few minutes later she be associated with his child. just after 12:30p.m.
and eventually the phrase a said she hoped that actually BRMS went into a According to a news
decent income slipped out. Level 2 lockdown after release from the VPD, the We Can Make Your
would happen here so rent
Doyle also asked what levels would drop to more the 11:48a.m. call to a Landscape More Beautiful!
would happen if the city reasonable levels. staff member, in which We offer spring clean-ups, pruning
required fewer units in the all external access to EMERALD INVESTMENTS
Because theres high MINI STORAGE trees and shrubs, mulching, seeding,
same spot, and Bruce insist- demand and theres not a lot the building is secured
5'x10' $38 Month fertilization, pest and weed control
ed it still would not reduce of room for development, and interior movement
rent, but rather force the should only take place at 10'x10' $60 Month and much, much more!
its tough to get that more
10'x15' $65 Month

developer to use lower-qual- affordable component, she the direction of adminis-

ity materials. acknowledged. But its tration, according to the 10'x20' $80 Month Tim Andrews Horticulturist LLC
Dohm, who has owned something that Im trying to VASD lockdown expla- 10'x25' $90 Month

Caring for our Green World since 1978

Prairie Crest Apartments on consistently bring up just so nation. Though classroom At Cleary Building Corp.
the citys south side for the we have that conversation doors are also locked, 190 S. Paoli St., Verona WI
(608) 845-9700 608-795-9948
past 12 years, said hes owned going on a community level.
many different types of apart-

CALL NOW 1-800-661-2240

ments but now only wants Email Verona Press editor
those that are low-mainte-
nance, low-management.
He added that he would keep
Jim Ferolie at INJURED? Contact Attorney
Gail C. Groy
the project in the family AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENTS
complete, state-of-the-art SLIP & FA LL
bridges, crowns and root canals DOG BITES
in just one visit

what a difference
a day makes
Weve invested in education and 522 Springdale Street, Mt. Horeb
infrastructure to be able to provide you (608) 437-5564
the latest dental care locally.
(608) 260-2485

Caring for Mt. Horeb for 20 Years

Always focused on preventive care, early detection and helping patients reach their long-term goals.
8 May 11, 2017 The Verona Press

Celebrating differences at CV
SCOTT GIRARD AND HELU WANG As I was trying one way for sports how
Unified Newspaper Group everyone does, he taught me different ways
to do it, Anna said.
May I touch it? a girl asked Ryan Haack presentation
Haack, looking at his arm.
After Verona resident Haack led an Haack said its important to expose kids
assembly at Veronas Country View Ele- to peoples differences, even for the young-
mentary School last month, a dozen kids er kids who might not totally grasp the
surrounded him to ask how he drives and concept right away.
rides a bicycle with one hand. I can feel when I first started, many kids
Born one-handed, Haack shared his per- are nervous and intimidated, not exactly
sonal story and demonstrated how he does sure what to do, Haack said.
daily activities, like playing baseball. But by the end, he said, they seem more
I have one hand, but it didnt stop me comfortable.
from doing anything, he said. It just Its very satisfying to me to see kids have
made me be more creative about how I do the courage to ask questions, he added.
this. Haacks positive attitude inspired many
Haack is the author of the childrens kids and families. Kenya Tambolnino,
book Different is Awesome, based on his another greatness patrol member, recalled
life, which was published in 2011 and has the first time she saw Haack.
8,000 copies printed. He didnt feel bad for himself at all,
A similar event followed later that same Tambolnino said. He was not complaining
week to fit with the schools monthlong about anything, but just with smile on his
theme of Different is Awesome, when face.
players from the UW-Whitewater wheel-
chair basketball team visited to talk about Wheelchair basketball
their sport with the schools students. The group of four from the UW-White-
water wheelchair basketball team answered
Month of creativity dozens of questions from the students
Each month, students in the greatness during their presentation.
patrol come up with a greatness goal such That included questions about how they
as courage and generosity. get up if their chair falls over, the rules of
School principal Michelle Nummerdor wheelchair basketball compared to the bas-
said the goal of the month was creativity, ketball they play and how they got involved
which includes how to demonstrate cre- in the sport.
ativity in school and personal life and what The players emphasized that the sport
it means to be a creative person. is not much different than the basketball
Haacks daughter Anna is a member of the students play, and gave some a chance
the greatness patrol, and said her dad made to try out the wheelchairs and take some
her be more creative. shots. Photo by Helu Wang
Ryan Hacck shows kids how he plays baseball with one hand.

Photo by Scott Girard

Fourth-grader Kamarion Parker shows his dribbling skills off to UW-Whitewater mens wheelchair basketball player Dylan

On the web
See more photos from the events at Country View:


THURSday, May 11
Photo by Scott Girard
First-grader Marques Diggins takes a shot from one of the
teams wheelchairs.
JUST 710
$10 OFF
Janesville St.
Ever get a helping hand?

Service 1021
N. Edge Trail
Why not give one?
Be a Foster Parent!
when your mention this ad. Verona
Offer expires 5/17/17

631 Hometown Circle, Verona, WI

Beef or Chicken, Refried Beans and Salsa, Mixed Onions,
Black Olives, Roma Tomatoes, Zesty Taco Seasoning
and Whole-milk Mozzarella on our Original Crust
Community Care Resources, Inc.
A Wisconsin Child Placing Agency
Open 7 days/week at 9:30 am Good thru 5/28/17 Not valid with other offers 866-776-3759 May 11, 2017 The Verona Press
Hard knock life
Verona Area School District middle school students per-
formed the famous musical Annie for their peers and the
community last month. The show, which included well-
known songs like Tomorrow, Easy Street and Its a
Hard Knock Life, followed the story of a young girls
quest to find her parents in New York City.

Miss Hannigan (Julia Teixeira), left, sings the song Little

Girls, about her life surrounded by them.

On the web
Photos by Scott Girard
Employees at Daddy Warbucks mansion introduce Annie (Elise Benz) to her new short-term home during I Think Im Gon- To see more photos from Annie, visit:
na Like It Here.

Walking for
Savanna Oaks Middle
School students raised more
than $1,000 for a partner
school in Ethiopia through
its annual Water Walk last
month. The money will pro-
vide improved water condi-

tions, toilets and handwash-
ing facilities at the school,
which is partnered with
SOMS through the H20 for
Life program.
The students continued
to raise money after the
April 21 event until May
1. During the walk, partic-
ipants walked a lap around
the school carrying gallons
of water while their class-
mates and teachers cheered
them on.
Photo submitted
Magnolia Adanhou, left, and Owen Charles each carry two jugs of water during the walk.

Memorial Day Expand your investment portfolio in Real Estate.

Early Deadlines
Middleton Center Phase 2, LLC., a T. Wall Enterprises Urban Village

Wisconsin Residents Only

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, Located in the heart of Downtown Middleton, adjacent to
the display ad deadline for the May 31, 2017 a variety of shopping, restaurants and a newly proposed
Town Square, 86 new apartments begin construction in
Great Dane Shopping News summer 2017.
will be Wednesday, May 24 at 3 p.m. For more information
Classified ad deadline will be Thursday, May 25 at Noon.
Deadlines for the June 1, 2017
Oregon Observer, Stoughton Courier Hub 608-345-9848
This communication does not constitute an offer of securities. All offers will be made solely through the Disclosure Statement.
and Verona Press Minimum investment of $5,000.
will be Friday, May 26 at Noon. Offers and sales of these securities will be made only to residents of the State of Wisconsin. Offers and sales of these securities are made under an
exemption from registration and have not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933 or the Wisconsin Uniform Securities Law. For a period of nine

months from the last sale of securities by the issuer in connection with this offering, any resale of the securities shall be made only to persons resident

In observance of the holiday, within the State of Wisconsin. This investment opportunity is described in more detail in a Disclosure Statement. No investment commitments will be
accepted until an investor receives a copy of the Disclosure Statement and a subscription agreement for the investment. Any investment will involve a
high degree of risk, including the risk factors that will be described in the Disclosure Statement. If you are interested in this investment opportunity, please
our offices will be closed Monday, May 29, 2017. contact or call 608-826-4000 to receive a copy of the Disclosure Statement.
10 The Verona Press - May 11, 2017

Navigating a dark world OccuPaws Guide Dog Association helps the blind
Unified Newspaper Group

Stopping by curbs and steps, waiting at

the door and sitting under a chair are three
out of the 20 commands guide dogs have to
learn before working with people who are
Barb Schultze, president of the Madi-
son-based OccuPaws Guide Dog Associ-
ation, said the process of training a guide
dog is very challenging, and it can be up
to 18 months before theyre ready to help
blind people navigating the world safely.
To ensure their guide dogs have calm
personalities, OccuPaws only picks specif-
ic breeds like standard poodles, Labradors
and Golden Retrievers from breeders with
clear health histories going back several
generations. The dogs must even give up
some canine habits to become certified.
For example, as long as they have a har-
ness on, they are not allowed to play.
Volunteers begin training the puppies
at 8 weeks old, but almost half of the
dogs dont continue through the program
depending on health conditions, tempera-
ment and performance in training. To bet-
ter prepare the guide dogs for future work,
trainers have to rotate them so they shad-
ow another volunteer and experience being
with multiple families.
Marlette Larsen, a Verona resident and
vice president of OccuPaws, said its been
rewarding to work with the guide dogs and
help the blind navigate the routes to work
and shopping.
OccuPaws, which was established in Photo by Helu Wang
2005, currently has 26 dogs in training and Marlette Larsen, vice president of OccuPaws, hangs out with Promise, a retired guide dog.
55 dogs working. It costs almost $3,000
to raise and train a guide dog, but they are through OccuPaws and felt satisfied to The dog will always remember you. persons walking speed, temperament and
assigned to blind people for free. watch them grow up, graduate from har- While there is no specific age for guide lifestyle. To make sure the dogs get accus-
Larsen, whos now volunteered with the ness training and successfully pair with dogs to retire, they usually cease service tomed to their new partner, they also need
organization for eight years, said the expe- their new owners. around the age of 14, Larsen added. to be trained for about two weeks in their
rience has helped her get over the death Theyre just like your children, she Each year, only six to seven guide dogs owners hometown and house.
of her own dog. Shes trained five dogs said. They grow up, graduate from col- with OccuPaws are paired with blind cli- To learn more, visit
lege, get a job and move out of the house. ents based on 200 criteria, including the

Se n d y ou r Pe t We Cant Imagine Our

Lives Without Him!
to the Spa! Were so Happy
We Gave Guinness
a 2nd Chance!

Boarding & Grooming

Services with HOMETOWN Care

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How to handle, care for hedgehogs

AMBER LEVENHAGEN sliding both hands under its wild, they can run up to hedgehogs. Look for brands
Unified Newspaper Group sides. four miles each night, so with no corn products or
Hedgehogs must live in domesticated pets require a other filler. Adult hedge-
From the moment I first a habitat with a maintained wheel to run on. hogs eat only two table-
held a hedgehog as a 9 year temperature between 72 Most hedgehogs only spoons a day, so a standard
old, I knew I wanted to have and 80 degrees. If the cage go to the bathroom while bag of cat food can last sev-
one of my own. gets too cold, theyll false theyre running, so in the eral months. Wild hedge-
It wasnt until years later, hibernate, which can cause morning you might find hogs eat mostly worms,
as an adult finishing up my organ failure and death. their wheel and feet cov- so its encouraged to add
undergraduate degree, that These hibernation scares ered in poop. Bathe them meal worms, wax worms or
I came across a Facebook have always required a vet no more than once a week super worms to their food
post by the Dane County visit, so I invested in an with oatmeal-based body as a daily treat.
Humane Society asking for artificial heat source for wash and warm water. Use For information about
someone to adopt a female Rigbys cage. a soft-bristled toothbrush to s p e c i fi c f o o d o p t i o n s ,
hedgehog. In a matter of Because theyre noctur- clean their feet and quills. heat set-ups, exercise
hours, I had claimed my nal, hedgehogs will engage A dry cat food high in toys and more, visit
first pet: Rigby, an African in a frenzy of activity once protein and low in fat is
pygmy hedgehog surren- the sun goes down. In the the best food option for
Photo by Amber Levenhagen
dered by someone who had
noticed she was being kept Hedgehogs, like Rigby here, require proper exercise, diet,
in a shoebox in a garage. handling, a heat source and, of course, love.
Hedgehogs are surren- in viral Facebook videos notice about hedgehogs are
dered every day to humane are domesticated. They are their distinctive quills; and
societies around the coun- naturally found in Europe, while they dont shoot out,
try or worse, the depths of Asia and Africa, and they they can be uncomfortable
Craigslist by owners who can actually be illegal to to touch.
rushed into the world of own in some states. Those looking for an ani-
exotic pet ownership. Many
dont anticipate the lengthy
set of requirements that
Care requirements
mal to cuddle with may be
disappointed by hedgehogs,
The basic requirements as theyre typically unaffec-
enable them to be healthy, to care for a domesticated tionate. Hedgehogs make
happy and enjoyable pets. hedgehog include a heat hissing and popping noises 2934 Chapel Valley Rd.
Hedgehogs are not native source and proper exercise, at their owners as a sign of Fitchburg (just off Hwy PD)
to North America, and the diet and handling. annoyance. To minimize
species you typically see The first thing many this, pick the animal up by

