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Jordan Festge

Professor Newport

English 102 9am


Annotated Bibliography

These sources are the backbone of my research argument and will serve as information,

and evidence to the audience, to support my thesis statement. Just because humans have a right

to end pregnancies doesn't mean it is right. Abortion is wrong because it kills a life, leads to

complications for women, causes psychological damage, excludes men from the decision, and

Roe V. Wade ruling was 43 years ago. Even though, abortion advocates a woman's right to

choose her destiny is paramount, and abortion isn't morally wrong because of personhood, baby

should not be unwanted, and abortion reduces crime.

"Abortions in Massachusetts Down Nearly 11 Percent Since 2010." The latest news from around
the state, 24 Apr. 2017,
Rates-Decline-420248134.html. Accessed 25 Apr. 2017.
This online article serves as evidence that abortion is dropping in the United States. Some

of the key arguments in this article are that abortion has been dropping since 2010 about

11 percent and still decreasing. President Trump signed a bill to allow states to decide to

deny funding for abortion clinics.

The author of this source gave very good details and knowledge. I admired the data that

was given in the article. This article is for both anti-abortion and pro-abortion, and serves

ar general knowledge as to what is going on in our country.

American Adoptions.

Accessed 25 Apr. 2017.


This online article helped me explain other paths rather than abortion. It also provided

helpful information about adoption agencies and the costs of abortion. Interesting point

this article had was that adoption is less expensive than abortion and families pay for the

woman's expenses.
This online source author gave good data and information to support my argument. I

thought this source was very helpful in explaining that abortion is expensive. This article

if for the audience for abortion.

Christoffer Johansen, Joachim Schz, Anne-Marie Serena Andreasen, Susanne Oksbjerg

Dalton. . (2017) Study designs may influence results: the problems with questionnaire-

based casecontrol studies on the epidemiology of glioma. British Journal of Cancer

116:7, 841-848.

This article serves as evidence that supports one of my reasons "Abortion can lead to

complications". This article is very important to my paper because I need examples and

evidence to support my reasons and help the audience feel like my argument is secure and

The authors, of this source gave strong opinions on the matter. All of them had something

different to add in and it wasn't really a information dump. I found the article very

fascinating and helpful. This article is for the audience who do not believe abortion can

cause complications to women.

Deans, Elizabeth. Obstetrics & Gynecology, edited by William Dodson, 13 July 2015. Accessed

27 Apr. 2017.

This article serves as the counter argument to my favorite reason "Abortion can cause

complications". I added this source in because I didn't want my research paper to sound

like a one-sided argument. Deans, made some strong points by saying abortion is safer

than giving birth which I thought was interesting.

The author is extremely in favor for abortion and that abortion does not cause

complications and that it's extremely rare. This article is intended for the entire audience

and serves as information for the opposing side.

"Does Abortion Lower Crime Rates?" ABC NEWS, 4 Apr. 2006, p. 1, Accessed 24 Apr. 2017.

This news article serves as a reflector of the counter reason "Abortion reduces crime".

This article gives input as to what society views abortion and crime. This article argues

against the counter reason and promotes that crime is caused by older people in society

not young.
The author reported good informations and cited a good person that good give further

insight to the argument. I enjoyed reading this argument because it helped me understand

and realize that abortion doesnt reduce crime at all it's all lies. This article if for the

people who think abortion reduces crime.

Heisey, Monica. "Abortion affects men, too." VICE, 20 Apr. 2014, pp. 1-1+, Accessed 24 Apr. 2017.

This online article is an example and supports my reason "Abortion leaves out men".

The article make strong points and gives real life examples on how abortion can leave out

The author did a good job by interviewing anonymous men and asking them questions

and having them tell their stories about being left out of the decision. This article is for

the audience who believes the decision is only the womans.

John J. Donohue, III, Steven D. Levitt; The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime. Q J Econ

2001; 116 (2): 379-420. doi: 10.1162/00335530151144050


This article gives examples on the impact of legalizing abortions in the United States.

Some main points in this article has to do with the fact that abortion is legalized in the

U.S. and how Roe V. Wade plays into society.

The authors seemed like they had good information and provided in depth knowledge on

the matter. This article wasn't that interesting to read but I needed for the audience to give

them more information.

Slattery, Elizabeth. "New Court Decision Suggests Supreme Court Should Reconsider Roe v.

Wade." The Daily Signal , 24 July 2015. Accessed 25 Apr. 2017. Path:


This article supports my reason "Roe V Wade was 43 years ago" and that it should be

revisited. Main points of this article is that the decision needs to be revisited and decided

on because abortion rates have dropped.

The author gave viable information about Roe V Wade in the article. I enjoyed reading

this article. It was easy to annotate in the margins on a printed copy. This article is for to

audience that believes the ruling should not be overturned.

Terzo, Sarah. "Post-abortive woman tells her story of regret." Live Action News, 5 July 2015, pp.

1-1+, Accessed 24

Apr. 2017.

This article serves as evidence that women suffer from grief and regret when they abort.

This fuels into the notion that abortion leads to psychological complications to women.

The woman's story was heart breaking and I felt the need to add this in the argument

because a peer told me it would be a good idea to add an example of a woman feeling

regret and grief.


The author did a good job telling this woman's story for her. I thought it was very

heartwarming and information. This article is for the general audience and serves as a

story to just take in.

Women on Web,

incomplete-abortion. Accessed 27 Apr. 2017.

This online document gave information about in-complete abortions and how they are

dangerous to woman. It also gave numbers and facts on the topic. It serves as must

needed information towards my argument.

The author's didn't hold back on any information and gave lots of helpful feedback. This

article if for the audience who views abortion as safe.