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In the second chapter of Muzakarah Jawatankuasa Fatwa Majlis Kebangsaan bagi Hal

Ehwal Agama Islam Malaysia 2016, issued by the Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)
on the 2nd April 1988 under section 6, JAKIM has stated that it is favoured if a Muslim performs
Hajj or pilgrimage more than once. This is because due to the individuals intention of doing
good deeds and that one has gained a tremendous reward in akhirah as one has perform the
obligatory deeds, as mentioned in the pillars faith of Islam, and has done the voluntary or sunat

Performing Hajj or pilgrimage to Mecca, is the fifth pillar of Islam and it is obligatory
every year on every Muslim. As Allah has mentioned in surah Al-Karim verse 97, And (due) to
Allah from the people is a pilgrimage to the House for whoever is able to find thereto a way. It
is considered as a communal obligation in this respect. Every Muslim is obligated to perform
Hajj only once in a lifetime for whomever is capable. This is because to perform Hajj requires
physical strength and entails spending quite a huge amount of money.

Sahih Muslim 1337 narrates, Abu Huraira reported: Prophet Muhammad saw addressed
us and said: O people, Allah has made Hajj obligatory for you; so perform Hajj. Thereupon a
person said: Messenger of Allah, (is it to be performed) every year? He (the Holy Prophet) kept
quiet, and he repeated (these words) thrice, whereupon Allah's Messenger ( )said: If I were to
say" Yes," it would become obligatory (for you to perform it every year) and you would not be
able to do it. Then he said: Leave me with what I have left to you, for those who were before you
were destroyed because of excessive questioning, and their opposition to their apostles. So when
I command you to do anything, do it as much as it lies in your power and when I forbid you to do
anything, then abandon it.

Additionally, Prophet Muhammad has said, Performance of Hajj is once and anything
more than that is a voluntary act (of worship). Whomever is physically and financially stable
must perform the Hajj by oneself. However, if a person is physically disabled, one should
designate a person to perform Hajj on ones behalf.

Performing Hajj is favoured if it does not cause physical harm due to the overcrowding
and any dangers resulted while doing so. A persons Hajj would be incomplete because of the
rituals that one abandons or one does not perform in a required manner due to the overcrowding
and dangers from therein. It is then better to not perform Hajj in those difficult circumstances for
whomever has performed Hajj once to give an opportunity for those who has not perform Hajj.


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