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Our Services Include:
Shredded Bark / Mulch Laser Surgery Separate Cat & Dog Facilities
Tree & Shrub Planting Digital X-Ray & Dental X-Ray Abdominal Ultrasound

Planting Beds / Edging Dental Treatment Center Complete In-House Lab & Pharmacy
Tree & Shrub Pruning Puppy/Kitten through Senior Care E-Pet Records & Pet Portals
Intensive Care Units Rehabilitation Laser Therapy
608-575-5984 Dr. Elizabeth Stokes Dr. Emilie Schwarz Dr. Brooke Lewis Dr. Kaitlin Young Dr. Mary Kuefler
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Daily personal care with home like accommodations

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Large indoor dog kennels and private suite Your Local Grocer
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4353 Old Stone Road, Oregon
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Foods that cats and dogs should never eat

Nutritious diets are essential However, these fruits should be when pets consume dairy.
to long-term pet health. Many avoided. Symptoms include leth-
well-intentioned pet owners feed argy, diarrhea and vomiting with- Onions and garlic
their pets foods they believe are in 24 hours of consumption. These aromatic ingredients are
nutritious, only to learn that cer- not a good idea for pets, partic-
tain foods, even those deemed Hops ularly cats. Onions contain an
healthy for humans, can be quite Commonly used for brewing ingredient called thiosulphate,
dangerous to dogs and cats. beer, hops have become a great- which is toxic to cats and dogs.
Cats and dogs metabolize foods er risk for pets now that home The ingestion of onions and
and other substances differently brewing as a hobby or side busi- onion-related foods can cause a
from humans. WebMD reports ness has become popular. When condition called hemolytic ane-
that each year, there are more ingested, hops can cause a rap- mia. This is damage to red blood
than 100,000 cases of pet poison- id heart rate, anxiety, vomiting cells that causes the cells circulat-
ing in the United States. Many of and other abdominal symptoms. ing throughout the pets body to
these instances were caused by Essential oils and tannins in hops burst.
household substances that may also can cause high fever when
seem perfectly harmless. Medica- pets ingest them. Xylitol
tions, cleaning products and cer- Keep pets away from sugarless
tain foods can poison pets. Dogs Macadamia nuts gums and candies that contain
tend to be at higher risk for food These nuts can cause depres- Xylitol, which also may be used
poisoning, particularly because sion, vomiting, tremors and in toothpaste. The substance caus-
Photo courtesy Metro News Service
they are less discriminatory with hyperthermia in dogs. es insulin to release in most spe-
regard to food. Keep pets away from foods like chocolate, grapes, nuts and onion.
cies, which can lead to liver fail-
Before caving into the temp- Milk and dairy ure.
tation to share snacks with their
roughly one-quarter of all toxic Dark chocolate and baking choc- Do not give dogs and cats milk Pet owners should be aware that
pets, pet owners should recognize
exposures. Chocolate contains olate are especially dangerous for to lap up, and avoid giving them the foods they eat regularly may
the common foods the ASPCA andmethylxanthines, which are found pets. high amounts of cheese and other not be safe for their pets. Always
in cacao seeds. When ingest-
other pet welfare organizations list dairy foods. Pets do not possess consult with a veterinarian before
as the most likely to contribute to
ed by pets, methylxanthines can Grapes and raisins significant amounts of lactase, the giving pets foods commonly eat-
pet poisonings worldwide. cause excessive thirst and urina- Grapes, raisins, sultanas and enzyme that breaks down lactose en by humans.
tion, panting, vomiting, diarrhea, currants, whether raw or cooked, in milk. Therefore, diarrhea and
Chocolate abnormal heart rhythm, and sei- can cause kidney failure in digestive upset is likely to occur Metro News Service
Chocolate is accountable for zures. Serious cases can be fatal. dogs. Not all dogs are affected.

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Interacting with reactive dogs

How to tell if a pup
How to
is stressed
approach a
Unified Newspaper Group new dog
Even though dogs have 1. Stop several feet
basic flight or fight instincts
like humans, they commu- away from the dog
nicate stress and discomfort 2. Ask owner for per-
differently. There are even
more signs to watch for mission to interact, and
with reactive dogs, like respect if they say no
barking or lunging espe-
cially if they are tethered on 3. Crouch to the dogs
a leash. level
Reactive dogs have 4. Rest hand at side
behavioral issues with sen-
sory triggers in public, and let the animal come
explained Dan Antolec of to you
Oregon-based Happy Bud-
dha Dog Training. This typ- 5. Pet the dogs chest
ically means they respond or the shoulder; avoid
aggressively to cars, oth- their face
er animals, people or just
walking on a leash. 6. Stop after brief
Because owners should interaction and gauge
act as advocates for their their response
dogs wellbeing, Antolec
said its important for them Source: Dan Antolec,
to learn how dogs commu- Happy Buddha Dog
nicate stress. Owners can Training
then learn how to alleviate
those stressors and help
dogs overcome their fears.
Its about teaching dogs and anxiety include panting,
moving away and pacing. Photo by Amber Levenhagen
how to cope with things Dan Antolec discussed warning phosigns and body language of fearful and anxious dogs at the reactive dogs support group
theyre not doing well Physiological signs of stress
include dilated pupils, shed- April 29.
with, he explained. Were
looking to reduce the fre- ding, tense muscles, sweaty
quency, duration and inten- paws and hyperventilation. it can help condition them and not be fearful anymore, For information, search Dog Support Group on
sity of their response. These are all signs the dog to behave appropriately Antolec said. for the Wisconsin Reactive Facebook.
A support group for own- is moving up what is called
ers of reactive dogs takes the ladder of aggression,
which can lead to snarling,

Adopt A Pet From Angels Wish

place each month in Ore-
gon, and its Facebook page showing their teeth or air
has gained more than 170 snapping.
followers since March. The Most dogs dont want to
group addresses strategies bite people, Antolec said,
for comforting pets, ensur- but it becomes their only Additional information about these adoptable animals
ing a high quality of life, option when their warn- and volunteer opportunities, including fostering
and prioritizing the safety ing signs are overlooked or
of the animal and everyone ignored. He said the best homeless cats, can be found online at:
else around it. way to prevent your dog 161 Horizon Drive, Verona, WI 53593 (608) 848-4174
The first session on April from becoming too stressed
29 was led by Antolec, and is to distract the animal and
he explored the warning have it focus on the owner, These pets are sponsored by the following businesses:
signs of stress and how to or remove it from the situa-
help comfort anxious pups. tion completely.

Playing games, like hid-

He said there are many rea-

sons a dog can be scared, ing a treat and sending the
but most of the time it can dog to find it, can serve as
be attributed to genetics or an immediate distraction.
a lack of socialization when However, if owners are per-
the dog was a puppy. sistent and do this every
Some subtle signs of fear time their dog gets stressed, LaCour Daphne Onyx Leia
2 year old male 2 year old female 5 year old female 1 year old female
Gregarious gentle giant Mellow & loves dogs Mellow basket lover Friendly lapcat
Verona Veterinary Medical Services The Gingko Tree Miller & Sons Supermarket Paws Away Pet Sitting
655 Half Mile Rd., Verona 107 S. Main Street, Verona 210 S. Main St., Verona 303 S. 2nd St., Mt. Horeb, WI 53572
608-845-6512 608-497-2267 845-6478 (608) 437-4416



270 West Netherwood St., Oregon

619 River St., Belleville
Olivia Hercule (Poirot) Clint and Steve Angel
12 year old female 11 year old male 8 month old brothers 11 year old female
Pretty long-haired
Your Hometown Loves to be brushed bonded with sister Aggie lovable, cuddly & fun
Siamese mix
Hardware Store The Sows Ear
125 S. Main St., Verona
Miller & Sons Supermarket
210 S. Main St., Verona
The Sows Ear
125 S. Main St., Verona
Verona Veterinary Medical Services
655 Half Mile Rd., Verona
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Tulip Agatha Aggie Christie Esti, Johnny & Jewel Katie
8 month old female 11 year old female Bonded mom & kittens 8 year old female
119 W. Verona Avenue Stalker of feather toys bonded with brother Hercule Triple the fun & love Gentle, quiet & calm
845-7920 Paws Away Pet Sitting Odyssey Veterinary Care Miller & Sons Supermarket The Gingko Tree

Family Owned for 46 Years 303 S. 2nd St., Mt. Horeb, WI 53572 2934 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg 210 S. Main St., Verona 107 S. Main Street, Verona
(608) 437-4416 288-7838 845-6478 608-497-2267
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14 May 11, 2017 The Verona Press

Photo by Samantha Christian

Boys sing along to Who Let the Dogs Out at the start of the Puppy Up walk.

Puppy Up walk benefits cancer research

There are many aspects to Hundreds of dogs and their owners participated in the fourth annual Puppy Up walk
caring for others. at McKee Farms Park on May 7. The event raised over $156,000 to help fight cancer in
humans and canines.
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Come see all the changes at Country View Veterinary Service!
Tours, demonstrations & a dog wash fundraiser.
We are an AAHA-Certified small animal veterinary
practice offering full service medical care.
Dog & Cat Boarding Medical Boarding
Grooming (including Saturdays) Training & Doggy Daycare

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Adopt A Pet From

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Humane Society
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DCHS Main Shelter 5132 Voges Rd., Madison, WI 53718 838-0413
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These pets are sponsored by the following businesses:





Clawdia 34955651 Jesse 35180791 Annie 28553081 Lucy 21178755 Nova 34799200 Beauregard 35252422
Female, Domestic Shorthair Mix Male, Bulldog Mix Female, Domestic Shorthair Mix Female, Dutch Rabbit Female, Siamese Mix Male, Mastiff Mix
Located: Adoption Center West Located: DCHS Located: Adoption Center West Bonded with Bacon Located: DCHS Location: DCHS
Located: Adoption Center West
Village Animal Clinic Verona Ace Verona Hometown Pharmacy Conant Automotive Barb Dawson Hanson Electronics
270 W. Netherwood Rd., Oregon 119 W. Verona Ace, Verona 202 S. Main St., Verona 1324 Hwy. 51-138, Stoughton Restaino & Associates 2384 Jackson St., Stoughton
608-835-7007 845-7920 848-8020 873-8800 608.575.3290 - 877-9548



Fonz 27872866 Boo 35252487 Emma 35010036 Spot 35053860 Tiger 34650821 Misty 35053865
Male, Domestic Shorthair Mix Male, Dachshund Mix Female, Pug Mix Male, Domestic Shorthair Mix Female, Plott Hound Mix Male, Domestic Medium
Located: DCHS Location: DCHS Bonded to Hunter & Jackson Located: DCHS Bonded to Willie Hair Mix
Located: DCHS Located: DCHS Located: DCHS
Chalet Veterinary Clinic Unwin Chiropractic Hop Haus Animal Hospital of Verona Bills Food Center Conant Automotive
1621 E. Main St., Stoughton 102 N. Franklin Street, Verona 231 S. Main St., Verona 203 W. Verona Ave., Verona 787 N. Main St., Oregon 1324 Hwy. 51-138, Stoughton
873-8112 608-848-1800 608-497-3165 845-6700 835-3939 873-8800




Otis 35193285 Steven 25125547 Bacon 229999187 Jackson 35010053 Andy 35130225 Doug 35184290
Male, Coonhound/ Male, Domestic Shorthair Mix Male, New Zealand Rabbit Male, Pug Mix Male, Cockatiel Male, Retriever Mix
Treeing Walker Mix Located: Adoption Center West Bonded with Lucy Bonded to Hunter & Emma Located: DCHS Location: DCHS
Located: DCHS Located: Adoption Center West Located: DCHS
Springers Bills Food Center Cress Funeral Home Odyssey Veterinary Care Verona Area Chamber of Commerce JB Lawncare, LLC
3097 Sunnyside St., Stoughton 787 N. Main St., Oregon 206 W. Prospect St., Stoughton 2934 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg 120 W. Verona Ave., Verona Oregon, WI 608-575-5984
205-9300 835-3939 873-9244 288-7838 608-845-5777




