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Noranda Mines selects Vortometric burners

for its new concept copper reactor

Profile Fuel Specification: Natural gas, a switchover system from 60 Hz

Heating of a continuous copper 80 PSI; #6 fuel oil, 220F., 250 PSI power supply on the Feed End
reactor of a new design and Input Required: Feed end of combustion air fan to utilize extra
concept. 70 ft. long, 18 ft. I/D; reactor 140,000,000 Btu/hr., single capacity of Slag End fan which is
capacity of 700 tons blister burner combination gas/oil. On operated on 25Hz power to supply
copper per day. Noranda Mines, occasion, both fuels are to be sufficient input in event of 60 Hz
Ltd. Noranda, Quebec. burned simultaneously. power failure. Metering of all fuels
Slag end of reactor 29,000,000 Btu/ and combustion air with fuel flow and
hr., gas only, but with provision for air flow recorders and integrators
was required, and temperature
compensation was required on
combustion air because variance in
temperature would be -40F. to
+90F. All combustion air to be taken
from outside of building.
Equipment Selected: Feed End;
Scaled down 140,000,000 Vortometric
Burner, using up to 28 w.c. combus-
tion air pressure, required to keep
the combustion block above the
molten metal level when the reactor
was tilted 48 on standby. Burner
fires down at an angle of 13.
Slag End; 29,000,000 Vortometric
special, firing at an angle of 30 down.
On both burners, the final 16 of the
combustion block is a solid copper
casting with water cooling to prevent
slag splash adhering to block.
Controls; Thoes selected were
electronic and supplied by Fisher.
Initial Start-Up: Initial light-off was
on gas. Manual control of the pilot on
the 140,000,000 burner is 4,000,000
input at 5 psi high pressure injector
type. Light-off on oil was also quite
easy using compressed air as the
atomizing medium. After starting
both burners manually, the system
was left on manual control until the
empty reactor was up to tempera-
ture. At one point, the 140MM
burner was running with -25F.
29MM Burner at the slag end of the
future oil burning. combustion air, 35F. atomizing air, 60
reactor. Burner shown tilted 48
Controls required: Customer psi, and 180F. #6 oil, 40 psi, at a rate
during reactor standby. L. Lambert,
requested Eclipse to design and of 300 gph, and burning clean.
inventor of the Vortometric Burner,
supply a complete control system Results: At last report, the reactor
looks on.
for this installation. Recorders, etc. had been charged and running,
were to be mounted in customers producing 700 tons per day of blister
main graphic control panel, valve copper with the burners functioning
train backplates with start-up to the customers complete satisfac-
panels adjacent to the burners and tion.

Litho in USA