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Finding Faith

On a cold and rainy Sunday morning, Grace woke up to a scream on the left side of her

ear. Her mother yelled jump in the shower and get ready! After glancing at the clock, she

quickly jumped up and began to get ready for another dreadful morning at church. Right before

walking out the door her parents made the last-minute decision to switch churches. The ride over

to church is the worse part of all. Grace being a non-believer, she is always gets a long lecture

from her mother explaining why she should leave the faith of her life to the hands of god. Her

idea of god is an invisible man in the sky looking down on people and judging them.

When they finally arrived to what would become the familys church, she became really

nervous and uncomfortable. Still with her head held high she walked in with all the confidence in

the world. Only to find what looks like a senior citizens home. Judging her on how her dress

does not come past her knees and the top is too revealing. The women there began to look her up

and down. She started to lose some of that confidence she once had and reached over for her

mothers sweater.

As the guest enjoy their refreshments, 10:40 arrived and everyone began to make their

way to their seats for prayer and worships. As the church finished off their prayers by thanking

our creator for waking them up this morning; we all join the choir as they sing by rising to our

feet. Grace normally stares at the clocks and counts the minutes. Desperately waiting for twelve

oclock come as quickly as possible. She sits there with her head jerking back and forth as she

slowly nods off to sleep. Except today her nana sat right next to her. In that second, she told

herself to fake it until you make it. She slowly looked around to see if anyone was watching

her as she first started humming the music then gradually building up to actual lyrics coming out
of her mouth. She noticed others swaying to music with their hands lifted high up into the sky as

if this would somehow make them closer to the big man upstairs.

Suddenly, she heard a sobbing noise near her. She looked to her right to see if it was her

mother. Grace stared closely trying her hardest to examine her mothers eyes. She studied them

until at the Conner of her mothers eye she sensed someone was watching and the second before

Grace turned hoping she wouldnt notice. Grace silently began talking to herself wondering

where on earth that crying sound is coming from. She began checking people off in her family

one by one. She wound up spending most of the time playing Nancy drew and following the


Grace was so close to solving the mystery until a loud and deep voice began shouting

behind her speaking in tongue. One by one others where joining in. Some were translating what

is being said and others were just shouting more phrases in tongue as well. With her in so much

shock she looked up and began to panic. she suddenly felt like she was in a horror movie. Grace

was waiting for someone to jump out and start human sacrificing. Right then and there she began

counting the emergency exits and how many people where in front of the way. She began to

count how many family members came to church today and categorized them by who is the

easiest influenced by others. She has heard and read about speaking in tongue but shes never

experienced it firsthand.

Grace looked over to her left to ask her nana what to do but noticed Everyone is in their

own world praying. She found herself feeling alone and helpless again. Because of the

overwhelming feeling inside; she walked out and grabbed a glass of water at the refreshments

stand. Grace had this weird habit of walking around in circles while drinking or eating alone. She

figured she burn calories at the same time. Slowly drinking her water trying to kill time she
stumbled onto a free bible sitting there next to a substantial number of pamphlets hoping to

recruit new members.

With loud sounds from the choir seeping out from every crack and crevices in this church

she thought why not give it a try and read a passage from the bible. What harm could it do?

Opening it up she landed on 1 Corinthians. Dragging her pointing finger up and down the first

page skimming the text she stops at chapter 14 verse 22 through 25. There in black and white it

stated Thus tongues are a sign not for believers but for unbelievers. The whole church comes

together and all speak in tongues, and outsiders or unbelievers enter, will they not say you are out

of your minds? The secrets of his heart are disclosed, and so falling on his face, he will worship

god and declare that god is among you. She noticed that the title of this chapter was called

Prophecy and tongues.

Confused by it all she began to wondering what this all means. Does he really exist?

Does this mean haven and hell are real too or are is that just made up places to force people to

behave? What happens if I sin? Do I go to hell? More and more questions popped into her head

as she tried to process what was happening or going to happen. After reading this she recalled her

mother stating God will put you in the right place at the right time; all you got to do is believe

in him and he will guide you through this challenge.

Grace heard the church clapping and cheering as they introduce the pastor. She quickly

put it back where she found it and made her way back to her seat. Still not paying attention to

what is happening around her, she zones out and begins to wonder if he really is real or is it just

her subconscious playing a trick on her. Suddenly a light smack hits her beside her head. Turned

out to be her nana forcing her to pay attention and bow her head for prayer and dismissal.
Row by row, people were slowly making their way to the back of the church. Trying to

rush and either be the first in line for cookies and coffee or in line to pick up their children from

Sunday school. Graces family managed to snag a table, as they began to have a conversation on

what the plans for the rest of day is going to look like. With all these questions popping up in her

mind like fresh popcorn when its being made. Her family choses to ignore her; they assumed she

was still sleepy from this morning. Ten minutes go by and the church waiting room becomes

slightly empty. Her mother gathers the followers who came in her car and announces her


Grace walked by the table one more time on her way out. The second she reached the car

across the parking lot she told her mother she forgot something inside. During the run, back she

began to think maybe just maybe this is something worth exploring more. Curious in what is

about to happen if she opens the door; she walked by the table one last time. This time she

paused for a minute or two contemplating if she should really do this. A minute later she left with

the bible hidden inside her purse.