Granola 35224986 Hunter 35010030 Felipe 35047165 Enrique 35207426 Miffy 35096379 Bently 34811506
Female, Domestic Shorthair Male, German Shepherd Male, Domestic Shorthair Mix Male, Domestic Shorthair Mix Female, Rat Terrier Mix Male, Shepherd Mix
Location: DCHS Bonded to Emma & Jackson Located: Adoption Center West Located: DCHS Located: DCHS Located: DCHS
Located: DCHS
Verona Boarding Service, Inc. Hop Haus Animal Hospital of Verona Hughes Flooring The Sows Ear The Sows Ear
655 Half Mile Rd., Verona
adno=520091-01 231 S. Main St., Verona 203 W. Verona Ave., Verona 407 E. Verona Ave., Verona 125 S. Main St., Verona 125 S. Main St., Verona
608-845-3647 608-497-3165 845-6700 (608) 845-6403 848-2755 848-2755



Chipper 35184250 Willie 34650851 Oliver 34881313 Cadbury - 35252496 JoJo 35180772 Maximus 35125980
Male, Retriever Mix Male, Dachshund Male, Domestic Shorthair Mix Male, Pointer Mix Female, Hound Mix Male, Retriever/
Located: DCHS Bonded to Tiger Located: Adoption Center West Location: DCHS Located: DCHS Shepherd Mix
Located: DCHS Located: DCHS
Springers Gerlach Wholesale Flooring, Inc. Animal Hospital of Verona The Sows Ear Cutting Edge Hair Etc. Pyramid Travel
3097 Sunnyside St., Stoughton 112 Janesville St., Oregon 203 W. Verona Ave., Verona 125 S. Main St., Verona Located in the Oregon Shopping Plaza 600 West Verona Ave., Verona

205-9300 835-8276 845-6700 848-2755 835-3666 608-845-6880



Lawson 33959387 Louise 35252470 Meteor 34626880 Dooley - 35252476 Mickle Mouse 35155677 Kibbie 35252426
Male, New Zealand Rabbit Female, Terrier Mix Male, Mini-Lop Rabbit Male, Terrier Mix Male, Mouse Female,
Located: Mounds Pet Food Location: DCHS Location: DCHS Location: DCHS Location: DCHS Weimaraner/Boxer Mix
Warehouse East-Stoughton Rd. Location: DCHS
Verona Boarding Service, Inc. Fitchburg Star Oregon Observer Stoughton Courier Hub Verona Press Great Dane Shopping News
655 Half Mile Rd., Verona 133 Enterprise Dr., Verona 156 N. Main St., Oregon 135 W. Main St., Ste. 102, Stoughton 133 Enterprise Dr., Verona 133 Enterprise Dr., Verona
608-845-3647 845-9559 835-6677 873-6671 845-9559 845-9559
16 Thursday, May 11, 2017 Jeremy Jones, sports editor
845-9559 x226
Verona Press Anthony Iozzo, assistant sports editor
845-9559 x237
For more sports coverage, visit: Fax: 845-9550

Player of the
From May 2-9

Name: Savanna Rainey

Grade: Junior
Sport: Softball
Position: Catcher

Highlights: Rainey went 3-for-4, homer-

ing in the fourth inning and singling to
drive in another run in the fifth to drive Photo by Jeremy Jones
in four runs in the Wildcats 11-6 victory Right fielder Amelia Hust lays out for a fly ball in the top of the third inning Tuesday against Middleton. Verona won the game 13-2 in five
over SPASH on Saturday. innings.

Honorable mentions:
Ally Kundinger and Emelia Lichty (girls
track) helped Verona claim the 4x200,
4x100 and 4x400 relays Thursday at the
Hanson Relays in La Crosse
Wildcats upset SPASH
Paul Natzke (boys track) won two events
for Verona, claiming the 100-meter
wheelchair race Friday at the Spartan
Sports editor
Whats next
Invitational and the shot put Savanna Rainey and Alina Yazek went a
combined 5-for-8 at the plate and drove in Verona traveled to Jefferson Middle School Wednesday for a makeup game against
Rachel Nelson (girls soccer) finished
with 14 saves in a 1-0 loss to Homestead seven runs Saturday to help Verona softball Madison Memorial. The Wildcats then head to Olbrich Park at 4:30p.m. Thursday for a
Friday defeat perennial powerhouse Stevens Point game against Madison La Follette.
Ian Edwards (boys lacrosse) had seven Area Senior High 11-6.
goals and an assist in a 14-7 win over Rainey (3-for-4) led the Wildcats, driving
Oregon Saturday in four runs. She homered in the fourth inning
Garhett Kaegi (boys golf) shot a 78 at and singled to drive in another in the fifth. score two more. outcome but because of the way they worked
Sun Prairie Country Club Thursday in SPASH took an early lead in the first inning SPASH answered with three runs in the during the game, coach Todd Anderson said.
a Big Eight triple dual, and he added a when Aubrey Drohner singled with no outs. fifth inning to pull the game to 11-6. They didnt let a few runs early get them
fourth overall 82 Friday at the Portage The Wildcats took the lead for good, however, Verona had 16 hits in the game. Kasie down.
Invitational with 10 runs in the fourth inning. Keyes, Tatum Geier, Rainey, Yazek and Rud-
Yazek singled off Drohner to drive in one nicki each collected multiple hits for the Wild- Oak Creek 5, Verona 0
Connor McGowan (baseball) finished
3-for-5 with three doubles, three RBIs run, and a Panthers error led to two more cats. SPASH collected 12 hits with Drohner The Wildcats bats went cold following the
and two runs scored in an 8-5 win at runs. Amie Rudnicki kept the inning going going 4-for-4 And driving in three runs. upset of SPASH on Saturday as Verona had
Beloit Memorial Thursday with another RBI single before Rainey belted I told the girls after the game that I was
a three-run home run and Yazek homered to very proud of them, not because of the Turn to Softball/Page 19

Baseball Boys golf

Verona splits four conference games Verona wins

Assistant sports editor
Whats next Portage
The Verona Area High School
baseball team hosted Madison Verona hosts Middleton at
West on Tuesday at Stampfl Field 5 p.m. Thursday and travel to
and was edged 3-2. Riverside Park to face Janesville
Connor McGowan hit an RBI ANTHONY IOZZO
Craig at 5p.m. Friday. Assistant sports editor
sacrifice fly to score Tucker Teskey
in the sixth to cut the deficit to one. The Wildcats travel to noncon-
Tristan Largent doubled home ference Stoughton at 11a.m. The Verona Area High
McGowan in the fifth for Veronas School boys golf team won
Saturday for a makeup game Fridays Portage Invitational
first run.
The Regents scored all three from May 1, and travel to Warner at Portage Country Club with
runs in the second. Park at 5p.m. Tuesday, May 16, a 340.
Jeff Bishop took the loss. He to take on Madison La Follette. The Wildcats were the best
allowed three earned runs on of 14 teams, led by Garhett
eight hits and two walks in seven Kaegis fourth overall 82. Jack
innings, striking out three. Bates tied for fifth with an 83,
Gabe Hill earned the win. He Verona came back for an 8-5 win and Steven Kellerman shot an
allowed two earned runs on four Thursday at Beloit Memorial. 86. Cale Rufenacht finished
hits and a walk in seven innings, Photo by Evan Halpop The Wildcats scored five runs in the scoring with an 89, and
striking out four. Jeff Bishop throws a pitch Tuesday in a Big Eight Conference game against the fifth and added two in the sixth Will Zunkers 89 was thrown
Madison West at Stampfl Field. The Wildcats lost 3-2. to erase a 3-1 deficit. out.
Parker 11, Verona 1 McGowan was 3-for-5 with River Valleys Derek Wed-
The Wildcats hosted Janesville innings, walking one and striking innings. three doubles, three RBIs and two ige was the medalist with a
Parker on May 3 in a makeup from out three. Sam Garovoille pitched a com- runs scored. Tyler McClure was 79, and Ryan Candell finished
the day before and lost 11-1. G a e l e n C o m b s a l l ow e d a n plete game for the Vikings. He 2-for-4 with a double and two runs tied for second with Stough-
Jared Grassman singled home earned run on four hits and a allowed an earned run on one hit scored, and RJ Woppert added a tons David Graffin with an
McGowan for the lone Verona run. walk in 2 1/3 innings, striking out and four walks, striking out four. double and two RBIs. 81. Reedsburgs Dylan Brown
Bishop took the loss. He allowed one. Brandon Ellestad allowed Verona 8, Beloit Memorial 5 and Portages Mason Wood
an earned run on two hits in four an earned run on three hits in 2/3 Turn to Baseball/Page 18 Turn to Golf/Page 19 May 11, 2017 The Verona Press
Boys lacrosse Girls lacrosse

Wildcats wins shortened Verona splits a pair of conference road games

The Verona Area High Middleton 16, goal to return the lead to

Bullrush Tournament
School girls lacrosse team the Cardinals.
split two away games last Verona 10 Freshman Paige Zahler
week, losing 16-10 to Junior Megan Lois began led the scorers with four
undefeated MALA confer- Mondays cold and rainy goals, while senior captain
The annual Bullrush ence leader Middleton on Makena Meyers found the
game under the lights at
Lacrosse tournament was May 1 but notching a 13-4 net twice. Senior captain
Breitenbach Stadium with
shortened due to schedul- victory over De Forest on Elena Herman and fresh-
a quick Verona goal, but
ing conflicts this season, Thursday. men Yasmeen Khalid and
Middleton followed with
but that didnt stop Verona The Wildcats remain in Mackenzie Schmidt each
four unanswered goals.
from earning the title with second place in the con- contributed a goal.
The Wildcats came back
wins over Oregon and Hol- ference at 7-2. Verona Sophomore goal keep-
to tie the game twice at 8-8
men. hosts Madison Westside at er Sofia Jeddeloh had 11
and 9-9, but Middletons
5p.m. Friday, May 12, at saves in the game.
Verona 14, Oregon 7 Connor Field.
Abby Drake responded
seconds after each tying
Junior Ian Edwards - Article submitted
scored seven goals and
added an assist Saturday to
lead the Wildcats to a 14-7
win over Oregon. Boys track and field
Cats finish fifth at Spartan Invitational
J u n i o r J a ke D o e r f l e r
added two goals and two
assists, and senior Jack
S c o t t a d d e d t wo g o a l s
and an assist. Junior Ryan
Hyland added a goal and Sports editor Whats next
three assists, and senior
Jake Keyes scored a goal Verona boys track and Verona travels to Mansfield Stadium at 3:30p.m. Fri-
and two assists. field held several of its day for the Big Eight Conference meet.
Junior Jack DeMarco key scorers out or at least
scored a goal, and senior dialed back their work-
Patrick Stigsell, junior load in the hope of get- coach Joff Pedretti said. with a leap of 44 3/4.
Photo by Evan Halpop ting them healthy for this Obi Ifediora and Jared P e t e r B a rg e r, C o r ey
Graham Sticha and sopho- Senior Patrick Stigsell fights past a check Saturday in the
more Maxx Kaminski col- weeks Big Eight Confer- Biddle were held out due Pedersen, Jared Jenkins
Bullrush Tournament against Oregon. The Wildcats defeated ence meet Friday. to nagging injuries. and T.J. Manning were
lected assists. Oregon 14-7, and they added a 12-9 win over Hudson on
Senior Braedan Schin- As a result, the Wildcats We thought Jack was second, crossing the
Sunday. finished fifth out of the 100 percent, but learned 4x800 relay finish line
d l e r w a s 1 2 - f o r- 1 5 o n
faceoffs and added nine 12 teams competing with he is not quite where we just under 14 seconds
groundballs. Junior Cam- E d wa r d s a d d e d t h r e e groundballs, and he was 66 points at the Spartan want him and we limited behind Madison West in
eron Corless finished with goals and an assist, and 10-for-20 on faceoffs. Invitational at Mansfield his jumps, Pedretti said. 8:18.67.
three saves. Hyland and Stigsell each Junior Ethan Maurisek Stadium. Herkert still earned a Sophomore Max Herk-
collected two goals. Senior had eight saves. Freshman Paul Natzke first, second and third ert tied for third place in
Verona 12, Hudson 9 Jack Scott picked up a won two events for Vero- place in his events. the pole vault, clearing a
Keyes scored three goals goal, and junior Graham - Anthony Iozzo and na, claiming the 100 The defending state personal-best 12-6.
and added three assists in Sticha collected a goal and Evan Halpop wheelchair with a person- champion, he cleared Barger was fifth in the
a 12-9 win over Hudson an assist. al-best 30.24 and the shot 6-4 to win the high jump 800 (2:02.27), and senior
Sunday. Schindler led with six put with a personal-record title. Herkert led the pre- Paul Kalifatidi placed fifth
9 feet, 10 inches. liminary round of the in the 300 hurdles with
Stevens Point scored 1 1 0 - m e t e r h u r d l e s bu t a personal-best 43.28.
Girls track and field 151 points to finish more
than 50 points ahead of
finished second to Big
Eight rival Hunter Peters
S o p h o m o r e J . T. H aw -
kins cleared 5-8 for sixth

