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6 April 2017

To whom it may concern;

Reference for Kerrie Beavis

I have worked as Course Leader and Lecturer with Kerrie on the BA Media Production course for
the past 3 years. Kerrie is a conscientious student who has worked hard across the range of
platforms within this course, finally to realise her final Major project, which has involved her
writing, production managing, directing and editing a short psychological drama, on location, with
a cast of four.

Kerrie works well, independently and within teams, always constructive, inclusive and

Kerries desire to further develop her skills, knowledge and creative portfolio within Film
Production is a sensible and wholly appropriate progression in light of her development thus far.

It has been a pleasure to work with Kerrie and I whole-heartedly recommend her for study at MA

Yours faithfully,

Paul Mallison
Course Leader/Senior Lecturer

Media Production

Faculty of Creative Industries
University of South Wales, The ATRiuM