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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Ministry of popular power for education

National high school Luis Padrino
3 year Section A

Teacher: Jess Salazar
Johnny Snchez Jeison Garca
ngel Marn
Santiago Velsquez
Vctor Villarroel

Introduction page 3 4,5 6
1. That is the English language?

R: English is a West Germanic language that arose in the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms

of England and spread to the north, in what would become south-east Scotland
under the influence of the Kingdom of Northumbria.
Due to the political, economic, military, scientific and cultural influence of Britain
and the United Kingdom since the eighteenth century by the British Empire and the
United States since the mid-twentieth century, 3 4 5 6 English has widespread
throughout the world and is the main language of international discourse and the
lingua franca in many regions.
2. importance of English language in Latin American
R: t is important to know because English is very relative, depending on the level
of conversation fluency and grammatical perfection that has each. But I think
anyone in Latin America that is not taken seriously, is missing opportunities every
minute not to have contact with this language in their day to day. as more of a Latin
including me want to either work, study, or market abroad, but few of those many
Latinos speak English which limits them to many opportunities in life.
3. advantages and disadvantages
'I provides faster communications and business.
-HA Facilitated the acquisition of knowledge developed in various countries.
-HA Increased trade and cultural exchanges.
-due To the high demand for this language, many people think it is better than
their mother tongue.
Turning down the other's culture we more attractive, does not seem so serious,
however, this is how it has begun the disappearance of native cultures in
We know that learning this language is necessary but not forget where we are.
4. It is considered the English language as the main language in Venezuela

R: not because the language spoken is Castilian or Venezuelan Spanish

and also have the Venezuelan indigenous languages because we are a
South American country and our native language is Spanish, the English in
Venezuela is not considered as the main language, rather secondary
serious as not necessarily have to study to establish conversations with
others etc.

5. Would you like to be bilingual?

R: We would like to be bilingual, and that speaking more than one language opens
up new opportunities in life in your studies, work etc.
And also it gives us the opportunity to meet other countries from a different
perspective, because it is not equal for example, go to Germany but not able to
speak German, to go to Germany and learn to speak the language, that would be
something new and different.

6. Say if the language helps man from the humanistic point of view argue your

R: Language is a basic tool for humans. Just as watching a tool that we get an idea
of its functional possibilities, also analyzing the language, it is possible to realize
what can be accomplished by use and even set their limits effectiveness.
Language is certainly a fabulous tool, it allows us to use reason, our characteristic
capacity which we describe as rational, however irrationality is also shown in
human language, but what we could think a priori.

Language as any instrument dragging an error in use, is more, being a tool

equipped with a remarkable vagueness and ambiguity, is not negligible factor
distortion introduced on the reality that we perceive.

In this present work we talk about the English language and many other
in which too many opinions of the group among other things will be, to learn
more in depth about the English language is nothing more than a West
Germanic language, and today there are many countries who speak this
language, for example USA, England, Canada etc, the English language is
an important human language, so those who are bilingual has many
opportunities in life, and as time has passed the English has spread
worldwide by several countries as I said previously. Also we see the
advantages and disadvantages of language and several important points
that complement and see whether language influences the humanitarian
part of being human and complements in life. At work we will also have a
brief explanation or argument because English is important for Latin
Americans and that benefits the language. And it will also be our argument
because we like to be bilingual and to serve us speak more than one

To conclude, after reading and explained the work we learned and understood that
English is a language that is necessary for man, for speaking English or any other
language other than your native language you consegui many job opportunities,
business, study, many doors open to being bilingual can travel to foreign countries
and interact in a different way when you studied the language of that country.