Girls win last invite before Big 8 meet

second place Monona from Madison Memorial place in the high jump and
Grove (97.5). Madison in a personal-best 14.78 sophomore Mason Jordan
Memorial (84) and Catho- seconds. Peters topped ran a personal-best 52.74
JEREMY JONES lic Memorial (74) finished his own best time as well, to finish seventh overall
Sports editor Whats next third and fourth, respec-
though, winning in 14.73.
Herkert added a third-
in the 400. Hawkins added
an eighth-place finish in
Verona girls track and The Spartan Invite will place finish in the triple the triple jump with a per-
field team won a pair of
Verona travels to Mansfield Stadium at 3:30p.m. Fri- hopefully be the low point jump with a season-best sonal-best 40-0.
sprints, relays and the 300 day for the Big Eight Conference meet. of the season, and it will 42-5. Baraboo senior Kyle Senior Will Haessig was
hurdles events Thursday to be upward from here, Weiland won the event
Coach Mark Happel said senior Sieanna Mitchell Turn to Boys track/Page 19
claim the Hanson Relays at
La Crosse Central by a third should have multiple opportunities at winning a confer-
of a point with a score of ence title in the 100-, 200- and 400-meter dash, and
R OD DIO room

123.33. Eau Claire Memori- maybe even the long jump if she pops a personal best.
T U ed
EN A , s

al (123) and Chippewa Falls

ST 3 B

(116.33) rounded out the top How she does in those events will determine what

three schools. events her coaches decide to put her in next week at

We talked after the meet regionals.

about how everyone who
scored a point helped us win
the meet, coach Mark Hap-
pel said. When you win a Wheaton, Ally Kundinger, vault.
meet by .3 points, you need junior Emelia Lichty and The Wildcats picked up a
every point. freshman Tamiya Smith
claimed the 4x200 relay in
pair of top five finishes from
a pair of underclassmen as
Minutes walk to everything
Unlike a basketball or a
football game where there 1:50.65. The same quar- Smith posted a time of 12.97 yet a country like setting.
is a scoreboard for every- tet finished runner-up to La for third place and Whea-
one to see, Happel said that Crosse Aquinas (51.37) in ton took fifth in 13.22. La Heated Underground Parking Private Patio on Most
would be impossible to keep the 4x100 relay (53.18). Crosse Central junior Tiyana Spacious Townhomes Private Entrance
track of 18 events going on Kundinger and Lichty Harter won the 100 in 12.81. Full Stainless Steel Appliances Fitness Center
throughout the course of a were joined by Remiker and Freshman Jamie Hogan
track meet. Mitchell to add the 4x400 finished fourth in the 3,200 In-Home Washer/Dryer Full Granite Kitchen
T h a t m a ke s i t ve r y relay title in 4:198.34. run (12:32.75). Clubhouse with Kitchen Pet Washing Stations
exciting and really makes Remiker teamed up with Freshman Rachel Wit-
it important to focus in on senior Preston Ploc and thuhn (32-2) and senior Fireplace & Grilling Deck On-Site Management
what youre doing and per- sophomore Lucy Waschbus- Grace Schraufnagel (31- 24-Hour Emergency Maintenance
forming your best to the ch and Aparicio for sec- 3) finished fifth and eighth
help the team, Happel said. ond place in the 4x800 overall in the shot put.
Wildcat senior Sieanna (10:43.68). Schraufnagel added a third-
Mitchell certainly did her Junior Annika Larson place finish in the discus
best, winning the 200- and added the 300 hurdles in with a throw of 97-7 and
400-meter dashes and was 49.9. senior Faith Briggs added a
fourth in the long jump (16- Freshman Megan Touchett seventh-place finish (87-11).
5). tied for second place in the Ploc scored two points
Mitchell took the 200 in pole vault with a clearance with a seventh-place finish
25.79 and was the first of of 8 feet, and senior Lauren in the 800 run (2:42.03) and
three point scorers for the Samz took fifth based on Larson matched the finish in Call For A Tour
Wildcats in the 400 with a attempts. the 100 hurdles (17.78). 608.729.9200
time of 1:01.05. Freshman Every point was crucial Senior Angelique Ste-
Leah Remiker added a third- for us, Happel said. From panenkov (55.4) finished
place finish in 1:04.35 and Lucys finish on that 4x8 in eighth in the 300 hurdles,
sophomore Natalia Aprari- the very first event of the and Kailey Olson cleared 401 Prairie Way Blvd. Verona., WI
day to the Meghan earning 4-8 to finish eight based on
cio was seventh in 1:06.29.
Sophomores Andrea those 6.33 points in the pole jumps. 608.729.9200 adno=519622-01
18 May 11, 2017 The Verona Press

Boys tennis Girls soccer

Wildcats win four of five matches Wildcats crush La Follette ANTHONY IOZZO
Sports editor Assistant sports editor Whats next
Verona boys tennis squeezed in five The Verona Area High Verona hosts Madison
more matches last week, including two School girls soccer team East at 7 p.m. Thursday.
Big Eight Conference wins and a split scored often in a 10-0 rout The Wildcats travel to
against two of the top-ranked teams in Tuesday against Madison
La Follette at Reddan Soc- Firefighters Park to take
the state at the Nicolet Sweet 16 tour-
nament. cer Park. on Middleton at 7:30
Kate Melin scored twice p.m. Monday, May 15,
Verona 7, Mad. East 0 in the first half, with an and to Sun Prairie at 7
assist to Mia Hoeve. Melin
The Wildcats cruised to wins at six of
also assisted on one of two p.m. Tuesday, May 16.
seven flights in a Big Eight Conference
dual Thursday at home against Madi- goals by Chandler Bain-
son East but had to dig a little deeper to bridge.
earn the sweep and a victory at No. 2 Bainbridge added an Nicole Thomas finished
singles. assist on a goal by Han- the game in net in the sec-
Sophomore Chris Queoff got pushed nah Steiner. Anna Heinzen ond half and didnt face a
to a third set against Tucker Skaar assist on Bainbridges sec- shot on goal.
despite having two chances to close ond goal. Mary Rottier had 18
out the match in the second set. He pre- Melin completed the hat saves for the Lancers.
Photo by Jeremy Jones
vailed 6-3, 6-7 (4), 6-2 in a third-set tie- Jordan Hutchcroft (left) and Vivek Swaminath react after defeating Madison trick in the second half Homestead 1, Verona 0
breaker. with an assist to Stein-
East at No. 1 doubles last week. er, and she added another The Wildcats traveled to
Queoff was up 5-4 and again at 6-5
with a chance to close out the match, assist on a goal by Julia Milwaukee Homestead on
Gilboy. Friday and lost 1-0.
only to have his serve broken both
times. Whats next Quade scored unassist- Jenna Dorf scored the
I probably just got in my own head ed to open the second half, lone goal, but both teams
a little bit, trying to hit the ball too hard Verona travels to Palmer Park in Janesville at 4p.m. Thursday and to Mid- and Heinzen assisted on combined for 34 shots on
and trying to put points away too fast, dleton at 4p.m. Friday for a pair of Big Eight Conference dual meet against a Hoeve goal to finish the goal.
he said. You have to be patient with scoring. Nelson finished with 14
Janesville Craig and the Cardinals. Rachel Nelson had saves, and Hannah Malicky
that type of player, who just gets every-
thing back. one save in the first half. collected 19.
The last time Queoff faced Skaar,
a couple of weeks ago at the Madison
Boys look to avenge losses at conference
East Invitational, they played a tie-
breaker in lieu of a full third set, but The Wildcats lost a pair of Big Brookfield East, among other top-cal-
Baseball: Cats score late to
Queoff said he learned from that first
I found in our first match that com-
Eight duals 4-3 against Madison iber teams, which Engen hopes will
Memorial and Madison West earlier benefit his team in the postseason. top Madison Memorial
in the season, but coach Rick Engen Thats just my way of showing our
ing to the net was really helpful, Que- thinks Verona will still be in the mix at kids, if you want to want to be a good Continued from page 16 (3-for-4, double) and Wop-
off said. I tried to do that as much as I the conference meet May 17-18. team, this is the level we need to play pert (2-for-4, two doubles,
could today, and it paid off for sure. Those two matches against Mad- at, he said. We see the best and how two runs scored) with no
Its those kind of adjustments that ison Memorial and West, they were they play and weve talked a lot about Largent also had two outs in the seventh.
have allowed Queoff to move over from close, Engen said. Weve got a real- how they get there. With a young team RBIs and scored a run, and Anderson scored on a
No. 3 doubles to No. 2 singles this year. ly young team with a lot of freshmen youve got to show them that, and I Jacob Slonim earned the passed ball in the sixth to
I kind of converted over the offsea- and sophomores, I dont think they think it really sticks in their head. other RBI. put Verona up 5-3, but the
son, and Ive really enjoyed the switch were used to that level of competi- As the program has continued to Te s key s c o r e d t w i c e , Spartans tied the game in
to singles quite a bit, Queoff said. tion and importance yet, so there were grow, including the addition of Will and Noah Anderson also the bottom of the sixth.
Even when I played doubles, hitting probably a couple of flights there that Tennison who finished sixth at state scored a run. M c G owa n wa s 2 - f o r-
ground strokes was probably my favor- we could have won. last year as a freshman, Engen said Brad Laufenberg earned 3 with two doubles, two
ite part of playing tennis. The Wildcats had three such match- hes tried to get in different tourna- the win. He allowed two RBIs and a run scored, and
Will Tennison breezed through his es go into three sets against Madison ments to see even better competition. earned runs on three hits Teskey was 2-for-3 with
No. 1 singles match against Benji Thiel, West and lost all three. We need to match up against better and a walk in five innings, an RBI and a run scored.
winning 6-0, 6-1. Kush Nagpal defeat- I know our guys are really looking teams, he said. Thats part of build- striking out six. Largent also earned an
ed Hayden Boyce by the same score forward to going to conference and ing process, trying to get our team Largent allowed a hit RBI, and Luke Frahm
at No. 3 singles and Kevin Fan added seeing those guys that they lost to, better guys to play against. Especially and a walk in two innings scored a run.
a 6-1, 6-3 win over Andre Dufresne at Engen said. with Will on our team, he needs to see to earn the save. He struck McClure earned the
No. 4 singles. Verona has already faced top-ranked those top players, and I think its ben- out one. win. He struck out one in
Vivek Swaminath and Jordan Hutch- Marquette, second-ranked Nicolet, efited the whole team in the long run. Brendon Stavn took the 1 1/3 innings. Grant Kel-
croft rolled 6-0, 6-1 over Robbie third-ranked Neenah and ninth-ranked l o s s . H e a l l ow e d t h r e e liher started and allowed
Doherty and Soren Gotschall at No. earned runs on four hits in two earned runs on two
1 doubles. Evan Schmidt and Conner 4 1/3 innings, striking out hits and two walks in 1 1/3
Dugan and Derek Argal and Matt Hap- five and walking two. innings.
pel added 6-3, 6-2 and 6-3, 6-4 wins at Tennison and Fan rolled 6-0, 6-3 and 6-2, 6-2 at Nos. 1 and 3 doubles, respec- Jonah Haffner allowed
No. 2 and 3 doubles, respectively. 6-3, 6-4 at Nos. 1 and 4 singles, while tively. Aaron Young and Matt Happel Verona 7, two earned runs on four
Nagpal added a 6-3, 6-4 win at No. 3 fell 6-2, 7-6 (5) at No. 2 doubles. hits in 4 1/3 innings, and
Verona 5, Brookfield Central 2 singles. The Wildcats only singles loss Madison Memorial 5
Verona 5, USM 2 Teskey walked one without
Verona won three of four singles came at No. 2, where Queoff fell 7-5, T h e Wi l d c a t s s c o r e d recording an out.
flights and two of three doubles matches 2-6, 10-7 to Brandon Beihoff. Hutchcroft lost the first set but twice in the seventh inning Parker Burch took the
Friday to defeat Brookfield Central 5-2. Swaminath and Hutchcroft and Saturday to break a tie and loss. He allowed two
Schmidt and Dugan won 6-4, 6-3 and Turn to Tennis/Page 19 ended up with a 7-5 win at earned runs on five hits
Madison Memorial. and two walks in 3 2/3
Bishop (two RBIs) sin- innings, striking out three.
gled home Grassman


