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Virtual Lab: DNA Structure and Function Extracting DNA

Screen 2 Introduction: How might the ski hat found at the crime scene be used to help find the thief?

Screen 4 Why Extract DNA?: What are other reasons people may want to extract DNA? Circle all that apply.
A. to test for genetic disorders B. to identify missing persons
C. to identify a corpse D. to find out if two people are closely related
Screen 6 Make a Prediction: DNA in other materials
Can you extract DNA from mushrooms, peas, wheat germ, and paper? Do they have DNA or not?

Screen 7 Plan Your Work: Now make a plan for your extraction procedure.

Screen 8 Do It!
Observation Table
Steps What Happened?
Collect Cells

Burst Open




Screen 9 Check Other Materials: DNA in Other Materials

Materials Does this have DNA?



Wheat Germ

Screen 10 Analyze Your Results: Did your prediction come true? In what materials did you find DNA?

Screen 11 Evaluate Your Conclusions: How does your conclusion compare to how the scientists explain this?

Screen 12 Take it Further: After DNA from the hair is extracted, duplicated, and sequenced, what else must be
done to establish the identity of the art thief?

Screen 13 What Breed? How can Lucy discover her dogs breed?

Bill Nye: Forensics

Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1. What does the word forensics mean? __________________________________________

2. Would more than one person have the same fingerprint? __________________________________________

3. Do our fingers have ridges on them? Why or why not? __________________________________________

4. Write seven things you learned.

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3. 4.
5. 6.