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Punei prile din poveste n ordine:

One day a man was walking in the park when he met a monkey. So he took
it to policeman and asked what to do. ,,Take it to the Zoo,, answered the
policeman. Next day, the policeman saw the man again. He still had the
monkey. ,,Didnt I tell you to take that monkey to the Zoo? he asked. ,,I
did and he liked it very much said the man. ,,Now Im talking it to the

B. Traduceti in limba romana:

El a ignorat simptomul i mi-a examinat inima cu grij. ,,Acum,, spuse el, ,,
galopeaz precum un cal cam 5 minute n jurul camerei,,.
Am imitat un cal ct am putut de bine.
i-a ridicat degetul arttor cam la 3 inci de nasul meu. ,,Uit-te la degetul
tu,, imi ordon. ,,Acum uit-te la u. Acum la degetul meu. Acum la u,,
Asta cam timp de 3 minute.
Mi-a explicat c asta a fost un test de aciune pentru creier. Mi s-a prut
uor. Nici mcar o dat nu am confundat degetul lui cu ua.

C. Aranjai corect cuvintele pentru a forma o

a) M.Jackson receives many letters from his fans
b) He phones his girlfriend from New York every night
c) I wonder if Susan really wants to marry that man
d) After supper he usually watches TV or reads the paper