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2 May 11, 2017 The Verona Press
Softball: Offense breaks out against Big Eight opponents Tennis: Cats beat USM
fourth, fifth and sixth innings. Continued from page 18 3 doubles.
Continued from page 16 be red hot at the plate Tuesday, driving
The sixth inning was the big inning as in seven runs in a conference grudge Verona 4, Sun Prairie 3
the Wildcats scored six runs. match, which Verona won 13-2 over defeated Danny Taleghani
one hit in a 5-0 loss against Oak Creek. McChesney and Yazek (3-for-4) each Middleton in five innings. Verona snuck out a 4-3 con-
3-6, 2-0 with an injury default ference win over Sun Prairie
Rainey (1-for-1) singled in the third collected multiple hits for Verona, which I knew where she was going to pitch Saturday and Nagpal prevailed
inning to lead Verona at the plate. had 13 hits as a team. Yazek drove in a me from the last game, said Kleinsek on Tuesday thanks to big wins
7-6 (5), 6-4 to help the Wild- at No. 1 doubles and No. 4 sin-
Verona also struggled a big defensive- pair of runs. who had a bases-clearing triple to put cats to a 5-2 victory over the
ly, committing four errors in the loss. Anderson went the distance in the cir- the Wildcats up 3-2 in the bottom of the gles.
University School of Milwau- Tennison beat fellow state
Oak Creek scored three runs in the cle, striking out 11 and walking two to second. I was just waiting for that out- kee, ranked fifth in Division 2.
fifth inning thanks to a single by Jenna earn the win. It was her third shutout of side pitch. qualifier Aidan Schutter 6-4,
Tennison cruised 6-0, 6-1, 6-0 at No. 1 singles and Dugan
Trewyn and an error. Katie Mitchell was the season. Verona never looked back from while Fan dropped a hard
responsible for the only other earned run there despite a few first inning hic- and Schmidt supplied a 6-1,
Verona 10, Beloit 2 fought tiebreaker 7-6 (4), 3-6, 6-3 win at No. 3 doubles.
by the Knights. cups as Anderson walked in a run and 10-6 at No. 4 singles.
Meghan Anderson took the loss for Kleinsek and Rainey combined to go allowed an RBI single in the top of the Swaminath and Hutchcroft
Swaminath and Queoff also prevailed 6-3, 4-6, 6-4 over
Verona, allowing two earned runs six 5-for-10 at the plate with six RBIs on first. Those would be the only runs she had to survive a tiebreaker,
hits and one walk. She struck out six.Monday in 10-2 win over Beloit Memo- allowed though, no-hitting the Cardinal Henri Blaire and Taran Katta
prevailing 7-5, 4-6, 10-7 at No. at No. 1 doubles and Kevin
Becca Oleniczak went the distance to rial. Verona had 14 hits in the game. over the final four innings. 1 doubles. Schmidt and Dugan
earn the win for Oak Creek, striking out Kleinsek went 3-for-3 with a single She struck out four and walked two in Fan beat Adam Foreman 7-6
added a 6-4, 6-0 victory at No. (4), 6-3.
eight and walking three. and a double in the first two innings and the win.
Their third baseman (Tori Golden) a solo home run in the fourth inning. Middletons Makenize Kopp allowed
looked like a Major League All-Star,
Todd Anderson said. I dont remember
Rudnicki (3-for-5), Rainey (2-for-5),
McChesney (2-for-4) and Geier (2-for-
eight earned runs on 12 hits and a walk.
Reliever Lauren Banke gave up three Golf: Wildcats top Beloit
how many putouts she had against us, 4) also had multiple hits in the win. more runs in the bottom of the fourth as
but I joked with her that she was killing Rainey hit another towering home run. Continued from page 16
Quin Nelson tossed 5 2/3 innings
us. and gave up two earned runs on seven Amelia Hust highlighted a defense Whats next
hits for Verona. She struck out five and that played one of its most complete tied for fifth with 83s.
Verona 10, West 0 (6 inn.) walked one. Meghan Anderson threw games of the year, robbing Middleton of Portage Black was second Verona travels to Ya-
Earlier in the week Meghan Ander- the final 1 1/3 innings, allowing one hit a potential hit in the third inning with a with a 349, and River Valley hara Golf Course at noon
son threw a two-hit shutout Thursday and striking out three. diving catch in right field. and Stoughton tied for third Thursday for an invitation-
and Molly McChesney went 4-for-4 and Weve really meshed well since the with a 354. Oregon took fifth
drove in three runs as Verona crushed Verona 13, Middleton 2 (5 inn.) beginning of the season, and we know with a 355. al.
Madison West 10-0. Kleinsek and Rainey continued to who we are now as a team, Kleinsek
McChesney singled in the second, said. This was a statement win for us. Sun Prairie triple dual
The Wildcats traveled to Carrick and Sam Wagner both
Sun Prairie Country Club had 85s. Alex Kurtz finished
Boys track: Big Eight Conference meet up next on Thursday and shot a 324,
beating Sun Prairie (326) but
with an 86.
Verona 302,
falling to Middleton (322).
Continued from page 17 Ti m S o ko a n d A l ex J o h n s o n Schwartz had a season-best 45-11 Kaegi shot a 78, and Kell- Beloit Memorial 346
joined Jared Jenkins and Jordan 1/2 to finish sixth in sophomore the erman finished with an 80. Verona traveled to Krueger
to finish sixth overall in the 4x400 shot put and a personal-best 126-8 Logan Lindell and Zunker Haskell Golf Course to face
ninth in the 100 dash (11.61), fresh- (3:35.28). for ninth in the discus. Bourne came both shot 83s. Bates 84 was Beloit Memorial in a Big
man Brad Tuomi was ninth in the Though not scored, Tucker Kilen, through with a pair of personal best, thrown out. Eight dual Monday and won
1,600 with a personal best 4:49.64 Dylan Bourne, Costas Tsiolis and taking seventh in the shot put (45.8) Andy Zucker led Middle- 302-346.
and junior Michael Egle was ninth senior Austin Schwartz finished and eighth in the discus (133-1). ton with a 75, and Brett Wipfli Kellerman shot a sea-
in 110 hurdles with a best time of second to Madison Memorial in the I a n G r o s s e n b a c h e r- M c G l a m - and Ross Johnson both shot son-low 69, and Kaegi fol-
16.69. 4x100 thrower relay by .56 in 49.88. ery, Alan Zheng, Drew Gonzales 81s. Henry Taylor added an lowed with a 72. Rufenacht
Brian Murphy, Joe Riley, Tim Schwartz and Bourne did score and Patrick Ross finished fourth in 85. finished with a 79, and Zunker
Soko and Haessig took fifth in the some points in the shot put and dis- the unscored 9th-12th grade 4x800 Carter Simon led Sun shot an 82.
4x100 relay (45.67). cus, though. relay (9:08.5). Prairie with a 70, and Ethan


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Photos submitted
Katie McKy talks with fourth-grader DeAsia Ross during her presentation at Core Knowl-

Learning to concentrate
Author Katie McKy visited Core
Knowledge Charter School Wednesday,
April 12, to teach students how to con-
centrate while writing.
Photo by Helu Wang The writers workshop presentation for
Verona Area High School junior Eleanor Fitzwilliams tutors at the PLANT club. Fitzwilliams students in kindergarten through fifth
will be one of the leaders of the club next year. grade included McKy providing ideas for
the students to write about followed by
PLANT: Students learning to help each other distractions like a leaf blower, which they
had to ignore while writing, according to
Continued from page 1 Another challenge for to the students about their an email from CKCS director Rick Kis-
Shatadal is overcoming days if they do not want to ting.
She can still recall the the tutor stigma. Some stu- work on anything. Katie also told two stories that
expression that Jenkins had dents, who can be part of At least getting the con- immersed many students and teachers in
after he nailed a unit exam. the program voluntarily or nection with students at the stories, Kisting wrote. In the sto-
The improvements Jenkins referred by a teacher, are your age would be good, rytelling, the students ricochet between
made in French also made reluctant to be tutored, she Fitzwilliams said. laughter and utter concentration, rehears-
Shatadal set up her mind to said, because they do not She met new people in ing the transitions and the poise on stage
widely spread the PLANT want to be inferior. PLANT who ended up that will serve them when they take lifes
study approach. Shatadal would chat with being supporters for each greater stage.
Students understand how them at the beginning of other before exams. To learn more about McKy, visit her
each other learns, which their involvement, asking The PLANT experi- website at
provided different per- what they are going to study ence has helped Shatadal
spectives for each other to and what is their hardest earn a full-ride scholarship On the Web
understand the material, subject before recommend- with the Washington and Katie McKy, back, walks students and
Shatadal said. Sometimes ing them to a tutor. She tried Lee University. She hopes To learn more about Katie McKy, visit:
teachers at Core Knowledge Charter School
teachers do not know what to create a collaborative and Fitzwilliams and Rylie through activities designed to test their
the student needs to draw friendly environment, so no Roddicle, the new PLANT concentration.
o u t u n d e r s t a n d i n g , bu t one feels judged. officers for next year, can
tutors are more likely to get As soon as you reword build close connections
to the points because they
have gone through the pro-
it and get the word tutor
out of there, they opened
with teachers and get stu-
dents referred on specific
Saturday, May 13, 2017
cess themselves. up, Shatadal said. We try subjects and content.
Mikkelson endorsed the to move them away from The students need to be
approach as well. I need a tutor to I would clear about their purpose,
Being a teacher myself, like a tutor. she said. Thats what were
sometimes I explain in such Eleanor Fitzwilliams, a moving toward.
a way, Mikkelson said. junior who has been tutor-
But if another student can ing for this whole year at Contact Helu Wang at helu.

explain it in a different way, PLANT, said she talked

they got two different ave-

Didnt Sell at
nues that they can decide
which works best for them.
So far, Shatadal has invit- 8th Annual Mothers Day Sale: 412 Goldenrod Circle. Fri/Sat May 933 Jenna Dr. May 12-13, Fri 7:30-5,
Friday, May 12 8am-5pm & Saturday, 12 and 13, 8am-5pm. Furniture. Sat 8-3. Girls clothes 0-5T. Twin boys
ed 25 tutors and organized

May 13 8am-2pm. Sugar River United Leather sofa. Leather chair and clothes, 3T, 4T, 5-6. Name brands. Kids
the 30-minute peers tutor- Methodist Church 415 W. Verona ottoman, oak cupboard, Stickley shoes, boots, outerwear. Playhouse,
ing session every Thursday Avenue, Verona, WI (formerly Wildcat Brothers rocking chair, antique tables, bikes, TOYS, books, costume jewelry
Lanes). Homemade baked goods Kids stuff, Pack n Play , stroller and and household items
during the A-plus period. & handmade crafts & more. Pick up more, Priced to sell! 205 S. Marietta St. Thurs/Fri 8am-

Garage Sale?
The tutors go over assign- something for Mom & Grandma while 601 Harper Dr. East View Heights. 5pm, Sat 8am-2pm. Boys clothes
ments and materials with supporting lung cancer research. JODI Wedding Dress and supplies, 7-12, girls clothes 10-16, womens XS/
LOU LUNG CANCER FOUNDATION Bobbleheads, Vases, CDs, Mens XL boots, CDs, DVDs, housewares,
tutees, and also share per- ( Clothing, lots of household items craft supplies, d ining table/chairs.
sonal study behaviors like 2063 County Rd J. May 13, 8am- St Nicholas Square collectibles,
412 Ineichen Dr. Fri-Sat 8am-4pm.
notetaking and time man- 4pm. Estate and House Sale. 5 acres Furniture, Exercise Equipment, Dishes, Hot Wheels, Thomas tracks, swing,
agement. Renovated Ranch. Pool, Fireplace, Glassware, Miscellaneous Household handcrafte d items, scares, hats,
Antique Household tools. Pre-qualified Items, Decorative Items, Frames handmade jewelry $1-$5.
To guarantee the quali- Buyers only. Call for price. 608-698- 262 Meadowside Dr. Friday, May 12 and
Call St. VinnyS
ty of tutors, PLANT only 3589 FSBO 147 Jenna Dr. May 12-13 7-4 each
day. Wrought Iron table, entertainment Saturday May 13, 8am-5pm. Cash Only.
recruited junior and senior 3049 Dorchester Way, Madison. center, shoe storage bench, futon, College Futon with cover in excellent
for a free home pickup
Thur-Sat Media bookcases, white condition, mini fridge, computer desks
students affiliated with cast iron headboard, Ikea side table.
household items, golf bag, and much
and chairs electric lawnmower, end
National Honor Society more
Roller blades, turntable, Womens tables, Ikea Bar Stools, bikes, wardrobe
(NHS) who have volun- 608-278-2920. XL-XXL 300 Jenna Dr. Thurs-Sat May 11-13,
8-5pm. Multi-family Womens/Juniors/
clothes hanger, Pfaltzgraff dinnerware,
dining table and chairs, Quilt rack,
teered 30 hours and hold a 1224 Esker Dr. 8am-4pm Friday-
GPA above 3.6. Students or Sat. Baby Sale! Infant boys and girls
Mens Clothing, shoes, accessories,
coats, triple dresser, table, stools,
reclining sofa, household items, teen
clothes, newborn-12 months. Maternity and women clothing, collection apple
recliner, lighting, books, flat screens.
who are not NHS mem- drop off the leftoVerS clothes. 2 double electric barest DVDs, bike, housewares, bedding,
dcor, lots more items, everything in
excellent condition!
bers but interested in tutor- pumps, crib, 2 pack n plays and much pillows, tools, Mazda RX-7, seasonal,
ing need to be endorsed at our store more! more 205 Paoli St. Thurs May 11 3-7, Fri May
12, 11-5, Sat May 13 11-5, Sun May 14
by teachers in addition
to meeting those require-
513 W. Verona aVe. 11-5, Plant Sale over 3500 perennials.

