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A long time ago, in a classroom far, far away..

Midi-Chlorians Research
Midi-Chlorians are smaller than microscopic particles that when present in high numbers turn people into Jedis
and even makes up the force itself. Scientists have had difficulties studying these Midi-Chlorians because
without the power of the Jedi, Midi-Chlorians are hard to control and contain. However, scientists have been
able to discover that when they are not being manipulated into force pushes and force lightning, Midi-Chlorians
travel along Electromagnetic Waves. Using your extremely technical and futuristic technology known as the
Cardboard Eye Circle, you will be able to detect and scatter Electromagnetic Waves into the parts of visible
light. Answer the following questions.

1. Since Midi-Chlorians travel along Electromagnetic Waves, do they have to have a medium to travel through?

2. When using the Cardboard Eye Circle, what are the colors that you were able to locate when the EM
Waves were broken into visible light?

3. Since Midi-Chlorians travel along EM waves, find which areas of the room has the highest amounts of EM
waves. List those here.

4. What areas of the room would have the least amount of Midi-Chlorians present?

5. Using your Cardboard Eye Circle, look around the room at each individual in the classroom. Based off of
your observations, which fellow student do you believe has the highest number of Midi-Chlorians around them
and could therefore one day become a Jedi?
Investigating the Speed of Force Push Waves

Jedis like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu are well known for their ability to control the force and use it to
create a force push which is a powerful wave of energy that can knock multiple droids or Clone Troopers over
at once. The fast moving force creates a wave of energy that scientists are now able to track and measure.

1. Draw 3 waves from a force push and label the following parts:

Crest, Trough, Wavelength, Amplitude

2. During the Battle of Geonosis, both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu used the Force Push 10 times. Use
the data to graph the force push waves. Use two different colors to represent each Jedi (helpful hint, Obi-Wan
Kenobis light saber is blue and Mace Windus is purple).

Obi-Wan Travel time Distance Force Mace Windu Travel time Distance Force
Kenobi (Minutes) Push Traveled (Minutes) Push Traveled
from Jedi from Jedi
(Meters) (Meters)

1st Force Push 2 40 1st Force Push 1 65

2nd Force Push 4 22 2nd Force Push 3 16

3rd Force Push 6 52 3rd Force Push 4 54

4th Force Push 8 17 4th Force Push 6 20

5th Force Push 10 60 5th Force Push 7 96

6th Force Push 12 11 6th Force Push 8 7

7th Force Push 14 74 7th Force Push 9 70

8th Force Push 16 5 8th Force Push 10 34

9th Force Push 18 82 9th Force Push 12 88

10th Force Push 20 19 10th Force Push 13 40

Distance of Force Push (Meters)

Force Push Travel Time (Minutes)

3. Did Obi-Wan Kenobi or Mace Windu have a higher frequency of Force Waves?

4. Did Obi-Wan Kenobi or Mace Windu show the use of more energy for their force pushes? How do you

Blaster Cores
In order for the Rebel Alliance to be able to defeat the Empire, they must be equipped not only with Wookies
and Yoda; they also depend on the use of blasters. The blaster pistol fires bursts of light-based energy called
bolts. Blasters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, delivering a wide range of damage capability. What most
people do not realize about blasters is that the core creates a sound wave that then pushes the light blast out of
the gun. Today, you will be testing the sound wave creating ability of blaster cores.

1. Using the pink rubber core tester, hold the core in one hand and gently tap the core with the pink tester.
Did you create a vibration? Did the vibration create a sound?

2. Repeat step one, but tap the core a little harder, but not too hard. Remember, this is highly technical and
expensive equipment so be careful. Did you create a vibration? Was it louder than the first trial?

3. Once again tap the core with the pink tester. Place the longest single end of the core on the desk. Are you
able to hear the vibration through the desk?

4. Is the core creating a mechanical wave or an electromagnetic wave? How do you know?

5. Is the core creating a longitudinal wave or a transform wave? How do you know?

6. Use the pink tester on the core to run your core through your own designed tests. Remember to be careful
with the cores and not to hit them hard because they will break. Write down any observations youve been able
to discover.

Lightsaber Frequencies
When a Jedi comes of age, they are able to construct their own lightsaber. They can either collect a specific
crystal to create the core, wield their own core, or use a different substance such as stones, glass, or even
remains. The color of the lightsaber is created by the core which also gives the Jedi beneficial powers. Most
lightsabers are either blue or green for Jedis and red for Siths. However, there have been lightsabers of almost
every known shade including black.

1. Look at the following Jedis lightsaber colors. Which lightsaber would have the highest wave frequency?

Darth Vader: Red Yoda: Green Obi-Wan Kenobi: Blue Mace Windu: Purple

2. Explain why you chose the answer to number 1.

3. If you created your own lightsaber, what color would it be? What kind of frequency would it have because
of its color? How would that frequency benefit you?

Star Wars Engineer

Being an engineer is very important in the star Wars Galaxy because much of their society is reliant on
technology such as droids and transportation vehicles. As an engineer student, design a droid or transportation
vehicle for the Star Wars Galaxy. Explain what the function is of your design. Label the design and include the
types of energy it will use and produce as well as the types of waves.