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ROAD TRIP Museum of Everyday Life us Quirky destination not just another roadside attraction Robert Kine Sure, you con fly to Paris and standin along ne tthe Lovee to gv tthe "Mona Lis” or visit Amends Rijksmuseum o join a crowd ofhartied museum gocrs hows with one another and eraning their necks ‘lear view of Rembrand's “The Night Watch” ‘nhy botber when you can save a bundle of money (and time, stress and frustration) by motoring upto Glover Vermont's Musoum of Everyday Life and ehecking out some of its masterpieces such as an exhibit of belly bution Aust dress made of safety pins, p ‘way around the world when a muse ‘um thar is devoted 0, sits manifexo states, “a Tove fo the sminascale and unglamorous fives ofthe unfarous" is it up the road? “And we're fie and open pretty much very day from 8 am, 08 pm.” says Clare Dolan, ‘he mseunn’s “Chief Operating Philesopher (aad curate s she sips a cup of song caer fanous museums, "We welcome our masa goers o touch ou eb, Weare a very demo trate, hands-on, sel sevice kind of ple “The museum's manifesto reflects Don's ieonolast view of museums, proclaiming, “Daven with the ftishistic worship of ‘authen- tie works by the Famous!” and “Up with 3 sew kind of muscum, ving and breathing and 130 ne = UNDER ARMOUR, *ARTER'S & OSHKOSH BROOKS BROTHERS PHOENIX BOOKS HAMMER FIT 4 MOTION sTUDIO ) VAN HEUSEN f oRvis GYMBOREE LANE BRYANT JOCKEY GH. BASS RACE ‘SNOW DROP HANES: > ESSEX CINEMAS HANNAFORD CHRISTOPHER & BANKS FAMOUS FOOTWEAR KITCHEN COLLECTION SWEET CLOVER MARKET ESSEXOUTLETS.COM 21 ESSEX WAY, ESSEX, VT 05452 wLike us on Ei Facebook won facebook comipages/essexrt = we ROAD TRIP as commen as din” Tn less bombs vein, Sign atthe museum's entrance reads, “Tous are self-guided, To vew museum, please tum on lights here. Please tm of lights when you are done. Donations gay accepted” Top tht, Tate Museum Match that, MoMA Dolan, aredshin,sotspoken fe spin. founded the Museum of Everyday Life in 2011 inthe rambling old brn she had bough along with a home and five acres—on the onhcast Kingdom's Highway 16 seven years earlier. The ‘Oberlin Colle azaduate performed with the Glover-based Bread end Puppet Theater cll: tivo for neal two decades and had long con sidered starting her own museum for what she desis as “everyday” objets, The musour, which hos b n described os a large “eubinet of curiosities." is a cllabor- tion of Dolan, her fiends, and intrested strangers,“ ges the museum spat per Sonal but also community collaborative,” says Dolan, who is also an intensive care RN. a performance artist and a stilt dancing ins for. “I get contributions from people who {now my senility” For example, the recent ‘Dus exhibition included a Mason jar chook full of what looks like the contents ofa spilled ‘vacuum cleaner bag. A note fom te (loa!) donor explains, “In support of this exhibit Exquisite Yarns & Superior service since 2004 112Main Steet Montpelier Vermont 802-209-2444 it PSL OTe CTs STOWE BEVERAGE & LIQUOR STORE PCIE a RO AES SRS Tent sg have not cleaned my house for 4 months: Annual exhibis have focused on rotors ratches,sflty pins pencils dst xd—begin. ing ths summers. Says Doan, “The whole museum s designed io encourage every fone to take a deeper lok tou elationship 10 these abs that We us, Se, and ouch everyday tut probsbly dr give a second thous to, They ‘e wally ot value fr their beauty and fune= tional” The museums tagline says it al “Embrkiag on mission of glaous obser Showing off « much-admited dress made of pn inthe museum's Great Halland home of is Permanent Colleton a kind of Best OF" from previous exhibits) she omtn ss “Our whole sick so sow down ook at these things ad ale ‘them, Its important io realize they are a pat fof who we are and have rich histo. As she points oa vikin made ently of ‘mahsticks bya prison amt, highlight rom ‘previous exhibit, A Celebration ofthe Match she explains, "These eve hi laccale eventhough we a a this age of high Technolgy, For example, we stil ave batons on ‘ur cctes. The Phone fas not pce eb ton. Thee isan elegance in simplicity.” ML ESSENTIALS: 482 Dry Pond Rd. lover Ve museumoeverydaylie og ai