donation hours:
Garage Sale Left-Overs?
Shatadal matched tutors
and tutees one-by-one mon-Sat: 7:45 am to 7 pm

based on subject and per- Sun: 10:30 am to 5 pm

St. Vinnys in Verona or Stoughton

sonality. Tutors review Drop off at

study materials with tutees
and quiz them during the during business hours.
session. Tutees can also
request a 30-minute session Or call for free home pick-up, 608-278-2920.
on Fridays.
22 May 11, 2017 The Verona Press

Marion R. Sweet 1938, Marion spent one For many years, Mar- husband of almost 68 many nieces, nephews family.
year at UCLA in Los ion worked for Mental years, Barbara (Tedd) and several cousins. A memorial service
Marion Ruth (Blum) Angeles, Calif. before Health Associates in Cash, Jacquelyn (John) She was preceded in will be held at 11a.m.
Sweet went home to be finishing at Barnard Madison as a delin- Kuehn, Nancy (Michael) death by her parents and Saturday, May 13, 2017,
with Jesus on May 1, College in New York quent accounts collector. Payne, and Richard sisters-in-law, Jacque- at Westminster Pres-
2017, at the Noel Man- City, N.Y. Her encouraging per- (Tamara Holmes) Sweet, line Hegbar and Miriam byterian Church, 4100
or, in Verona. In the choir of Madi- sonal notes to patients as well as 11 grandchil- Blum. Nakoma Road, Madi-
Marion was born on sons Westminster Pres- whose payments were dren and 16 great-grand- A special thank you son.
Oct. 31, 1920, in Mil- byterian Church, Marion in arrears did much to children. Marion is also to the staff of Interim In lieu of flowers,
waukee, the daughter of met the love of her life, induce their coopera- survived by her brother, Healthcare, Heartland donations may be made
Fred G. Blum and Olga the handsome Army vet- tion. Dr. Fred Blum of Mon- Hospice, and Noel Man- to Westminster Presby-
Hefty Blum. After grad- eran, Elliott H. Sweet. Marion will be deep- ticello, and Elliotts sis- or Assisted Living for terian Church, Heartland
uating from Madison They were married on ly missed by her lov- ter, Jeanne Gaenslen of their loving care of Mar- Hospice or Wisconsin
Marion Sweet West High School in June 14, 1949. ing family; Elliott, her Milwaukee, as well as ion and the rest of her Public Radio.

STATE OF WISCONSIN, April 10, 2017 Common Council meeting June 12th, and for a 6-week period, traffic OBrien, agent, contingent upon receipt quisition of City Council Representative to the Plan
and the April 18, 2017 Common Council will not be allowed on Main Street. Please of a certificate of insurance listing the Property Related to County Highway Commission. On roll call: Alder Doyle
CIRCUIT COURT, Organizational meeting. Motion carried support the downtown businesses City of Verona as the certificate holder, M and County Highway PD Project under Diaz; Alder Gaskell Diaz; Alder Linder
DANE COUNTY, NOTICE TO 8-0. during the construction process. Parking and a criminal history of the applicant Transportation Project Plat 5992-09-81. Linder; Alder McGilvray Linder; Alder
CREDITORS (INFORMAL 6. Mayors Business: is available. A final completion date of by the Verona Police Department. Motion This resolution gives authorization to Reekie Diaz; Alder Stiner Linder; Al-
A. Chief Coughlin introduced Of- September 29th is anticipated. Check the carried 8-0. the Public Works Director to acquire the der Touchett Linder; Alder Diaz Diaz. 4
ADMINISTRATION) IN THE ficers Dylan Heinz and Jordan Lueck, citys website for a link to the South Main (3) Discussion and Possible Action necessary property interests for the CTH votes for Diaz, 4 votes for Linder. Motion
MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF and gave a brief background on each. Street Project Facebook page (@verona- Re: A Special Event Permit Application M and CTH PD project from each of the failed.
ESTHER M. WHITING The officers were then sworn in as City southmainproject) from Michael OBrien for Verona Fest individual parcels listed in the resolution. 11. New Business
Case No. 17PR272 of Verona Police Officers by City Clerk * Polco surveys are ongoing on the on Saturday, September 23, 2017 from The resolution will aid in keeping A. Discussion and Possible Action
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Clark. Mayor Hochkammer welcomed the citys social media sites. The first survey 10 a.m. to 12 Midnight at the Verona Ice the project on schedule, thereby prevent- Re: Resolution No. R-17-023 Approving
1. An application for Informal Admin- officers and offered them the full support is a question about the aquatic facility. A Arena, 451 E. Verona Avenue. Motion ing the risk of project delays or loss of a Loan Agreement between the City of
istration was filed. of the City Council. new question will be posted on a regular by Touchett, seconded by Reekie, to federal funds. Touchett and Diaz asked Verona and the Verona Area Community
2. The decedent, with date of birth B. Verona Road Business Coalition basis, to engage citizens and get feed- approve a Special Event Permit for Ve- for unanimous consent to change the Theater, Inc. The Verona Area Community
February 26, 1924 and date of death Project Manager, Cindy Jaggi, updated back. A report on the results of each of rona Fest on Saturday, September 23, motion to read as follows: Motion by Theater, Inc. (VACT) is building a build-
March 24, 2017, was domiciled in Dane the Council on the coalitions efforts and the surveys will be provided. 2017 from 10 a.m. to 12 Midnight at the Touchett, seconded by Diaz, to approve ing at 103 Lincoln Street. VACT received
County, State of Wisconsin, with a mail- initiatives, and thanked the council for * The farmers market is coming back Verona Ice Arena, 451 E. Verona Avenue, Resolution No. R-17-022 Acquisition of $1.4 million in donations for the project,
ing address of 408 Marietta Street, Vero- budget support offered to the coalition in to Hometown Junction Park on Tuesdays contingent upon receipt of a certificate Property Related to County Highway M and requested $300,000 from the Citys
na, WI 53593. 2016 and 2017. from 3:30 7:30 p.m. beginning May 2nd, of insurance listing the City of Verona as and County Highway PD Project. There Revolving Loan Fund Program to finish
3. All interested persons waived no- Mayor Hochkammer thanked Jaggi and will run through October 31st the certificate holder, and a criminal his- were no objections. Motion carried 8-0. the project. The Verona Economic Devel-
tice. and the coalition for the hard work they * The memorial at Hometown Junc- tory of the applicant by the Verona Police Touchett stated that because Item opment Commission approved the loan
4. The deadline for filing a claim put in. This service could be what makes tion Park is complete. Department. Motion carried 8-0. 9.C.(3) was approved, it is not neces- application and is recommending a loan
against the decedents estate is July 28, or breaks a business, or stops them from 8. Engineers Report: (4) Discussion and Possible Action sary to take up Items 9.C.(4), 9.C.(5), and package containing two loans for com-
2017. relocating. * CTH PD Reconstruction, Shady Re: A Temporary Class B Retailers 9.C.(6). pletion of the building:
5. A claim may be filed at the Dane C. Mayor Hochkammer read the 2017 Oak Lane to Woods Road Paving and License for Verona Fest on September (4) Discussion and Possible Ac- * Loan A - $200,000 at 2% interest for
County Courthouse, 215 S. Hamilton Arbor Day Proclamation, and designated curb and gutter along the north side of 23, 2017 at 451 E. Verona Avenue from tion Re: A Purchase Agreement for Sale 10 years
Street, Madison, Wisconsin, Room 1000. April 28, 2017 as Arbor Day in the City of the west bound lanes and median have 12 Noon to 12 Midnight, Michael OBrien, of Real Estate for Land at Parcel 13 of * Loan B - $100,000 at 2% interest
Danell Behrens Verona. been poured. Watermain installation up Agent. Motion by Touchett, seconded by Transportation Project Plat 5992-09-81. for 5 years, with payment of interest only
Deputy Probate Registrar D. Citizen Committee Appointments to the CTH PD/Northern Lights intersec- Reekie, to approve a Temporary Class The Common Council took no action on until the end of the loan Mayor Hochkam-
April 19, 2017 Mayor Hochkammer recommended tion will begin in early May. B Retailers License for the Verona this item. mer stated having a loan through the city
Atty. Marilyn A. Dreger the following citizen committee and com- * Signal Design for old PB/Whalen Hockey Association for Verona Fest on (5) Discussion and Possible Ac- protects us. If there were a loan through
200 W. Verona Avenue mission appointments: Road, S. Main St./Paoli St, W. Verona September 23, 2017 at 451 E. Verona Ave- tion Re: A Purchase Agreement for Sale another lender, the city would take the
Verona, WI 53593 Cemetery Board: Three-Year Term Ave./West End Circle Conduit has nue from 12 Noon to 12 Midnight, Michael of Real Estate for Land at Parcel 11 of second lienholder position.
(608) 845-9899 Evan Touchett Chair of Public been installed for Whalen /Old PB, and OBrien, Agent, contingent upon receipt Transportation Project Plat 5992-09-81. Motion by Diaz, seconded by Doyle,
Bar Number: 1001608 Works Sewer and Water Committee West End Circle/West Verona Avenue. of a certificate of insurance listing the The Common Council took no action on to approve Resolution No. R-17-023 ap-
Published: May 4, 11 and 18, 2017 Brian Lamers Finance Director Sidewalk and curb and gutter are being City of Verona as the certificate holder, this item. proving a loan agreement between the
WNAXLP David Walker Parks Director replaced, and light pole bases have been and a criminal history of the applicant (6) Discussion and Possible Action City of Verona and the Verona Area Com-
Art Cresson Citizen Member poured. by the Verona Police Department. Motion Re: A Jurisdictional Offer and Award of munity Theater, Inc., contingent upon the
*** Georgia Zink Citizen Member * AECOM is working on the design carried 8-0. Damages for Parcel 11 of Transportation VACT ground lease being approved by
Community Development Authority: for the senior center, old library and pub- C. Public Works/Sewer & Water Project 5992-09-81. The Common Council the Common Council at the May 8, 2017
CITY OF VERONA Four-Year Term lic library parking lots, sidewalks and li- Committee took no action on this item. Common Council meeting. Motion car-
MINUTES Errin Welty brary entrance reconstruction (1) Discussion and Possible Action (7) Discussion and Possible Action ried 7-1, with Alder McGilvray abstaining.
COMMON COUNCIL Steve Rudolph 9. Committee Reports: Re: Change Order No. 1 for the Down- Re: A Developers Agreement for 116 Additionally, McGilvray did not partici-
Fitch-Rona EMS Commission: Two- A. Finance Committee town Streetscape Project, Stages 2 & 3. Paoli Street. pate in discussion or voting on this item
APRIL 24, 2017 Year Term (1) Discussion and Possible Action Motion by Touchett, seconded by Diaz, Motion by Touchett, seconded by as a member of the Economic Develop-
VERONA CITY HALL Nancy Bartlett Re: Payment of Bills. Motion by McGil- to approve Change Order No. 1 for the Diaz, to approve a developers agreement ment Commission.
1. Mayor Hochkammer called the Library Board: Three-Year Term vray, seconded by Doyle, to approve the Downtown Streetscape Project, Stages for 116 Paoli Street. This lot was owned B. Discussion and Possible Action
meeting to order at 7:07 p.m. Christopher Hopp payment of bills in the amount of 2 & 3. by the city as the old entrance to the Re: Approval of Operator Licenses. Mo-
2. Pledge of Allegiance Parks, Recreation and Forestry $684,121.15. Motion carried 8-0. This change order rectifies the as- public works facility, and was sold to tion by McGilvray, seconded by Reekie,
3. Roll call: Alderpersons Luke Diaz, Commission: Three-Year Term McGilvray stated the city inter- phalt material and paving for the drive- the owner of 120 Paoli Street in 2002. A to approve the following operator license
Elizabeth Doyle, Sarah Gaskell, Jack Mark Giesfeldt viewed investment service providers. way patches along the project, at a cost residential dwelling is being proposed applications: Reba R. McClone and Kara
Linder, Mac McGilvray, Heather Reekie, Paul Schmidt Tonight the Finance Committee voted of $6,732. It also provides a non-degrad- for 116 Paoli Street. An 8-inch water main M. Honerbaum for Fisher King Winery;
Brad Stiner and Evan Touchett present. Plan Commission: Three-Year Term unanimously to choose Dana Investment able expansion joint between the pavers owned by the city, and protected by a Bryan J. Hopping for Hop Haus Brewing
Also present: City Administrator Jeff Scott Manley Services to work with the city. section and the sidewalk/curb to prevent utility easement, is part of this property. Co., Wesley C. Becker for Kwik Trip #456;
Mikorski, Public Works Director Theran Police and Fire Commission: Five- B. Public Safety & Welfare Commit- paver cracking, at a cost of $47,772.00. The owners have agreed to relocate the Amanda M. Siebers for Kwik Trip #837;
Jacobson, Chief of Police Bernie Cough- Year Term tee Parisi was successful in using this same water main to the Senior Center driveway, Lisa A. Korth and Michelle K. Hahn for
lin, Police Officer Dylan Heinz, Police Of- Delora Newton (1) Discussion and Possible Action material in downtown Madison. Motion at their own expense, and connect to the Sugar River Pizza; Elizabeth M. Hoyer
ficer Jordan Lueck, City Attorney Bryan Tourism Commission: One-Year Re: A Special Event Permit Application carried 8-0. existing water main in the Senior Center for Verona Mobil; Elizabeth K. DuPlayee
Kleinmaier, City Engineer Jeff Montpas, Term from Michael OBrien for Hometown Brew (2) Discussion and Possible Action parking lot. The work is required to be for Verona Woods Restaurant; and Arian-
City Clerk Ellen Clark, and Verona Road Jack Linder Alder Down on Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 451 Re: Amendment No. 1 for Hicks Compa- completed in conjunction with the Senior na L. Millard for Vincenzo Citgo. Motion
Business Coalition Representative Cindy Charlie Eggen Representative East Verona Avenue from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. ny Real Estate Acquisition Professional Center parking lot reconstruction project. carried 8-0.
Jaggi. from the Hotel Industry Motion by Touchett, seconded by Reek- Services for the CTH PD Project, Woods City Attorney Kleinmaier asked that the 12. Announcements:
4. Public Comment: Jason Hunt Citizen Member ie, to approve a Special Event Permit for Road to CTH M. Motion by Touchett, sec- contingency of final review and approval * Stiner stated May 6th begins ga-
* Mike Goldberg, 405 Lucerne Dr., Halley Jones Citizen Member Hometown Brew Down on Saturday, July onded by Diaz, to approve Amendment by the Public Works Director, City Admin- rage sales in the area. Please be careful
#303 spoke regarding the opportunities Scott Stewart Citizen Member 15, 2017, at 451 East Verona Avenue from No. 1 for istrator and City Attorney be added to the driving in these areas.
available to bring growth and vitality to Zoning Board of Appeals: Three- 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., contingent upon receipt Hicks Company Real Estate Ac- motion for this item. Touchett and Diaz * Stiner thanked DPW Jacobson for
downtown Verona, and his disappoint- Year Term of a certificate of insurance listing the quisition Professional Services for the agreed to the amended motion. Motion his communications with residents at
ment in the generic types of businesses Steve Heinzen Chair City of Verona as the certificate holder, CTH PD Project, Woods Road to CTH M. carried 8-0. Noel Manor regarding the downtown re-
that are going up on E. Verona Avenue Mike Long and a criminal history of the applicant This amendment includes services for 10. Old Business construction project.
* Alder Stiner spoke on behalf of the Vacant positions on the Zoning by the Verona Police Department. Motion appraisal of an additional parcel, and A. Discussion and Possible Action 13. Adjournment:
Verona Historical Society to express their Board of Appeals will be filled at a future carried 8-0 additional work on four other parcels. Re: Selection of a City Council Repre- Motion by Touchett, seconded by
pleasure with the restoration process at meeting. (2) Discussion and Possible Action The amendment cost is $11,200. Motion sentative to the Plan Commission. Mayor Reekie, to adjourn at 8:24 p.m. Motion
the Matts House Motion by Diaz, seconded by Doyle, Re: A Temporary Class B Retailers carried 8-0. Hochkammer asked for nominations for carried 8-0.
5. Approval of Minutes from the April to approve the citizen committee appoint- License for Hometown Brew Down from (3) Discussion and Possible Action the City Council Representative to the Ellen Clark
10, 2017 Common Council Meeting and ments as recommended. Motion carried Ice, Inc. Motion by Touchett, seconded Re: Resolution No. R-17-022 Acquisi- Plan Commission. Alderperson Doyle City Clerk
the April 18, 2017 Common Council Orga- 8-0. by Reekie, to approve a Temporary Class tion of Property Related to County High- nominated Alderperson Diaz as the Published: May 11, 2017
nizational Meeting: 7. Administrators Report: B Retailers License for Ice, Inc. on way M and County Highway PD Project. City Council Representative to the Plan WNAXLP
Motion by Reekie, seconded by Mc- * The downtown streetscape project Saturday, July 15, 2017 from 1 p.m. to 6 Motion by Touchett, seconded by Diaz, Commission. Alderperson McGilvray
Gilvray, to approve the minutes of the is moving along on time. Beginning on p.m. at 451 E. Verona Avenue, Michael to approve Resolution No. R-17-022 Ac- nominated Alderperson Linder as the ***

342 Boats & Accessories NEED HANDYMAN. Full-time, basic 431 Education of age. The energetic candidate must
Returned Merchandise Auction 16 FT. Mirrocraft Super Fisherman. 50
skills, plumbing, drywall repair, and other
apartment repairs. Need own vehicle. SCHOOL-AGED TEACHER After School
have successfully completed the Asst.
and Teacher classes along with being
2 AUCTIONS 2 WEEKENDS - EVERYTHING MUST GO hp. Honda, Shoreliner trailer, GPS, troll-
ing motor, make an offer. 608-513-1920
No after-hours calls. $18-$20/hour. Meyer Clubs, Incorporated is now hiring Teach-
ers for our School-Aged program located
an experienced Teacher in a childcare
72 Easy Street Benton, WI 53803
Realty & Management. 608-219-2436. setting. We provide a great working envi-
2009 MIRROCRAFT 16ft Troller. Evin- in Oregon, serving children 5-13 years ronment and flexibility of scheduling for
Powers Auction: 608-439-5761 or Dan Powers: 608-214-1883 rude 40hp E-TEC mortor. $7400. 608- our dedicated staff members. If you enjoy
234-2933 working with children and making a differ-
Open Houses: Friday, May 12th & Friday, May 19th: 9 AM 4 PM
SA T U R D A Y , M A Y 13, 2017 @ 9 A M
402 Help Wanted, General VERONA DRIVERS WANTED ence. please call Jamie, Janelle or Lisa
at 835-9808 or you may send a resume
to ASC, 276 Soden Drive, Oregon, WI
Lawn & Garden Recreational Equipment Tools Lighting TIME. Great Salon,. great people, great 53575
Hardware Home Security Technological Devices location. Perks and benefits. Debbie 608- 444 Construction,
835-3666 or
Blue Giant Pallet Jack. Pride Sundance Electric Chair. Yardman Wood Full/Part Time Positions Available Trades & Automotive
LOOKING FOR Pickup Driver. Must had Drive Locally andWages
Excellent Support your Community
Chipper. Honda Pocket Rocket Motorcycle. Canoe & Kayak. 12 CDL, prefer cattle hauling experience. HORIZON MANAGEMENT is hiring a
Aluminum Boat. (2) Modified Racing Go-Carts. JD 2305 HST Garden Good driving record with good work refer- Badger
Paid BusTraining
Offers: part-time Property Manager in Verona.
$150 Sign-On Bonus for Van Drivers Please Apply Online:
Tractor. Taotao GK-110 Black 2 Seater Go-Cart. Model T Shriner Car. ences. Pays weekly, $12/hr plus benefits. CDL Program
Serious requiries only. Please reply to
JD X730 Mower. Cub Cadet GT2550 Mower. &13' MUCH, MUCH
Polaris MORE.
Ranger XP
$500 Sign-On Bonus
Signing Bonusfor Qualified School Bus Drivers
900, EFI, 4WD, 1 Owner. 16' Polaris Sportsman ETX, EFI, AWD - NEW.
Paid Training and Available
Bonus to get in
your CDL 2-3 individuals for residential framing,

Full and and
Part-Time Verona
Positions Available Experience preferred, but will train. Pay
SA T U R D A Y , M A Y 20, 2017 @ 9 A M based on experience and Driver's license

Apply Locally at: 219 Paoli St., Verona, WI required. Call 608-513-7618
Sporting Goods Bikes Pool Accessories Exercise Equipment PAR Concrete, Inc. Call: 608-845-2255 or Go Online:
449 Driver, Shipping
Baseball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball Accessories Hunting,
Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking, Coolers, Plus MUCH, MUCH More! Driveways & Warehousing
CDL-A DRIVERS -OTR: $1200-$1300/
FOR MORE PHOTOS & INFORMATION: WWW.POWERSAUCTION.COM Floors wk! Dedicated runs! Out one week at a
TERMS: All Items Must Be Paid the Day of Sale by Cash, Check, or Credit W/ 4% Fee. 10% Buyers Patios time! Benefits. Pneumatic. good MVR.
319-754-1944 x112
Premium Applies (Not to exceed $250 per Item) 5.5% WI Sales Tax Applies. Powers Auction Service is Sidewalks
NOT responsible for items once sold. All items sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS. DRIVERS CDL-A: Home Daily!! $1k
Decorative Concrete Capital City Transfer Storage Unit Contents

$1,200 gross. PAID weekly, Stellar Ben-

Powers Auction Service
2445 E Hwy 11 - South Wayne, WI 53587 Phil Mountford 516-4130 (cell) Saturday, May 13th - Auction 10:00 a.m. - Preview - 8:30 a.m. efits! Holidays, bonuses, 401k. Hauling
cement. 319-754-1944 x112
608-439-5761 or Email: 835-5129 (office) 204 Industrial Drive - Verona, WI 53593 EXPERIENCED DRIVERS: Earn an
See for additional details + photos average of $70k/yr while Enjoying full
Directions: F- From 18-151 - Exit #77 (Hwy. 69) Turn North on Paoli St., Turn West benefits for you & your family, paid for by
Increase Your sales opportunitiesreach over 1.2 million households! Holland Tired of sleeper cabs? With Hol-
on 9 Mound Rd. to Industrial Drive. Look for Hawley Sale signs.
Advertise in our Wisconsin Advertising Network System. Auctioneers Note: Contents of the vaults will be unpacked.
land- stay in a hotel instead! Weekend
For information call 835-6677. home time! Visit: or
Auction items: - Furniture - sofas, love seats, chairs, end tables, call: 855-217 7557
AGRICULTURAL/FARMINGSERVICES HEALTH AND BEAUTY coffee tables, dining tables, nightstands, dressers, electronics,
Our Sportsmen will Pay Top $$$ To hunt your land. Call for a IF YOU USED THE BLOOD THINNER XARELTO and suffered 451 Janitorial & Maintenance
Free Base Camp Leasing info packet & Quote. 1-866-309-1507 internal bleeding, hemorrhaging, required hospitalization
speakers, Craftsman toolboxes, antiques, NEW mattresses, WE ARE looking for a few good people to (CNOW) or a loved one died while taking Xarelto between 2011 and washer, dryer, cabinets, stools, books, toys, linens, DVDs, metal join our evening cleaning crew! Part-time
the present time, you may be entitled to compensation. Call shelving, battery charger, Nomad bike trailer --- Still Unpacking! positions with the possibility of full time
Attorney Charles H. Johnson 1-800-535-5727 (CNOW) **Purchases must be removed the day of the sale. available. Located in the Oregon area.
SAWMILLS from only $4397.00- MAKE & SAVE MONEY with Flexible start times and no weekends!
your own bandmill- Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to HELP WANTED- TRUCK DRIVER Please come prepared.** Diversified Building Maintenance, 1105 N.
ship! FREE Info/DVD: 1-800-578- OTR DRY VAN & FLATBED DRIVERS-STOUGHTON Terms: Cash, checks, credit cards, 10% Buyers Fee plus 5.5% sales tax. Not Touson Dr, Janesville, WI 53546. 1-608-
1363 Ext. 300N (CNOW) TRUCKING. Small company, youre FAMILY! NEW Pay responsible for accidents/losses, any guarantees or warranties. Announcements 752-9455. Call or stop in to start your
KILL BED BUGS & THEIR EGGS! Buy Harris Bed Bug Killers/ Package Safety Bonus Paid Vacation/Holidays. made at sale take precedence over advertised material. new career!
KIT Complete Treatment System. Available: Hardware Stores, Fuel Bonus Yearly Increase Health/Dental WI REG. AUCTIONEER: A. G. Hawley #256 & Mark Rasmussen #2035-052 THEY SAY people dont read those little
The Home Depot, (CNOW) Insurance Short-Term Disability Life Insurance $1000 2669 County Rd. P, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572 ads, but YOU read this one, didnt you?
Sign-On Bonus Pet/Passenger Policy. (608) 873-2922; Curt@ Taking Quality Consignments & Estates Call now to place your ad, 873-6671 or (CNOW) 608-437-4650 adno=520848-01 835-6677.
adno=521303-01 May 11, 2017 The Verona Press
452 General 740 Houses For Rent
Get Connected
Located behind SELF-STORAGE
OFFICE CLEANING in Stoughton Mon- BROOKLYN/EVANSVILLE Country Only 6 miles South of
Fri 5pm-9pm. Visit our website: www. 2 bedroom, 20 min. south of Madison Stoughton Garden Center
Convenient Dry Secure Verona on Hwy PB. or call our office: $950+ utilities. CA. Appliances. W/D
Lighted with access 24/7 Variety of sizes available now. Find updates and links right away.
608-831-8850 hookup, Non-Smokers. No Pets. June 10x10=$60/month
Bank Cards Accepted
516 Cleaning Services
1st. 608-843-7098
Off North Hwy 51 on 10x15=$70/month Add us on Facebook and
750 Storage Spaces For Rent Oak Opening Dr. behind
10x25=$90/month Twitter as Verona Press
Stoughton Garden Center
LLC- Your hometown Residential Clean- Call: 608-509-8904 12x30=$115/month
ing Company. 608-719-8884 or garth@ ALL SEASONS SELF STORAGE Call 608-424-6530 or 10X10 10X15 10X20 10X30 1-888-878-4244
Security Lights-24/7 access DEER POINT STORAGE
548 Home Improvement
Help Wanted
BRAND NEW Convenient location behind NORTH PARK STORAGE
OREGON/BROOKLYN Stoughton Lumber. 10x10 through 10x40, plus
A&B ENTERPRISES Credit Cards Accepted Clean-Dry Units
Light Construction Remodeling 14x40 with 14' door for
CALL (608)444-2900 24 HOUR LIGHTED ACCESS RV & Boats.
No job too small 5x10 thru 12x25
608-835-7791 Come & go as you please.
CLASSIFIED AD DEADLINE IS Noon 608-335-3337 608-873-5088
Friday for The Great Dane and Noon
HALLINAN-PAINTING Monday for the Verona Press unless THEY SAY people dont read those little OREGON SELF-STORAGE
WALLPAPERING changed because of holiday work sched- ads, but YOU read this one, didnt you? 10x10 through 10x25
**Great-Spring-Rates** ules. Call now to place your ad, 873-6671 Call now to place your ad, 873-6671 or month to month lease
35 + Years Professional or 835-6677. 835-6677. Call Karen Everson at
Interiior-Exterior CLASSIFIED AD DEADLINE IS NOON 608-835-7031 or
CLASSIFIEDS, 873-6671 or 835-6677. It

Class A Semi-Driver
Free-Estimates Monday FOR THE Verona Press Veronica Matt at 608-291-0316
pays to read the fine print.
Monday - Friday
RECOVER PAINTING Offers carpentry, 6x10 thru 10x25
Market Street/Burr Oak Street
Generally Home Every Night
drywall, deck restoration and all forms of
painting Recover urges you to join in the in Oregon
fight against cancer, as a portion of every Call 608-520-0240

Must be 21 years old and have

job is donated to cancer research. Free
estimates, fully insured, over 20 years of UNION ROAD STORAGE
experience. Call 608-270-0440. Registered Nurses 10x10 - 10x15
10x20 - 12x30
2 years CDL experience.

554 Landscaping, Lawn, Oregon Manor is seeking dedicated part-time RNs for PM 24 / 7 Access
Tree & Garden Work shift. Potential candidates with good communication skills, Security Lights & Cameras
ART'S LAWNCARE: Mowing, trimming,
roto-tilling. Rough mowing available. 608-
energetic and hard working to join our team. Experience
Credit Cards Accepted
1128 Union Road
Call Kevin at 608-444-6778
235-4389 in long term care preferred but willing to train the right Oregon, WI
LAWN MOWING candidate. Benefits include competitive wages and Located on the corner of
Residential & Commercial insurance. This position requires a WI RN license. Union Road & Lincoln Road
Fully Insured.
608-873-7038 or 608-669-0025
Part-Time and Full-Time CNAs 801 Office Space For Rent GET OUTTA THE
RIGHT HAND MAN Services: Spring
lawn mowing & trimming, cleaning, etc.
Over 17 years experience. Call Jer 608-
We offer competitive wages and benefits.
Qualified candidates need a current WI CNA license.
In Oregon facing 15th hole
338-9030. on golfcourse

Apply at: Free Wi-Fi, Parking and

602 Antiques & Collectibles Security System or Conference rooms available
COLUMBUS ANTIQUE MALL EOE call Janet at (608) 835-3535 Kitchenette-Breakroom
& CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Autumn Woods Prof. Centre
MUSEUM Marty 608-835-3628
"Wisconsin's Largest Antique Mall"!
Customer Appreciation Week
20% DISCOUNT June 5-11
Engineering Industries, Inc. 970 Horses
Jump behind the wheel
Enter daily 8am-4pm 78,000 SF Making Plastic Parts Since 1963 WALMERS TACK SHOP
200 Dealers in 400 Booths
100% Employee Owned
16379 W. Milbrandt Road and get your wheels going somewhere
Third floor furniture, locked cases Evansville, WI
Location: 239 Whitney St
If you are a responsible individual who is attentive to Dont sit back and spin your wheels aimlessly. Drive
Columbus, WI 53925
990 Farm: Service your truck, your career and your life forward with
Road Construction Hwy 151 Exit 120
detail and likes to work in a clean, climate controlled & Merchandise
always open to Antique Mall facility, we may have a position for you. We are purpose as a respected member of the Schneider team.
currently hiring: MINI-EXCAVATORS
652 Garage Sales
STOUGHTON - 1301 Nygaard St. Boys
Plastic Injection Press Operators and these attachments. Concrete
breaker, posthole auger, landscape rake,
concrete bucket, pallet forks, trencher,
NB-8, TOYS, baby gear, women's+,
men's, and misc. household. May 10-12. Our starting rate is $12.15 per hour on days and rock hound, broom, teleboom, stump Get traction in your career
Check Craigslist for more and hours. $12.90 per hour on nights. grinder. 800-44-PRIDE

By the day, week, or month.
STOUGHTON- 1517 Matthew Way 5/13, Carter & Gruenewald Co.
5/14, 5/20, 5/21, 5/27 and 5/28. MOVING We offer excellent benefits including Health & Dental 4417 Hwy 92
SALE Furniture, beds, Mary Kay and Insurance after 60 days. Brooklyn, WI, 608-455-2411
much more
STOUGHTON- 518 N Harrison St May 12 Our production hours are:
8am-5pm, May 13 8am-3pm. Misc House- Days: 7:50am to 5:50pm

hold, bikes, books, clothes, and more
STOUGHTON- 711 Devonshire Rd 5/11- Nights: 5:45pm to 3:45am
5/12 8am-5pm, 5/13 8am-1pm. Multi-fam- Four Day Work Week - (Monday - Thursday)
ily Garage Sale. Antiques, kitchen and
household items, pictures frames, gal- Please stop at our corporate office to complete an
vanized tool box for S-10, bikes, and
much more! application.
664 Lawn & Garden 407 S. Nine Mound Rd., Verona, WI 53593

Excellent Starting Wages and Benefits

PLANT SALE earlier this year. May Equal Opportunity Employer
13-14 9am 4pm . 1690 Tower Valley Rd
off 51 and Tower Dr, south of Stoughton

696 Wanted To Buy

WE BUY Junk Cars and Trucks.
We sell used parts.
Employee Travel Discounts
Monday thru Friday 8am-5:30pm.
Newville Auto Salvage, 279 Hwy 59
Edgerton, 608-884-3114

705 Rentals
514 S ACADEMY, Stoughton. Large
3-bedroom. Lower of 2-flat. Hardwoods,
large deck,washer/dryer in unit. AC. Extra
large garage Large backyard. Cats/dogs
ok. $1260 inc. heat and electric. Available
August 1 Call Jim: 608-444-6084. New Glarus Home, Inc. has
Apartments for Seniors 55+, currently available positions in New Glarus:
has 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $795 per month, includes
heat, water, and sewer.
RN House Charge Shift Supervisors 515 W. Verona Ave. Verona, WI 53593 613 W. Verona Ave. Verona, WI 53593
608-835-6717 Located at:
139 Wolf St., Oregon, WI 53575
PM and Nights Full-Time and 608-497-4500 608-845-3000
OREGON 2-Bedroom in quiet, well-kept Part-Time Shift Options
building. Convenient location. Includes all
appliances, A/C, blinds, private parking, RN $2,000 Sign On Part-Time PM .6 Holiday Inn Express & Suites and Fairfield Inn & Suites
laundry, storage. $200 security deposit.
Cats OK. $690/month. 608-219-6677
STOUGHTON 1616 Kenilworth Ct.
RN or LPN $2,000 Sign On Bonus are currently hiring for the following positions:
Large 2-BR apts available now. Part-Time .6 & .5 Night Shift
Pets welcome. Many feature new wood Breakfast Host
laminate flooring. Universal Care Worker
$775-$825/mo. 608-831-4035. Full-Time Night Shift (Part-Time or Every Other Weekend)
VERONA 1&2 Bedroom Apartment $655-
$820. Available May 1 and June 1. Small We have awesome staff, great benefits, and
24 unit building. Includes heat, hot water,
water & sewer, off-street parking, fully differentials for PMs, Nights, and Weekends. We Housekeeping/Laundry
carpeted, dishwasher and coin operated
laundry and storage in basement. Con-
are non-profit, and are dedicated to providing (Full-Time or Part-Time)
venient to Madison's west side. Call KC excellent care to our residents!
at 608-273-0228 to view your new home.

720 Apartments For more information, visit: Weekend availability is required for all positions
55+. 1 & 2 bedroom units available
starting at $795 per month. Includes To apply, e-mail your resume to Email your resume or request an application at

heat, water and sewer. Professionally

managed. Located at
300 Silverado Drive, Stoughton, WI
53589 608-877-9388 Equal Opportunity Employer
24 The Verona Press - May 11, 2017

Quality Bloomers at
Reasonable Prices.
Come Visit Wisconsins
Premier Grower of
Quality Bedding Plants &
Hanging Baskets.
Kopkes Koupon

Save up to $3 MOTHERS DAY

50 Off

Perennials AVAILABLE!
At Kopkes with koupon. Limit 6 per koupon.
Limit 1 koupon per kustomer per day.
Valid 5/10/17 - 5/15/17. #1251

Kids Only Koupon

1 Off 00
Any Plant for Mom
At Kopkes with koupon. Limit one per koupon.
Limit 1 koupon per kid per day. Age 16 or under.
Valid 5/10/17 - 5/14/17.
Receive a $100.00 Kopke Gift
#1328 Card with your purchase of
an E-Bike from
Kopkes Koupon Crazy Lennys E-Bikes!
1 Off 00 (6017 Odana Rd., Madison)
Sale good thru Mother's Day!
Any Hanging Basket HOURS:
At Kopkes with koupon. Limit one per koupon. MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:30AM-7:30PM;
Limit 2 koupons per kustomer per day.
Valid 5/10/17 - 5/15/17.
#1329 Visit the Stoughton Area Farmers Market
on Friday mornings in front of Dollar General
Directions from Stoughton:
Beautiful Town of Dunn Take 138 toward Oregon. Go past Eugsters Farm
Market, one mile and turn right on Sunrise Rd. Go one
more mile then turn left on Town Line Rd. Continue on

1828 Sandhill Rd. Oregon, WI 608-835-7569 to Sand Hill Rd. (approximately one mile) and turn right.
Directions from Fitchburg:

When in Stoughton, visit our sales house located Take Fish Hatchery Road south to Netherwood Road.
Turn left and go through Oregon past Walgreens to a

in the Dollar General parking lot left on Sand Hill Road.
Directions from Verona:
Take Cty. M to Fish Hatchery Rd. Turn right and go to
Koupons & sale prices honored at both locations Netherwood Road. Turn left at Netherwood Rd. through
Oregon past Walgreens to a left on Sand Hill Rd.

Support Local Agriculture. Shop Outside the Box Stores! adno=514782-01